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I'm letting readers know in advance, it starts before Babydoll arrives at Lennox and spans entire movie(timewise)-some things will be kept the same or similar but obviously I'll have changed alot because otherwise that would just be plagiarism. Also, a few OCs. O.O Anywho! Hope you enjoy, comments and critiques are greatly appreciated! Enjoy!

~"They say that everyone has an angel, helping and guiding them. Battling dangers and dragons, from monsters to madness. But what makes us so sure that each one of us has an angel?Surely they do not give away their presence. So many face the struggles of life without the aid of an overseer or protector. And though they pray, and hope and wait, one may never come. There are some who are lucky; ones who have been blessed with a guardian, while the rest are cursed and left to survive alone. Who decides these fates? Whose choice is it really?~" - Jane


Three years seems small but can be a devastating amount of time. It's even worse when isolated from society. The silence crept down from the walls and seeped into the room. It was enough to drive anyone present mad. A girl clad in all white resided in the corner of the darkened setting. Her feet were bare and her nails scrapped against the dirtied floor. They thought this would break her; they were sure of this. This was hell. Her hell. But she would never admit that. Lennox House was a terrible place, though hospitals and centers such as this were unpleasant in general. Many a tortured soul had dwelt there and never lived to tell the tale. But the girl inside would tell hers. She knew she would. No matter what they did they could never break her.

The name given to her upon her arrival was 'Sunshine.' It was given to her in pure irony. The man in charge, Blue, thought himself to be so charming and cunning. There was no doubt against his intelligence but even he wasn't invincible. He might have fooled the others in that wretched place, but not her. No, she was much more clever than he. She saw right through his charismatic disguise to his vile and twisted ways. She remembered how she had been ushered into what they called the 'theater.' It was a wide open room with with a large stage in the back. She remembered how he leaned down to give her a well rehearsed welcome spiel. The hatred and pain still flowed through her veins as she glared at the man, clean cut and shaven. Blue was unaware of her intentions, barely being able to see her green eyes behind her dark hair which hung down in front of her face; it had grown darker to match her rough and disturbed upbringing. The girl advanced quickly, hand slyly drawing the letter opener she had hid smartly in the side of her pants against her bare leg. She rose her arm up to stab with the weapon clutched tightly in her hand. The security guards were on her in seconds. Prohibiting her fully from completing her action. The back of her clenched hand hit Blue hard in the chest where she had originally aimed the letter opener. The man staggered back in shock, holding the tender spot on his chest, around the area of his breast pocket; the strike had been enough to easily ensure a bruise. The violent girl was instantly pushed down onto the floor by the burly men on either side of her. They crushed her arms behind her back and held her there so she could no longer be a threat.

"Well, well, well." Blue grinned one regaining his composure. He leaned down at the struggling girl held down on the floor. "Aren't we just a little ray of sunshine?" The man grinned menacingly. His fingers wrapped around the bronze colored letter opener, which had clattered to the ground only moments before. Blue studied it in his hands briefly before slipping it into his pocket. "Just full of surprises, hmm?" The girl simply grunted in response, barely being able to breathe comfortably under the weight of the security guards. By that time, the other girls present in the threatre, stopped their activity to witness the scene in front of them. Nearly none of the girls at the institution ever dared to try any foul play inside, let alone attack Blue in such a way. Whoever this new girl was, she had fight and drive; lots of it. "Take her to a cell, boys." Blue ordered the security guards, pointing towards a door leading to another section, across the theatre.

"A padded one, sir?" The taller of the two with the buzzed hair clarified. Blue paused for a moment, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

"Change of plans." He decided at last. The guards brought the girl up to her feet slowly, each taking control of one arm. Blue locked eyes with the girl. "Sunshine now goes...in the black cell." At the last glimpse she had of him, she wanted to tear his eyes out. She wanted to snap his neck. She wanted out of there. It was where she did not belong. The reason for her institutionalization was unjust and a mistake. She simply could not stay. As she was roughly escorted out of the room, Sunshine's attention was directed elsewhere. A top the stage, another girl sat, swinging her legs back and forth. She had short, spiky hair that was a bright mixture of orange and yellow. Her thin, lean face had seen better days. For a split second, the two exchanged a glance, but then Sunshine disappeared into another hallway, and the other girl's eyes fell down to the floor below her.

Sunshine never forgot the look on the other girl's face. It was defeated and rugged and seemed full of empty sorrow and quite possibly regret. This one one of the only images that played back in Sunshine's mind. The others were recollections of the past, things that came back to haunt her in the dark. The black cell was exactly what it sounded like. The walls were cold and grimy; the small room resembled that of a basement. It looked like something out of a horror film-a work of Hitchcock's maybe. It was awful, but she had survived. So far.

