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Son of a bitch it was bright here. Was it always this bright, because that could get annoying really damn fast. Sighing he nodded to the bearded old man who pushed open the large golden gates. Shaking his head against the brightness again he perked up when he heard a familiar voice.

"Soul!" Maka screeched as he slowly swaggered through the golden gates and over the clouds towards her. "It's been literally two days? What the hell?"

He shrugged, a smirk forming on his face. "You said live. Went Sky diving. Didn't end well."

"You idiot!" she yelled smashing him on the head even as he pulled her into a tight hug

"Love you too."

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So I was informed by many friends that this story was depressing as all hell so this is my little omake of what might have happened in the time following. Either way, we all knew they were gonna end up together.

Now to get some other stories written.