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Summary (I know it's different on the summary on the site but it limits us drastically): After Draco left Harry for Astoria, he felt as if his world was about to fall apart. Kicking the brunette out of the house on his birthday was not the only problem, Harry was pregnant. Years later Harry and his daughter meet Draco and his family in the market reopening painful wounds.

Harry felt his heart sink as Draco handed him the letter written in fine Italic ink. Harry knew the blond had something bad to tell him, but he never knew he was breaking up with him, he never knew he was kicking him out of the house,and he never knew he was engaged to marry Astoria Greengrass. Worst of all, he never knew, he was pregnant.

Draco had merely packed his things and beckoned him out of the house. Luckily, Harry knew how to Apperate but where would he go? The house of the Black's wasn't in the best condition and ever since he'd sent the Kreature away, weird things were bound to be around. It hadn't even dawned him that there was something growing inside him. He'd tried to fight to stay with Draco, but he couldn't. He didn't meet Draco's standards. He claimed Harry couldn't give him what he wanted, and that was a family.

As he walked outside...alone and in the cold with nothing but his clothes to keep him warm, he vividly remembers their last conversation.

It was late, and it was July 31st. Draco hadn't gotten home yet, maybe...he was out buying Harry a present, not that he wanted anything. He, had something he wanted to tell Draco, so it was kind of a present for him. It was a light shower, so they'd probably still be able to go and eat something. Harry liked going out to eat, it made him happy and he'd have the courage to tell him.

As he sits at the table with thoughts going through his mind, the door flies open. Draco comes through with his usual black umbrella and over coat. Harry feels his heart warm up as his love finally shuts the door.

"Hello," He says, standing up walking toward Draco. "Do you remember...what day it is?" Draco does't say a word, instead he walks away and puts his coat up. Harry keeps quiet staring at his hands as he hears Draco's heavy footsteps.

Seconds later, Harry presses his hand to his stomach as he hears Draco coming back toward him.

"Harry, we need to talk..." He breathes slowly. "I can't do this anymore, I don't want to do this anymore. I am a Malfoy...the heir to a very wealthy pureblood family. You can't continue the lineage Harry. I need to have a family...and you can't give me that."

Harry sits down on a nearby chair staring dumbstruck as Draco continues to speak.

"...W...what...are you talking about. It's my birthday, and that's the thing...about the lineage I have to tell you_" Harry is only interrupted by Draco's quick voice.

"Harry, you don't understand...there is someone else. Asotria Greengrass, you may not have ever seen her, except in passing time. She graduated two years after us...she's going to be my wife."

There fell a confused silence as Harry stared blankly back at the blond.

" I've been seeing her for a while, that's where I was earlier. Your things...are already packed. Please be out of here within an hour...Astoria is coming over. I'm sorry, but maybe this is best for both of us."


No listen...don't you know what day it is! You can't do this, why are you doing this now? I thought we...I thought you..."

"You thought I loved you? Really, we were just fact, I don't understand why you can't see how foolish this...our relationship. I just think of this as a test, and I guess you've failed it. We never had anything Harry, please understand that. Now, please dismiss quietly...don't make this hard on yourself."

"This isn't hard for you?" Harry asks, attempting to choke back tears. "I love you! Please just listen_"

"Silence! I asked that you be gone in an hour...go Harry, there is nothing left here for you." Harry didn't say anything, he didn't even take his things...all he did was rose from his seat and left without saying a word to Draco.

He went outside without even looking back hanging his head low as the light rain caressed his skin. He didn't want to do anything, he was so hurt...he felt like death was the only answer. Something told him in his head not to be stupid or commit suicide, which is what he was about to do.

Harry wanted to tell Draco that he was pregnant...and that he'd finally be able to continue the lineage, and now he wanted to kill himself.

Something inside of him told him that good would come out of the situation and he only needed to wait. At first, he felt like ignoring that little voice in his head but it soon won over and made him really look at things.

Yes, Draco was getting married and would never be his again, but he had something that would make him happy and he'd raise him, or her without Draco's help.

As Harry was told, the two were eventually married. The Daily Prophet had regularly mentioned their marriage for a while, so much that Harry had temporarily cancelled the subscription.

Telling Ron and Hermione about it was the hardest thing. He knew what Ron would think of him, and he knew that Hermione would look down on him but he had to tell them.

Upon telling is two best friends, he received quite the opposite. They'd cared for him and they wanted to help him. He declined and said he didn't want to be a burden but inside he was more than grateful for his friends.

