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After the incident with Zetsu, the woman spent the next week indeed 'bringing it on'.

Due to Zetsu 'injuries', Sir Leader had given us the week off to allow Zetsu to recover and unfortunately for me, plan her revenge. I became so paranoid of her guaranteed plotting that I began sleeping on the couch (which somehow was worse than the floor) and spending all my free time in the dungeons since I was unable to leave the base due to my punishment for the prank (still worth it though). Despite my evasive tactics though, I still managed to unknowingly walk into the subtle traps she had set for me.

First was a simple one where she had shoved ice cubes in my pillow so when I went to sleep later that night, I was met with a pillow soaked in freezing water from the melted ice and I was forced to sleep with my face being grinding up by the rough carpet. The next was a bit more complex where she lanced my tupperware of leftovers with some type of toxin that made my nose bleed heavily for three hours straight, causing me to have to resort to Konan's help and spend those three hours hiding in her room with tampons shoved up my nose. Next was she stashed all of my clothing while I was showering once, so when I had to when I stepped out, there wasn't a article of clothing left to wear, I was left with burrowing Tobi's wardrobe which consisted of three styles. Orange, cartoonish, and just plain stupid. Needless to say, I instead chose to just walk around naked with my cloak on a only means of cover. The last trap was the cruelest and most embarrassing. Somehow, Zetsu managed to sneak a powdered enhancement or something in either my food or drink which cursed me with a nasty erection that no matter how much I attempted to rid, it refused and after fours hours of this, I was forced to get help from Konan, whom had no means to cure it and she was forced to call the Akatsuki's personal doctor, Dr. Ryu, who came over and had to give me a shot in my manly parts so to kill the stubborn boner. However, not even that helped and instead, he had to drain the blood completely from it until it had none left to stand.

By the time the week was over, I had well learned my lesson that Zetsu was not one to be trifled with but it did little to deter my desire to exact my own revenge which I wasted little to no time conceiving it but was unable to actually put my plans in action because once the week was over and Zetsu was mostly healed, Sir Leader slapped us with a new mission. Unfortunately, this one taking place in the deepest pits of the frozen over Hell that was known as Yukigakure, chasing some old bastard that had a rare scroll or some shit like that.

Somewhat thankfully for me, Zetsu chose again not to travel with me or 'guide' me like last time and didn't even scold me for taking off on one of my birds right in front of her, predictably because I suppose being the smart ass she was, she realized my clay creations could not function in the below-zero temperatures and therefore could not fly, forcing me to abandon them in favour of walking once I actually entered the snowy region. Or maybe not, but it was just a guess. There almost no way to actually be sure of what that crazy bitch was thinking. It was like attempting to predict the weather. Or a tornado to be more precise.

Once the temperature began to drop and snow drifted down from the heavens above into a land of pitch white, I landed the clay falcon to the mushy ground and returned its earthy body back to my pouch with its destroyed brethren before proceeding on foot. I didn't get far however due to the fact our rendezvous spot was that upon the mountain the old fart lived on, and there were about a thousand mountains in this damned place and they all looked the same. Unless the mountain I was supposed to hike up had a giant sign on it reading 'go here', there was no telling them apart. For a brief moment, I actually wished Zetsu had been helping me out but quickly shook it off when remembering the horrors she had placed me through. I didn't need that bitch, I had this! I had this…

Clenching onto that weak bit of confidence, I stubbornly stomped through the icy plains of the frozen country in search of that one elusive mountain. It didn't last long. Due to the harsh, freezing winds and ankle-deep snow, I only managed to shuffle around for an hour or so (the sky was so cloudy and dark it was hard to tell the time) before my legs froze me and I was barely able to pull myself through the wet snow any longer. Damn white shit! I liked you snow but now, I was beginning to question our relationship. Pausing in mid-step for a moment, I observed my surroundings only to feel the back of my eyes throb from the painful brightness of blistering white substance. White, I used to like white also and now it was getting on my fucking nerves too. Shifting my gaze to the towering mountains that surrounded the valley, I decided to hike up the nearest one that was also the tallest, in hopes once I was at the peak, I would be able to get a better view of the neighboring hills and scope out the apparent cabin that had been stated as being upon one of these eyesores.

