Note: I know that a Duke might not be politically correct but bear with me lol :)

Dimitri sat at his kitchen table; eyes glued to the headline of the paper infront of him.


Duchess Anastasia Romanov and Duke Amadeaus Winchester are to be married on the 14 of January.

The bold letters screamed at him; making his blood boil and his fists gripped the edges of the thin paper. He was jelouse. He hated to admit it but he was jelouse.

Anya was supposed to be his. He had claimed her in his head.

He was possesive, he had no problem admitting to that. Especially over things that weren't necessarily his.

Dimitri stood and started pacing the small apartment; running a hand through his shaggy brown hair.

This wedding couldn't go on. Anya was lively; full of spirit and beauty. To tie her down to a boring old Duke would be like putting an eagle in a cage.

He looked out the window to the silohuette of the palace he knew Anya was in.

One way or another he was going to get her back.

Anya sat at her vanity; running her fingers through her hair. She sighed; letting her hands fall to her lap. Just last night the papers had published the news of her betrothal to Duke of Assholes. The stuffiest, most boring man she'd ever met. She wasn't allowed to speak around him, act around him, or do anything. She was strictly to be seen and not heard.

She absolutely hated him with every fiber of her being.

The marriage was supposed to 'unite their kingdoms' and whatever. She didn't pay attention.

Truth was, there was only one man in the entire universe she wanted most.


The stubborn con man from Russia who'd tricked her.

The man who returned her home and helped her fulfill her deepest dreams of finding her home.

She missed him; every day she wondered where he was and if he was alright. If he was still alive.

Vlad had told her that he had taken the first train back to Russia, the place he vowed never to return to, without his reward money and she'd missed him ever since.

She wished that she had kissed him; held onto him and told him she'd forgiven him for what he had done. She'd tell him that she loved him and that she would be willing to run away with him.

But no.

She had slapped him and turned him away with a cold stare, even after seeing the look of sorrow in his beautiful dark brown eyes.

Feeling a knot in her throat she stood, hugged herself; and walked to the large window. Peeling back the lace curtain she looked out at nightime Paris.

"Dimitri.'' she murmured to herself, feeling tears prick her eyes. "I need you.''

She leaned her forehead against the cold glass.

"I need you to save me.''

Hope you enjoyed :D I'll write more soon. It's pretty slowish now but I promise it'll pick up.