In another world what appears to be a nice day, a man dressed in a grey trench coat was out with his 10 year old niece and their dog. Inspector Gadget was his name and was know for foiling the plans of the criminal gang M.A.D and their leader Doctor Claw.

Gadget and his niece were walking Brain in the local park when they noticed the sky had a tear , an orange and blue swirl vortex dropped three dots.

Team Sonic fell from the sky, Tails landed on his behind while Knuckles landed on his head, Sonic on the other hand fell in the pond behind them.

" HELP" Sonic screamed " I CAN'T SWIM!" the blue hedgehog splashed about in the water. Knuckles quickly found a stick that might work. the red Echidna leaned up against the pond edge and held out the stick, but the stick wasn't long enough.

" it's not long enough" Knuckles said. Tails was about to propel himself in the air when a yellow dog on the other side of the pond dove in. Brain Swam over to the blue hedgehog talking hold of the blue animal in his mouth he swam over to the pond edge and pulled the hedgehog out.

Gadget and Penny ran over to Brain to see what the whole commotion was about. Sonic was coughing up the water he swallowed.

"Sonic are you ok?" Tails asked

" yeah I'm fine" Sonic said still coughing out the water " I really hate water" he grumble, the hedgehog notice Brain sitting by his side

" uh thanks...I guess". Brain only make whimper noises show his appreciation.

"Wowsers!" Gadget said as a magnify glass popped out of his hat and was too close for Sonic's comfort. Sonic only did the mature thing, he pulled on his lips and stuck out his tongue making a face. Gadget flinched and tripped over Brain resulting him falling in the water. Penny gasped

" are you ok Uncle Gadget?" she asked while Team sonic giggled. Gadget getting to his feet stepped out of the water

" don't worry Penny" he said shaking water out of his pant leg " an Inspector is always prepared for the element of surprise". Penny turn to the three animals

" who are you guys?" she asked. Sonic got up dusting himself off.

" I'm Sonic" he said " Sonic the hedgehog" he gave out a cheeky grin, he pointed to Tails who was on his left

" This is my best buddy Tails" Sonic introduced. Tails waved

" Hi" the little fox said. Knuckled folded his arms

" I'm Knuckles the Echidna" the Echidna said. Penny blinked

" An Echidna?" she asked " I though you were a mole?". This made Sonic and Tails laugh while Knuckled only tried to hold in his anger, he hated getting mistaken for a mole. Penny only smiled

" any way I'm Penny" she said causing the Echidna to forget his rage. she stepped aside " This is my dog brain" she patted the dogs head. Gadget came over holding out his hand to Sonic

" and I'm Inspector Gadget" he said taking the hedgehog's hand and shaking it, the strength of his hand made Sonic lift off the ground and flapped like a flag on a poll. after the hand shake Sonic was back on the ground dizzy from the hand shake.

Suddenly a trash can waddled over to them, team Sonic were alert in case it was a enemy but a man with a pipe in his mouth popped out of the trash can holding out a letter. it was Chief Quimby.

" Take this Gadget" he said. Gadget took the letter and started to speed read

" Doctor Claw has got in his possession of a glowing radio active Gem, Get the gem away from the Doctor before anything bad happens".

Team Sonic's ears perked up to the word Gem, it could only mean one thing " a chaos emerald!" the three said.

" this message will self destruct" Gadget read the last bit f the message, then crumbling the letter up he put in the same trash can that Quimby was in along with slamming the lid on the can " come on Penny" he said. Penny obeyed her Uncle while Sonic and his friends tagged along but witnessed the message self destruct in the trash can. The three tipped toed around the exploded trash can and caught up with Penny and her Uncle.

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I sticking with the 80's gadget series and yes while Sonic and his friends can talk Brain will not. STRANGE ISN'T IT!.

and seriously I don't know where Gadget and Penny live, help me out here!