Willingly away the numbness engulfing my feet and crawling up my shins, I trek toward the mountain base and begin the grueling process of heaving myself up the seep incline of the rocky exterior. Wind harshly exhaled against me and with the slippery effect of the snow, on more than one occasion actually knocked me off my feet and made me tumble down the cold slopes several feet, forcing me to trace over my footsteps so to reach the spot I had originally been only to be toppled back over and returned to the previous spot. I only managed to reach the mid-section of the dominating ridge before I had to stop from the exhaustion and collapsed against a boulder sitting in the pathway upwards. Due to my lack of proper clothing for this type of weather, having gone with my cloak and normal wardrobe of fishnet while foolishly thinking, "How cold could it be in the dead of summer?", I was soaked to the bone from the melted snow and trembling so violently to the point my poor frozen bones were aching. Even my teeth felt close to shattering from how much they were clattering. I sigh, my warm breath immediately transforming into vapor as it escaped my mouth and I was surprised it didn't just turn into icicles from the frigid degree. Fuck this place so hard. I hoped I never had to come here again.

My mental bitching is soon interrupting however when all of a sudden, the snow-covered, elongated boulder perched beside the one I was leant against extends from the ground like an automated pillar. The action startles me as a scramble away from it, thrusting my hand into my pouch in the process to craft an explosive to blow the moving rock to bits but before I was able to, the rock shutters, shaking itself free of the snow layering it and as it did, I realized it wasn't a rock at all. The not-rock groans and spreads open with Zetsu peering at me from within. I release a sigh of relief at the sight of the woman and the mouth on my hand spits out the hunk of clay is had been chewing, frowning in disappointment.

"I see you managed to get here without getting lost. For once." The cannibal comments, her plant-like shell closing again as the relentless wind washed over us both, leaving just a crack for her human-like eye to peek through at me.

I blink in slight confusion at her statement and glance around, unsure whether or not she was pulling my leg but as I observed the inclining path that led up the side of the mountain, the mist of blown snow cleared for a brief moment and I saw the outline of what was obviously a house, or cabin in this case. Wow…what luck?

I itch at my head in an awkward gesture. "Err…y-yeah. I did, un." I mumble out quickly and glance away from her single golden orb, hoping she didn't she that I was blatantly lying. "So…w-what's the s-s-situation, un?" I shutter out despite the fact I was attempting to tense my jaw to avoid doing so. It was too cold!

"Nothing. The old bastard has been locked up in his cabin since I arrived two hours prior. No activity whatsoever and due to the fact there was no information supplied to us, it is near impossible as of now to predict his patterns and successfully retrieve the scroll without any confrontation." Zetsu explains thoroughly in her normal, deadened tone and unlike her when obtaining this information, I groaned aloud when realizing just what that meant.

"So that means he have to sit out here, in the fucking freezing cold and wait for that old fart to fucking do something, un!" I kick the boulder in a childish action and immediately my foot throbs with pain, making me cringe.

"Sit your ass down!" The man-like voice of Zetsu scolds. "We don't want our target sighting us!"

I huff at the woman's abrupt command but am compelled to obey it anyway as I plop down beside her in the soggy snow which sep right through the fabric of my pants and directly against my ass, making me jump back up into surprise with a yelp. Zetsu spares me a menacing glare at my tomfoolery and I am forced to seat myself back down, shuttering at the freezing liquid that soaks my backside. God damnit, why didn't I actually think and plan ahead for once when I was told I would be stuck in a frozen wasteland! Zetsu was only wearing a muscle shirt under her cloak and somehow that was considered warmer than what I was wearing! Not that I noticed what she was wearing, god no. It was just the only thing she ever wore since she didn't actually own any shirts or anything of the sort in her wardrobe. Err…not that I looked at her wardrobe. We shared a closet and she kept all her clothing folded in the back corner and I just happened to notice she only had a few muscle shirts which I thought was plain tacky considering she didn't wear any bras along with them so you could practically see her breasts. Not that I looked at her breasts! I just…they just…

"So w-what is this damned scroll for anyway, un?" I demand loudly after only a few seconds of silence between the both of us in an attempt to cease my inner humiliation and Zetsu once again shoots me a foul gaze, probably due to the level I had to raise my voice in order to speak over the wind which also could alert our target if he had my idiotic shouting.

