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Not Just Club Members: Chapter 1, Dare.

"I dare YOU to go on a date with Kengo!"

The dare that started it all. The Kamen Rider Club were playing Truth or Dare, a game they found on the internet. It's a big thing in America. Anyway, it was Shun's turn, and he dared Miu, his past queen, to go on a date with fellow KRC member Kengo.

"Why Kengo? Because he's smart? He's a "nerd" to you?" Miu retaliated. It came off as if she was defensive. But it's not like she doesn't like Kengo. He's smart, so? She honestly, lately, has been...Attracted to him. He's the real man behind Fourze, and under that tough exterior, he's fun.

Kengo turns around on his spinning chair. He wasn't sitting down on the floor of the rabbit hutch with the rest, as him and Ryusei have been working on switches. They made it so Kengo's old Medical Switch glove can be a one-switch wonder Fourze substitute.

"Look, i'm all for fun games, but Miu, just use a...what were they called, chickens? You're popular, i'm not. It's just a game." Kengo said. He likes her...A lot. Everyone does. But after hanging out with her a lot, he sees a new side of her. A side he likes.

Gentaro noticed the heat in the air.

"Guys, why bring personal stuff like dating into this game? It's supposed to be funnnn!" Gentaro complained. After Nadeshiko, he's done with love and just wants friendship.

"Yeah guys, seriously! C'mon, JK, your turn!" Yuki butt it.

"What?" Miu said. She wasn't done with the subject.

"Alright! Tomoko?" JK announced, nodding to Tomoko.

"Um, JK, we're not-" Kengo started, but was interrupted.

"Hmmm, truth." Tomoko says, hints of curiosity in her voice.

"Is it true you're emo!"

"Is it true i'm WHAT!"

"Emo! You know, "I HATE MY LIFE BWAHHHHHH!" Cut! Cut! Cut!"

"I am no such thing! Atleast I wouldn't, if I can please say this, "fuck" anyone at school!"


"GUYS!" Kengo and Miu both yelled. They weren't finished with Shun's dare, and then JK and Tomoko decide to just interrupt with pettyness.

"Sorry." JK and Tomoko said in unison.

Shun grinned. "So, what will it be, lovebirds?"

"Well...I'll go out with him, if he's up for it?" Miu says, gulping. She tries to make it seem like she's not interested.

"Fine. As long as we don't have to go to a big, royal 5 star million dollar resturant." Kengo says, his wallet talking for him.

"Ha! Just because I know i'm a queen," She walks over to Kengo. "doesn't mean I have to always act like one. I can go anywhere you can afford, hun." She says. She then kisses him on the cheek. He tries to hide it, but he blushes.

Ryusei gets up. He tosses two switches in the middle of the group.

"If I can interrupt your stupid little game, those are two switches i've been developing all by myself. Circle switch, Grenade module. X switch, Vortex module. Grenade will give Fourze an arm mounted grenade launcher, and Vortex will give Fourze a fan on his foot, when he kicks or jumps, he starts controlling wind. Limit break for grenade makes giant explosions, and vortex creates tornadoes." Ryusei goes on.

"Thanks mister exposition, but where did you get the idea that these switches could work? You're going off your imagination, no blueprints." Kengo fires out. He feels...Eh that Ryusei is making switches not from Kengo's dads 'prints.

"Well, pig face, we need to think outside the box. Use new things. Teach an old dog new tricks!" Ryusei fires back.

"Why? It's not like the Zodiarts know about my dads blueprints and designs."

"Shit, Kengo, you've never thought that maybe one of the horoscopes ARE your dad? I mean, he went nuts right? And since you turned out more of a fruitcake than JK, maybe your dad is Virgo?" Ryusei says. he doesn't like Kengo beind distrustful, but he didn't mean to sound so...Insensitive.

The rest of the group gasps. Kengo's face grows angry.

"FUCK YOU! My dad is dead! I don't need false hope! Don't EVER talk about him in insulting light!" Kengo flips out. Miu looks at him, heartbroken. Ryusei was an asshole.

"Kengo..." Miu says. She puts her hand on his forearm.

"WHA-" he turns around to look at her. They connect eyes, and he stops. "What is it?" he finally asks.

"...It's 4:00 on a friday. Maybe we should start our dinner plans?" She wanted to get Kengo away from Ryusei, and more importantly, alone with her.

Kengo glares at Ryusei. "Lets go." Kengo grabs his Medical/Switch Glove and some switches. And him and Miu leave. Everyone glares at Ryusei.

"What is your deal, man?" Shun yells.

"What did I do? Kengo was being a whiny idiot who hates change." Ryusei closes his eyes as he leans back in his cool chair.

"DUDE! Miu obviously likes him! Like like!" Yuki exclaims. Ryusei shakes his head.

"She's shallow and just wants the attention for being with nerdy boy."

