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I have such a case of the jitters.

Okay, I could have phrased that differently.

But, as I sit here in my truck, newly repaired (I ran into a telephone pole back in March), that accurately describes my feelings. The white tux (yes, white-Gilbert, Antonio, and I wanted to match) feels scratchy, my glasses are continually sliding down the bridge of my nose, and the blue bow tie around my nose feels too constricting.

Before I left my house, my mother fussed about my hair and shoes. "Did you even brush your hair?" she scolded. "Why are you wearing your old blue sneakers?"

"They're converse, Mom," I sighed. "And it's just prom!"

"Just prom!" she threw her hands up in defeat. "Bloody hell, Alfred. Does Natalya know what you're wearing?"

"Yes, Mom," I nodded. "She knows. She supports my clothing choices."

And Nat does, completely. But I'm just... nervous. Horribly nervous. But there's no time for this; I have to go take pictures now.

I jump down out of my truck and run a sweaty hand through my hair. Taking a deep breath, I saunter up the steps to Nat's front door. Before I knock, she opens it. And I'm blown away.

Natalya didn't let me see her dress until now. It's navy blue, and is "asymmetrical" (I only know this because she told me while describing it last week) on the bottom (it's floor length on the left, and little above the knee on the right, showing off her legs. Which, might I add, are wonderful). Otherwise, it's form-fitted (yay) and strapless (yay) and is made of satin (yay). Oh, and it has a "sweetheart neckline" (another term I learned from Nat). It seems to glitter in the light coming from the hallway behind her.

"Do you like it?" she asks, smiling. As if she couldn't tell by my face.

"Of course," I nod, grinning. I take a step toward her. "In fact, you look se-"

"Good evening, Alfred."

"Evening, Ivan."

Natalya and I have been dating since November, and Ivan still insists we shouldn't do anything remotely inappropriate (such activity is reserved for my house). I've come to believe Nat on the fact that he can sense every advance I make on her. Seriously, he catches everything.

"Aw, Alfred!" Katyusha comes up behind Ivan and Natalya, pushing through them and taking my face in her hands. "You look so handsome! Doesn't he look so handsome, Natalya?"

"Da, he does," Natalya responds. She shoots me an "I'm-Sorry-She's-Touching-You-Again" look. "Can we get this over with? I don't want to be late."

"Of course," Katyusha lets go of me. "We'll take pictures out here. The sky is pretty right now."

Her and Nat switch places. Once she gets next to me, she takes my hand. We wait with Ivan while her sister goes to get the camera.

"What time is this supposed to be over again, Alfred?"

"Eleven. I'll have Natalya home by-"

"Actually," Natalya interjects. "I'm staying over a friend's house tonight."

"Really?" Ivan asks, obviously suspicious. "Who?"

"Analiese Edelstein. She's Alfred's friend's Gilbert's date."

"Ah," Ivan nods, smiling his creepy smile. "Well, alright. I suppose that's fine."

Kat finally comes back with the camera, thank God. "Okay, you two. Get closer to each other," she says. "No, no! Sestra, turn the other-there you go! Oh, you two! So cute, da!"


"Da, da. Calm yourself, Natalya," she scolds. "Now smile!"

My grin, I'm sure, is idiotic, but a glance towards Natalya awards me with her gorgeous, light smile. She's so negative, but, if you get her at the right time, she's the happiest person on Earth.

Katyusha must have snapped a dozen picture. "Just one more!" she says, and the flash goes off. "Alright, that's enough."

She takes a step towards us, and takes Natalya by the shoulders. "Oh, sestra. You're growing up so fast."

"Nyet, I'm not," Natalya responds. "I just turned fifteen. You call that grown up?"

Kat shakes her head. "Just go have fun, you two." She turns away and joins Ivan in the door way.

Nat pulls on my sleeve. "Let's go."

Taking her hand, I follow her down the stairs. "I remember my proms," Katyusha says to Ivan. "I wonder where Eduard is now...?"

"I see you cleaned the truck for me," Natalya grins.

"I wouldn't have had to if you let me rent a limo like everyone else."

"Oh, quit it," she chuckles. "I most certainly cannot get up there in this dress."