"Well," The bipolar female begins, her voice much quieter than my own as the single word escapes her mouth in the form of her usually snarl. "As you know, or I hope you know, Yukigakure is notorious for their unusual technology that bypasses anything seen in the rest of the world. Apparently, our target, Icnivad Odranoel, has been assigned directly to design a new weapon for the Yukigakure Forces. A massive steam powered, armoured cart that is equipped with a cannon able to shoot gunpowder filled canisters. As absurd as it sounds, early models have already been created and tested, proven successful in their design. Such technology would be crucial for the Akatsuki to possess as it would give us a means over others if war is ever declared upon us."

I release an impressed scoff after the explanation was finished. "N-No shit? If it can blow shit up, I w-want to be the first one to steer one of those things, un." I declare proudly and lean up against the iced-over boulder. "Sounds like having one of those bad boys alone would allow us to take over the world, un. Screw the bijuu."

"Which is exactly why you must not have the blueprints." A new voice suddenly speaks behind us. Zetsu and I both leap up at the same time and spin around to find an older man, who I quickly presumed to be our target, posed behind us. Calmly I might add, as he stood there with his arms crossed, no indication he was going to attempt an altercation with us despite his proclamation, or even the cold remotely bothered if as he was only clad in a light purple, floral pattern kimono. Why was it the temperature didn't bother anyone but me?

"Oh yeah, you old b-bastard? And I'm guessing you're going to s-stop us, un?" I taunted the elderly man as I thrusted my hand into my trusty clay pouch and the mouth on my hand wasted no time to greedily gulp down a profuse amount of the crafting material and chew it.

"Exactly." He replies impassively and lifts his arms up as two katanas promptly propel from underneath the sleeves of his kimono and neatly fall into his palms. He poses himself in a defensive position with the matching swords forming an X in a makeshift shield. Zetsu was the first to make a move as she did not hesitate to immediately charge in at the old fart, only armed with a single kunai which she used to strike at the blades with an echoing clang, effectively breaking the man's defense as one of the katanas is flung clear out of his hand and embeds itself in the ground several feet away. The elder sprung back a step and swung the remaining sword at the attacking woman which Zetsu gracefully avoided as she bent herself backwards onto her hands, the scene playing out like something out of a movie as the blade slashed through the air above her hunched over torso and she brought her foot up, kicking the man's hand and causing the katana to spring from his grasp and shoot upwards in a rapid spin before it came back down and plunged into the snow only a foot from its botheren.

Zetsu rolls backwards into an upright position and lunges at our target again with the kunai posed at his neck whom blocked the knife with his bare hands as he clenched her wrist and bent it away from him while bringing his elbow down towards her own which she managed to avoid by flipping herself forward so her arm was ripped from his grasp then spun around for another attempt with the blade at his neck which he successfully slapped away. While the two continued to fray, my mouth finally finished its prolonged nibbled on the beloved clay and I open my hand as the mouth spat out four separate spiders.

"Move out of the way, un!" I call out to Zetsu as I cocked my arm back to toss the spiders at the combative bastard though the woman does not do as I told as she instead turns her head to glance over her shoulder at me for a brief second.

"Don't! You'll cause an avalanche if you set off those damned explosions of yours!" She snaps before concentrating back on the old man, narrowly avoiding a chop to the neck as he swung his hand at her. I swear when realizing this fact also and am forced to crumble the spiders apart back into my pouch. Spotting the abandoned katanas, I snag the chance and sprint over to them, wrenching them from the ground before turning on my heel and blitz toward the battleground where Zetsu and our target continued to duke it out and exchange blows.

