Special Air Service/United States Delta Force Joint Operation

Location: Dundee, United Kingdom.

Time: 0300

Date: April 17th, 2014

Objective: Capture five stolen stasis pods or eliminate contents

Rules of Engagement: All expendable

Urbain enjoyed the rain a lot, it made him feel relaxed and it gave him something to focus on when his mind was a wreck. The rhythmic tone it made allowed him to simply close his eyes and focus in on that sound, allowing him to clear his mind of anything and everything. The cool refreshing feeling of it helped him feel more at ease, it both literally and figuratively cooled him off. On days whenever he was angry or having a spell of anxiety, going for a walk on a very rainy day would help him find his thoughts. Granted it was no cure for the anxiety, but nonetheless it did help him if things were getting out of hand. It made him happy they would be infiltrating the port on such a night.

Urbain was watching the activity inside of the port from his vantage point, hidden in the dark by the bushes at the edge of one of the ports of Dundee. He wasn't very knowledgeable of the city, as the majority of his time within the United Kingdom was spent in London, then it was in different barracks once he had joined the Special Air Service. Not that he was complaining, it was exactly where he needed to be. He couldn't see much activity within the port from his perspective, but that's why they had a Dauphin flying above the port giving to give them a birds-eye view of the entire area.

Urbain looked to both sides to check and make sure his squad was with him, and sure enough they were. His three team members were waiting patiently and quietly for their signal. Elsewhere, two other squads waited for the go-sign, along with a US Delta Force team infiltrating from the water. As they all waited patiently, the only movements they made were caused by their chests expanding as they breathed, Urbain's mind trailed back to the briefing they had all received earlier that day.

Thirty SAS members sat in their chairs, facing towards the projector screen at the front, Urbain somewhere near the middle of the crowd. Within the room also sat fifteen members of the United States Delta Force. It raised ones curiosity when the best soldiers two super powers had to offer were located within the same briefing room; usually meant that whatever mission they were being sent on was of quite the importance.

Every single man within the room stood up to salute the two officers who walked in, Captain Graham of the SAS, along with the US commander for the operation, also holding the rank of Captain. The American was Captain Gwever, a man who definitely looked like someone who belonged in one of America's top counter-terrorism unit.

Once the captains returned the salute to the waiting soldiers, they all sat down as Graham pulled up a remote that was sitting on a window sill, the lights going dim as the projector cast the image of a fairly large port and warehouse. "Gentlemen, I'll keep things simple, as this mission is important in regards to the safety of just about anybody I can think of." said Captain Graham. Despite his thirteen years serving in the SAS, Urbain still found himself sometimes having trouble understanding English. It wasn't his first language, and it hadn't been until he moved to the United Kingdoms some twelve years ago that Urbain had really needed to learn the language. He still retained a heavy French accent, and Urbain felt it would be many more years before he'd ever lose it.

He brought his attention back to the Graham as he spoke once more. "This here is a warehouse within the port of Dundee, and this is where we will be conducting our next operation." Graham then turned to Gwever, nodding head. Urbain always found Americanized English to be interesting in regards to how it sounded to him, considering the British variety of English was the style he had learned and spoke.

"Hello, I am Captain Gwever; I will be the commanding officer of the US forces during this operation." He looked around at all of the soldiers, each one watching the two CO's every movement and listening to every word. The photo changed to an overhead view of the whole port, the particular warehouse they were aiming for was highlighted. "This, men, will be what's holding out target.

Urbain was then brought back to the real word as he heard Captain Graham's voice over the radio give the signal. "Move." In that instant, Urbain and his team were quickly and quietly making their way towards a chain-link fence that surrounded the set of building they were heading towards. With little sound they moved over the fence and stacked up at the corner of a building with Sargent Arem, the squad leader, at the front of the four man stack, Urbain right behind him. "We got some two smoking in the alley here, take them out." Spoke Arem.

