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This chapter is a middle ground between the silly and the absolute parody.

without further delay...

Chapter 1: Grocery Store

Alright Titans, it's official," Robin solemnly stated. "We're out of food." Upon hearing the news, the other titans eyes went wide and they let out a collective gasp. Well, except for Raven of course, she had her face buried in some old, moldy book. Her nose was pressed against the pages and she couldn't really read the words, but the book smelled nice.

"What? It can't be true!" Protested Beast Boy. He ran over to the fridge and tore it open. Sure enough, it was almost completely empty.

"I don't know what you're all so surprised about," Robin said. "We've been eating nothing but potato chips, red bull, and moldy fridge-food for the past couple weeks. I'm honestly amazed none of you have said anything yet. "

"Well, I just thought you were all trying out my diet for a change," Beast Boy said, a slight pouting look on his face.

"I don't eat food, I survive on tea and meditation." Raven said. Everyone knew she was lying for attention though.

"I thought we got food delivered like every week. What happened to that?" Asked Beast Boy.

"Apparently Slade busted some super villains out of jail and they destroyed half the city; the guy who brings our food got eaten by a giant crab or something." Robin said, waving his hand dismissively. Beast Boy went to look out their giant window and indeed the city was in a state of ruin. The sky was dark from smoke and countless buildings were on fire. Slade could be seen riding a giant crab and laughing maniacally as he fired lasers into frantically running people.

"Oh. Shouldn't we do something about that?" Beast Boy asked with concern, his face pressed against the glass.

"Nah, it'll be fine, that's what the police are for." He said, dismissively waving his hand again. "We only handle the big stuff, otherwise they'll depend on us too much."

"I don't know, it looks pretty bad. The police probably need our help." Beast Boy replied. Shrill screams could be heard as Slade lit an orphanage on fire.

"Everything's fine. They'll be fine." Robin said, waving his hands with more force.

"Are you sure? We could try and..."

"Yeahyeahyeah! It's fine! They'll be fine, It'sfineIt'sfineIt'sfine! Robin said deliriously as he flapped his hands around.


"Yo BB, lighten up. We've got more pressing problems right now." Cyborg said, gesturing toward the barren fridge.

"You're right!" Beast Boy said, tearing his eyes from the destruction. "It's almost dinner and we're out of food! We should get to the store before they close."

"Booya!" Cyborg Booyaed and they all headed down to the T-car.

"Can you believe the traffic here? Ridiculous!" Beast Boy complained as they entered the store.

"I know right! Those people were just lying in the streets, like they don't have jobs to go to or something. I bet they were all on welfare. I tell ya, that's why our economy's in such a sorry shape." Cyborg said, shaking his head. "And did you see the buildings? They were either falling apart or on fire! I mean, what am I even paying taxes for?" All the other Titans nodded their heads in agreement. There was a moment of silence which was broken by a loud grumbling coming from Robin's stomach.

"Alright, we should get some food fast, I'm getting hungry," Robin said, patting his tummy. "We can cover more ground if we split up. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven will take isles 1-6. Me and Starfire will take 7-12, everyone got it?" They nodded. "Good. TITANS GO!" Robin shouted right near Beast Boy's ear.

"AHHH!" Beast Boy squealed manishly. "What is wrong with you? We're in the store, not about to fight some monster! Do you really have to shout that in my ear? We're all standing right here, we can hear you just fine!" Beast Boy said angrily as he rubbed his ear.

Robin ignored him and turned to Starfire, "Comon Star, I think I saw some cookbooks over here that might help you make something edible." He said as he walked over to a random isle.

"Wonderful!" Starfire said with delight and started to follow Robin. "I have always wanted to mix earth food and Tamaranian food!"

"That's not really what I was going for Star..." Robins voice faded as he turned the corner, leaving the other three titans by themselves.

"Lets go in this isle first!" Beast Boy said, then ran off to it before the others could reply. They shrugged and grabbed a cart before following after him.

"Oh, we should get this!" Beast Boy exclaimed as he threw two cereal boxes into the cart. "This looks good too! Ooo, and I've never had this one before." He tossed another four in before he just shrugged and started indiscriminately dumping all of the different cereals into the cart.

"You can't be serious." Raven said. "You're going to kill yourself, Beast Boy. Don't you eat anything healthy?"

"Hey! These are good for you! See, this one has 20% of my daily vitamin C per serving!" Beast Boy protested, shoving the box in Raven's face.

"Ya, and 40 grams of sugar too. Cyborg, talk some sense into him." Raven turned toward Cyborg.

"Oooo, new steak flavored waffle mix? You betcha!" Cyborg said and tossed several boxes into the cart.

"I'm surrounded by idiots," Raven said.

"Dear god." Robin whispered, eyes widening "No." He dropped to his knees and silently wept as Starfire came up behind him, awe written on her face.

"Oh Robin," Starfire said, her eyes sparkling. "Never before have I laid my eyes on such splendor!" She looked up and down the isle, which was filled completely with mustard of all kinds. She looked down at the weeping Robin. "I know how you are feeling, it is truly overwhelming!" She said as she wiped a tear from her face.

Robin turned his tear streaked face up to the heavens and shouted "What kind of store has an isle just for mustard?" Quickly regaining his composure, he stood up and turned to Starfire. "You can pick four different ones, we don't have space for any more than that." He said firmly. She nodded her head and he let out a sigh of relief "That wasn't that bad." He thought to himself.

"You monster!" Beast Boy screamed.