"Outta the way, un!" I sneer at Zetsu and roughly tackle the female beside as I slash one of the blades at the bastard, taking him by surprise as he is barely able to avoid the ambush by springing backwards a few feet. As he landed, he hunched forward while clenching at his stomach and I noticed the soft violet fabric of his robe around the area became stained with crimson, causing a smirk to cross my lips at the sight of the favoured liquid.

"Give it up, old man," I taunt as I toss away the blades, nearly slicing Zetsu in the process who had taken an offensive stance beside me, prepared to school the bastard again if need be. "Just hand over what we want, and I'll decide if I want to kill you painfully, or very painfully, un."

The grey-haired man does not immediately reply and a chilly wind blows over us, replicating a stand-off scene in those hick films Sunagakure was infamous for, minus the desert and tumbleweeds. A long minute pans out of all of us just staring at each other before the target finally straightens himself out, removing his hand from his penetrated stomach that was still pumping a decent amount of blood as his kimono slowly turned red.

"Very well." He responds calmly in a voice so quiet I was barely able to hear it over the roaring wind. His hands hastily begin forming handseals and Zetsu and I both brace ourselves for whatever jutsu he had in store for us. The signs cease and a faint bluish glow engulfs the old fart, beginning from his head and submerging him completely down towards his feet. I glance at Zetsu, curious if she knew what the stubborn bastard was up to, but upon observing her face, she appeared just as clueless as I was. Focusing back on the other male, the elder was now sluggishly lifting his leg upwards, as if suddenly warped into slow motion and at this gesture, Zetsu suddenly cries out.

"Fuck! Stop him!"

I look at her in confusion as she suddenly lurches forward toward the man but whatever it is was she intended to prevent, she failed to do so as the old man slams down his hovering foot to the ground and a jarring tremor is unleashed from the force, causing both Zetsu and I to lose our balance and tumble into the snow. I quickly lift myself up onto my hands just in time to hear what sounded like booming thunder and gaze upward toward the sky, curious where the sound was resonating from but as I did, I noticed something from the corner of my eye and glance over only to stare in horror at the sight of the top of the mountain as it caved in on itself, causing snow and hunks of rock to come crashing down the sides towards us. Fuck an avalanche; he was trying to bring the whole fucking mountain down on us!

I instantly get to my feet and begin fleeing onto the pathway that led down the base of the mountain while grabbing a handful of clay, urging the mouth and eat it as fast as possible. There was no way I could outrun the debris so my only chance of survival was flying, I just hoped the bird could escape the toppling mountain also.

I hear rapid footsteps behind me and glimpse over my shoulder to see Zetsu following behind as she too desperately tried to outrun the massive avalanche. She twitches slightly the eyesore of her flytrap juts up from underneath of her cloak, shielding her as he clamps down around her torso. She abruptly darts to the side and I watch as she dives in a nearby stone wall, melting into it and causing me to seethe angrily at her. Cowardly bitch was using that damned jutsu of hers to flee while she left me out to dry! Bitch, bitch, bitch!

Another thundering roar shatters my thoughts and I look behind me to find the avalanche engulfing the old bastard's cabin along with him whom had not moved since we ran and stood there, relaxed as ever as the snow swallowed him whole before it continued barreling toward me at breakneck speeds. At this rate, I wouldn't be able to escape!

The mouth on my hand desperately attempts to craft the clay into a method of flight but at this point it seemed too late and the violent quaking beneath my feet accompanied by another ungodly roar confirmed it. I managed to spare the approaching death one last time before the rolling mounds of snow and various debris caught up with me and mercilessly bowled me over, knocking me clear unconscious as it came in contact with my body and devoured me.

I wasn't sure how much longer it was later when I barely regained consciousness but all I knew was I was cold, sore, and couldn't move. My eyes sluggishly rolled open, to which I noticed my scope was gone, only to squint closed again as the blinding sight of pure white greeted me. After a few seconds, I fought off the threat of passing back out and peeked my eyes open again, the same foul colour to be the only thing I saw. I glance around only to be met with the same thing. White, just endless, disgusting white. Was I in a hospital? An asylum? Dead? But why was it so cold? Why couldn't I move?

