The gray had a different fell than the pink and beige outfits did in Sunshine's past. But, the new color reflected her inner dark ballerina, waiting to spring out. The girl had not yet performed for Madam Gorski, and she knew the time would be soon- today maybe. After all, the woman would want proof of the talent claim Sunshine had made earlier in the week.

Amber studied the dark haired girl take an eyeliner pencil up to her bottom lashes. After that, Sunshine applied a smokey tone over her eyelids. "How long have you taken ballet?" The Asian girl stood behind her in the dressing room. Sunshine had seen her approach through the mirror, and wasn't the least bit surprised. The dark haired girl closed the case of eyeshadow and returned it to its spot on the vanity.

"Ever since I was seven." She replied curtly. She reached down onto the floor and retrieved the gray ballet shoes. The dark haired girl slipped them onto her feet. Sunshine had to pay for her own dance classes out of pocket once she and her sister moved in with the Warbutons because they surely wouldn't dish out any money for the girls. And though it had been years since she had down a performance, she never once forgot any of the steps or movements.

Amber wasn't an expert on the subject as Sunshine was, but she figured the girl had practiced this art enough to be extremely gifted. "You must be amazing then." Amber smiled. The two exited the half occupied dress room, and a small grin crept up Sunshine's face. She didn't know if her skill was as good in her head as out on the floor, but she would find out soon.

"Well see, Amber." Her ego swelled from the praise.

Delta emerged from Gorski's office after rearranging papers and fetching the clipboard. As she exited, her sister entered the studio and pulled her to the side. "We're getting out of here, and soon." Sunshine whispered into he sibling's ear. "Gorski's gonna wanna see my ballet and when I go front-and-center, you keep your eyes on me, got it?" Delta nodded hear head but didn't quite understand what was going to happen. The brunet remained silent and did not object to her sister's idea. After all, Sunshine was the schemer and knew what she was doing. At least, Delta hoped she did.

As the studio began to fill, Sunshine's gut tightened. She would be performing in front of the whole company of dancers in the brothel. Fear was not an emotion easily found in this girl and surely she had not come down with stage fright. No. That would be ridiculous, in Sunshine's opinion. She was being utterly ridiculous. It will work. Sunshine forced herself to believe. It had to work otherwise she and her sister would never find a way out.

All too soon, Madam Gorski entered the premises and the girls grew silent. The Polish woman gazed around the room with pursed lips, pink with lipstick, until she found Sunshine. The instructor beckoned the girl to come forward with her hand. "Sunshine, come come." The dark haired girl stepped into the middle of the floor, and the other dancers retreated to the back wall in order to give her space.

Gorski's heels clicked against the wooden floor as she headed for the stereo in a corner of the studio. "When the music plays, I want you to show me what it is you can do." The red headed woman seemed doubtful of Sunshine's skill. Sunshine exchanged a look with her sister. Delta leaned against the office wall and twin, green eyes locked for mere seconds. Then, the stereo turned on.

["Welcome back to, where I'm gonna have you,-Shell shock, fall back, anyone I see through,"]

Sunshine inhaled and exhaled deeply. It was a tune much faster and heavier than anything ever set to ballet form. Anyone could tell that much.

["Watch your head spin like a mesocyclone, bouncing off the walls no there's nowhere to run..."]

Sunshine was aware of this fact, but she wouldn't let one minor factor affect her dance. The dark haired girl eased into the music, Adagio, figuring out the beat so the rest could come naturally.

["Like a bullet meant to be shot-you're the target dead on the spot!"]

She timed her turns and spins with the song. Her long legs took beautiful and delicate strides and her arms worked in perfect formation to compliment her footwork. Sunshine's breathing was suddenly steady as she began to melt into her element.

["When I focus, I never miss-it starts with a kiss!"]

The girl moved with such grace and perfection that it was hard to believe she was only human. Delta cringed internally every time her sister balanced on one toe, because it appeared painful. But Sunshine had been dancing for years and the move barely affected her.

["She ricochets! And you don't notice!"]