"No. I think you're just jealous that they possibly have something going on." Gentaro says, smirking. He knows whats going on in his Meteor friend's head.

Ryusei looks at Yuki for a second, then shakes his head. He looks to Gentaro as he finishes talking. "You done? I'm hungry."

Ryusei gets up and leaves. Gentaro chases him. "I'm not done with you yet!...Buuuuuuddy~!" They leave the rabbit hutch, leaving Shun, JK, Yuki, and Tomoko.

Tomoko looks around the room awkwardly. "Sooo...Go fish?"

Fast forward two hours. Miu and Kengo are at LeTaiyo Diner, "The Sun Diner", one of the happiest resturants in all of japan and not far from the school. A bit expensive, but contrary to popular belief, money can buy happiness for one night atleast.

Kengo and Miu just finished ordering. Kengo starts tapping his fingers as a waitress just left. See, the fun thing about LeTaiyo is they more practice in western culture, and serving both Japanese and American food, including small doses of Mexican and Italian food it's not wonder why this place is a hit.

"So, Kengo...It looks to be a nice night." Miu says, staring out the window. The sun is starting to go down. Kengo looks out the window.

"Yeah, i guess it does...Even better that i'm spending it with you." *Damn!*, Kengo thought, *Why did I say that out loud? This is a friendly date, no more!*

Miu blushes. "Why thank you. But this is just a small date, as friends, right? I mean, if we dated, wouldn't it jeopradize our friendship?"

"Yeah, that's a possibility. Plus, everyone else in the KRC would feel left out and awkward around us. As much as they get on my nerves, they're my best friends, you, Gen, and Yuki definitely." Kengo says. He can't stop staring into her eyes. She decided not to wear too much make-up this night, and he prefered her without it. He thinks she looks stunning natural.

"Haha, yeah. Um, Kengo?"

"Yes, Miu?"

"It was a stupid dare...Why did you choose to go out with me tonight?" Miu asked. After the weeks KRC spent as just Yuki, Gen, Kengo and Miu, she was really...drawn to Kengo. And then as months went by, new members coming in, she still felt the need to please Kengo. She was crushing.

"Miu...It's because I-"


A girls voice calls out. She walks over to the table, slamming a zodiarts switch on the table.

"Ah, Kaede!"

"You know her!" Kengo exclaims in surprise. The girl had blood-red hair, waist length, and wore a black leather jacket over a maroon shirt with black pants. Kengo could swear she winks at him as she presses the zodiarts switch, becoming a bird engulfed in fire. The Phoenix Zodiarts.

"You'll pay!" The zodiarts exclaimed as it burst into flames and spiraled at Miu. Kengo threw a chair at the bird, and the chair being metal, pissed the bird off. The Phoenix Zodiart turns to Kengo. He brought his bag with him, and whipped out the Module Glove, as he calls it. It can use one switch at a time. He puts in Magic Hand.


He pushes the switch forward.

"MAGI-CU HAN-DO ON!" Kengo's Module Glove glows hot pink. He pushes is hand forward and a pink aura resembling magic hand grabs the phoenix and throws it into a wall. He then picks it up and tosses the zodiarts in the air, and spikes it out the window. He pulls out Water and Hammer and jumps out the window. Miu follows, being a proper lady, out the door.

Outside, the Phoenix acsends to the air, blasting flaming feathers at Kengo. He puts Water in the Module Glove.


He turns the switch.

"WATAAAA ON" Kengo blasts the flaming feathers with the faucet in his fist! Alliteration all around! In between knocking the feathers out, he blasts Phoenix, knocking her out of the air. He then trys one of his more dangerous stunts. Quick Switch Handling.

He runs over, removes water, adds Hammer.


Plops it down

"HAMER ON" Hits Phoenix around. Phoenix gets mad. Switch to water!

Switch water on, blast the phoenix to the ground, stunning her. Switch to Hammer!

Beat her with the hammer module. Finally, he switches to Launcher.


Pushes it forward.

"RAAAAAUNCHAAAA ON" He presses a limit break button he installed on the glove.


A Macross Missle Massacre flies at the stunned phoenix, seemingly blowing her up. Her switch flies into the air, then explodes and the Dark Nebula sucks it up. The girl, "Kaede", is left on the ground. Since she wasn't in Last One, it was her body that was damaged.

"Damn you...Pig face!" Kaede then runs off. Kengo's face gets another mean look as before with Ryusei.

"After I almost killed her, she should be scared! And yet, she says I have a pig face?"

Miu chuckles. "Don't worry, hun, I think it's cute." She puts a finger on his nose, then his lips, and smirks. They walk back into LeTaiyo, where the staff is huddle behind the counter.

"Uh, we ordered-" Kengo starts, but they are handed two boxes.

"Take them to go and for free, boy-san and girl-san. YOu killed the wretched monster.

And with that, Kengo and Miu walk out of LeTaiyo, Kengo feeling like a badass.


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