After a span of several moments, my mind finally caught up with me and was able to process properly at which I realized I was in a room of any sort, but smothered in snow. I had been buried alive by the avalanche. At this realizing, a spike of panic struck me and my eyes franticly glanced around, confirming the fear as I noticed the snow completely submerged my lower body and left arm, only leaving my right arm and upper body free as a the snow formed a sort of bubble around me, slightly calming my nerves but it did little to repress the fact I was still buried alive and would slowly begin to freeze to death.

I attempted to wiggle about, testing how compressed I was, but when my legs and trapped arm refused to move, I realized I couldn't even feel them, sparking a new worry that I was suffering from severe frost bite and would lose my arm and legs. I had lost my arm once, but my legs were a different case and I'd rather not have them cut off too. I squirmed around a bit more but had to give up after only a few mere seconds as my muscles easily tired out. Must be hypothermia setting in. I didn't know how long I had been out, and considering that, I didn't know how much longer I had. I'll I could do was wait, and pray Zetsu possibly came back for me, or wait to die. Tch, like she would. Looks like the Grim Reaper was more of my option.

Due to the cold slowly sapping my strength, I was barely able to wriggle myself around any longer and had to take frequent breaks until the point I was no longer even able to move and the numbness now crept over the rest of my body, steadily paralyzing me completely throughout. Even my eyelids felt suspiciously heavy as I struggled to keep them open. I assumed it was probably a concussion from some random debris striking my head or the hypothermia now gnawing at my brain but I wasn't sure which.

The seconds tucked by and I was just left to lie there, staring at the ugly colour of the snow that was gradually murdering me while fighting to keep consciousness since I knew if I passed back out, I'd probably not wake up again. I wasn't sure how long this went on for, only a few seconds, a few minutes, or even a few hours, until I heard what I could only presume, in my disoriented state, was an angel finally coming to dig me out and put my out of my frozen misery. As the footsteps neared, I was able to distinguish the chakra of the supposed 'angel' belonged to, of all people, Zetsu. Wait…did Zetsu die and become an angel? Her, of all people? Yeah, her and Sasori both. Heh.

Zetsu wondered towards me but as she neared walking directly atop me, she took a sudden left and walked away; making it evident she was indeed searching for me and probably assumed I had been buried alive from the avalanche. I open my mouth to yell out to her, since it was obvious she was unable to find me, but my poor, cold throat was unable to create such a sound as a weak groan tumbled out instead that was too quiet to penetrate the snow out to her. After a handful of failed attempts, I conceived a new idea and instead began to scratch at the snow with my free hand, hoping she would be able to hear the faint sound even under at least a foot or so of snow. I continue the action while closely listening to her shuffling about in the snow a few feet from me, hoping she would eventually hear me and dig me out. Thankfully, it seems whatever divinity was in charge heard me and decided to take mercy upon me after fucking with me so much today as Zetsu pauses for a moment then began roaming directly toward me.

She stopped atop me and I cease my scratching for a moment, waiting to see if she knew where I was and to my relief, she did as I heard her begin to dig through the snow that was piled on me. Thank the lord. I would never call her a bitch again. I couldn't believe she was actually saving me when she said she never would. Heh, lying bitch. Opps, just said I wouldn't call her that. Err…lying witch. That'll work I guess.

She continues to scoop the snow and ice away until finally, a chuck of snow fell away above my right arm and light filtered in from above. The hole grew bigger as she shoveled away more snow and I weakly lifted my hand to show her I was indeed still alive. At this, her blackened arm descended into the hole and she grabbed hold of my hand to which I squeeze, releasing a sigh of relief. Looks like I owed her for this.

