Summertime Loving

Chapter 9

A/N: Ok, so here is the long awaited ending to this little diddy. I'm ending it here, cause I hate leaving a fic unfinished, and I won't be able to write that much anymore. Real life has caught up with me, and it's time for me to stop posting for the time being. I love you guys, and everyone that has been kind enough to leave a review. I only hope that I can write the occasional one-shot. I especially want to thank Chey-chan, Deso, Wolfram, and FanofBellaandEdward.


A small black haired, green eyed boy ran across the garden laughing with the exuberance of childhood. His pregnant mother carrying a toddler following after, waddling more than running. Wolfram had retired from the military as was appropriate for the spouse to the Demon King, and he sometimes missed the fit, tight body he used to have. Yuuri on the other hand, loved his softer, more delicate curves.

Yuuri was leaning on the balcony resting daydreaming about his family. His mother was ecstatic about her grandchildren, and his father was eagerly waiting for the day he could meet them. They were too young to travel through the portals, and a pregnant traveller was out of the question.

Later that night after the Royal couple tucked their sons into bed, they laid snuggled up in their bed. Wolfram moaned when Yuuri massaged heated oil onto his protruding belly to ease the stretch marks. The sound went right to Yuuri's cock, and he rubbed it through his pajama pants.

Wolfram noticed the distracting movements, and batted the brunet's hand away, turning so he could access his husband's lower body easier. He nuzzled the hardened length until he heard panting above him, and lowered the material, releasing the rigid shaft.

Yuuri grabbed the golden hair, but managed not to pull on it, as he didn't want to hurt his Wolfram. The blond's wicked tongue began to work him up into a frenzy, and he came with a long moan, and Wolfram swallowed it all down. He licked the now softened cock clean, and tucked back into the sleep pants.

Yuuri and Wolfram shared a kiss and went to sleep in each other's arms, hands protectively on the swollen belly.

A/N: Ok, so here it is. I'm sorry it's so short and undetailed, but I wanted to give you guys a closing point. I will not be posting for a long time, but as I said before, I may do one-shots from time to time.