He didn't want to inherit Sirius's house, he didn't think it would suit him. The Portrait's were there, the family tree was there which would somehow, no doubt be re-painted with a new picture of Astoria's face and her child.

Harry had bought what seemed to be an old abandoned Church. Ron hated it and said it looked scary, Harry on the other hand said it was away from everything. He was quite alone, it wasn't a very large church nor was it very small. It was two story with an attack or...bell fry.

It was a dusty sort of place but with the help of his two friends, it looked better in no time. Of course, he had to tell Ginny, and he knew even being with Draco to begin with in the first place hurt her. She'd moved on, and even though she was ignoring him at first, the two became very close friends. She wanted to be as close to Harry as possible, even if they weren't in a relationship.

Harry saw no problem with her always being around and even spending nights at his house.

She was there for him during everything. When ever there was something about the newly wed Malfoy's in the paper and he'd become depressed, she was there to comfort him. When he was feeling pain she'd be there to try to extinguish it.

Last but not least, when he was having his baby she stayed with him through the whole thing. Ginny had decided to name the baby Gregoria, Greggy for short. She had curly blond hair and large gray eyes. She looked a lot like her other father, something that pained Harry.

Ginny quickly decided to get Harry optimistic about the situation somehow and declared herself Godmother. Even though the two had troubles, they both raised her as if they were married. Ginny had let him know everything was going to be okay and that made him feel as if those were the second best seven years of his life.

Ten Years Later

It was a Sunday which really meant not doing anything. Harry found it rewarding that Ginny had taken his daughter to go to church with her son.

Finding the time for his own personal peace became rarer and rarer as Greggy grew older. She was always running around the house with one of her cousins.

Harry didn't mind it but he liked to be alone at times. Also, the name 'Malfoy' became a fading memory as Greggy's last name was Potter.

As the brunette walks around the house opening spare windows, he hears a light knock on the door. Quickly he scurries over to the door and opens it without asking.

Years ago, it would've been a bother to see this woman standing at the door, but Harry had learned to befriend her, even if they were to totally different people.

"Mrs. Zabini." He says in a mocking tone, holding the door open for her. She laughs, takes off her coat and places it on the near by rack allowing herself in.

"Come on darling, Pans is alright for me. Now...where is Greggy, I know she'll be excited, I brought some sweets for her to eat." Pansy says, pulling a bag from her purse.

"Actually, she's at Church with Dudley and Ginny and their son." Harry replies. "But you're welcome to sit here and wait, I'm all by myself here."

In a matter of twenty minutes, Pansy finds herself in the kitchen already preparing some type of dinner for Harry. Meanwhile he say in his living room watching the latest muggle news also trying to find something that Greggy would want to watch when she got home.

"Hey, I'm gonna use this stuff in the pantry...some type of muggle seasoning, if that's fine with you!" Pansy yells from the kitchen.

"Oh...Okay, make sure to go easy on the salt and pepper." Harry replies, knowing Pansy probably didn't know what that meant. About an hour passed and Harry had to go into the kitchen to extinguish something but the meal looked somewhat...okay.

Pansy had to leave to take care of her children and left the sweets with Harry.

About an hour later, he hears another knock on the door and forces himself up to open it. As expected, Greggy comes running inside giving him a rather tight hug.

"We stopped to eat earlier... is that okay?" Ginny asks walking inside giving Harry a quick hug.

"Yes...Pansy actually just stopped by and she had brought her some food to eat...candy..." Harry says.

"What kind?" Greggy asks, walking into the house making sure to take off her shoes.

"Is it from Hogsmede?"

"Well...go see, maybe it is...don't eat all of it, you still have to leave room for dinner." Harry happily says as she scurries into the kitchen.

"She's a real joy..." Harry says quietly...Ginny nods. She knew that his daughter reminded him of Draco, but never pressed on the situation.

"Here, I have your Newspaper, you should really start reading it every once in a while." Ginny says, walking inside and sitting down on the couch.

As usual, there is nothing important, or nothing that really strikes a nerve. He tosses it on the ground near the fire place.

"She's almost know what that means?" Ginny asks, giving him a gently smile.

"Yes, she's so excited about it...I've told her everything about the school. She wants to go to Diagon Alley later today just to see all the stuff she can buy, she wants to be sorted into Gryffindor or Raven Claw." Harry replies.

"Anything but Slytherin...I guess." Ginny says rising. "Dudley says hello, I need to get going good bye Harry, take care." With that, Ginny apperates away.