However, as soon as that thought crossed my mind, she reached her other arm into the hole and with her other hand, she gripped my ring and twisted it off my index finger. With that my ring in hand, she released my hand and lifts her arms from the frozen hole, leaving me in a mist of confusion as all of a sudden she blatantly left and her footsteps began walking away with no clear intention of turning around as eventually they disappeared and I was no longer able to feel her chakra.

It took my lethargic brain a full minute until I was able to process what had just happened and once I finally comprehended the previous events, an explosive animosity swelled through every inch of my body and mind, making the cold nonexistent from the sheer heat my malevolence was emitting that I was surprised the snow didn't just melt around me. That goddamned, fucking, little bitch! She took my fucking ring to take back to Sir Leader so to pass on I was dead! Fucking bitch! Goddamned cunt!

Fueled by overwhelming hatred, my body as able to shake itself free of the cold hands of death and hypothermia as I began thrashing in the cramped cavern, causing the hole Zetsu had left me with to expand as hunks of snow fell away, encouraging I was indeed not burrowed as deeply as I first assumed and using my unhindered arm, I reached up and began clawing away the rest of the snow away, enlarging the hole. I managed to shovel away some of the substance away from my trapped pelvis but it wasn't enough to enable any movements of my legs so I concentrated on my other arm instead, shooing away the few inches of snow that was weighing it down. I managed to free it too and with my upper body completely able of movements, I dug the small hole of snow I was submerged in away until there was none left and instead of the blistering white, I was staring upward at the deep gray of the cloudy Yukigakure sky. Almost out, at least I could breathe a little better now.

With only my legs left buried, I bent myself upwards and force my still weakened muscles to hold me in the hunched position as I uncovered my legs, though I had to take a break every once in awhile due to my sore back muscles, after a good amount of time I managed to unearth my lower body and I pulled myself free of my snowy grave. I rolled onto my stomach crawled away a few feet before allowing myself to collapse back into the snow as I rolled onto my back, gazing up at the darkened sky as I panted harshly to refill my chilled lungs. After taking a moment to recollect myself, I shifted myself back onto my hands and knees and pushed myself up onto my feet only to fall backwards onto my ass as my legs refused to cooperate with my brain, probably from the undetermined amount of time suppressed in the pound of snow and the bones were now nothing but glass. Looks like I wasn't walking out of here.

Observing my surroundings, I take note of how the wind had died down and snow was softly falling from the sky having calmed down from its vicious nature before. Flying out of here seemed to be the only option and if the weather stayed the way it was, my bird should be able to escape this frozen hellhole before it shattered to pieces and out of the sky. Noting that, I unzip my pouch and scrape up a handful of clay, shoving it into the mouth upon my palm despite its objections to do so, probably due to it suffering from severe brain freeze despite the fact it didn't have a brain.

After fighting with the stubborn mouth for a bit, it finally gave in and began to reluctantly chew the rubber-like dirt. A few seconds later, it coughs the clay back into my palm and slowly crafts it into a slightly lumpy falcon, though I could care less at the moment. I just wanted to get back to base and teach that bitch a lesson.

Activating the winged artwork, I heave myself onto its back before it launched into sky, wasting no time to sail out of the arctic atmosphere of the ice-covered land. Thankfully, the malformed hawk was able to escape without as much as a flutter or crack and we barreled homebound unhindered, during which I spent the time planning what exactly I was going to do once I saw Zetsu's ugly-ass face again. Possibly murder her. That seemed appropriate since technically she murdered me by passing me on as dead. Bitch.

It took several hours to actually reach the base and was now well into the evening, but even by the time we landed, I was still rearing for a fight with my 'partner'. I charge into the hideout, ignoring Konan's ask if I was alright as I stomp past her and to Sir Leader's office, not bothering to knock as I throw the door open.

This did little to bother the man as being his usual self, didn't even bother to tear his eyes from his damned sheets of paperwork as he addressed me in a voice that matched his attitude.

