Born that way

~Noy Telinú~

Warning: the following may be disturbing to some readers. But then, if it is, it was stupid to read a Ranma ½ fanfic in the first place. Idiots.

Caution: screwing the canon ahead, since it's an AU.

You have been warned…


Prologue… Dual him!

In a simple home in northern Tokyo, a redheaded mother was due to give birth any day now.

Her husband, as all husbands do at this time… was panicking.

However, unlike most, his panic was not due to his wife's closeness to giving birth; no, his panic was due to his master returning soon to continue his training.

Not that he needed much more (in his mind), and he and his partner in training, Soun Tendo, were going to celebrate with their master in the form of a party so they could trick him and lock him away soon… if only Nodoka could hold the baby for another three days.

Of course, he couldn't say that aloud. He wasn't suicidal.

Unfortunately, as he looked out the window, he saw him, the evil little creature that was his master.

Not wanting to anger him or allow him to find out that he was going to be a father, Genma apologized and left in a flash.

Nodoka knew why he left, as disappointed as she was.

Luckily for Genma and Soun, they were able to celebrate and get Master Happosai drunk and sealed him in a cave with explosives.

It was while leaping for joy that Genma noticed a cask of water that Happosai had brought with him.

The only marking was on it was the phrase "blessed water" and after much debate, Soun suggested that Genma use it to bless his child that was going to be born soon.

Suddenly remembering his wife's pending delivery, Genma raced home with the water to bless his son. (He was confident that it would be a boy.)

Fortune was with him that day and he got home just before Nodoka's water broke.

No time to get anywhere, Nodoka bore her first child right at home.

However, before finding out the baby's sex, Genma washed the child in the "blessed water" that he liberated from his master.

Mysteriously, after being submerged and cleansed with the water, all the blood and gunk that hid many features disappeared and the child was revealed to have sharp red hair.

Being a bit hasty, they didn't notice much before cleaning the newborn; the only thing they observed was that the baby was amazingly clean after being washed off. That and it was a girl.

Obviously, given his hopes and dreams, Genma was distraught at the discovery that he had a daughter and not a son.

Nodoka, however, was joyous before falling asleep from exhaustion with her new daughter in her arms.

The next hours were filled with stress as Genma struggled on what to tell his friend Soun, since they vowed to have their children marry each other and Soun had two, soon to be three, girls. Soun had stupidly (according to Genma) told their master that he was going to have a third daughter, to be named "Akane," in a week or so.

Unlike Genma, Soun used modern methods to find out his children's sex before they were born and therefore knew that his third child was another girl.

This, of course, gave the duo only girls.

Genma sighed in disappointment and just decided to have another child in about a year.

Deciding to tell his friend after Nodoka felt better and he could therefore visit in person, Genma finally started to think about what to do with a daughter.

'Look at the pros… um… hmm… wait… I can marry my new daughter off to a rich man! While not as beneficial to me, I'm sure that I can get something out of it once I show that Nodoka's family creates beautiful wives. Just look at her!' Genma smiled as a tear fell down his face. 'Oh, how lucky a man I am!'

He walked back into the bedroom and saw Nodoka asleep with their new daughter.

Since they weren't expecting one, they still didn't name her yet.

Genma watched them sleep, smiling at how they looked.

It didn't last long as the child cried.

Nodoka stirred awake at the noise.

"Genma…" She said weakly, still tired. "Our daughter needs a bath." Nodoka was too proper to mention why she needed a bath…

Genma hesitantly took his newborn daughter to the sink to change her cloth diaper and give her a bath.

'Crying like a girl, of course,' Genma thought sadly.

The five-hour-old stopped crying once she was washed in the warm water from the sink.

But then, she wasn't a daughter at the moment.

Genma was holding a son instead of a daughter, a son that Genma had. A black-haired boy was where the redheaded girl used to be.

In shock, Genma blinked and rubbed his glasses.

Yep, staring up at him oddly was a boy, a son.

"I HAVE A SON! OH, JOYOUS DAY!" Genma couldn't help but yell to the heavens as they answered his prayer.

Of course, the yelling caused the boy to cry.

Genma didn't care though. He was too ecstatic.

"What is going on over there?" Nodoka asked, now fully awake.

"We have a son, Nodoka!" Genma came into the bedroom, showing Nodoka.

"WHAT?" she screamed.


That day, after countless screams and unexplainable happenings, as well as much crying and cold and hot water splashing, the two new parents came to a conclusion…

They had a unique baby.

Their child changed sexes with water of different temperatures. Who else could say that?

Due to their individual desires, however, Genma viewed it as a curse while Nodoka saw it as a gift from above.

Genma eventually called his friend and announced they had a son now.

Because of the nature of their child, they decided to choose two names, one for each sex.

At least, that's what Nodoka planned.

Being Genma, he didn't allow it to happen; so after much arguing they settled on one name, a name worthy of such chaos… Ranma.


Author's notes: Noy said this was created after getting sick and tired of seeing other fics with cursing Ranma early be abandoned. So it was a "What if Ranma was cursed at birth a la taro?" way. Of course since Telinú is crazy, it went like this. Be thankful it was edited this way, originally they went to jusenkyo due to a plane crash and there was a panda and idiots around! Yeah, I know. Anyway, thanks to tuatara and Kris Leena for making my job easier. Read more, cuz I'm the Text!