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No one would ever think that I would have gave birth to a baby when I was seventeen. My baby that I lost, that day broke my heart in two. That day that I thought would be the best day of my life turned into the most horrible day. My boyfriend and my baby died that day; my little baby's dad was on his way to help me with the birth of our child when there was a car accident. Edward died that night instantly with impact of the other vehicle. My baby died because of lungs failure, she was a girl, she cried when she was born but they told me that she didn't make it. Shortly after I was told that Edward was killed.

I'm twenty-one now, I left my home town of Forks Washington right after I got out of the hospital, I just couldn't stay there while everything was going on with Edward and the baby's death and what they would say to me at school and around the town, I left to live with my dad's brother and his family. I've been there ever since, but my two best friends that I made there are coming back with me. Ali and Rose know that I lost my boyfriend and child in this town, and that going back will be very hard for me but they wanted to come with me so. My parents decided a while ago that they were going to live in a motor home and travel, since that I was gone they had no ties holding them to Forks. Ali, Rose and I brought a house to live in while there. We all were done with what college classes we took, weren't really sure if we were going to stay in Forks long but we knew it was going to be a while before we left as well.

"Bella!" Alice screamed in my ear.

"Wa-What?" I said barely awake.

"It's your turn to go to the store and hurry we're out of coffee," Alice bounced out of my room as she spoke. She just went to the store yesterday, when we got here. We're not even unpacked very much and she is already out of coffee. Good god that women can drink. I got out of my bed going to my bathroom to get in the shower.

I got out then let my hair air dry before getting dressed. I put on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, my old white tank top that said I heart my boyfriend with a red heart on it. A pair of matching red sandals, and a red necklace with silver hoops. I grabbed my purse and cell phone before running down stairs. I grabbed the credit card with all of our names on it to pay for the food before hopping in my trunk and heading towards to store.

I looked at my phone was I walked into the store checking the time. I grabbed a cart, throwing my purse in trying to remember what I needed to grab. I walked down each isle grabbing what I thought we would need, trying to make sure I had everything we needed. I tried to not even look down the baby isle, it hurt too much. What was it that Alice wanted?

Oh, coffee! I ran towards to isle with the coffee, but I had to stop and get chocolate first because since she was out of coffee she would have ate all the chocolate. I turned towards the chocolate isle, looking at my phone getting a text from Rose, telling me to hurry because Alice was going insane.

"Ahh, come on Daddy!" I heard a small voice say so sweetly. I looked up to find where the sweet voice of a little girl was coming from. I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight in front of me. The small girl was holding her father's hand, facing and pointing towards my favorite chocolate. The man was tall, with the most beautiful messy bronze hair, Edward's bronze hair, the hair of my high school sweetheart and father of my first child. The only person that could have that hair, like that. The small girl looked at me, she was beautiful. She has chocolate brown hair that had touches of bronze, soft cream flawless skin and beautiful hazel eyes. I must have been stopped and stood there for what felt like forever.

"She's pretty," The little girl pointed towards me as her father looked. His green eyes poured into mine. Emerald green eyes that could only belong to one person.

"Edward," I whispered. I knew that there was no way, he was dead but I couldn't keep the words from leaving my lips. The small girls face lit up with a smile, like she just realized something very important.

"Mommy!" The girl yelled before pulling her hand from her fathers and ran into my arms. I hadn't even noticed that I had knelled down till I lifted her back up into my arms. She smiled at me, causing me to smile back at her. Her father stood still in his place as he whispered my name, quickly he grained realization.

"I'm so sorry, you look like her mother," Edward whispered the last part.

"Edward?" I said.

"Bella?" I nodded.

"B-but how? You died in childbirth," What!

"N-no, you died in a car accident and," I looked at the girl in my hands. "she died at birth," my baby, my baby girl was here and alive.

"You're alive!" Edward basically yelled before hugging me, with our daughter in-between. Tears ran down my face, Edward let me hold her when he pulled back.

"You can get your chocolate, sweetheart," My daughter jumped out of my arms and over to chocolate. "She loves your favorite chocolate,"

"What's her name?" I asked as she ran for her chocolate.

"Charlie Rensemee, I named her after your dad, mom and my mother," Edward always was very close to my dad and my mom. My daughter was here and alive. Edward was here and alive.

They were here and alive.


Charlie Rensemee Cullen. My beautiful daughter, she had so much of Edward but so much of me. Charlie reminded me of Alice, so energetic and graceful. You could tell she was a real daddy's girl just like I wanted her to be. Edward loved her so much, he offered to have dinner at his home, but I asked if they could come to the condo, so I could give Rose and Ali the news. He agreed as I gave him the address, saying he wanted to catch-up. Charlie gave me a hug goodbye and I took another long look at her. I still can't believe my gorgeous baby girl his here, healthy and happy. Every time I look at her I see more and more of Edward and I. In many ways she's like Edward, she defiantly has his crooked smile that I love so much. Has that look in her eyes that if she flashed her eyelashes you would even say yes to murder. Every time I looked I was taken back that she was here and alive, more than I ever could have imaged beautiful. She was my baby that was taken from me.

Edward helped me with my bags, before he gave me a hug and I kissed Charlie's cheek, saying I would see her soon. Seeing them together melted my heart, into a river of scarlet. I watched as Edward turned to his silver Volvo and got in. I can't believe he still had that, he had that car when we were in high school, but only now there was a car seat in the back for Charlie.

I rushed home, not being able to wait to tell Rose and Ali my news.

"Alice, Rosalie!" I screamed running in the house, my arms full of bags. They came running as they knew I only used their full names when it was important. From the looks of the house, they were busy unpacking.

"What, Bella? Who died?" Alice and Rosalie met me in the kitchen.

"Not who died, Alice. It's who didn't die." I set my purse down. "My daughter is alive!"

"What, what are you talking about?

"While, I was at the store I ran, into Edward," Rose stopped me.

"Wait, Edward your high school boyfriend, Edward?"

"Yes, Rose. With him was a little girl about four years old, they didn't die," Alice crushed me in a hug.

"They're coming over for dinner," Rose still looked puzzled.

"What is it Rose?"

"If they aren't dead, why were you told they were? Why were you robbed of your happiness with your child and high school love?"