"What?" Cyborg asked innocently as he pointed to a part on a partially butchered cow. The butcher nodded and began skinning the cow and cutting off the meat for Cyborg. Beast Boy let out a short shriek and covered his mouth, suddenly looking greener than normal. He blindly reached out and grabbed Raven's hood. Before she could ask him what he thought he was doing, he stuck his face in it and threw up. Raven froze, unable to move as he continued to throw up for a good thirty seconds. When he finally stopped, he lifted his head up to see the butcher pulling what looked like intestines from the cow. He lifted her hood up once more and threw up the last of his lunch before fainting and hitting his head against the floor. Raven just stood in shock unable to believe what had just happened to her.

Cyborg stared at her, not moving a muscle out of fear that her anger would be directed at him. The butcher slowly lowered himself until he could no longer be seen behind the counter. Raven remained frozen until a small trickle started to seep through her hood and make its way onto her neck.

"No! Starfire, I said only four!" Robin shouted as he tossed out bottles of mustard only half as fast as Starfire was putting them into the cart.

"But Robin, there are just too many to only choose four!" She said picking up a bottle of mustard and examining it. "Pickled mustard? Oh I simply must try it!" She tossed the bottle behind her into the cart and picked up another.

"Starfire, we really can't-" Robin began.

"Just a couple dozen more Robin! I promise." She said as she added a large pile and dragged the cart further down the isle.

"Starfire, STOP!" He dug his feet into the ground and attempted to slow down the cart, to no avail. "You already have 96 bottles, you cant have any more mustard, I wont let you!"

She slowly turned to face him, "You won't let me?" Her voice sent chills through his spine. "I am a warrior princess of Tamaran, you would dare try to stop me?"

Robin took a gulp and replied shakily, "I-I would."

"Then you will be shown no mercy!" She said as her eyes started to burn with emerald fire.

He cowered down and suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the store. Robin wasted no time in shamelessly using this distraction to redirect Starfire's attention. "Oh good, trouble! I mean- Oh no, trouble! Hurry Star, we can't waste any time!" Before she could respond, he ran off in the direction of the explosion leaving behind what looked suspiciously like a trail of urine. She glared in his direction, gave a "hmph!" and grabbed the cart. She picked it up and flew toward the sound of trouble, mustard bottles falling on the unsuspecting shoppers below.

Robin skidded around an isle and saw Raven standing there, visible waves of heat rising from her skin. He looked down and saw a pale, unmoving Beast Boy on the floor next to Raven's cloak, which was covered in a chunky substance. "NO! She's finally done it, she's killed him!" He said, running over to Beast Boy's form. "I knew this day would come! I warned the others and they didn't listen to me! "

"You idiot, he's not de-" Raven started.

"They all said: 'It's just sexual tension, they secretly love each other!'" At that, Raven sent a glare at Cyborg, who just shrugged his shoulders and smiled sheepishly. "But I knew! If only they had listened!"

"Robin-" Raven began as she placed a hand on Robin's shoulder.

"Spare me the excuses vile demon!" Robin shouted. He tackled her to the ground and pinned her arms above her head. "I'll make you pay for what you did to Beast Boy!"

"Ughhh...What's all the yelling about?" Beast Boy asked as he slowly sat up and rubbed his head. Robin turned and looked at Beast Boy, then back at Raven, then Beast Boy, then Raven. His brilliant detective mind was whirring as he did hundreds of calculations and created countless scenarios of all possible events. A full 30 seconds passed before an audible 'ding' could be heard coming from the boy wonder.

"Oops, my bad." He said and got off Raven. "Well, that was a completely reasonable mistake and I know none of you will hold it against me." He quickly said as Starfire landed with her cart full of mustard. "So, thanks for forgiving me so easily Raven, you are truly not a vile demon." He added, nodding his head with sincerity. He ducked as a lethal wave of energy shot through where his head was only moments before. "Woah!" He exclaimed with surprise and stood back up. "Seems like someone's hungry! Let's check out before she tries to blow up the rest of the store and the manager sends us a bill for this mess. TITANS GO!" He shouted unnecessary and ran off to the registers.

"Again with that?" Beast Boy complained. He got up and looked to Starfire's towering cart of mustard. "Wow Star, do you really need all that mustard? Maybe you should put a few back." He said as he picked up a bottle.

In the blink of an eye, she was holding a glowing fist in front of his face. His eyes went wide and his ears drooped as she whispered in a deathly tone "I would advise you to not be touching the mustard. Understand?" He nodded vigorously and dropped the bottle back in the cart like it was burning his hand. She lowered her fist and immediately cheered up. "Glorious! I shall save you a spot at the registrar!" She walked after Robin, leaving a frightened Beast Boy in her wake.

"Alright, you heard the lady! Let's check out so we can get home and have some of this delicious meat!" Cyborg said as he hugged a package of meat to his face. Beast Boy looked over to Cyborg and was about to reply, when his face started to turn greener again. He put a hand over his mouth and ran after Starfire, unable to bear the sight for another second.

"Yo Raven, you want your cloak back?" Cyborg asked as he nudged at it with his toe. She looked at it and her face started to turn green too.

"Lets just get out of here." She said and turned to follow Beast Boy to the exit.

They all piled into the car and started to head back to the tower. Cyborg, who had been unable to wait, was shoving raw beef into his mouth while driving. He would frequently swerve and hit various objects on the sidewalk. Starfire was sitting in the backseat squirting mustard down her throat and tossing the empty bottles out the window at passing ally cats. Raven was angrily picking dried vomit from her neck and uttering curses under her breath. Beast Boy was sitting in between Starfire and Raven with his knees drawn up under his chin. He was rocking back and forth and weeping as he watched Cyborg shovel the raw meat into his mouth. Robin looked over at his teammates and came to a conclusion.

"Well, I would say that was a pretty good trip overall. Wouldn't you agree Raven?" Robin asked, looking at her in the rear view mirror. In response, she just grabbed his seat belt and pulled back hard on it, chocking him.

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