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"Sing for me!" said Lizzie as she leaned her head onto her brother's back.

"No," said Peter as he made a left turn.

"Why not?" asked Lizzie.

"Because, unlike you, I can't sing."

"But it's my birthday," she pouted.

"It's my birthday, too," retorted Peter.

"Oh fine. You always ruin my fun," sighed Lizzie as she cleared her throat and began to belt out Topsy Turvy. As Lizzie sang, "Once a year we love to drop in." Peter sang, "Where beer is never stoppin." Lizzie giggled like a joyful fool.

"For a chance to pop some popinjay."

"And pick a king who'll put the "top" in."




The siblings sang together in different tunes, laughing. "I thought you said, 'No, dear sister, I will not sing for you this fine evening."

"I never said that I wouldn't sing with you."

Lizzie rolled her eyes as they pulled into Aunt May's driveway. "Whatever, Pete." Peter smiled at Lizzie as he helped her off of his bike. "You know," said Lizzie as the twins began to make their way up to the front door, "if Aunt May finds out about me riding on that thing-a-ma-bob of yours she'd kill us both. She hates knowing that you ride that thing. But, me on it as well? I'm pretty sure that she'd die of a heart attack."

"Well then," said Peter as he opened the door, "let's keep our rides a secret."

Lizzie smiled. "Sounds like a good idea to me." Lizzie looked around the living room. "I wonder why everythings' so dark?" she wondered out loud. Peter shrugged his shoulders as if saying, "I'm not sure why she has them off, either." "Oh well," said Lizzie.

As she began to take off her coat, and Peter his helmet, the lights switched on. "Surprise!" shouted three familiar people to the Parkers. Aunt May sighed before saying, "Well, say something, you two."

"Wow," breathed Lizzie.

"What's the occasion?" asked Peter.

"Well, it's the Parker twins' birthday! What more of an occasion could it be?" said Aunt May as she hugged each of the birthday honorees.

"Thanks, Aunt May," said Lizzie as she shared a hug with her aunt before she moved on to Peter.

The next person that Lizzie saw was Mary Jane, who was smiling a cheek-to-cheek smile. Lizzie pointed an accusing finger at he best girlfriend.

"You knew all along, Missy, and now you're smiling at me like it's not that big of a deal?"

"You're welcome, Lizzie," said Mary Jane almost sarcastically.

Lizzie stuck her tongue out at her friend before glancing over at the one person she had been dieing all day to see. "Hello, Harry," she said smiling.

Harry grinned down at his girlfriend before bringing her into a hug. "Hello, Lizzie."

Lizzie could feel her cheeks blush an elegant light pink as Harry kissed the top of her head. She couldn't be happier. That is, until someone interrupted their moment by clearing their throat.

Lizzie sighed dramatically.

"So, Harry," began Peter, "How have you been?"

"I've been good. You?"

"Yeah. Same here."

"Well, I wish that I would have known earlier. But, I don't since you don't return my calls."

"I've been busy," said Peter.

"Very busy," agreed Lizzie.

Harry didn't seem to have heard her as he said coldly, "Taking pictures of Spider-man? How's the bug these days?"

"Harry," whispered Lizzie.

"The less you see of that man the better," said Aunt May.

"Just like Spider-woman is right now? A no-show?" said Peter looking at Lizzie.

You're seriously not doing this right now, Pete. Really?

Lizzie glared at her brother. "I'm sure she has her reasons why," said Lizzie.

Harry and Peter both opened their mouths to say something when Aunt May said, "Let's all go into the other room and have something to eat," sensing the tension.

"I'll get the hor d'oeuvres ," said Mary Jane following Aunt May into the small kitchen.

"Lizzie," said Aunt May as she stood in the kitchen doorway, "Why don't you come and help us with the drinks?"

"Nah. I'm good," said Lizzie, perfectly happy in Harry's arms.

"Oh, but it would be so nice."


"Now, please."

"Man. She's ruining my special day," whinnied Lizzie.

"Hey. It's alright. I'll still be here when you get back," said Harry, amused with Lizzie's reaction.

Rolling her eyes, Lizzie said, "Fine. If I must."

"That's my birthday girl," said Harry, kissing Lizzie's forehead.

Lizzie grinned before she skipped off into the other room.