I open the passenger door and lift Natalya inside. I get a good look at her face now; at my request, she's wearing very little makeup (just mascara and lip gloss). Her hair is up for a change, in a cascading bun like thing on top of her head.

What? I'm not a girl, I don't know the names for different hairstyles. Nat didn't teach me those yet.

"What?" she asks. Oops, I'm staring.

"Nothing," I shrug, then give her a quick kiss.


"Yes, Ivan. Sorry, Ivan."

I walk over to my side and jump in, starting the truck. Natalya rolls her window down and waves to her family. I pull out and start down the driveway.

"So," I start conversation. "You're going over Ana's house? I thought you didn't get along."

Natalya shakes her head, a question inducing grin on her face. "Nyet," she corrects me. "I'm going to spend the night with you."

"Ohh," I nod, a wide, crooked smile spreading across my face.

She glances over at me. "You're not getting anything."

"IIIIII know."

The theme for this year's prom, chosen by the senior class, is "A Night In NYC" (their words, not mine). However, I love New York City, as does Nat, so we're both pretty excited about it.

We're talkative during the ride to the hotel where it's being held this year, getting everything out that needs to be said where no one else can hear it. Once we get there, I find a spot in the parking lot, switch the truck off, and go to help Natalya down.

As I open her door, Nat surprises me by pulling out a bouquet of flowers and holding them towards me.

Shit. "Oh, my God. Nat, I'm sorry! I can't believe I forgot!"

"Shh, Alfred," she laughs. "I knew you'd forget. So I got my own." She hands the bouquet to me. It matches her dress perfectly. "I didn't want a corsage, they're annoying."

"Oh. Well. In that case," I hold out the bouquet to her. "Your flowers, m'lady."

"Why, thank you," she smiles. "How beautiful."

I wrap my arms around her waist and lower her down onto the asphalt. Then I take her hand, and we start towards the hotel.

Not a few strides away from my truck, we're interrupted. "Yo! Dummkopf!"

I groan. "Gilbert."

Gilbert, in his white suit and bright yellow tie, walks up to Natalya and I with his date, Analiese, who's in a puffy purple number. She waves. Natalya waves back at her, smiling.

We continue walked towards the hotel together. "Where's Ant?" I ask Gilbert.

"Aw, waiting for us up there. Lovina made them very on time."

"Ah," I nod. Lovina is Antonio's long time Italian girlfriend. She has a temper, and she's chewed me out in Italian for some little things I did quite a few times. Natalya might not get along with Ana that well, but she loves Lovi. Absolutely loves her.

We reach the entrance, meeting Antonio and Lovina. They, plus Gilbert and Ana, head in front of us.

"Ready?" I smile down at Nat.

"Of course," she grins, dragging me inside.

Upon our arrival at my house later that night, I'm relieved to find that my mother's already asleep. Natalya and I head right upstairs.

"What do you wanna do?" I ask, tearing off my jacket and depositing it in a corner.

"I don't know," she shrugs. "Don't watch."

"Don't watch what?" I ask, turning arou-

Oh. That.

For some reason, Nat decided to neglect my bathroom (which she knows I have) and change right in the middle of my room. While I'm with her. Oh, my.

"I told you not to watch," she says, seemingly unaffected by my wandering eyes. She bends down to get a shirt out of her bag.

"No!" I say before I can stop myself.

She straightens up and wrinkles her eyebrows at me, putting her hands on her hips. Whilst simultaneously puffing out her chest which always happens when she puts her hands on her hips but it's a hell of a lot more noticeable right now. "What?" she asks.

"... is it really that necessary for you to wear a shirt?"


"Sorry, sorry," I sigh, turning away and giving her some privacy. "But, I believe I have a problem."

"With what?"

"My pants."

"What are you-oh."



I slip out of said pants and sit down on my bed. Nat comes and sits next to me (fully clothed-sigh).

"So," she crosses her legs. "How are you going to fix your problem?"

"Well, maybe you could-"

"Not getting anything, Alfred."

"I figured it was a long shot."

A few moments pass. Then, Natalya sighs, "Well, it is prom night..."

I have to think for a second. "Are you proposing what I think you're proposing?"

"I think I am."

I nod. Then, without warning, push her back onto my bed. "I fucking love prom night."



Screen fades to black. Cue credits.

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