Arem peeked around the corner, crouching to give Urbain room to move up in a firing position as well. Two men stood down near the end of the alleyway by a simple metal door, smoking and having themselves a friendly conversation. They were not dressed in any specific uniform, as for the most part they were dressed like a standard dock worker. As Urbain and Arem fired off a quick burst from their silenced M4s, both guards fell without ever knowing what hit them. All four men of the squad quickly began their approach toward the metal door, stacking up in pairs on each side. Urbain took this brief moment of time to remember the orders that the squad had been given at the briefing.

Graham had turned to face Sergeant Arem, who was sitting towards the front and quickly writing down notes. "Sergeant Arem, your team will be infiltrating from here." Graham pointed at a small alleyway located on the eastern border of the port. "You will breach at this doorway, make your way to the second floor which your squad will clear of personnel while Sergeant Walker's team clears the first floor. You will then make your way to the windows facing out towards the warehouse and await further orders there. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Was all Sgt. Arem said, quickly writing down the orders on his notepad.

Arem looked at Urbain, giving him a nod before reaching and slowly taking hold of the door handle. Slowly Arem pushed the door open with his gun at the ready, but when he saw that the hallway they were entering was clear, he quickly moved inside with the rest of the team right behind him with their weapons at the ready. As they rounded a corner, Urbain could see three security guards sitting within another room around, watching a game of football, or soccer as the Americans would call it, on a small portable TV.

Arem was about to move his team to kill the guards, but when two of the guards dropped dead and the third one began scrambling to get up from his seat only to be knocked back into it by a burst from an unseen group, Arem knew Sgt. Walker and his team had made it inside.

Urbain followed closely behind Arem, watching ahead of him for any threat to present itself, but things were relatively clear as they made their way to the staircase leading up to the second floor. No hostiles yet, so Arem's team made their way to the door at the top of the staircase. There was still not a soul in sight as the squad made their way down another hallway, and then stacked up at a corner at the end of the hallway. They could hear multiple persons speaking around it, so Arem glanced back at his three squad mates after peering around the corner, holding up five fingers to indicate there were five guards in the next hallway. He then held up his hand as he glanced back around the corner; clenching his fist suddenly, he turned around the corner and dropped into a crouch, firing a burst off at the nearest guard to him. The dead man's friends made a reach for their weapons, but the rest of the squad was already around the corner, dropping the last four guards quickly and efficiently.

The squad was moving once more, checking each and every room of the second floor but finding no one else. Once they were sure it was clear, they made their way toward their ordered position near a series of windows that looked out towards the warehouse they were aiming for. "Squad 3, in position." Arem said into his radio. Everyone was met by Sgt. Walker's voice, "Squad 4, in position." So now they had to wait for the rest of the SAS squads to get to where they needed to be.

It was the American's next that came onto the radio, "Sandman here, set and ready." Urbain cast a glance out the window in the direction the US squad was infiltrating from, but the warehouse blocked any chance of Urbain spotting the Americans. They had infiltrated into the warehouse via the sea, as the warehouse had an area from which boats could enter and unload their contents. Sandman was the call-sign of the Delta team that was infiltrating via water, with Captain Gwever infiltrating via land alongside the SAS.

Urbain glanced at Sgt. Arem, who carried on his back a Benelli M-1014 Shotgun, loaded with 12 gauge slugs. However, it was the contents of the stasis pods they were after that necessitated the use of the specially made slugs. While most were constructed out of lead, these particular slugs were constructed out of tempered steel. Even the shotguns had to have been modified to handle the greater charge that had been placed in the shotgun shells to propel the heavy slug with sufficient force. Each of the squads on this mission, SAS and Delta, had one of these special shotguns nicknamed "Thor". Each of the soldiers had also been instructed to bring only assault rifles equipped with steel rounds, another oddity. His thoughts once more were pulled back to their briefing.

"Each squad will be equipped with one specialized Benelli Shotguns, fitted to fire specialized twelve gauge steel slugs. Along with that, all of you will also be using steel bullets with your weapons." spoke Graham, looking out at the soldiers.

