Authors Note: I swear, I have not abandoned this story. Or any of my other stories that are still on hiatus… Sigh. Several factors for lack of updates include no muse, no inspiration, and work work work. My recent promotion at said workplace hasn't really helped either time wise but I swear I am trying, especially since I am starting to get some form of a muse back. I can blame/thank the lovely site that is called Tumblr for that! Oh, and the anticipated arrival of season 8 of my still all time favorite show. :P

Also, couple notes for this story and its predecessor that you need to be aware of. After much deliberation and the ideas refusing to cooperate with me, both this story as well as "Maybe" have now become a no/pre-slash story status. Maybe will stay as is considering I don't think I pushed too far (and because I think I did a very good job with the subject thank you very much, lol) but this one has drastically changed in my mind now. For those who know this, I am very canon when it comes to writing and I just couldn't see the relationship of Dean and Cas going so far as I had originally planned (not on stage anyway :P). So, alas, sorry to disappoint some of you but yes, this is no longer a SLASH content story. You may see tiny hints of tidbits here and there but, interpret as you wish. :P Sorry. :(

In other news, I know that this is really not an update, but it is a small preview of what is to come and what you should expect. I've been playing with this particular idea for a few months now and have decided that this story is the perfect stage in which to execute it. So, without further ado, enter stage Crowley.


Written: 20 September

Word Count: 900+

Soundtrack: Two Steps from Hell - Archangel

She wasn't fooled. She knew one of her own when she saw them, no matter how many centuries worth of masks that they wore. Things were so different now, so complicated, and so very much entwined that she was certain that a clash between both forces would be imminent. She had to know though, be certain and sure and fierce in her attack and her choices. She had to know, and she knew just who would give them to her.

Crowley was one to play cat and mouse, she knew that, but this time was different. This time everything and more was at stake. Heaven. Hell. Earth. The entire universe was now at the mercy of The Master, and the battle that was soon to come was becoming more and more close. She knew her side, was certain of his too, but there were things that needed to be discussed. She knew the truth; such things could not be hidden from her when she could still see them clear as day. Still, she wondered if he did, if he remembered, or if he even cared. Crowley was the wild card, and was a piece she hoped that she didn't need to play.

"You've got some nerve summoning me here darling."

"I didn't really need to summon you now did I? You came on your own accord."

The look she gave was simple, her demeanor the usual; no games, no gimmicks, no nonsense. The perfect façade of the angel she was and the rank she held, with emotions that remained untapped and bottled with all her will. Things were changing, ever so slowly, and now was not the time to jeopardize any of her self or that of her comrades. This was war, and it was just the beginning of many more she was certain would come.

"You haven't changed one bit. Same tricks, just different mask."

"I have no idea what you're talking about my dear. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else."

"I know I don't. Not this time. You may have changed, fallen, but I know your true self. Who you were born as. How our Father made you. I know, everything."

The demon visibly tensed, his hand slowly dropping the glass of scotch it held and in turn changing his own demeanor. It was a secret he had hidden for centuries, millennia, but every step he took to assure its survival were apparently in vain when it regarded her. Then again, there was no tricking Seraphim. He knew that. Her especially.

He visibly swallowed, thinking hard of what to say and seeing how to salvage his treachery. Again, not that it mattered. He was discovered, was more than certain with the gaze she gave him. Still, he hadn't worked this hard with everything he had for nothing. There was still an end game, a purpose, and he was willing to lose.

"Well then, you think you know so much. Why don't you tell me. What is it, that you think you know and that I'm not sharing? Care to take a guess, or do you plan to smite it out of me?"

She chuckles, bowing her head in amused annoyance only to look back at him with sad, cold eyes. There was no time for this. She needed to know. Allie or not. Friend or foe. Angel, or demon.

She lets out a breath, careful and slow and almost painful, and cautiously opens her eyes to him once more. He visibly shudders now at her look, fierce and taut and absolutely merciless. She is not here for games, certainly not any of his, and if he were to even consider pulling one on her and would certainly be the very last thing he'd do. All his plans, all his trials, would have been for nothing.

"Don't play with me," she nearly growls, her gaze steady and strong. "Don't you play. I am tired, of the games. I am tired of the lies. And I am tired of you thinking that you have free reign. I know who you are, and you cannot hide it."

"Who exactly am I, huh? Who is it that you are so absolutely certain that I am? Hmm?" He shouts back, taking two steps towards her to show his own dominance. She does not move, merely stays where she stands, strong and as fierce as ever behind the vessel she contains. "Are we going to keep playing these games that you claim you don't want to play or are we actually going to get to something?"

She's silent, her posture stays rigid and sharp as sword. She breathes, one last calming strike. She gives him what he wants.


Even at a whisper, it causes the demon to almost fall. She knows, just as he always suspected. Now he's certain. He's been found.

"Samael. Brother Samuel. You've been lost to us, for so long. Rebelled. Fallen. …You abandoned us." Her walls fall for only a moment, until her fierceness come shooting out. "No longer are you lost. I know the truth, and it's time you take charge. It's time to do your duty, as the Archangel you were born."

Crowley is literally speechless, the feeling of his heart clenching in his chest and traveling up his throat unable to be ignored. His game is over. She unveils her wings, her powerful six, and stands there with all her might and gives him her command.

"Reveal your wings."

Without power to disobey, Crowley, or more accurately now, Samael, does just that. There's no point in hiding any longer.

"As you wish, sister Elizael."

The two are engulfed by light, and a lost brother is revealed.

To Be Continued…

Authors End Note: And that's it. Hope it did some justice and idea of what's to come. If you're confused, look up the Archangel Samael. There's some interesting ties and coincidences to Crowley. I know Tumblr has a TON of them. Until later.