Author's Note: Hi everyone. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to explain what comes next. And there's a spoiler in this author's note about Dave's fate, but not really. After all, there are only two choices.

Basically, this story has two endings. Some people objected that the original ending was not funny and zany enough, that the tone didn't fit with the rest of the story. They even went so far as to say the ending had 'ruined' the story for them. Obviously, as the author I want people to enjoy the story, and maybe even leave some reviews!

So I've written a new, more amusing crack!fic ending (Two Out of Three Ain't Bad). At least, it's intended to be more wacky and amusing. Spoiler alert: Dave lives.

However, I still consider the original ending to be the true and honest ending for this story. So I'm posting that, too (How Glory Goes). Spoiler alert: Dave dies. Its also got amusing crack!fic parts, but if you don't like character death or pathos, ignore this chapter.

Is one ending "better" than the other? You'll have to tell me...