Started: February 16, 2012

Finished: February 29, 2012

"Thanks David, I really appreciate you helping me move some things around."

"Sure no problem Claire, um, of course if you'd like to do a favor for me in return."


He wore an expression of disbelief. Her brows furrowed. "Well, almost anything," she corrected. "What is it?

"Of course, uh." He paused. It's a big…favor."

"Ok," she said curiously.

"Donate some of your eggs to Keith and me?"

"Oh. Like when?"

"As soon as possible, I guess. I mean we have to find a surrogate first."


"Then you would both have to go on birth control pills at the same time so your cycles would coincide. Then there'd be all sorts of hormone injections." Her eyes widened. "You wouldn't be able to exercise or anything. No drugs or drinking of course." Her look of discomfort intensified. "Eventually the eggs would be harvested through a needle inserted into the vagina, your vagina."

"Oh good god," she cringed.

"That's a no then?"

"Wait, David, I- she thought about her drug use and drinking. "Um, let me think about it ok?"

"Of course. Take as long as you need."



Over the next few days she thought about the temporary lifestyle changes she have to make in order to be able to do this thing for her brother. Also about what she'd tell her friends about why she's not partying and if she'd even want to stop. She wasn't particularly fond of needles either.


A few days later

She found David in the basement, working.


"Hey Claire." She looked like she wanted to say something but didn't know how to say it. After a few moments he looked up and asked; "What brings you down here?"

She stood across the table where he sat looking down with her hands buried in her pockets. "I'm sorry, the procedure and-" she paused and thought again about her extra curricular activities, then continued with; And everything makes me uncomfortable. I'm sorry."

He shrugged. "It's ok."

"Is it?" She looked to him. "You're not mad?"

He stood and smiled a bit. "No, I'm not mad." He put his hand on her arm. "And I thank you for even considering it."

She smiled and placed her hand over his. "You and Keith are so good together. You're perfect for each other. I hope this works out for you."

David smiled widely. "Thank you Claire."


She lie in bed glad David wasn't mad at her for not wanting to go through with it. That in it self made her rethink her decision. Her brother was a sweetheart and Keith was a great guy, a really great guy. She thought about how long they've been together. They've had a few problems but always found their way back to each other. For them to want children brought a whole new level of seriousness to their relationship, and it was beautiful.

She realized she'd be the child's aunt as well as its mother. Auntie mommy Claire. She laughed.


The Foyer

She got home late one night and found David in the foyer. "What are you doing down here so late?" She asked.

"Just thinking about work stuff."

"I've thought more…about donating my eggs. I changed my mind. I wanna do it."

"Are you sure?" He asked concerned. "Because you looked absolutely horrified as I was describing the procedure."

"Yeah but I've thought more about it and I didn't just think about me and the sacrifices I'd have to make, temporarily. Keith loves you. You love Keith…and it's beautiful. The happiness between you two is something that I rarely see." Her eyes glazed over. "If he'd still like a part of you or as close as he can get to having apart of you then…I'd be honored to give that."

He smiled widely and hastily took her into his arms. "You're a saint. You're amazing. I love you."

She laughed softly. "So not a saint."

"My saint then."