"Daddy!" A voice from the kitchen yells. He hears footsteps making there way into the living room as a paper bag is scrunched.

"I'm done, I saved some for you...are we going to go to Diagon Alley today like your promised?" She asks, trying to pull him off of his seat.

"Yes, but don't you want to wait? You just got back!" Harry replies.

"It's okay if we go now...what if there are discounts, then everyone is going to want to buy all the stuff that was expensive...then we'll be left with the bad stuff!" She says in her usually high voice finally pulling him from his seat.

She wasn't very tall, in fact she was rather small for her age but Harry didn't ponder on it. Her hair grew down her back flying behind her as she ran or walked from place to place.

Harry wasn't going to apperate with her, in fact he was going to use the floo network instead, something she'd been very curious about. As soon as he was ready he led her to the fire place where she took some powder from what looked like a large basin.

"Okay, you've seen me do this tons of times so don't be startled. It does tickle a bit but it doesn't burn. You first, go into the furnace, oh, don't trip on the logs! Then you want to yell, your location and throw the powder down. Ready?" Harry asks with a smile on his face.

"Ready!" Greggy says. "Diagon Alley!" And with that, the flames engulf her, sending her to the same alley he went to when he was a boy.

He'd expected her reaction.

As soon as she makes her way out of the furnace she quickly runs into the alley gazing into shop windows. Harry comes after her giving her a soft rub on the head as he leads her into the store where he bought his robes and other supplies.

She takes his hand and begins to pull him into a shop she finds interesting. It's filled with cauldrons, broom sticks and all sorts of things.

"You know," He says, bending down to talk to her. "First years aren't allowed broom sticks...sorry..." She frowns a bit but runs off somewhere else in the store allowing her father to follow her.

He smiles as he sees Greggy run to some of her friends, at this moment he hears the familiar hoots of owls. Sighing, he walks over toward their cares and glares at them. It seems as if one of them attempts to bite him through the cage bars, this causes him to chuckle.

He looks around and grins as he sees children begging their parent's to buy them all sorts of things and then another family enters. One child, he's a boy maybe as old as Greggy, a woman with long dark hair wearing a dress and a man with blond hair, wearing a suit.

The whole lot reminds Harry of the Adam's family, this thought makes him laugh loudly causing the front desk lady to look at him, he recognizes her almost instantly.

"I was just...thinking..." He says nervously.

"Harry! Good to see you again, I'm guessing you've come here to purchase something for Greggy's discount! Ah, don't worry about that lot over there. A bit of the old pure blood mania if you ask me!" She says smiling.

"Yes, do you mind telling me who those three are?" Harry asks still eyeing the family.

"Wouldn't do much help if you know them. The Malfoy's and Mrs. Malfoy is always ordering my workers around, it gets me bloody irritated." She angrily says.

At this moment, Harry finds his heart beating faster than it's suppose to as he hears the name 'Malfoy'.

It was as if a ghost from his past was coming back to haunt him, a murder had come to complete a job that had never been finished.

That was Draco's son, and she was his wife. Harry was strong, he was an Auror so he couldn't show the slightest amount of hurt, but it had hit him so hard. Quickly, he glances at his daughter as she laughs with many of her friends not noticing him or the family that had just entered.

Without saying a word he speed walks to her and grabbing her shoulder telling her friends good-bye for her as she has a very confused expression on her face. "Daddy..." She tries to say as he quickly walks through the crowd of people without saying a single word. Many stop what they're doing only to stare at him as he pushes by and it's only a matter of time before somebody stops and says his name. Thank God his hair had grown longer in the front to cover his scar, but he still had the awful glasses.

"Daddy..." Greggy says one more time trying to get his attention. She tugs on his shirt helplessly trying to get his attention, all through the while he only ignores her.

"Not now love...we're going somewhere else!" He wasn't paying attention to anything and he was walking so fast that he'd bumped into someone very hard. Both he and this person had fallen back and he could tell that he'd bumped into a woman.

"Sorry...I..." To his horror, when he looks up he sees no other than Mrs. Malfoy and her son standing right behind her trying to help her up.

"Astoria," Someone yells sounding shocked. This couldn't be happening. Harry's life was going to perfect for something like his old lover to come and ruin it. True, Greggy was Draco's, but it was as clear as day that Draco was married, happy, and he was a father.

"Sorry," Harry says helping her up without looking at her but focusing on Scorpius. He is an exact image of Draco. The same light blond hair that was almost blinding, the same gray eyes that Harry foolishly fell for, the same beautiful pale skin that would forever retain a youthful appearance.