"Deidara. I can't say I'm surprised to see you." He began, scribbling something down on the first page and setting it aside in a pile of papers that were noticeably smaller than the pile of papers still be signed. "When Zetsu returned with your ring, I doubted her story of your death when she returned without your body or any signs she had devoured your corpse. Needless to say, I'm glad to see you alive. You are much too valuable to the Akatsuki to lose."

I snort rudely. "Just give me my fucking ring, un." I sneer at the leader, uncaring I was speaking such a way to my authority, but it was obvious Sir Leader didn't care also as he didn't bother to snap at me from my rudeness and instead, pulls out a drawer in his desk and retrieves my ring from it before placing it in front of me. I snatch up the stupid piece of jewelry before turning heel and rushing out of his office to my room, eager to teach that bitch a lesson for messing with me.

I hastily unlock the door with the proper signs before ramming it open and storming inside where Zetsu was casually sitting at her desk, working on some type of paperwork Sir Leader had dumped on her. Much like Sir Leader himself, she gave little care at my presence and didn't acknowledge me until I swung my fist directly at her bicoloured face, an attack she easily dodged as she ducked under the swinging limb and rolled out of her chair to the opposite side of the room, poising herself upright though I gave her little time to prepare as I struck again, spinning my foot around toward her knees. She easily blocked the assault by reflecting my foot with her ankle and threw her own fist at me, which I avoided as I brought my opened hand at her face causing the room to echo with a nasty slapping sound as my hand met her face and jerked her head to the side.

The woman releases an inhumane snarl and slashed her nails at my own cheek, slicing the tender flesh open with four separate lacerations as blood sprung from the savage cuts. I attempt to hit her again but she caught my offensive wrist in her hand to which I tugged back, causing her to stumble forward a step which was enough for me to slam my forehead into hers. A loud cracking emitted from our skulls ramming together and both of us stagger away from the other, dazed from the head clashing though we both shake it off relatively fast and lunge back at each other, claws out and teeth bared like a pair of feral cats.

I managed to deliver my fists down onto her back in mid-pounce, knocking her to the floor but it did little to deter her as in my surprise, she surges forward at my leg and clamped her ferocious jowls straight in my calf like a feral dog. I howl out from the burst of agony from her sharpened teeth piercing the sensitive muscle and trip over myself as I attempt to free myself for her mouth while I shake my leg. Sitting on the ground, I continue to jerk my leg around franticly to jar her free but similar to a bear trap, the harder I fought the tighter her mouth became until the point her fangs were fully embedded in the muscle and brushing against the bone. Anymore and she would bite my leg directly off. With this knowledge, I cease my thrashing and instead resort to using my freed leg to kick her as I stomp the heel of my sandal repeatedly into her head, trying that way to dislodge her but it too proved futile that even with that, she did not release me or even loosen her jaws, obviously not giving a flying fuck if I kicked my foot right into her skull.

After hassling with her a bit longer, I finally achieve a victory when I brought my foot down onto her face and there was a tremendous cracking sound causing Zetsu to surrender my leg back to me as she jerks away and clenches at her nose which was spilling thick rivers of blood down her face, revealing the cracking had been the breaking of her nose. Once freed, I attempt to shuffle backwards away from her so I could get back to my feet but before I was able to do so, she pounces at me again and pinned me to the ground as she braced her hands onto my shoulders and sat herself down onto my pelvis. The cannibal snarls in my face while gnashing her blood-stained fangs mere centimeters from my nose, making me involuntarily shrink away from the razorblade-like teeth.

"Don't fuck with me, you idiotic, little brat!" She roars, her normally monotone voice escaping as a demonic snarl as she snaps her jaws at me again and I recoil when the blood flowing from her crooked nose splashed my face. "I will fucking end your miserable existence in a goddamn second!"

"Just try it, you disease-riddled slut!" I challenge and spit directly in her face, smirking smugly when it landed in her human eye.

The woman says nothing and after a moment, releases me as she stands up and without a word, walks back to her desk at which she sits down. Taking this as a victory, I get up myself and chuckle tauntingly toward the bitch before limping toward the bathroom to wash out and clean my wounds. The battle was over, but fuck me if this didn't mean war.

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