Sunshine picked up the speed and transitioned into Allegro. The other dancers observed intently; some expressing awe while others hid jealously behind empty faces. The girl was talented, and this type of dancing art had not been seen at the brothel in some time.

["She's in your head! You just don't notice!"]

Delta speculated the emotions on her sister's audience displayed and to her right, even Madam Gorski seemed captivated by Sunshine's swan-like grace. 'Keep your eyes on me.' Her sibling's words caused Delta to pay attention to the task at hand. Green eyes fixed on the young woman garbed in gray. The ballerina spun in a tight 360 on one toe, a Fouetté en tournant. She kept spinning. The circles grew faster and tighter.

["Notice! Notice! Notice! Notice! Notice! Notice!"]

Delta swore there was something wrong with the stereo for it sounded like a broken record, repeating the same musical line over and over again. The brunet's ears buzzed from the static coming from the speakers. Delta shut her eyes as the noise washed over everything.

A copper colored, dirt road lay before her. The sky was a silver-blue, and the air humid. Off in the horizon, Delta identified an enormous red sphere which had to have been Mars. Her sister stood a few yards away and she was no longer in her ballet outfit. Now, the girl wore a black corset with a purple and black skirt which puffed up at the ends almost like a tutu. Fish-net style leggings clung to her lower limbs and combat boots replaced the humble looking ballet flats. Sunshine smiled at her sister approvingly. "Well, don't we look sexy now?" Delta looked down at herself.

The brunet had acquired a long sleeve army style jacket that was a dark blue and zipped up diagonally. The coat cut off halfway down her ribcage, leaving most of her stomach exposed. Instead of pants, the girl now wore shorts and a utility belt; dark stockings were pulled up past her knee caps. "Is this how you picture me?" Delta questioned, only half joking.

"This isn't just my world, you know," Sunshine pointed out. "It's yours too." After all, the girls were twins, and there was a certain unexplainable connection between them. The dark haired girl motioned towards the forest which began further down the winding road. "And we're going to need both of our minds if we're ever going to get out of here."

The twins followed the path down into the entrance of the wood. The trees were pine and tall. There was a great silence as they approached. Being a practitioner in in the ways of druidism, Delta was very fond of nature, but this particular forest made her hesitant. Sunshine continued onward, not stopping to wait for her. "C'mon Gaia, let's go." She teased her sister, calling her by the Greek name for mother earth. Delta exhaled and joined her sister in the darkened scene.

For a while, the only sound heard was the snapping and crunching of twigs and leaves on the forest floor. Delta glanced left at her sister and Sunshine's head turned to meet hers; the blue and meshed together on the side of her nose. "Seriously, what happened?" Delta asked, insides dying to know. It seemed as though Sunshine had been trying to avoid the question, but it was inevitable. The dark haired girl rolled her eyes.

"Well if you must know, the other day I was being, well, and ass. Blondie set me straight." Delta stopped in her tracks. Blondie did that? The brunet found it interesting that Blondie had managed to get a hit on Sunshine, but then wondered why exactly had the brown haired beauty had to go to a length like that.

"Geez. What did you do?" She demanded. Sunshine had a feeling her sister would react that way. Especially because it had to do with Blondie. Sunshine was almost positive she'd figured out the mystery between the girl and her sister.

"Like I said, I was being an ass. I really didn't mean to offend her, but I clearly did. So, she put me in my place." Delta wondered what it was her sister had said to Blondie and considered asking. Deciding to drop the mater, she let her eyes fall to a doe, meters away. The brown and white spotted creature was not alarmed nor startled by their presence.

"And all this time we've been calling you the "smart" twin." Delta breathed. It was meant to be a joke, but her voiced lacked humor in it. Sunshine sighed and shook her head. The dark haired girl knew it was a shaky idea bringing Blondie into the conversation. She could see the nervousness and frustration in her sister's flustered demeanor.