'They needed help with drinks' they say. 'It will be nice' they say, Lizzie complained in her head. Basically, all Lizzie needed to do was get five glasses out of the cupboard and place them on the counter so that people could fill their own cup with whatever they wanted.

Lizzie began to mentally question her aunt's motives for separating her from her boyfriend.

Well, might as well kill two birds with one stone, thought Lizzie as she took out a bag of potato chips and poured it into a large blue bowl. While she was doing this, her super hearing couldn't help it when she heard Spider-man and then Spider-woman.

Lizzie sighed as she shook her head. I hope he's not talking about what I think he is.

Ever since Harry's father, Norman Osborn, had died, Harry started to become, well, different. Sure Harry still loved Lizzie, Peter, Mary Jane, and Aunt May and sure from time to time you could get a glimpse of the old Harry... but it still wasn't him. Not completely, anyway.

Lizzie bit the inside of her lip as she had yet another thought of breaking up with Harry. Stop it! she scolded herself. She couldn't break up with him. Not when she had finally gotten him.

Now it sounds like he's a shiny new toy to be played with.

Lizzie felt disgusted with herself. How could she ever break up with her boyfriend who was still in a state of grief?

He'll get over it... Eventually.

Now Lizzie was paying attention to the conversation going on in the other room.

"If you knew he was, would you tell me? And if you knew about her?" Harry seemed to spit out her as if it were a revolting cuss word. There was a moment of awkward silence before Lizzie heard the scrapping of a chair being shoved back.

I hope he gets over it soon, thought Lizzie as a small pain pierced her heart.

Wanting to ease the atmosphere, Lizzie walked into the dinning room with her second task. Both of the boys looked at her as Lizzie entered the room. "So, who's hungry?" she asked as she placed the snack onto the table.


"I'm so tired!" exclaimed Lizzie as she entered the living room. Harry lightly laughed as Lizzie made her way over to the couch he was sitting on. "What's so funny?" asked Lizzie as she plopped down next to him.

Harry grinned as Lizzie as she snuggled into him. "Nothing. You just look lovely tonight."

Lizzie rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm glad I amuse you," said Lizzie with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Good. Did you like your party?"

"Loved it. There was no other place I would have rather been." Lizzie glanced up at Harry's face. "What are you smiling about?"

His smile seemed to get even bigger. "Well, if you must know, it's about the present I got you."

Lizzie quizzically raised an eyebrow. "Oh? So, where is it then?"

"Right here," said Harry as he pulled a box out of his pant's pocket. It was a small gold box with a glimmering golden bow on top of it.

"I'm hoping that this isn't an engagement ring." Lizzie looked into Harry's face. "Not that I don't want to. It's just... Well, you know, with-"

"Lizzie. It's okay. I totally understand what you meant. We've only been dating for a little over a year, and with college, and a small job for you and the way Oscorp is going, there really is no room for a wedding right now."

Or until you kill one of the spiders or even both.

"So, it's not an engagement ring then?" asked Lizzie slightly relieved and at the same time a little bit disappointed.

"No. Not quite."

"Then what is it?"

"Well, open it and you'll see."

"Okay," said Lizzie, slowly blinking.

Harry and Lizzie stared at each other for a moment before he said, "So..."

"So, what?" Harry motioned his hand towards the small gift in Lizzie's hands. "Oh! Right," said Lizzie, laughing nervously at herself as she slowly unwrapped the box. When Lizzie finally took off the lid she gasped. "Oh, Harry. It's beautiful."

Inside was a necklace that had a music note shaped charm attached to a silver-white chain. The charm was covered in black and white stones.

"You like it then?"

Lizzie nodded her head. "Will you help me put it on, please?"

Harry took the necklace from Lizzie's hand as she held her hair up, her back turned slightly toward him. After a couple of moments, Harry announced that he got it on.

"Thank you so much, Harry. I love this gift so much! I promise to keep it on as much as I can."

"You promise, huh?"

"Mm hmm."

"Care to prove it to me?" Harry asked, leaning into Lizzie's ear.

The corners of Lizzie's mouth began to twitch into a smile. "Of course," said Lizzie turning back around, locking her lips against Harry's. "Proff enough for you?" Lizzie breathed.

Lizzie felt Harry's lips stretch across her face. "More than enough."

"Good," said Lizzie as she leaned her head against his shoulder.

"Happy birthday, Lizzie," said Harry.

Lizzie tilted her head to look up at her boyfriend. "It is indeed."

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