One day, a beam of light forced its way into the small room, and it made all the hairs on her neck stand up. Sunshine couldn't remember how long it had been since she had seen daylight; everything was sent in to her through a slit in the locked door. The door then swung open completely, and the brightness was too much. Sunshine peered ahead of her through half close eyes. Four figures stood outside of the threshold, looking down at her. A voice all too recognizable broke the silence.

"...and there she is." Blue. Sunshine could never forget his voice. There was a slight pause before more dialogue followed.

"I still do not know...will she cooperate?" A woman spoke the second time, and her accent was foreign; European of some type. Sunshine tilted her head away from the corner, the joints in her neck cracked as she did so. Moments later, she was pulled up to her feet by the two well dressed men who were with Blue and the unknown woman. If they were the same who had initially thrown her in there, she couldn't tell. Sunshine was soon standing in a brightly colored hallway in which she did not remember there being. The walls were now red when they had once been white and scratched. What had happened in all the time she had been locked away? The man in charge of Lennox had not changed one bit, except for the well kept mustache grown above his lip. He wore a navy blue covered suit instead of the white lab coat had on during their first encounter.

"Ah, look at her." Blue marveled, taking notice of her calmer attitude in their second interaction. Though Sunshine was as sharp as they came, even she wouldn't attempt to fight her way out then. No, it wasn't the right time. "She's a changed woman. How old are you now?" He asked her. "Eighteen? Twenty?" Sunshine glared at the man. Try again, dipshit. She didn't dare speak her thoughts. They would get her into more trouble.

"I'm nineteen." Blue appeared taken back as he watched her dull, rose colored lips move. He had never once heard her utter a word. Her tone was edgy and it held a certain level of intimidation in it. The woman who was with Blue began to study the girl from head to toe. The woman was tall and slender, like many of the other girls in the institution. On her feet were black high heels, which looked rather nice and expensive. Her whole outfit looked like one of a retired dancer, and her dark red hair was up in a beehive style. Her beady eyes scanned the girl thoroughly. She looked at Blue.

"I am not sure if this is good idea." The woman spoke her mind, accent still strong. "There is talk of her reputation. She will disrupt balance in my production." A large smile formed inside Sunshine's mind. Not even ten minutes at the mental institution and the girl had already made a name for herself years ago. Blue nodded, clearly remembering the incident as well.

"Well, I've given her plenty of time to cool down." He replied coolly, referencing her relaxed persona at the moment. "You won't be a problem for Madam Gorski, will you, Sunshine?" It was an order, not real question. Blue's index finger was placed under her chin, forcing her to make eye contact with him. She could feel her flesh crawl at his touch. Oh, how she wanted to bite it, cut clean through the bone, but she held back. Sunshine was smart enough not to retaliate. Brute strength alone was not going to help her. She needed to wait, formulate a plan in her brain and then strike at the precise moment. Instead she burned her gaze into him, loathing him deep inside. Sunshine fought the urge to rebel and decided to play the man's game as well. She smiled sweetly at Blue.

"Not at all." The girl responded in a curt and subtly seductive way. Blue was thoroughly pleased. The isolation trick had worked. She was theirs now. To tinker with however they saw fit. But little did he know she wasn't broken.

"That's my girl." Cooed the man in the dark blue suit. And with that, he turned away from her and retreated down the hall along with the other two men.

Madam Gorski took one last once-over at the girl barely over adulthood in front of her. "Alright then, Sunshine. Follow me." The Polish woman instructed, turning on her heels. Sunshine followed reluctantly, taking small strides behind her. Fuck you, Blue. She cursed, leaving the black cell far behind. I'm not your bitch...

It was the third time it had happened that week. Delta woke up with a start in the middle of the night, a light sweat upon her forehead. Her beat like a drum as she breathed in deeply, taking in her surroundings. The girl was back in the twin sized bed she had been given upon her arrival at the mental institution. She was back in the vast room filled with similar beds where all the girls slept. The dreams were becoming more intense as the weeks dragged on. Delta gripped the white bars on the bedpost behind her, feeling a once foreign sensation in the lower half of her body. The girl glanced around wildly, feeling embarrassed though the others around her were most likely fast asleep. Her chestnut brown hair fell over her right shoulder and she pulled it back into a ponytail using the hair tie around her wrist. Her body temperature began to drop down to normal as the subtle sweat evaporated from her face. All Delta wanted was to fall into a deep and dreamless sleep. One even, that might result her never waking up. She gently pulled the comforter back over her body and pressed her cheek down into her pillow. She shut her eyes tight and patiently waited for sleep to kick in; it was either that or the morning.

