Part One (Knives POV)

I didn't take long for us to move from December to a small town called "Libra". It had a small population.

The move there was a simple one. The small woman didn't own much. They had chosen a medium sized house with three bedrooms. There was a room for myself, one for the other more cheerful woman and her little bastard of a son, and Vash shared the final room with the woman he would spoil our line with. There was a living room, two bathrooms, and a large kitchen. With Vash's appetite I was not surprised to discover his woman had picked a house where the largest room would be the place where we ate.

It wasn't long after the move and everyone settled that I, once again, regained my consciousness. I had fallen unconscious in my pod soon after Vash had abandoned me in the old SEEDs ship. It was my choice; I had to focus all of my energy on healing and not my hatred towards my brother or humanity.

My body still ached from such a long time of immobility. My wounds healed long ago. I was stiff and motionless for weeks, but slowly regained the use of my limbs. There was nothing I could do but wait and examine those around me.

Vash, my insufferable twin brother was happy to see that I had awoken and despite all the years I spent chasing him, torturing him emotionally, and destroying the humans he had grown to care for, he took good care of me. He bathed me, made sure I had plenty of food, made sure I wasn't cold at night, and made sure I had some entertainment, a book or a game of chess. I noticed that my brother's chess skills had improved over the years, but would never tell him so because that would lead to him acting like a fool.

He was a fool, taking care of me the way he does. He still has hope I could change. Become like him and appreciate humans. He does not see how they are the evils that would lead to destruction. He doesn't see that it is either them or use. He doesn't see that they could never accept use. They would experiment on us like they had done to our real mother. They would poke and prod at our bodies until there was nothing left, until we died.

I do not understand how my brother can be so blind to the ways of his beloved humans. How he could even love one of them?

The small woman, Meryl, the one my brother claimed that he loved was a short tempered wench. She did not show much patience to anyone. She was efficient in this way. Doing what needed to be done, not paying attention to any distractions. Not even Vash could break her from her task if she set her mind to it.

I had noticed that she was Vash's other responsibility. He did everything she asked him to. He did anything and everything to make her comfortable and to keep her happy. He was her damn pet dog, loyal and obedient.

Last there was the cheerful woman and her toddler. The woman was just as insufferable as my brother. She ate just as much as Vash, she hummed just as much as Vash, and she talked just as much as Vash. But as friendly as the tall female was, she kept her distance from me. When she passed by my room she never looked inside, she never said hello. By the tightening of her body I could tell she did not like me. I could tell that the woman was afraid of me.

Though she feared me, her little son did not. From Vash's ramblings every day, I learned that the boy had just begun to walk. He would often crawl to my opened door and holding to the frame, stand. He would toddle to my bed side and smile up at me. The child does not resemble his father as much as expect. Only his hair matched the man I had had killed. I know, Wolfwood was the child's father. Vash had told me once before he realized who he was talking to.

Anyway, the child had taken a liking to coming to my room and staring up at me. So, much so that, after much protest from his mother, they began to shut my door during the day and for some odd reason, I began to miss the child.