Leaving Carly at the restaurant, Jason heads to the one place he knew to escape everything. Jake's. Usually it was Sonny's place or home, the two places he knew that he could just relax, but not anymore. Going to Sonny's will only prove to provoke his need to strangle him with his bare hands. Going home...well, its best to avoid that for now. There was no telling what he'd say to Courtney in his current state of mind. For now, the safest place for him is Jake's.

"Hey, stranger." Jake greets him, popping off the top from his favorite beer before handing it to him.

"Hey, Jake." he replies, sliding onto one of the stalls. "Any chance of my old room being open?"

"Since you left it." Jake says simply, grabbing the key from the hook. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah...just need some privacy."

"Well, you know you'll get a lot of that here." Jake smiles slightly. "I heard about the girl...sorry for your loss."

"Yeah...you and me both." he counters, taking the key along with his beer, calling it a night.

Trudging up the steps, Jason turns the corner to his old apartment, needing some peace and quiet to figure out his next move. Now that he's out of hiding, Jason needs to find the right - not to mention justified - way to take Sonny down. After everything that his friend has done, Jason needs to make sure that - whatever he comes up with - it matches the crimes that Sonny has committed.

Pacing back and forth in her studio, Elizabeth could feel the fear gripping her tightly, even if she wasn't sure why she was so afraid. With Jason being the only thing on her mind, she knew that it was going to be a long night. She feels like she should be grieving for Lucky, but the grief just doesn't feel as strong as she thinks it should be. Her fear for Jason is just overshadowing it completely.




Rushing to the door, she yanks it open, more than a little surprised to see Jason standing on the other side, completely unharmed. A part of her questioned why she was so damn worried in the first place, but the larger part of her had her throwing her arms around him and holding him as tightly as she could manage.

"Hey." he says soothingly, rubbing her back softly. "I'm here. I'm fine...everything's okay."

"I was just so worried." she says, clinging tightly to him, refusing to let him go. "I don't know why...I just...I was so afraid that I'd lose you."

"Emily told me that when you lose someone...well, fear of losing someone else is only natural."

"Are you really using psychology to explain why I'm afraid?" she counters, finally allowing him to pull away. "Really?"

"I know." he shakes his head, walking into the studio with her. "I didn't know how else to explain what you're feeling."

"Maybe its just because you're my friend and you lead a dangerous life." she points out, grabbing a bottle of water. "So...everything's okay? You're not hurt or anything?"

"I'm fine." he assures. "But I could use a cellphone. I need to check in with Sonny."

"You didn't check in with him yet?"

"No...I was...well, I was worried about you." he smiles slightly before holding up his cellphone. "And I broke mine."

"Its over by the wall, charging." she replies, watching as he shrugs out of his jacket while he walks over to use her cellphone. Relief filling every fiber of her being. He's there and he's safe. "Thank you...for coming to see me."


Rubbing away the fog from her eyes, Emily's attention is diverted to Elizabeth when her mind catches up to the reality around her. Laying in bed, no visible signs that she ever woke up, Emily was glad that Elizabeth seemed to be sleeping peacefully. If only she'd just wake up and take away the fear that Emily felt.

Deciding that there was no avoiding it, she checks Elizabeth's vitals before getting ready to face the day. Elizabeth will have to be alone while Emily helps Audrey plan the funeral...god she hated even thinking about it. As much as she knows this isn't real, that Elizabeth wasn't really dead, it still hurt to have to actually plan the event. To choose flowers, the church...the eulogy.

She's grateful for her brother, she doubts she'll be able to survive through the funeral if she didn't know the truth. Knowing that her best friend wasn't dead, to say that she's beyond relieved would be an understatement. Now she just had to convince the world that she truly believed it.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Em, you in there?" Lucky's voice calls through the door.

Unfortunately that had to included Lucky and Nikolas. Lying isn't her most favorite thing to do, especially with the two brothers, but she'd do anything to ensure that Elizabeth could trust her. That, when this is all over, her best friend would let her in and talk to her.

"Em...we're here for you." Nikolas's voice is broken, remnants of tears in his voice. "Come on...open up."

"Um, I'm not ready yet." she calls back to them. "I'll meet you guys downstairs."

"You sure?" Lucky counters. "I know you're hurting over Elizabeth..."

"Lets just let her be." Nikolas encourages him. "She'll be down when she's ready."

"But she's in the guest room." she heard Lucky say as their voices faded off. "Isn't that weird?"

Shaking her head, Emily finishes getting ready before walking over to Elizabeth's bedside. Looking down on her friend, her heart swelled with pain, hoping that whatever is going on in her friend's mind, that she's okay and only biding her time until the chaos subsides. Whispering her goodbye, she locks the door behind her before leaving to meet up with the guys.

"Does Sonny need you for anything else?"

"Don't know." he replies, plugging her cellphone back in. "Got his voicemail."

"So you have to go?"

"No." he shakes his head, relieving her anxiety. "I left a message that its been handled. Its enough for him."

"So...you're not leaving?"

"Not unless you want me to."

"I don't want you to." she says quickly, crossing the room to him. "I know I must sound crazy to you...I just have a bad feeling whenever you're gone."

"What do you want to do then?"

"I don't know." she admits, shaking her head slightly. "Maybe we can just stay in and talk...I really like talking to you."

"I like talking to you, too."

"Okay...so we'll stay in?"

"Whatever you want."

Waking up to the sound of his cellphone ringing, Jason reads the text message on the screen before sending his reply and pulling himself out of bed. With his reality setting in, Jason's anger hits its peak and his cellphone goes flying to the wall across from him - shattering to pieces before falling to the floor. Time to get to work.