Rocket lifted her head full of spiky, blonde hair from the comfort of her pillow a few beds over. She had been awake for some time now and didn't count on getting any rest. She lay awake, watching the other girl. In the nine weeks that Delta had been at the asylum, Rocket had studied her every chance she got. The senior patient learned many things about the newer girl, like how at least twice a week she would wake from her sleep, seeming extremely uncomfortable and nervous. Rocket wondered what Delta's life was like before being brought to the institution. Was she misunderstood as well, or was her situation so much more? Rocket could only wonder. Nothing seemed to be wrong with the shy brunet. But then again, nothing had been wrong with Rocket and she was now living day to day at the asylum. The short haired blonde turned over on her own bed, feeling her eyelids droop. She closed them and soon after, drifted into sleep.

Delta stuck the knife down into the wooden table top in front of her, and stepped to the side, feeling her eyes water up. She hated cutting onions for this very reason and could only get through a small bunch at a time. She took a few extra moments to let the stinging die down since the pig of a cook wasn't around to snap at her.

"Need a hand there?" Delta turned around. A warm yet playful smile was upon Rocket's face, and she chopped the vegetable up like it was nothing. She too, wore a dark colored apron similar to the one Delta had on. The brunet was at a loss for words. She brushed her bangs out of her eyes and quickly returned to her work station, feeling silly for not being able to complete her job in a timely manner. Rocket's smile broadened. "I use to be really sensitive to 'em too." She admitted, continuing to dice the onions. Delta smiled as well and began to chop the vegetables again. The kitchen was silent for a few moments. "I don't think we've really met." The perky blonde pointed out, extending a hand. "You're Delta, right?" Delta nodded her head and took the other girl's hand in hers. "I'm Rocket." More onion slicing filled the awkward silence afterward. "So how'd you end up in this hell-hole anyway? You seem nice enough." Rocket asked, striking up a conversation topic. Delta stopped suddenly and looked down at the table. For a split second, everything seemed to slow down before her eyes. Delta inhaled and continued to stare into nowhere, as if she hadn't heard Rocket at all. But the brunet had heard the question, quite clearly in fact. She just wasn't so keen on answering.

Things had been very rough for her early on in life. At the age of six, her parents had died and she was put into foster care soon after. Narcotics took her mother's life and her father had come down with a nasty disease unlike anything ever seen. She had barely known them at all. Rocket sensed the hesitation in the other girl. "I ran away from home. " The blonde openly shared. "Mom and Dad, we-just clashed so much. I always felt like I could never please them, like they were always pushing me to be something I wasn't; perfect. I couldn't stand it anymore." Rocket began to stare off into space as well as she told Delta her story. "Sweet Pea eventually came after me. You've met Sweet Pea, right?" The short haired girl inquired. The brunet to her right nodded as she followed along. Sweet Pea was Rocket's older sister, and star of the production Madam Gorski ran. "You know, it was strange because she never had a real problem with our parents." She glanced back at Delta. "I don't know what compelled her to chase after me." She added, mainly to herself. "But now we're both stuck here so I guess that doesn't really matter now." Rocket laughed dryly. "She's always cared too much." and Delta cracked a smile alongside of her; that smile soon faded.

For so long, she had felt alone. It seemed as though next to none understood her. Even before the brothel, Delta kept mainly to herself. But there was something about Rocket; her kindness and bubbly personality made her seem so friendly and compassionate. For years, Delta had been searching for someone to confide in, and in that moment all signs were pointing to Rocket.

"It all went downhill for me after my sixth birthday. My Dad died of a disease that doctors had never seen. They couldn't do anything for him. My Mom was an addict. Opium was her killer." Rocket paused in the middle of her work and placed a hand on top of Delta's in sympathy. "Of course, after that, we were put into foster care-my sister and I." The brunet clarified, peeling the skin off of another onion. "The two of us went through a handful of different homes because of paperwork issues and such but the last house we were in together was the worst.

"We lived with one couple five years ago. The husband was a drunk and the wife was an enabler. During the day time we could do whatever we wanted; then they would neglect us. But at night they beat us. Verbal and physical abuse. Sometimes it was barely anything, and we only had one altercation with them for the day. But mostly it was bad." Delta's eyes began to water once more, but from the painful memories instead of the vegetable. "The man would harass and try to harm my sister because she bloomed and matured faster, but I still got my fair share of that too. We had to live with that for two years. There was no way to tell anyone else of what was going on because who would listen to some teenage girls?