"If I'm the one with the brain you should at least have common sense, but beggars can't be choosers." Delta glanced at her sister peculiarly, wondering what she meant with her remark. A black bird swooped down from the treetops and landed on Sunshine's left shoulder. The Raven peered at the girl with beady, black eyes and ruffled it's sleek feathers. Sunshine slowed down her pace and caressed the elegant bird's break. "Why hello there gorgeous."

Delta was shocked for a few seconds but soon the bird no longer concerned her. "What's that supposed to mean?" Sunshine turned to her sibling, Raven now perched on her forearm. She studied the brunet's curious expression.

"One: You were dumb enough to get your ass thrown in here-" Again? Delta grew irritated that her sister kept bringing up that factoid.

"Would you just stop-"

"Two," Sunshine emphasized, not letting her sister get a word in edgewise. "You've been an enabler and dependent all your life and three-you don't even have the balls to work up the courage to talk to the girl you love." At that moment, Delta grew silent. Not even the cawing of the Raven made her gaze over at her sister again. The brunet's face grew hot and she wished they were on a different subject.

"Well, I hope I don't have balls..." Delta laughed nervously, causing her sister to grin as well. Sunshine had a feeling her witty retort would help lighten the situation.

"But I'm serious," The dark haired girl continued. "If you let it eat away at you, you'll destroy yourself. You should tell her how you feel." Delta looked down again at her feet as they followed the path deeper and deeper. The brunet wondered if her sister was right. But she was still afraid of coming out; rejection was her worst fear. She couldn't come out then, at least not at that particular time.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She coolly played it off. Sunshine let out a puff of dry air.

"Bullshit." Sunshine called her sister out, smiling wickedly. Delta knew that she would have figured it out one way or another, so she didn't defend herself this time. "I knew one of us was gonna be gay and it sure as hell wouldn't be me." The dark haired girl continued to tease. Delta's cheeks grew pinker by the minute, but she tried to keep relaxed.

"You sure bout that one, sis?" She played along. " You don't know what your missin' out on." Sunshine scoffed.

"Right. Sure. I keep my options open but that seems a bit too adventurous, even for me. Let's just focus on getting out of here before we explore the possibilities of my sexuality, okay?"

When the forest finally ended, a temple stood several yards down the dirt path in which they tread. The scene was silent an desolate; it appeared as if no one dwelt there. The road had taken them this far, it wasn't a dead end. The twins continued down the copper road leading into the courtyard of the temple. More silence and emptiness greeted them. "Do we go in?" Delta asked.

"That's the only place to go." Sunshine pointed out, heading towards the steps leading into the main part of the temple. The sisters approached the enormous wooden doors and pushed them open. The inside was large but only a small part in the center was occupied. There at least a few hundred candles surrounding a meditating figure in a black robe. Delta recognized the man from her dream world the other day.

"Ah. You have come to seek the answers you need, Delta. Now is the time." The old man greeted her. Sunshine glanced back and forth at them. Her sister was acquainted with him? Had they met before somehow? The wise man rose to his feet and beckoned for the girls to enter. They approached him, Sunshine more cautiously than Delta. "Freedom," The old man started again. "is what you desire." Both girls nodded in unison. "The road to this goal is treacherous and trying." He warned them. "You might even lose yourselves on the way." Delta glanced nervously at Sunshine who didn't return the look. "If you are ready to fight for your escape, your quest begins now."

Sunshine answered for her and her sister only a few moments after. "We are." The wise man dipped his head and focused his attention on the shyer twin.

"Delta," He signaled for her to follow him. The old man led her over to the wall and that was when she noticed all of the different weapons upon it. The wise man opened a glass case and reached inside. He then handed Delta and Uzi. The girl was very hesitant upon accepting the firearm. What was worse, it was a machine gun. Recently, Delta had become something of a pacifist. She stared at the weapon uncomfortably.

"I don't like guns." She honestly told him. The old man sighed and smiled dryly. He took back the gun from her.

"I figured as much." He reached into the case again and pulled down a Zanbato* sword. The blade was wide and the Wiccan pentacle was imprinted on the handle. Delta was much more receptive to this new weapon. She took the sword in hand.