It wasn't hard to tell that the soldiers were confused at this odd load-out, so Graham hit the button on the slide, bringing up an image of a young, pink haired woman. Looks of confusion crossed the face of the men as they looked at her, noticing most of all the distinct cat-ear-like-appendages on her head.

Graham watched them all before looking at the photo. "This men, is a diclonius, this is our goal. This photo is simply to show you what they generally look like, not actually after this one in particular. Not much is known about these women, I say that because as far as our intelligence is aware of there are no males, but we know little in regards to their biology other than that the majority have hair color that is red in hue in some fashion."

The men were still watching the picture with curiosity, considering none had seen an individual with horns. What was about them that required the SAS and Delta Force to be the troops involved in their recovery?

Graham began talking again, the answers the men were looking for quickly being provided to them. "These diclonius are capable of projecting powerful telekinetic abilities in the form of invisible hands, labeled simply as vectors." A click of the remote and pictures of various war materials showed up. Rifles, body armor, various guns, even a vehicle was brought up, all of them having been sliced cleanly and smoothly in some fashion. The truck in particular was sliced cleanly in half. The next slide though, made a couple soldier visibly shift and gulp. Two slides, containing six pictures, showed several military personal either sliced in two, missing limbs, some even being decapitated. What got to the men was how unnaturally clean and smooth the wounds were, nothing even the sharpest of knives could ever hope to make.

"This, men, "Graham said, "Is why we cannot let these individuals move the five stasis pods they are holding. These vectors are capable of shearing just about anything in half and are even able to block most small arms fire. While we are not sure the extent at which they can block, we do know that essentially, the greater kinetic and durability a projectile has, the greater chance it has of breaking through the vectors. Now, it is not important who these individuals are, all we know is that they are in possession of five diclonius and they intend to ship them off to somewhere unknown. We will not let them happen. Our mission is to either secure these stasis pods, or to kill their contents and prevent their escape. Understood?" Nobody said anything as they simply stared at the photos, Urbain's eyes falling on one individual missing both arms, his head, and his torso having been sliced in half down the middle. Urbain was shocked to see that the body armor the soldier was still wearing had been sliced through as well.

The sound of shouting and gunshots woke Urbain out of his thoughts, all coming from within the warehouse. Something bad was happening, as nobody had received the command to move yet from Captain Graham or Captain Gwever. They did however hear Graham speak over the radio, "Reaver, what the hell is going on inside there? Has Sandman been compromised?" Reaver was the call-sign given to the Dauphin helicopter that was providing an aerial view for the soldiers on the ground. "Sandman here, we haven't been compromised. The guards are engaging something at the moment." The gunshots could still be heard from inside the warehouse, all members of the task force waiting patiently for their next orders.

"I have several personnel moving quickly inside, and- Holy shit, that guy just got sliced in two! Those diclonius are out of the pods it seems. Not sure how many are free or left alive but those poor SOBs aren't lasting very well against those nasty lasses."

"Dammit, alright men, move in and eliminate everything. Extreme caution and hove those shotguns ready. Enter from your respective positions and watch the crossfire, now move it!" Graham said, Urbain and the rest of the squad already shooting out the windows and sliding down the slanted roof, soaked from the rain. They landed on the ground below, Walker and his team already having made their way to the warehouse doors with Arem's quickly moving up behind them. Walker's team stacked up on one door, Urbain following Arem as they made their way around the corner and to another doorway. After stacking up, they checked to make sure the entrance was clear and then proceeded down the hallway.

Suddenly, Gwever's voice came over the radio, gunshots heard in the background. "Fuck! These ladies are pissed off! Be hyper vigilant and get those "Thors" ready!" There was a scream in the background, followed by Gwever shouting something before his radio cut out.

"Move men and take out anything you see besides each other!" said Graham over the radio. Urbain and his squad mates could hear the sound of a shotgun blasting away at the end of the hallway they were in. They could also see the flash of the gun, followed by a Delta operative backing up around it firing rapidly down the hallway. The operative then quickly turned and dived into the hallway Urbain and his team was located as they saw a steel girder embed itself in the wall, having flown right through the spot the man had just been standing in. All of them froze and readied themselves, Arem having the "Thor" ready. The Delta operative was quickly on his feet and took up a prone position in front of the SAS squad and reloaded his shotgun.

