Dear diary,

Honestly, this entire scam has gone on long enough. In the one day I've been on this island, two poor souls have been cruelly murdered, and now the men are saying the murderer is one of us! Surely, they can't really suspect that Miss Claythorne or I could have done something like this! After all, the new generation is positively dreadful, but she doesn't seem to be so terrible, and certainly not the type of person that could hurt a fly, much less murder a human being.

Under other circumstances, I do believe that I would enjoy my time here very much. The island is so beautiful, and the waters are so calm. Although, the sky is looking a bit story today. And the house! Why, it must be one of the most magnificent structures I've ever seen! The lavish dining room, the gorgeous bedrooms, it's all even better than I could have imagined, if only we were all in a less dire situation.

Last night, the worst thing happened: we were each accused of murder by this, well, record, I suppose. It said that each of us could be held accountable for the death of another human being. I couldn't believe it! Now, of course, I'm not so sure. One thing I know for sure, it wasn't true about me. That voice said that I'm responsible for Beatrice Taylor's death. It was her own fault for getting herself into such trouble. And it's no fault of mine that she took her own life after I dismissed her. When the voice stopped, the rest of the people in the room panicked. Obviously, they have something to hide. I, luckily, do not.

Rodgers had been acting very suspicious today. I believe that he was the one who killed his wife, and Anthony Marston, as well. If he was worried she would talk about that woman they murdered, I don't see any other explanation as to what happened; it must have been Rodgers. I'll have to remember to make sure I'm not left alone with him.

There are not many here I can confide in, but I find Vera to be a trustworthy girl. She seemed just as worried about what the "Swan Song" said, but she told everyone what happened and that it was just an accident. I have no reason not to believe her. That was so depressing, hearing about what happened to that little boy who drowned. Nonetheless, she seems to be the only one on this island I can trust.

I hope to write again tomorrow evening. Until then, my diary.

-Emily Brent