" My head" a blue headgehog said waking up. Sonic the hedgehog finds himself in a tube like chamber. next to his feet were Tails prower and Knuckles the Echidna. They suddenly started to stir and wake up from being knocked out.

The team finds them self in a laboratory, tables filled with test tubes and a giant computer in the corner. Suddenly a door slid open and 2 robot came marching in. it was Scratch and Grounder, Robotnik's two loyal servants.

"Ba Ha Ha Haaa! we captured Sonic" the Chicken robot laughed. Grounder was laughing too until he noticed Knuckles

" uh who's the red guy?" the short slow robot asked. Scratch smacked Grounders head making it fall off.

" you idiot it's Sonic" he pointed to the hedgehog who was now tapping his foot, then he pointed to Tails " and that's Tails" finally he pointed to Knuckles " and that..uh..." he didn't know ether. he scratched his chin trying to figure out who the red echidna was.

in the tube, Knuckles also had his own questions to ask, he never seen Scratch and Grounder in his life, but it appears Sonic and Tails know them.

" hey Sonic who are these guys?" he asked.

" Scratch and Grounder" Sonic said

" We use to foil them and Eggman's plans" Tails explained

" HEY!, who are you calling Eggman?" Scratch asked taping the glass on the tube. Just then a large over weight man came in, he marched over to the tube looking at his prisoners

" ah nice of you to visit Sonic" Robotnik said, he looked at tails " and I see we have tails as well". the Robotnik notice Knuckles, he turn to Scratch and Grounder

" who is that?" he pointed to the echidna, Knuckles chuckled, he found this funny.

" we don't know" Scratch said

" yeah" Grounder agreed " we've never seen him before". the green robot looked at Sonic, their was something different about the blue hedgehog. " uh Robotnik" he pointed to Sonic " theirs something different about him", The overweight man shove Grounder out of the way to get a better look at the blue hero. Sonic made a face at Robotnick making the man draw back.

" odd?" Robotnik questioned " I never knew Sonic had green eyes and" getting another look at his prisoner " he seems to lose some weight". Sonic took the opportunity to mock the evil Doctor by turning around and rubbing his behind against the glass.

" what you think Eggman?" the blue hero asked " looks good huh?". Robotnik tried to not lose his temper, Sonic may of mocked him in the past but this time it's gone far.

" what I think?" the man asked but going over to a lever and puling it down " I think your not gonna like your little trip".

Suddenly Sonic, Tails and Knuckled found them selves floating and being sucked into a vortex of blue and orange swirls. a bright flash eliminated the room and once the bight light left, Sonic and his friends were gone.

don't ask how future Sonic ended up in AOSTH I wanted to start if off like that.