All they saw next was the floating bodies of two Delta members, Captain Gwever one of them, come around the corner, both hanging limply in front of a woman as she rounded the corner as well. She looked only to be in her late teens and had the telltale horns of a diclonius. They all stood still, watching the horned woman slowly begin walking towards them. "Open fire!" Arem shouted as he took aim and fired the shotgun, the Delta member and the rest of the squad following suit. The bodies then shifted and moved into the path of the bullets, twitching and jerking as they were struck by the hail of steel. Nothing seemed to hit the woman at first, but when Arem turned his aim lower and fired at the woman's legs, they suddenly heard her cry out in pain as her leg was severed at the knee as a steel slug punched through it. She suddenly fell over, dropping both bodies and giving the soldiers a clear shot. She never had a chance to recover as the bullets peppered her repeatedly.

"Cease fire!" Arem said as they all stopped shooting, everyone taking the chance to also reload their weapons. They all looked at the bodies of the two dead Delta members before at the now dead diclonius who was covered in bullet wounds. Once they were sure she was dead, Arem turned to the survivign operative. "What happened?" Sgt. Arem asked.

"We were moving along this floor, Captain Gwever and the rest of my squad, we came across some guards retreating into the hallway." He sounded a little shaken, but true to his job he was still maintaining his composure overall. "Next thing, two poor bastards torn in two fly around the corner followed by one of those diclonius. I had the "Thor", but then the bitch hit me with fucking corpse!" He finished reloading the shotgun before looking back at Arem. "I heard Captain Gwever shout, but when I finally got back to my feet…well she got my entire squad. That's pretty much when you ran into me."

"Just peachy…" Arem said before getting onto the radio. "Lima-5 here," Lima-5 was the call-sign of Arem's squad, "Quebec-3 is down, have one survivor with us at the moment. Continuing on to point Bravo, Lima-5 out." Arem then looked at the surviving Delta Operative. "Stick with us then, keep that thing ready. Now move." The whole squad was quickly moving in a line, one behind the other as they kept their eyes on every nook and cranny with their guns at the ready. As they passed the deceased diclonius, the DO fired one more slug into her head, partly to confirm she was dead and probably as vengeance for his entire team having been slaughtered.

Despite the stoic appearance, Urbain was rather stunned at the efficiency in which the diclonius had killed the guards, and especially the three DOs. He took a guess that the others were also rather stunned, as he could see how much more alert they were. Everybody was watching their sector with such attentiveness, and Urbain could feel the adrenaline now surging through him.

They found themselves entering the main area of the warehouse, which was rather large and empty with a few crates scattered about. A few catwalks ran around above them, forming the majority of the second floor. There was a small office at the top of some stairs, and also led out to the catwalks. In the center of the room there was a small crane used to lift freight off boats that would anchor, such as the small freighter that was there at the moment. As they moved further into the main area, they could make out the glare of lights off the blood splattered along the crates and floors; Urbain could see the team visibly freeze when they noticed the many dismembered guards and five empty metal pods.

Urbain began a count in his head, they had just killed one at the cost of three Delta members, and he felt better when he noticed the corpse of a second diclonius. Three were left in this building, but he had no idea where they could be. They all turned their attentions towards the sound of a loud crash, followed by a female scream as they watched a body crash through the window of the second floor office. They all kept their guns trained on the area, but when they saw the familiar tactical gear of a Delta Operator; Urbain breathed a sigh of relief. The operative noticed them and gave them a thumbs up, two others walking up beside him. "Sandman here, took one of them out if you didn't notice. How many does that leave us with?"

Arem looked around the area before back at Sandman who, the rest of the team going back to covering their various sectors. "We killed off one earlier; unfortunately it took all but one of Quebec-3, with that kill it means we have two more of them left so keep your eyes open for them."