"Thank you." The wise man replied by reaching into the case yet again. This time he held out to her a golf club; a driver to be exact. The brunet laughed suddenly, remembering her days on the golf team in early high school. How could this be used as a weapon? The old man chuckled once more.

"This isn't just any golf club." He handed it over to Delta. "It's made entirely out of solid titanium." Delta felt her arm drop at the weight of the club. This could do some serious damage if swung at all. Delta stared at it, bewildered. The concept was exhilarating. She placed the sword and the club in sheaths on her back. "And one more thing for you." The wise man reached into the folds of his robe and took out an XD 9 hand gun. "Your journey will be dangerous." He held out the weapon. "Take this as well, just in case." Delta swallowed what felt like a lump in her throat and grasped the handle of the gun. She could feel the force and devastation in her hands as she held it. The old man could be right; she might have to rely on the firearm at one point. The brunet slipped the gun into the holster on her hip, hoping to never have a use for it. Delta looked up at the wall. The glass case next to hers contained pilot goggles, an MP5K, and strangely, a tomahawk.

"Sunshine," The wise man called the other twin over to the other side of the temple. The girl in the corset approached the glass case that was meant for her. The old man opened the case and eased a large battle ax off of its hook. The length of the handle was over five feet and it was made of steel. The blades of the ax were strong and sharp. Sunshine silently marveled at the medieval weapon; the nature of it seemed to match her dark personality. When she turned to face the wise man again, he held out a pistol. Sunshine took it from him and studied it. The metal was nickel and part of the handle was wood; a Colt 1911. Engraved in the metal were intricate graphics and designs of a bunny head and daisies. Little charms hung down from the handle. The gun was well crafted and made. It was reliable and had a good reputation; one hit could put a target down like that. But Sunshine observed the firearm bitterly, clearly not satisfied. She eyed the weapons in the next case, greedily. A katana* hung from a hook. This weapon had engravings on it as well. Underneath it was a gun so quick and powerful...and highly lethal as well.

"And these are?" She slyly asked. The wise man sensed what her curiosity would lead to and already had a good idea of what was formulating in Sunshine's mind. He gave her a cautious stare.

"These are for another. He responded. So these belonged to others who would also be trying to escape. They weren't just hanging up for display like she had originally thought. Selfishness soon clouded Sunshine's mind as her eyes never left the Walther P99 in the other glass case. The wise man left her to gaze upon the wall while he went to consult with her sister.

Within moments, the case was open and an intruder's arm slipped in to grasp the handles of the magnificent weapon. The old man stopped his speech with Delta abruptly and turned around. "It is not yours to take." He warned, tone more serious than either girls had ever heard. Sunshine's face was as hard as stone. Delta looked on anxiously in the background. The wise man's expression was no longer warm and inviting. Her sister tread a fine line. Seconds later, the Colt 1911 clattered to the ground, charms rattling. Delta's breath hitched. What was her sister doing? The defiance was careless and dangerous. The aged man started for Sunshine. The dark haired girl gripped the Walther P99 tightly in her hand. She stared up at the man who drew closer.

"This is my world." Sunshine justified. "I take what I need." The wise man's face id not soften.

"It is their world as well." He pointed to the cases that hung from the walls. "It is not meant for you." Sunshine glanced at the cases quickly, almost seeming to show a smidgen of guilt. But, she did not hand over the weapon. In fact, she curled her fingers tighter around it. The old man took note of this and relayed the final warning. "Because you are not the true owner of this gun, there will be a time when it will fail on you. It will be when you need it most but you will never know when...or how." Sunshine's chest rose and fell as she stared into the man's dark blue eyes without blinking. Her choice had been made and she couldn't take it back. No, she wouldn't take it back.

"I don't plan to fail." Was all Sunshine had to say about the matter. Delta bit her lip as she watched the events play out. She feared for the unknown bedlam her sister was stirring up. She could feel in her veins that this wouldn't end here. Was there still hope for them to escape now because of her sister's actions?

