I can't handle this new show, it's killing me with feels.

Haha, here's a little one-shot based on the ending of 'Matched.' How will Beast Boy's life with the scratching post play out? Let's find out...

"How could I have been so blind?" Beast Boy purred lowly as he scratched the post in front of him. "This just feels right."

"Why do I even try?" Raven asked herself as she stood sadly, abandond at the alter.

"Come on, let's start our new life together." Beast Boy whispered into the er.. ear of the scratching post. He carried it bridal style off into his room and shut the door.

Five years later

Beast Boy paced nervously in front of a door. His friends stood supportivly behind him. "What if it doen't go well? What if something goes wrong?" Beast Boy said out loud, his own words starting to scare him.

"Everything's gonna be fine, buddy," Cyborg said comfortingly, placing a hand on his shoulder. "These are the best doctors in the city." Beast Boy gave his friend a small smile.

"Thanks, Cy."

The doors suddenly burst open, startling everyone in the room. A doctor in bloodstained scrubs came out, looking thouroughly confused. Beast Boy saw the look on the doctors face and immediatly started to panic.

"WHAT HAPPENED?! IT WAS SOMETHING BAD WASN'T IT?!" He shouted, tears already forming in the cornors of his eyes.

"Errr, no," The doctor said, "everything went fine. I think." Beast Boy stared at him expectantly. The doctor looked around uncertianly before continuing. "Your..um... wife?" Beast Boy nodded. "She gave birth to a healthy litter of...children?" Upon hearing the news, Beast Boy whooped with joy and he rushed passed the doctor and into the room.

"How are they, my love?" Beast Boy asked lovingly as he entered. That's when he caught sight of the basket which held his children. Holding his breath in anticipation, he looked inside. There were five small, sleeping forms. They were skinny, like their mother, and on each side of their rough, cylindrical heads rested a pair of green ears. They were the same color as their father and with it, came eyes that sat perfectly above their nose. Beast Boy breathed in sharply. "They're beautiful.." He whispered.

"Yes, they truely are," Starfire whispered behind him, scaring him slightly. The rest of the titans nodded behind him. All except for Raven.

"They look like monstrosities." Raven grumbled to herself. However, her comments went unheard.

"Aw, my little man is growin' up!" Cyborg tried to hold back tears. "I can't even-" He blew his nose and gave up on holding back his tears. He grabbed Beast Boy and crushed him in a very Starfireish way. "I'm so proud of you!"

16 years later

"Dad, can I borrow the car?" A scratchy voice came drifting through the tower. Beast Boy, now refered to as changeling, turned in time to see his son waddling through the door to the common room.

"What do you need the car for?" Changeling asked. "Got a hot date or something?" He wiggled his eyes at his son, who blushed.

"Yea, kinda.." At this, changeling got excited.

"Really? What's her name? Is she cute? When are you getting married?" He pestered his son witth questions.

"Jeez dad!" He said, pushing changeling away. "We just met, we're just going out to the arcade!" CHangeling looked over his son, smiling broadly. Puberty had hit him fast. He now stood at an impressive 4 feet tall, and had grown a little play mouse on his head. A small dingle ball hung from one of his arms and no matter how hard he tried to cover it, he always seemed to smell of catnip.

"Your first date! How exciting, quick honey, get the camera!" Changeling called over to his wife. She sat silently on the couch. "Your right. Your right. We wouldnt want to embarass him."

"So can I use the car or what?"

"I don't know, that's a big responsibility, do you think you're ready for it?" He asked.

"Of course! I've done well in all my courses!" His son said proudly. Changeling gave him another smile.

"Alright, you can borrow it this time. But you owe me!" He said jokingly.

"Thanks, dad!" He gave his father a hug.

"Just let me get the keys for you." Changeling said. He walked out of the room and down the hall.

"Hey, Cy!" He called out as he barged into the metal man's room. Cyborg slid out from under his car. Lines had started to form on the man's face, but he remaind otherwise unchanged.

"What?" He asked the changeling.

"Can BB Jr. Use the car?" He asked hopefully.

"Pfft, no way!" Cyborg said, "I'm not lettin him ruin my baby!"

"Come onnnn!" Changeling whined, "pleaseeee?" He got on his knees and begged Cyborg.

"What's he need it for anyway?" Cyborg asked, ignoring his friends pleas.

"He's got a date!" He responded proudly. Cyborg's eyes went wide.

"A date?!" He asked in disbelief. Changeling nodded excitedly. Tears started to well up in Cyborg's eyes. "T-they grow up so fast!" He cried out. He grabbed the keys off the wall. "Of course he can take the car!" Cyborg tossed him the keys. He walked over to his car. "Help my little buddy seal the deal." He whispered affectionalty. He turned and gave Changeling a thumbs up, which was returned with vigor.

Changeling returned to the common room and tossed the keys his son. "Go get her tiger," he said, giving his son a wink. BB Jr. Nodded and dashed out of the room excitedly. Changeling watched him go and felt pride well up inside of him. "They grow up so fast." He whispered, repeating Cyborgs earlier sentiment.

40 years later

"Don't be afraid honey, we'll see each other soon enough," Garfield whispered, tears in his eyes. His wife was lying on a hospital bed, her small frame hooked up to countless machines. Time had left it's mark on her. Her surface was almost completely smooth, worn down from countless years of Gar's pawing. The mouse toy that had once stood proudly on her head had long since fallen off, no doubt due to the same reason.

All of their children and the aged titans stood around the two, providing what comfort they could. Finally, a doctor came into the room, informing them that it was time. Gar choked back a sob, and everyone gathered around the two. The doctor injected something into her I.V. and left the family.

Gar cradled his love in his arms and began singing softly to her. Her heart rate slowed, until it was nearly still. Gar Scratched at her worn sides for what would be the last time and choked back a sob as he struggled to continue singing. Her heart gave one last and final beat, then a long continuous beep pierced the air. Gar broke down into tears and his friends imeediatly came to support him. They swept him up in an embrace. He hugged back as best he could, finding only slight comfort in their arms. He wept uncontrolably, unable to hold back.

They had been together for so long; there had been ups and downs in their lives, but through it all, Gar had always been happy. They had always loved each other, had always been there for each other. But now, after years of faithful dedication, she was finally gone. And he was all alone.