Saki: an Akatsuki Story


"So this is the girl we need to get, un?" Deidara observed the picture in his hands once more.

"Brat, hurry up we're almost there!" Sasori snapped going ahead of the blond.

"Danna, wait for me, un!" Deidara ran quickly after his partner.


She lay silently breathing in and out. Her right arm was lifted next to her head as she drooled lightly. Her left arm was on top of her stomach. Her pants black shorts reached up midway past her thighs but not at knee level. Her tank top was slightly lifted above her stomach. Two cloaked men stared at the girl through the carelessly left opened window.

"That's her, Danna." Deidara whispered excited to have found their target.

"Brat, be quiet before-"

"Ne, I'm thirsty…," the girl mumbled before sliding off the bed and walking towards a door. She came back a few seconds later with a glass of water in her hands. She went to bed and sat down. Her eyes never opened once. After taking a quick sip, she put the glass down and started lay down again.

"Oh no you don't, un!" Deidara grabbed the girl and wrapped his arms over her arms. She let out a quiet yelp of surprise.

"Eh, who are you?" the girl mumbled as her eyes snapped open. She lifted her arms up and tried to off the blonde's arms. Sasori stepped in front of the thin girl and gazed at her. She stared at him confused.

"Are you Saki of the land of clouds?" Sasori got straight to the point. The girl merely nodded her head up and down slowly.

"I swear it wasn't me who stole your money! Okay maybe it was…" Saki responded while trying to get her arms from under Deidara.

"We're not here to talk about any money!" the redhead barked.

"So you're here to kill me? Well duh they are!" Saki argued with herself.

"We're here to make you join the Akatsuki!" Sasori screeched in a hushed tone.

"Ohhhhh…. Okay!" Saki smiled, "The hell is that?" Sasori and Deidara exchanged glances. 'Is this girl bipolar?' Sasori thought.

"Did you just say okay, un?" Deidara questioned dumbfounded.

"Sure as long as I get a home and some food!" Saki smiled, "Then I'll be happy!"

"okay… then let's go." Sasori slowly got up and Deidara released the girl.

"Let me get some things real quick. You got that piece of crap." Saki took out a scroll, opened it and lifted up her hand. Sasori and Deidara watched in an attack position. They didn't quite trust this girl but they had to take her no matter what. Saki lifted her hand and waved it around her room. Automatically her stuff started to fly into the scroll. Socks, books, drawers, and even the bed all disappeared inside the scroll. She held a jacket in her hands now that had come out of the closet along with other clothes. She smiled, put her hand down and shut the scroll.

"What the hell was that, un?" Deidara gasped. Saki merely frowned and nodded while putting on her jacket.

"You want me to join your organization but you don't know what that was?" she hissed pointing at them accusingly, "I was wondering if you did so-"

"So we could what?" Sasori interjected. His irritation was at an all-time high and this girl was the cause of it.

"So you could tell me what it is!" she cheered. The two criminals shook their heads and frowned at the girls.

"That's it we're going now!" Sasori yanked the girl forward and jumped out the window with her. Deidara jump directly after them and closed the window to the now empty room.

"So where are we going?" Saki questioned.

"To the land of rain," Sasori muttered as he held the girls hand firmly.

"Where is that?" she questioned in a melancholy tone.

"This is going to be a long trip, un." Deidara muttered as Sasori sighed in frustration.

Chapter 1 end