Part Three

I make it to the edge of time and was about to cross the border when I feel my brother's presence in my mind. I stop in my tracks.

"Vash, let me be," I order without turning to through telepathy.

"No way, Knives," he returns in the same way. "I can't let you leave. You're a danger to those around you."

"Then way should I not leave? I'll just kill your friends and then everyone else in this little town. Then I'll move on to another town and then another until I destroy the whole God forsaken human race," I say with my back still facing my brother.

"You don't have to do that, Knives. They're good people Knives. Most of them want to just live their lives in peace."

"They would kill to get what they want. They will kill every one that stands in their way. They will kill anyone who's different from them."

Vash stared at me and his face suddenly lit up with understanding. For the first time in years, Vash looked at me like he was actually seeing me.

"You're afraid of them. You're afraid they will come after you, destroy you," he says verbally. "You're not doing this for our species; you're doing this because humans frighten you."

I turn to him angry and grab him by his shirt and grit my teeth at him. Our faces were almost touching.

"Take it back," I spit at my brother and he just stands there.

I punch him. Vash stumbles back but other than that, he faced me with an angry expression. His back was stiff and his fists were clenched at his sides.

"I said take it back," I repeat mirroring his stance.

"No, Knives, because it's true," He glares at me and I punch him again. This time he tumbles to the ground. "You hate them, because you're afraid of them. They won't destroy you. Many will accept you."

I growl and throw myself onto my brother; I began to punch his face repeatedly. He growls back and rolls me over, taking advantage of the situation, began to punch me. I tried to roll him back over, but he ceased my every attempt. It turns out that his life among the spiders had given him an upper hand when it came to fist to fist fighting. While I spent years perfecting my aim with a firearm, he spent his years perfecting every fighting skill he could. It wasn't long until I asked him to stop.

He rolled to the ground beside me. We were both out of breath from our rumble.

"Meryl's going to kill use when she sees us all dirty," Vash states between breaths.

"You're afraid of a little woman," I asked just as much out of breath.

I flinched. My face hurt from the bruises my twin had made.

"Hell yeah," he practically exclaims still out of breath from hitting me. "She's the one human you should be afraid of."

We lie there a bit longer as we catch our breaths. Neither of us saying a word as we waited.

Vash is the first to rise. He dusts off his clothes the best he could and rubs his hands briskly through his hair.

"Well, we should head back," he says nonchalantly, like we never fought at all, like we just decided to lie here on the ground. "Meryl will worry."

I stare up at him like he was crazy before lifting myself from the ground. I too dust myself off, including my hair.

I watch Vash begin to walk home and I sadly follow him.