'I hate it I can't take it anymore!' Matthew Williams had had enough, he was forgotten again at school, he was given detention four different times because the teachers forgot who he was and wrote him up for skipping classes. Matthew ran up to his room slamming the door and locking it behind him. He had had enough. Matthew took the first thing he could grab and threw it across the room. The poor lamp never had a chance; it shattered, sending pieces of lamp everywhere. A shard flew across the room and cut the Canadian's cheek. Matthew barely noticed as the blood mixed with salty tears that ran down his face, he was too busy destroying anything in his path.

"I don't understand Kuma! Why does no one notice me, no matter what I do! Am I really that easy to forget…?" Matthew asked his stuffed polar bear he had had since he was a child, his only reminder of his homeland in Canada. Matt then picked up the bear and hugged it tight, crying into the soft fur.

"I cant do this Kuma…I really cant…" the Canadian sobbed into the bear. Matt then got up and pulled out a small black box, when he opened it, it had three small razors in it. 'It's been a year since I last cut…. I promised him I wouldn't cut…but he left me…'. Matt moved the bear so it was away from what he was about to do. Matt then took out a razor and said a quite 'I'm sorry…' before pressing the blade to his wrist and making a shallow cut. He watched as the blood flowed from the open wound, enjoying the pain it brought him.

Matthew had always been ignored for as long as he could remember; his older brother Alfred always stole all the attention. It wasn't Alfred's fault he got all the attention, the boy was just louder and more hyperactive than poor Matthew could ever be. Growing up, Matthew had lived in Canada with his mother; she was the only person who had ever noticed him. She had taught Matthew how to enjoy life, and most importantly how to make pancakes from scratch. All of that changed after his mom got breast cancer when he was 8 years old. After that his life changed. He was sent to live with his brother and his dad in America. He had only been living with his brother for about 3 months when his mom passed away, losing her fight with cancer. After the funeral, Alfred's father was given full custody of Matthew, and they moved to their permanent house in Florida. At first, he was remembered, everyone was fussing over him making sure he was happy, but as the years went on, he was noticed less and less. His father would forget to remind him it was dinnertime, Alfred wouldn't wake him up for school, small things that started to grow and grow.

One day when Matthew was 13, he was so fed up with being forgotten he had to get rid of his pain somehow, so he turned to bodily harm. At first, it was scratching when he became nervous or upset, then as time went on he started cutting, shallow cuts at first, once a week when the pain became to much, but then the feeding became addiction. Matthew started to cut everyday, several times. The cuts became deeper and deeper each time, and as Matthews's arms scared up, he turned to other parts of his body. Now if someone were to look at poor Matthews' body, they would find scars from his arms to his shins.

Today was no exception, while it had been a year since the last time he cut; the feeling was just as welcoming as he remembered. As the blood flowed from his arm, Matthew watched in fascination. 'I wonder what would happen if I cut just a little deeper…would anyone notice? I wonder how long it would take them to find my body….' Things had been turning around, he thought he had found someone who truly cared about him, but it was all a lie, he didn't care.

A year after Matthew had starting cutting he met Ivan Braginski, a tall Russian boy who took a liking to the Canadian immediately after meeting him. At first the shy Canadian was intimidated by Ivan, running away from him and avoiding him, but as time went on, he bonded with Ivan, even becoming friends with the boy. Eventually Ivan asked Matthew out, and for the next year, the two dated. Matt shared everything with the Russian, from his dreams of being a chef, to how he would cut almost everyday. Ivan made Matthew promise that he wouldn't cut anymore and that the Russian would be there for him. A year of pure bliss passed for the Canadian while he was with the Russian.

By this time Matthew had just turned 16, after Matt's 16th birthday though, things started to change, Ivan wouldn't return his calls, he stopped waiting for him at his locker, and would just avoid the Canadian all together. Two weeks ago, Ivan broke off their relationship, stating that the Canadian bored him and that he had found a nice Chinese boy he liked better. Matthew later found out that Ivan had been cheating on him for almost a month with Yao, the Chinese boy. At first Matthew was devastated but he promised himself that he would not cut. But now, he didn't care anymore.

Just as he was about to put the blade back to his wrist there was a loud banging sound from next door. Matthew jumped off his bed and went to the window. A moving truck was unloading next door. 'Huh that's weird…. we must finally be getting new neighbors…. not like it matters, they won't notice me…or remember me…'. Matthew went back to his spot on his bed and picked up the razor yet again, he pressed the cold metal to his wrist about to make the cut when the doorbell rang downstairs.

Matthew quickly wrapped up his still bleeding wrist with gauzes, put on his over-sized red hoodie and opened the door. What he saw stunned him.

Standing at the door was one of the most handsome, yet frightening young men Matthew had ever seen. He had silver almost white hair, and startling ruby red eyes. He was tall; around 5'10, and well built, not overly muscle but built nonetheless. He was smirking down at the Canadian as Matthew tried to think of a coherent thought other then how good this strange young man looked. Matthew was about to say something when the young man beat him to it.

"Like what you see? Keseseses I know I'm awesome but really, aren't you going to say hello?" said the strange man and that's how it all started, how Matthew's life was flipped upside down.

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