At that moment, Draco finally emerges further helping his wife up to her feet. He tries his best to hide his emotion as he stares at Harry but then he sees her.

Greggy stares curiously at him with the same identical gray eyes. Her hair was the exact same shade of blond as his. They had the same pale skin, the same nose, the same face...Draco didn't have to be a genius to figure out who she was. It hit him, that night many years ago, the night where Harry had to talk to him, the night he'd kicked him out, Harry's birthday. He was more than excited to tell him something, but Draco never got the chance, and now he knew the mistake he'd made.

"Watch where you're going next time you...Harry Potter." Astoria says quite astonished rising to her feet fully. Without saying a word, she pushes Greggy out of the way to shake his hand. It's an automatic reflex as he takes her hand into his own and shakes it for about a second.

Draco still has a watchful eye on Greggy as she looks angrily toward Astoria. Harry doesn't even give her a chance to talk before cutting her off.

"Hello, I'm so sorry! I just was trying to get somewhere...I'm going to be late, nice meeting you." At this moment, he grabs Greggy's arm and rushes out of the store pushing past Draco. Greggy looks back as Draco stares at her with a pained expression.

"Is he still staring?" Harry asks his daughter who is with no doubt mad at him. "I'm sorry's just that, I knew that man when I went to school, we weren't friends." He says in a hopeless attempt.

"Oh, that's alright! I'm not mad, I just wanted to know why we had to leave so early! Elizabeth was there, she's going to Hogwarts also." Greggy replies. "I hope we're both placed in the same house. And yes, he's still talking to looks like he's coming over here."

Harry's little happiness he had quickly vanished. Clenching his daughter's hand tighter he quickly apperates back home. A small pop is issued as they evaporate into thin air. As soon as the two get home, Harry pulls Greggy into a very tight war, things were going to get bad.

Draco stares at the place the two had been before. Harry was pregnant, and he had cheated on him. He had left him on his birthday of all days. He knew that he didn't love Astoria at all but it was the duty of a pure blood to marry someone who was a pure blood to keep the line going. Seeing Harry was hard, seeing his daughter and not knowing a thing about her on the other hand...was unbearable. He couldn't tell Astoria nor Scorpius, but what could he do? He saw the distressed look on his old loves face and how he remembered how quickly he'd left the store. What was Harry feeling, jealousy, anguish?

Astoria had come to join him outside clinging on to his arm and resting her head on his shoulder, he felt sickened by her presence.

"What are you doing out here dear, come now, let us get robes." She says in a voice with so much demand hidden behind its sweetness.

"Yes..I'll be there shortly, go on ahead." He replies, smiling as she does. Draco begins to walk ahead looking for some type of gift shop and then he saw it, the flora shop. Quickly, without even thinking he rushes inside buying a bouquet of twenty four roses. He requested they'd be put in a box so Astoria wouldn't see them.

She didn't question what was inside when they got home, instead she helped herself to ordering the house elf around as usual. As the day went on and the sun began to set, Draco retrieved his quickest owl and handed it the roses.

"Send these to Harry," He says placing a letter in its mouth. "Hurry, please don't bug him about food or water, I'll give you extra." And with that, the owl flies into the sunset.

Harry finds himself hysterical at night. He begins to go into a trembling rage as he attempts to cook and clean the things he's been spilling at the same time. All the while he tries to avoid having a nervous breakdown in front of Greggy as she waits at the dinner table. With a large sigh, she jumps off of her chair and walks over toward Harry.

"You seem upset, I'll cook and bring dinner upstairs for you, go to your room and get some sleep." She says, walking into the living room and bringing back a thick chapter book to stand on. Harry says nothing, he only goes upstairs and locks the door behind him.

He finally lets himself go sobbing quietly into his pillow as images of Draco's family pop into his head. How come he was there for Astoria, but not Harry? He didn't know, and he didn't care but he couldn't repeat his teenage years and feel like a love struck by. About thirty minutes later, he hears a light tap on his window and to his surprise, it's an owl flapping outside. Quickly he runs to the window and opens it and is merely surprised when a whole bouquet of roses is thrown at him. A single note flies from the owls beak and Harry catches it.

"Harry, we need to don't know how sorry I am...please reply as soon as you can so I can know when you'll be available.

Your Love,

Draco Malfoy.

PS: Happy Birthday, I'm sorry I couldn't get anything sooner."

With the letter and the gifts Harry holds in his hand, he crashes on his bed again and begins to cry a new.

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