First, to everyone who is confused as to what just happened to my In Flight omakes fic, I would like to say that still exists and I've created a separate fic for it. I've changed this particular fic to an actual story because the number of chapters that were related to my once called Unlimited Trope Works omake series for In Flight far outnumbered the rest, so it was just easier to do it this way. I also decided to change the name of the series to In Flight Gaiden: Playing With Tropes because I want to use the previous title for the story of Troper's Holy Grail War, which I plan to write one of these days.

As for why I'm making this its own fic to begin with, well, it's been pointed out by a number of people that this series started gaining the potential to be its own thing around the 6th installment. Not only that, but I feel that when a piece of fiction breaks the 50,000 word mark, the term 'omake' probably doesn't apply to it anymore. So, I've decided to make this a fic in its own right.

Although, it's worth noting that this was never supposed to be even an omake. It all started when I came up with the Unlimited Trope Works aria after reading a particularly funny In Flight omake about Shirou discovering the all consuming time sink that is TVTropes. I didn't have an account at the time, so I just let it sit in the back of my mind for a while. A great deal later when I did decide to get an account, the aria popped back into my head, but it seemed kinda weird to make a reference to something that happened so long ago in the forms. So, I decided that my first omake would incorporate it somehow.

At first, I was just going to make it a sort of second half to the omake that inspired it, having Shirou become so twisted by TVTropes it actually changed his Reality Marble. However, I discarded this idea because no one in the fic knew about both what his Reality Marble was supposed to be and what TVTropes was, and I wanted someone to remark on the absurdity of it. When I realized that the best person to do so would be Shirou himself, I struck upon the plot device known as Zelretch and his multidimensional shenanigans to conjure up an alternate version of Shirou.

As I was writing the omake and I thought about what this Shirou would be able to do outside of his Reality Marble, I realized with the right rules and tweaks, it could actually make him an interesting character with unique powers and limitations. After I finished the omake (which at the time I intended to be a one shot), I started pondering how exactly he became the way he did, and the outlines of a back story began. Not only that, my omake was quite well received, so (after some crack silliness with the character) I ended up continuing what happened after Shirou saw his Reality Marble. Then things just kinda got away from me and became the fic you're reading.

So there you have it. It was an aria, which became a character, which became a one shot omake, which became a back story (which I really need to write one of these days), which became this fic. Weird how that works, huh?

I would finish with the standard I Do Not Own clause that is prevalent in most fanfictions, but apparently that's completely pointless according to its TVTrope's page. You learn something new every day…