Little man, little one.

The moon is milk and the sky where it's spilt …

"Stop fussing, Alex." The striking woman chastised softly.

A four year old boy sat down immediately on his hot wheels bed and pouted, crossing his little arms across his bare chest.

Santana kneeled before her son, looking into her own reflection "Don't you want to look handsome to meet her?" She asked.

The little boy shook his head. The gorgeous Latina ran a soothing hand through his raven hair, combing the short silky locks "Do you want to go just in this batman underwear and socks? It's a little chilly but if you want to..."

"No silly mami, I can't go in just Batm'n undies," He countered, taking the wandering hand off of his hair, lacing his small tanned fingers with it.

Santana sensed the distress of her boy; he rarely looked down and hesitate.

He was always the smiling and happy baby, since he started to develop his personality it was obvious the thrift he was carrying in his veins; he was very confident and stubborn but had an undeniable sweetness and kind heart with the most powerful healing kisses.

Time enough for all the fears …

"You know you can tell me anything, right?" Alexander nodded to his mother's gentle question "Then, what is it, baby. What's troubling this pretty head of yours?"

Santana sat on the bed and her darling boy immediately found solace on her lap. She naturally wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly against her chest. Alex snuggled into her; taking in one of the distinct scents he loved about his mommies "You smell like cuddles and kisses" He liked to say every time he was sweetly sandwiched in between his mommies' caresses.

"Alex?" She asked again "What's wrong, baby?"

The brunette child sniffed a little more before voice his concern "It's a girl."

Santana furrowed her brows, trying to understand the words. She created a little space between them and lifted his face with her index finger "What do you mean, baby?"

Pouting, his dark eyes watered "You gonna love her more. I'm a boy, you're all girls…"

"Oh, Alex…" Santana hugged him tightly again. After a while, she looked down at him, now Alex with wet cheeks.

Time enough for being braver …

She washed away his tears with her fingers, smiling at the boy while doing so "That's not true, baby. We love you both very very much and the same very very much. And you know why?" She asked with an emphatic kiss to his nose.


"Because you're both our miracles and you, my little man, are our first one and now you have an important job to do," Santana spoke to him in the most caring voice she could muster.

Alexander nodded, slowly regaining his normal happy self "Si, I'm a big brother now. I'm gonna do what I say when she was in mommy's tummy."

"That's right. You're going to be awesome, baby. You remember the most important task we said you'd have?"

He looked up to the stars and clouds painted ceiling, trying to find the correct answer. He pondered for a few seconds before a big smile grazed his pouting lips when he found the exact memory "I hafta make sure she doesn't star dating til' she's old, like fofty... Mami, what's dating?" He asked innocently.

Santana laughed out loud at the endearing sight that was her puzzled son "Something you need to not worry about for a long while, ok? Now let's get you dressed and after meeting your baby sister we can go for ice cream with Beth and Charile."

Her child beamed and showered her with sloppy kisses before climbing down her legs to find his best baby blue shirt, cute dark denim overalls and his favourite chicken yellow chucks.

Wake up in the dream, it's not as hard as it seems …

Teddy bear in one hand and a handsome little guy holding tightly to her other one, Santana walked proudly through the stark white halls of the clinic. She slowly opened the door of their room and quietly made her way towards her exhausted but stunning wife.

Brittany removed her blues from the sleeping baby bundled up in her arms and smiled widely at the sight of her two walking loves.

Sharing a knowing look with Santana, the blonde called for her son, beckoning him to come closer when he was securely perched to his mami's leg.

"Here he is, the little man of the hour!" Brittany spoke happily. Alex proudly grinned and immediately went to her. With a lift from his brunette, he sat next to his blonde, marveled with the view of his pinkish coloured sister.

"Hello," He whispered to the baby "She's tiny…" Alex directed at his mamma, while Santana stole a loving kiss from her lips.

Brittany nodded with a faint blush only her wife could cause and looked at their boy "She's brand new, just like you were; only you were bigger and chubbier and you kicked inside my tummy a lot when your mami sang to you," She pinched his nose making him giggle "Meet your little sister, big brother." She said softly, kissing the top of his raven hair.

Alex carefully leaned in and nuzzled the baby girl's cheek, smelling her, just like he adored doing with his mothers. Then, he gave her a wet kiss on her tiny nose and wrinkled forehead.

Who needs the shadows of a winter sun?

"What's my little sister name?" He asked, not taking his eyes from the black haired baby.

Santana locked eyes with Brittany, sharing the ever silent conversation only they could have "Well, you tell us, what name did you like the most?" The brunette asked, kissing her wife's hand, while memories of lazy evenings with hers and her son's ear pressed to Brittany's stomach floated through her mind.

"Abby, but that's not the name. I don't remember,"

Brittany grazed his rounded cheek "Abby its short for Abigail." She explained lovingly.

"Does she look like an Abby to you?" Santana's soothing voice asked the boy.

Alex examined the baby, taking in her soft features "Si, she looks like Abigail Lopez-Piece," Both women beamed at their darling son's wording "And she smells like one too" He added.

They shared a chuckled and Santana asked for the both of them "How is that, little man?"

"Like cuddles and kisses." Alexander answered without missing a beat, totally smitten and in awe with the newborn member of his loving family.

Would it stop us now, My love? …

Growing up, the only physical difference between the two Lopez-Pierce children was the colour of their eyes. Alexander had the deep, mysterious dark of his mami and Abigail the deep loving blues of her mamma.

And much to Santana's complaint, the both of them had the charm and sweetness of her Brittany, and hence, she was wrapped around their fingers.

So, how can you stand against something like that? Well, it's actually kind of simple...

You don't.

Is magic and we all need to believe ...