Mega Man ZX - Aspects of Omega

In the year 25XX, humans and reploids lived together peacefully side by side, technology having advanced so far that the physical differences between the two races were near impossible to determine from a simple glance. Yet life hadn't always been so peaceful, for both races had once waged war against one another over the centuries. The reasons were different every time, but the end result was always the same - in that countless lives of both man and machine were wiped out by the destruction that each battle caused.

In the wake of the last and greatest war which saw the world reduced to an apocalyptic wasteland, it was decided at last that the hostilities between the two races could no longer be allowed to continue. Choosing representatives from every nation to decide how best to resolve their differences, humans and reploids worked together to restore their devastated planet. Over time Earth's wounds healed, and life gradually returned to the world as barren wastelands gave way to bustling cities. Skies and oceans soon became clear again, while ancient ruins were enthusiastically reclaimed by the wilds.

Thanks to the best of minds working together under the direction of the young scientist known as Ciel, Legion was formed; a world government that ordained the lives of both human and reploid kind. In honor of the legendary reploid hero who willingly gave his life to save the world and its people from the tyrannical Dr. Weil, it was determined that both humans and reploids ought to be granted the same opportunities in life that technology could offer. With cybernetic augmentations, humans were granted the strength and endurance of their robotic counterparts, while reploids were given predetermined lifespans and advanced systems which granted them the same quality of life as their creators. Gone were the differences that once set their races apart, for the lines between man and machine were now so blurred that the two races had effectively united as one.

It has been almost 200 years since that fateful day Dr. Weil was defeated, destroyed by the reploid warrior named Zero aboard Ragnarok. While Zero perished in space upon Ragnarok's reentry into Earth's atmosphere, his legacy left a bright and hopeful future in which humans and reploids could finally live together as one people without Neo Arcadia's oppressive rules. Yet peace couldn't last forever, and it wasn't long before trouble soon started to spread across the land again.

Some years later, Master Albert; a member of the Sage Trinity who ruled Earth from Legion Headquarters managed to recover some of the wreckage of Ragnarok and from the core of the ancient weapon developed Model W. A twisted contraption which contained the malignant consciousness of its former creator, Model W corrupted all that it touched. Even humans were driven to madness by its presence, turning maverick much like reploids once did centuries ago before the Elf Wars. Ciel, having long since been aware of the possibility of Dr. Weil's return, developed a series of similiar creations which contained the digital consciousness of those who once stood valiantly against the tyrant. Known as biometals, these devices granted their Chosen One the power of ancient reploids of the past, all of whom have long since been phased out thanks to the supposed 'equality laws' which were originally created to encourage world peace.

After defeating Serpent, a reploid man who'd been driven to insanity by a fragment of Model W, a young pair of human twins named Vent and Aile set out across the world to uncover the remaining biometal fragments in order to prevent a similiar tragedy from breaking out again. Master Albert himself eluded justice for several more years, continuing his studies on Model W in secret until his plans were uncovered by his youthful descendant. Thanks to the efforts of Ashe and her biometal, Model A, the Sage's domination across Earth was short-lived and the contraption he'd developed from the wreckage of Ragnarok was destroyed before it could wage devastation across the lands. Ouroboros sank into the ocean's depths without trace, taking countless Model W fragments down along with it.

With Master Albert's death and the destruction of Model W, it seemed that peace had been secured for a time once again, yet things have not quite gone according to plan. Maverick attacks around the world are increasing at a phenomenal rate, with humans appearing active in some rogue bands. Though some people believed that these folks were just panicked from the short war that Albert had sparked off, the truth was much darker than anybody could have realized at the time.

Omega's consciousness, once sealed within Model O, is beginning to awaken from its long slumber upon sensing its master's destruction. Without Model W's influence holding it back, the chains binding the legendary 'God of Destruction' have broken and this time there are no heroes of old around to stop it. As Dr. Weil's greatest creation, Omega has its sights set on fulfilling its master's dying wish; to reset the world and purge all unworthy life from it.

It's up to a new group of heroes to set out and defeat this ancient monstrosity, but the odds are set against them unlike anything that the ancient heroes of Neo Arcadia ever faced in their battle against the 'Devil Reploid' named Omega. Having survived the fall of Ouroboros, the four Mega Man known as Aeolus, Atlas, Thetis and Siarnaq have emerged from the wreckage more powerful than before, and are determined to conclude their Game of Destiny at all costs.

With the God of Destruction about to awaken once more, it may be that this is the one game that nobody can hope to win.