"Roger that. Any guards left?" Asked Sandman

"Not that we are aware of," Arem said back before turning to look at his team. "Spread out and search this area, be cautious and retreat if you find a diclonius." Urbain nodded as he started making his way between the crates, keeping his M4 at the ready the whole time. He was quite astounded at the viciousness of these guards' deaths. It was like the photos they had seen at the briefing, quite literally as Urbain looked down at a soldier missing his arms, eyes, and also his legs. This was the first time he'd ever seen someone killed in such a fashion, especially with the weapons and other equipment he had been wearing was just as damaged.

Just where did these…Urbain was trying to think of an appropriate word, all he could come up with was mutants, come from? This was the first time he, or anybody on this mission for that matter, had even heard or seen these diclonius. It probably wasn't even in public knowledge that these things were being moved about, or for that matter even existed. Here's hoping that no one decides to keep this secret, Urbain thought.

Stopping in his tracks, Urbain opened his ears up as he heard a sound he couldn't identify at first. At least, he couldn't at first because he didn't believe it was the sound that it really was. It was someone crying, what sound like a young girl; assuming no little girls had sneaked their way into this port, none of the guards of the pods were a young woman, and Urbain was pretty sure none of his team mates cried in that fashion. He kept his M4 at the ready as he slowly and silently approached the source of the noise. Reaching the area where the crying was louder, he looked against a nearby wall to see a decapitated guard, his face frozen with an expression of shock. Urbain took a deep breath before he slowly peeked around a crate where the girl could be heard.

He wasn't surprised to see a diclonius, but this particular one looked only to be twelve or thirteen years old. She was so young, and there was blood sprayed across her face and torso which probably belonged to the headless corpse nearby. She'd yet to notice Urbain, mostly because he was barely peeking around the corner and also because she had her face buried in her hands as she continued to cry. These were the dangerous creatures they were after? The first diclonius they had engaged certainly fit the bill, but this young girl? She looked more scared than hostile. Hopefully Urbain's next move wouldn't end up getting himself killed.

Without revealing himself just yet, he spoke up. "Hey, little girl." She immediately jerked her head up, looking around frantically as she tried to back herself up, however with her back to the crate already there was nowhere left for her to go. "Hold on, hold on. I'm not here to hurt you." He decided to make a bold move, slowly emerging from around the corner with his hands raised, his M4 hanging on his front via the sling. He remained standing there as she stared at him, wide eyed and clearly frightened.

"Hold on, look I'm not with these guys." Urbain said as he nodded his head towards the dead guard. "I'm with the British military, we were sent here to get you out of here." She continued to watch him, but she was beginning to relax. However, she was still cautious and had yet to cease her sniffling. He had to think of a way to win her trust over, and judging by the way she was eying his M4 he figured one way to achieve that trust. Boy did he feel stupid as very slowly, he took hold of the barrel of the M4. "Look, I'll set this on the floor, that way you know I don't intend to hurt you. Ok?" The girl kept her eyes on him the whole time as Urbain slowly set the M4 on the floor.

Standing up once more with his hands still up he spoke again while watching her, "I promise you, my friends and I came here to rescue you from those nasty fellas over there."

She looked at the dead guard, and then back to him; he smiled some as he managed to break the tension enough that she worked up the courage to speak. "Y-you don't…your voice….it sounds funny..!" Urbain chuckled some, knowing he could never hope to hide his French accent, not even from a little girl.

"Oui, je ne fais pas." Urbain smiled more (though she would never notice the smile hidden by the balaclava he wore) as the girl blinked, obviously confused and not understanding what he said. He continued on, "I was not born in the United Kingdom. I was born and raised in the country of France, so English is not my first language." He watched her relax, so he took the chance and knelt down in front of her. She tensed up some at his sudden movement, but when she saw him do nothing beyond that she slowly began to relax once more.

