How "How it Should Have Ended" Should Have Ended

Before watching this, I highly recommend you watch "How it Should Have Ended: Ironman" (.com/watch?v=adW46gsMTXM) and "How it Should Have Ended: Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows (.com/watch?v=poDaiYKJFlo) as this fic mostly pertains to them. This is purely a joke, born of a text conversation between me and my friend ijustwanttobeabritishman.

You should also watch How Jurassic Park Should Have Ended (.com/watch?v=xQrRg3LtjXY), because there's a joke about that too. And any of the other superhero ones, just to familiarize yourself with Batman and his Batmanliness.

*As Sherlock and Moriarty are falling*

Sherlock: Well, I knew you would steal my oxygen tank, so I brought a boat, and strategically placed several mattresses on its deck.

*Moriarty looks down and sees that this is so*

Moriarty: Well I knew you would have a plan like that, so I brought a plane! Because I'm secretly a time traveler, and can bring technology from the future with me!

*Moriarty climbs into a plane*

Sherlock: Well…so am I! And I brought a genius future metal suit that can fly!

*Sherlock becomes Ironman*

Sherlock: Tank missile

*He shoots a tank missile at the plane. It explodes*

*Sherlock sits at the café opposite Batman and Superman*

Superman: So, wait. You're not actually a superhero?

Sherlock: No, I'm just really smart.

*Superman and Batman share a horrified glance*

Superman: Then, dude, what are you doing here?

Sherlock: Outsmarting you both.

Batman: You can't outsmart me. I'm Batman.

Sherlock: Yes I can. *Deduces everything about Batman* And I'm here because you invited me.

*Batman shifts uncomfortably*

Superman: Dude, you just got pwned!

*Sherlock turns and deduces everything about Superman*

*Ironman comes in. DOUBLE ROBERT DOWNEY JR. all across the sky*

*And takes off his mask. They all marvel at his resemblance to Sherlock*

Superman: Duuuuuuude, that totally happened to me before!

*HISHE logo. The guy from Jurassic Park comes on in 1800's drag*

Guy from end of HISHE Jurassic Park (singing same tune): She-erlock Ho-olmes, he likes to dress up like a gi-irl, and the-en jump off cliffs without a parachute.

Starz media logo

End scene of Game of Shadows. *Sherlock gets up from the chair and begins typing. The dog bites his leg*


Watson: Gladstone, what are you-OH MY GOD HOLMES YOU'RE ALIVE JESUS CHRIST!

*Fierce makeout session*

*Overjoyed fandom*

*Disgusted republicans*

*End video*

Dedicated to my dear friends Ironman and Britishman. Without you, I would still be going to sleep at a reasonable hour instead of staying up watching Doctor Who.