"One night, the man came home drunker than usual. He lost his job. He shouted out profanity and threats and they sounded more dangerous than ever before. When my sister didn't respond to his harassment, he went after her. I tried to stop him- I couldn't let him hurt her, she had taken so much in those years we lived with them. He shoved me so hard out of the way I fell into their glass table and it shattered." Rocket's eyes were extremely large as she listened intently. Delta turned around and pulled up the back of her shirt down so that Rocket could see part of her spine. Dark spots could be seen on the pale girl's back, and Rocket assumed they were from the impact as well as the beatings. "I couldn't move. I wanted to help my sister, but I was in so much pain. He broke her nose with his hand." Delta remembered the wound clear as day; the awful crunching sound and the runny, red liquid soon after. The words that came out of Delta's mouth were chocked out and painful. Her eyes were glistening now. "The husband drove my sister into a corner and beat her down with a metal folding chair." Rocket's hand covered her mouth, and she couldn't believe what the girl was telling her. "I swear to God I thought he had broken every bone in her body." Her voice wavered for a moment before she continued. "I couldn't believe her courage-she would not fall, she would not give in to his satisfaction. I thought she was finally at her breaking point but then I saw her eying the butcher's knife laying on the floor that had been on the table before. I squeezed my eyes tight under the pain and when I opened them..."

Delta trailed off recalling that very night. Her pulse pounding. Her adrenaline gushing. Shouts. Anger. Violence. Blood. The broken shards of glass scattered on the kitchen floor. The folding chair, a leg covered in red. Blood. Violence. Screaming. Sudden rage. Blood. Her heart racing. And endless struggle.

"...and when I opened them, it was just her and I." Delta finished, wiping the corners of her eyes. That night had scarred her for life and she wondered if recalling that memory had only made it worse. Rocket waited for her to go on, completely speechless. This girl's situation was far worse than her's and Sweet Pea's. "After it was all over, she told me to leave and save myself. I did run, somehow, but to somewhere I knew I could find help; her old boyfriend Craig's house. I told his family what went down and he and his uncle followed me back to our foster house. It was too late though. The wife had woken and saw the scene, calling the cops in reaction. The neighbors had heard the commotion as well and came out to aid her. The police took one look at everything in the kitchen and took my sister away. I wanted to go after them but Craig and his family stopped me. The scene left in the kitchen was enough evidence the cops needed to pin the crime on her; we couldn't prove her innocence.

I don't remember much after that, but I was sent away to live in a different home. Being separated from my sister was pure agony." Rocket gave her a peculiar stare. Delta explained. "It's a twin thing. The last house I was sent to was much better than the one before it. I was safe for a long while, but..." she inhaled though her nose and began to dry her eyes some more. Then she began to roll up her sleeves to reveal more secrets to the blonde girl next to her. Delta's pale skin was marked with faded lines and dark scratches which covered her entire forearms. "I eventually hit depression later on. Had reoccurring thoughts of dying. This somehow made me feel alive. Well, things led to another and I became suicidal. My foster parents couldn't understand the reason. Nothing helped me; not therapy, programs or interventions. I don't know why I did it, but...I left them. I wanted to start over again, on my own and forget the last four years of my life. So many days I wish I hadn't; they were so kind to me; like a family I never had. Then I got put here."

The brunet grew quiet once more and stared down at her hands, folded on the table in front of her. Rocket, completely astounded and moved by the other girl's story, came closer to Delta and offered her arms out to her. Delta looked at the short haired girl reluctantly at first, but realized she was a friend, not a foe. The two girls embraced and for the first time in a while, Delta felt as if everything was going to be okay. She felt as if her pains were slipping away. The compassionate moment ended and Delta pulled away, eyes slightly puffy and pink.

"You'll find your sister again." Rocket encouraged, holding the girl by her shoulders. "I found mine. But until you do, you've got me-us. We're each others' family here." The blonde concluded. Delta smiled, finally feeling welcomed at the mental institution.

"You know, it's funny you say that." Continued Delta. "Because when I first came here, I caught word that my sister was here in *Brattleboro. Which is weird because she was taken into custody in* Swanton all the way up North. I asked around if she had been taken into the bordello. Some wouldn't give me an answer and others claimed she was kept away from everyone else." Something clicked inside Rocket's mind and the wheels were spinning so fast it was a wonder they couldn't be heard.

"Is your sister prone to lashing out?" She asked. "Or violent episodes?" Delta could only stare at Rocket in front of her, unsure of how to respond. That didn't sound like her twin. With small delicate hands, the blonde turned Delta's head to face hers by lifting up her chin. Moments later, Rocket was staring into dark, green irises. Those eyes. Those same forest green. An uncomfortable silence washed over the kitchen, and even the noise from the stoves and ovens seemed to vanish.

"I think they let your sister out today."

* Brattleboro- town in Vermont where the movie is supposed to take place

Swanton- town up in Northern tip of Vermont