"I-I, um, I don't know…I've never heard of a place called France!" she stammered out the sentence as she watched him. The poor girl, with how scared she looked, Urbain didn't imagine she met strangers much. He wondered if a portion of her life had been spent either within the stasis pod of sealed up somewhere very secret. He could infer the latter option, considering this was the first time anybody on the team was learning of these…He paused in thought. Mutants? That just seems harsh of a thing to say. Sure they had quite the destructive ability, but this young girl seemed just as frightened as any other girl her age would when left in a situation like this. Mutant may be the technical term, but it just felt insulting.

"It's a country rather close to Britain. Give or take about a thousand miles or so." He said

"W-Well, ok then…" She was still sniffling, but she didn't appear to be scared of Urbain as much as she had been originally. She was quite adorable, granted all she had on was a rather raggedy dress, but she had short dark pink hair with some adorable crimson eyes to go along with it. She didn't look or act anything like the diclonius they had initially engaged.

Urbain held out a hand to her, the young girl looking at it like it was a bear trap. "It's ok, I promise you. My friends and I are here to move you somewhere safe." He made no movement to grab hold of her, knowing that if he tried to be forceful he wouldn't be leaving this place alive. So he just left his hand out there, waiting for her to make the movement. She watched his hand, and then looked at him, very slowly reaching out and taking hold of his hand. Once she did, Urbain nodded his head, taking hold of her hand back as he stood up. He had picked up his M4 as he did so, though the girl didn't react to him doing so. She quickly scampered behind his legs though, trying to hide from somebody approaching them from nearby. Urban brought his rifle up, aiming it at the approaching target, the Delta operative who simply went by Sandman quickly holding up a hand.

"Hold on, hold on, Sandman here. Sorry to have snuck up like that." He said as he glanced down at the diclonius hiding behind Urbain. Like the Frenchmen, Sandman also had his features hidden behind a balaclava. The only thing Urbain could tell was that the man was at least white but that was it. Urbain didn't even know the man's actual name, just that he held the rank of Staff Sergeant. "I see you made a friend there, glad to know we'll be able to get one of them out of here." Urbain nodded his head as he lowered his rifle.

"You find anybody else?" Urbain asked.

"Negative, just more dead guards but we can't locate the last diclonius. Reaver is scanning the area, so hopefully the last diclonius hasn't gotten too far away.

The little girl then quickly moved out from behind Urbain, looking at Sandman, "M-My sister! Where is she?" she said it with a rather frantic tone.

"I'm not sure, I'm sorry but I am not sure where she went to." responded Sandman as he looked down at her. She simply whimpered and clung to Urbain's pant leg

Urbain reached back and placed a hand on her head, looking at her. "We'll find her, don't worry." She looked up at him, nodding her head before Urbain looked back at Sandman. He was about to speak when they hear the sound of their squad mates screaming. Both soldiers were immediately on alert, Sandman quickly moving towards the source. Urbain looked down at the diclonius with him, "Stay here and hide. I'll be back here quickly for you alright?" She watched him, clearly scared to move away from the only friendly individual she had met in this place. He could see her hesitation, so he placed a hand on her shoulder, "I'll get you out of here, just like I promised." Another moments of hesitation before the diclonius nodded her head and slowly moved away from Urbain, who watched her for a moment before quickly moving towards the source of another scream and gunfire.

Urbain made it to the area, watching the previously missing diclonius cleave Sgt. Arem in half, his Benelli flying through the air and landing amongst other crates. All of the special force operatives turned and fired on the teenage diclonius, Cpt. Graham amongst them now. The diclonius was deflecting the bullets through the use of her vectors, also picking up a discarded gun and returning fire. She wasn't well trained in the use of the firearm, as she didn't manage to take out any of the operatives with her gun.

She screamed and fell forwards as a shotgun slug caught her shoulder, tearing a nasty wound in it. She fell onto the ground, dropping her weapon and holding her shoulder wound as Graham quickly ordered a cease fire. "We do not wish to terminate you, but you leave us no choice if you continue these hostilities." Graham said, keeping his "Thor" aimed at the wounded diclonius.

