Author's Note - 30th September 2012 (aka a 'not so temporary hiatus')

To all my readers and followers, I must apologize for the lengthy silence as of late. It's been quite a few busy months over here in the UK and I simply haven't had the will or motivation to knuckle down with much writing this year. Just lately when flicking through my e-mails, I noticed that I haven't updated in a long time. Like, a really long time. Not since April in fact, and here we are about to enter October. That is seriously crappy of me to have left things for as long as I did. I'm not sure of how I lost track of six months like that, but I did and I can't apologize to you all enough for it.

Anyway, this is just a message to say that I'm not quite dead - just very inactive and poor at keeping deadlines. As such, Aspects of Omega is temporarily on hold until I can pull myself back together. I hope that this doesn't last for too much longer and I can push at least one chapter out before Christmas, but in case I don't, this story won't be permanently dead and I will continue writing again sometime when offline matters aren't as much of a concern. Thank you to all my readers and reviewers for your patience, and especially to my beta reader/friend NeoNazo356 for his incredible patience and understanding. I'm so sorry you've all been waiting so long for nothing, all the apologies in the world can't really excuse this. Here's hoping that the next update will get out to you much sooner, eh? Take care and thank you for all for reading.

~ Kura