Fixed Point in Time

A Dr. Who/Eureka crossover. I own neither.


Chapter 1: Are You Sitting Down?

"SARAH? Can you please change the station? I think I've had enough talk radio for one lifetime, let alone one day."

"Of course, Dr. Blake," the smart house replied. "However, atmospheric conditions are rapidly approaching ideal. I should be able to pick up over-the-air television signals from Portland in approximately five point eight minutes. If you like, I could -"

"No, that's quite alright," said Allison. If two hours of Sean Hannity had been too much for her, she didn't want to think how she'd react to an entire afternoon of Maury Povich. They'd just had to take out the cable hookup, didn't they? "Just try to find some easy listening."

"Yes, Dr. Blake." SARAH changed the subject. "I'm sure Sheriff Carter will be home soon. He'll sort out this…unfortunate situation."

When did you learn to lie? thought Allison. If what her visitors had told her was true, she knew that the last thing Jack Carter would want to do today would be to knock off at five and come home. He'll want to stay there, trying to help in whatever way he thinks he can, until Henry forces him to go home and rest.

She shifted in her chair, and then groaned as that tiny movement sent a twinge of pain through her neck. She'd pulled something, trying to get the tape off of her mouth: after much effort, she'd succeeded, but now that particular muscle protested vociferously every time it was asked to move.

"Dr. Blake? Are you alright?"

Do I look like I'm alright, you stupid computer? "Ugh…I'm okay, SARAH. Could you turn up the air conditioning a little, though? It's starting to get a little warm in here."

"Yes of course, Dr. Blake," said the AI.

Allison tugged again against her bonds, and winced again at the pain which had now migrated back to her shoulder. She had toyed briefly with the idea of tipping her chair over. After all, that always seemed to work in the movies: the hero kicks their chair over, and then emerges with rope and broken chair-pieces falling off of him. However, the chair to which she was currently affixed was made of a recycled composite alloy culled from GD's metallurgical lab, and therefore nigh unbreakable under normal household conditions. Plus, SARAH's multiple simulations had determined that there was simply not enough give in the plastic ties to allow her to slip free; the person who had tied her up had done too good a job.

"When this is over," Allison said through gritted teeth, resigning herself to another few hours of useless inactivity, "I am going to kick Tess' ass."