"You bastards are just going to do the same thing to us as those other ones were! I'd rather die than be locked up again!" She was onto her feet, a two crates launching through the air and knocking one of the operatives to the ground. She never made it far though, as all the gun fire once more and brought her down quickly. She lied there, hacking up blood and made a futile attempt to reach for the Cpt., but a moment later she was dead. Graham and the others lowered their weapons, the captain sighing miserably as he did so. " I'm sorry."

They all turned their heads to the sound of the last remaining diclonius girl screaming in dismay, quickly running to the recently killed one. "Sissy~!" She cried out as she quickly fell to her knees and hugged the corpse. Urbain felt his heart sink and he couldn't help but look away. He had just won the girl's trust, and in less than five minutes he turned from her savior to one of the killers of her sister. He tried to shut out the girl's hysterical sobs and cries, trying not to join her in crying.

Graham started walking towards the girl, holding a hand out to her. " I'm sorry, we didn't have a choice. She was going to kill u-" He never finished the sentence as he stopped in his tracks, eyes widening in shock. He stood there for only a moment before a seam appeared around his neck, followed by blood. Graham's lifeless body fell to the floor, his head rolling away from the newly formed corpse. Urbain jerked his head back, hearing the sound of two other operatives cry out in pain as one had his arms severed at the elbows, another having his torso explode out backwards, leaving a gaping hole in it.

Other soldiers immediately fired on the little girl, but once again their M4 rounds were doing nothing, the bullets appearing to hit an invisible wall as they attempted to reach their target. All of them quickly began scattering as crates, bodies, and just about everything began flying around the room. Most of it was aimed in the direction of the SAS and Delta members, though some just flew in random directions. More soldiers screamed as they were struck by the airborne material, Urbain having taken cover behind a steel support beam. He flinched as a crate smashed into the beam, both denting from the large impact.

Urbain closed his eyes, cursing at the fact that the situation had turned so bad, so fast. He had thought he would have been able to save the girl, but now she was the primary threat. He wasn't sure what to do, his mind growing more chaotic by the moment. As he began to realize he was losing control of his anxiety, it only furthered the problem. What do I do? What did I do wrong? Can I still save her? How many of the others are dead? All these questions were rocketing through his mind and Urbain was on the verge of losing control of himself.

Then he heard Sandman scream out a simple command, "Kill the diclonius!" Suddenly, all the thoughts stopped as his mind focused on that simple, single command. Kill the diclonius, his mind said. It echoed in his head and he knew exactly what he had to do. Quickly moving from the cover, he remained as low to the ground as he could while sprinting, hoping to remain out of sight of the enraged diclonius. Kill the diclonius his mind said once more, spurring Urbain on faster. He saw a discarded "Thor", lying next to its previous owner Sgt. Arem. While still in a sprint, Urbain snatched up the modified shotgun and did not stop his run.

He slid to the ground in time to dodge a crate that was aimed at him, having caught it out of the corner of his eye. Kill the diclonius, it didn't stop repeating the command. He peeked out, noticing the little girl's attention had turned towards Sandman and other soldiers who were quickly firing on her. Now was his moment, and in that moment, Urbain moved as fast he could carry himself. Sliding over a crate, the little girl turned in time to look straight into Urbain's eyes, staring into the man who only a few minutes later had just saved her. She never had time to react as Urbain had the "Thor" aimed right at her forehead. Her head barely twitched as a slug tore through it, spraying blood all behind her. Her body also twitched only slightly as Urbain fired off the remaining shells into her to make sure she would not get back up.

She fell backwards onto her sister's dead body, Urbain standing over them taking deep breaths. Staring at the girl, looking straight into her glazed eyes, he heard the command flow through his thoughts once more. Kill the diclonius it said. Over and over again his mind simply kept repeating the command. Urbain simply dropped the "Thor" as he kept his eyes fixed on the lifeless crimson of her eyes. It felt like she was staring back at him. His hands began to shake, and he felt scared inside as his mind spoke that command once more. His fate was sealed, he had been given a command and there was nothing more he could do to stop it. Urbain wanted to cry, but the adrenaline flowing through his system wouldn't allow it.

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