Sunshine brushed past the wise man and regrouped with Delta. The shyer twin shook her head slightly but if her sister noticed, she was simply ignoring it. Sunshine beckoned Delta to go with her towards the temple doors, but the brunet remained where she was. The wise man went up to Delta. " In case of an emergency, you'll find the vaccination in the bunker. Stay sharp and be alert." Delta wasn't exactly sure what he was referring to but she nodded and accepted his advice. She secretly wondered what could possibly lie in wait for her and her sister. Delta tread over to where her sibling stood, ready to depart. In her gut, Delta felt a slight queasiness and couldn't understand why.

"Come on." Sunshine said, about to push the wooden doors open.

"Girls, one last thing:" The man's voice stopped the twins in their tracks. Both turned to face him one last time. "Stick together." He emphasized the words. Delta nodded obediently at him, thankful for his wisdom and guidance. She couldn't understand what had triggered her sister's poor attitude. Sunshine lowered the battle ax to the floor. It scraped across the stone loudly as it dragged behind her out of the temple.

When the twins exited the shrine, the environment transformed. The copper dirt road was no more, now replaced with ruins, rubble and dust. The sky was yellow and dark gray; Mars was no longer visible. Though there had been mass destruction in the area, the city still stood in a sense. Most of the buildings had been damaged in some way. Broken glass and metal littered the ground along with brick and cement. The sisters still stood on steps but now they didn't belong to the temple. Sunshine glanced behind her at the new structure. Dirty, white pillars stood in front of the doors. Above the overhang was a sculpture of a balance and a sword. The scene was desolate and eerie. The siblings cautiously descended the cracked, stone steps. Sunshine's ax dragged behind her as they walked on. A few moments later, Delta signaled for them to halt.

"Hang on a sec. I just heard something." Both girls remained quiet and listened. It was faint, but off in the distance, shuffling footsteps could be heard. Soon, the shifting of the refuse on the street was audible. The twins turned at an angle to peer down a street. There was a figure stumbling towards them slowly. It's clothing was tattered and it's appearance was deformed. Whatever it was did not look human.

Sunshine grabbed her p99 and raised her arm. "No. Just wait." Delta suggested, reaching for the sword strapped on her back. Her sister jumped to action, regardless of the warning. She pulled the trigger and the shot rang out. The bullet hit the creature in the eye, causing it to teeter. Another shot fired, going straight through it's forehead. The undead figure dropped to the ground and stayed down. The dark haired girl lowered her arm.

"Looks like we're up against zombies."

"I don't think you should have done that." Delta breathed, uncertainty lining her voice. Sunshine turned to glance quizzically at her sister. "Loud noises attract them." The brunet explained, remembering the stories she'd read about monsters such as zombies. The twins silently communicated with a head nod and stepped a handful of meters away from each other. Delta kept vigilant between a street corner and a demolished building while Sunshine patrolled the spot on the side of the courthouse.

After long, uncomfortable moments of silence, Delta spoke up. "You hear that?" Sunshine turned to look over at her sister from across the gap. A very faint rumble in the distance suddenly grew into a louder din. Sunshine took note of Delta's wide eyes and whirled around, ax in hand. The blade cut through two zombies and more were rushing in that way. Sunshine back stepped, drawing the ax back as well.

Delta had sliced off limbs and gutted the ones of which came through the area she patrolled. "Argh!" She slashed through another and another undead body. It was unbelievable. Both girls were sure that zombies did not move so quickly and swiftly. These creatures had to have been hybrids of some sort. The zombie hordes had pushed the girls back so that they were fighting almost back to back in the street. Sunshine knocked down the zombies left and right with the blade of the ax as well as the steel handle.

"Don't make contact with the blood!" Sunshine ordered, noticing the dark crimson dripping from the ax blade. Her sister didn't need to be told twice. Delta sliced a zombie in half and hopped out of the way as the blood leaked out onto the ground. Sunshine shot four more in a matter of seconds. The bodies began to add up and pile. Soon, the girls had very little room to maneuver. Delta smashed into the skull of an undead with her driver. A shatter sounded as the head distorted even more. The girl suddenly turned her head away, gagging. Her sister stopped to see what the matter was. When Delta raised her head, flecks of dark red decorated her face. The brunet choked on her saliva, trying to spit as well.

Sunshine's eyes widened. No! Just then, the dark haired girl felt jaws clamp down on her forearm. She reacted quickly, pulling the trigger; the bullet plowed right between the creature's eyes. She had been bitten. Sunshine glanced at the puncture marks on her arm. She then looked over at her twin who had accidentally ingested the blood of a zombie. They were surely infected now. How long until they fell?

Sunshine jerked her head at the courthouse. "Get inside!" She hollered, sprinting towards the steps only a little ways away. Delta followed her sister, hacking at the zombies in their way. Sunshine kicked the door open and the girls bolted inside, slamming the doors behind them. The dark haired girl triple-padlocked the entrance. They were safe for now. Though the zombies could not reach them, they still feared for their lives.

"Oh gods! It's over." The brunet whimpered and slumped against the wall. Sunshine caught her breath and glanced around the inside of the building.

"No. It's not." Sunshine corrected her sister. "He said something about a vaccine." She referred to the wise man. Delta calmed herself and thought back to when they were in the temple.

"In a bunker." The brunet remembered. "I don't know where we're gonna find it though." Her face was doubtful and held a somber tone.

"A bomb shelter-like ones they made for the Cold War." Sunshine told her. Stepping into the actual courtroom. Delta followed her sister.

"How are we even going to get to one? Everything is destroyed!" Lying on a tarp before the judge's podium, were incredibly strong power tools and firearms; drills, assault riffles, a flame thrower and more. Sunshine glanced over the equipment before addressing her sister.

"If it's a bunker we're looking for, we're gonna have to go underground. The only route subsurface that isn't blocked is down Lower Wacker." Sunshine stopped once she caught sight of the orange chainsaw. A devious grin inhabited the girl's face. She picked up the machinery, admiring its size and features. Delta gazed down at the weapons and selected the flame thrower. "Alright. Wacker is only a few blocks from here." Her sister informed her as they headed for the back exit of the courtroom.

"Wait, how do you even know that?" Delta questioned. The two had lived in Vermont their entire lives. This was a city they'd never been to. It made little sense how Sunshine seemed to know her way around.

"I just feel it." The other girl replied. "You ready?" Delta nodded.

The twins burst through the double doors of the back exit. The roads behind the courthouse were not heavily infested with zombies; only a few were present in the girl's view. The creature were slain easily and the siblings pressed on. Rounding a corner to another street on the right, the twins stumbled upon the hoards. Both girls stopped abruptly but then gave the other a quick nod. Sunshine, again, started the attack and sawed her way through the zombies on the left while Delta torched the one son the right. The brawl with the undead only lasted a couple of minutes then the first was vanquished. The second wave was beginning to show up, but the girls could spot them from a good distance away. Sunshine climbed onto an overturned car and fired at the oncoming Zombies with the P99. In mere seconds, she changed cartridges and continued with her shooting. All dropped dead.

Sunshine hopped down from the car and Delta slid down from the pile of rubble she had climbed up. It was then that the twins felt the ground shake. Then the third wave came-in speed and numbers larger than before. The girls bolted down the streets toward their destination, not wanting to stick around for another fight. The creatures came from every which direction and began to close in on the sisters. Both could see the entrance of Lower Wacker several yards away. The zombies hindered their path. They were surrounded.

Sunshine revved the chainsaw a few times before hacking off limbs of the undead creatures. She swung the power tool and right, cutting down the zombies were they stood. The dark haired girl didn't care about the blood spray anymore; she had already been bitten, there was no longer a point to being cautious. Sunshine paused her massacre and turned to her sister who was still torching the zombies.

"They're everywhere!" She screamed, barely being able to see two feet in front of her. The more Sunshine plowed through the zombies, she realized their efforts would soon falter. She and her sister weren't getting anywhere and the hoard was increasing in numbers. Delta's heart raced.

"Get down!" She ordered Sunshine. Her sister did as she was told. Flames roared out of the firearm; the heat was strong. Delta wielded the flame thrower around in a circle, setting fire to the zombies and burning them to a crisp. The creatures fell to the power of the flames, and soon, the girls could see a clear escape route. "Go!" Delta jerked her head towards Lower Wacker. Sunshine sprang up from her crouched position on the ground and dashed towards the underground passage. Delta torched the zombies closest to them and then stopped the attack to join her sister.

Now in the dim lit underground street, the girls ran full speed ahead, not looking behind them. They could hear the grunts and growls of the creatures echoing off the walls. Delta's heart was in her mouth and her clothes clung to her body from the grime and sweat. Sunshine's heart raced as well and she was paler than usual. There were zombies down there too, but not as many as before. Sunshine's P99 took care of two oncoming ones and Delta lit the flame thrower to scorch the others a good distance away. Soon the girls happened upon a metal latch in the middle of the street. Sunshine yanked it open with her free hand. Fluorescent lights lit up the darkened tunnel and there was a ladder going down.

"Get in." Sunshine told her sister. Delta glanced over her shoulder suddenly. There must have been at least one-hundred zombies headed for them. In any other situation, the girl would've been paralyzed with fear, but then she couldn't be.

"Shit!" She swore and hopped into the tunnel, quickly descending. Sunshine was right behind her and slammed the opening shut after them. It automatically locked, to her surprise but it was in their favor so, Sunshine didn't question it. Above them, she could hear the footsteps and the scrapping of the zombies on the street and latch. Sunshine breathed a sigh of relief. They were safe again-that was all that mattered.

Down below, the bunker was a room about 10 ft by 12 ft, just enough for a family or group to hideout in. There were some shelves on one wall which held various supplies. In an opposite corner was a small cot. The girls panted, desperately trying to catch their breath. "Okay, we're here." Sunshine stated, relief apparent on her face. The triumphant grin soon fell once she saw her sister's face turn white. Foam began to spill out of her mouth and he eyes started to glaze over. Sunshine gasped as her sister toppled to the floor. The brunet shook and twisted in seizure-like movements. Delta's body had started to undergo transformation.

Sunshine glanced around the room wildly, searching for anything that could help her sister. The dark haired girl caught sight of a black brief case laying on the cot. She opened it quickly and found two vaccination tubes and needles. Sunshine readied the antidote and hurried over to her sister. She found the right vein on her sister's arm and injected the vaccine. Once the cure went into Delta's bloodstream, Sunshine waited hopefully. It took about a minute, but the color of Delta's face returned to normal. The foaming ceased and the girl's breathing became controlled again. Sunshine sighed in relief and hugged her sister tightly.

"What would you do without me?" She teased. Delta returned the embrace, resting her head on her sister's shoulder. The brunet looked tired and defeated, but she was okay now.

"Your eyes..." The girl suddenly gasped, gazing into Sunshine's face. Her twin's green irises were now red and bloodshot. They were shifty and seemed to constantly shake. Dark, purple veins popped out on the girl's pale neck. Delta scrambled over to the brief case that was open on the cot. She assembled the vaccination as fast as she could with trembling fingers and returned to her sister. Sunshine was in a daze when Delta came back to her. The needle was embedded into soft flesh soon after, and the liquid went into her veins. Sunshine blinked several times and her eyes returned to green. The dark veins on her neck soon vanished.

"What would you do without me?" The brunet used the same question her sister had asked minutes ago. Sunshine sighed heavily.

"I'd be able to sleep soundly." She joked, resulting in a small grin from her sister. Her eyes suddenly fell to the latch on the other side of the room. Delta followed her gaze.

"Where do you suppose it goes?" The brunet questioned, staring at the opening. Sunshine gathered her weapons and chainsaw.

"There's only one way to find out." She stood and made her way over to the latch. She pulled the handle open and the darkness stared back at both girls. Sunshine jumped into the passage and started to crawl through. Delta glanced back to the room and then followed suit and closed the opening behind her.