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Anything For Shizu-Chan: Extra Chapter

Izaya woke up the next morning in his bedroom, the sheets of his bed thrown to the floor, and his body throbbing. The cover sheet on his bed stuck irritatingly to his skin and left creases. His head was positively killing him. Lifting himself to his elbows he groaned as his lower back and ass throbbed with a dull pain. Silently he laid back down, his mind covered in a sheen of sleep and fatigue. He turned to his side slowly, wanting to slip back into the comfort of sleep;however, his brain was already running and telling him to get up. Work wouldn't do itself. That was when the events from the night before trickled into his mind at a slow pace. The memories were very vague to him and of what he could remember, not much made sense. He wouldn't call it amnesia. No, that would mean he was missing too much of his memories from the night before. He remembered quite a lot from the night before. He remembered that he had eaten dinner rather late, Namie hadn't come home early enough to make his favourite beef stew, and after a bit of information gathering in his city he hopped over to see his Shizu-cha-... A chill passed over his body and he shivered; pulling the covers over his cold body. The chill settled in his spine and his thoughts stopped before his head went numb. Of course. Now he understood why his body was throbbing the way it was. He and Shizu-chan had...

Namie was downstairs in Izaya's office reading a book and waiting for the raven haired information broker to wake up when a shrill scream made her lurch back from her chair. Her head whipped over to the stairs of the second floor before she sighed, calmly put her book on the table in front of her, over turned and open so she wouldn't lose her page before she made her way upstairs. When Namie finally opened the door to Izaya's room, the man was in the bathroom stripping as fast as he could. His hands shaking were shaking and even though she only glanced at his profile, she could see marks that looked like hand prints. Focusing her attention back on the raven's face in the mirror, she spoke.

"Izaya, what in the hell-?" Namie was about to ask what the male was doing when Izaya turned from the mirror with a deeply horrified and slightly crazed look.

"Shizu-chan screwed me." He said before his attention was back at the mirror, his eyes assessing the bite marks and love nips that adorned his previously perfect skin. Namie looked at Izaya with widened eyes, clearly shocked by this news. Her brain fought to process this shocking information as she stood in the doorway of Izaya's bathroom.

Of course Izaya must have meant that metaphorically. He screwed Izaya over right? But then why was Izaya so panicked? He was never panicked like this. And those bite marks... Namie could tell then that Izaya meant it litterally. Shizuo Heiwajima had actually had sex with Izaya Orihara. When the conclusion finally came to her Namie turned from Izaya's bathroom, made her way out of his room, and carefully shut the door. From behind the door she could hear Izaya turn on the water in the shower and she assumed he would be in there for a while. As she made her way down the stairs, she wondered what in the hell Izaya could have done to make Shizuo that forward with the broker.

Izaya at that moment was trying to figure out a way to scrub his skin off. He had the loofa in his hand and had it lathered with soap, hoping to the gods that he could somehow scrub off all the marks that his enemy had given him. He was also trying to get his head in order. Last night had been completely his fault. He had advanced on Shizuo and wanted the other man's attention. He had even told the blonde he loved him. Izaya had to slam his head against the wall on that thought. Love him? Izaya? No. Izaya loved humans. Shizuo was anything but human. Yesterday was an enormous contradiction to his entire life and he couldn't fathom why in the hell he had done it.

As he scrubbed his bruised skin vigorously he vaguely remembered something about Celty giving him some of the ingredients for the dinner that he had eaten. At that thought his hand halted in its chore to clean his body and his mocking grin grew on his face. Oh Celty. What could you have put in the food?

After Izaya was finished cleaning himself outside he worked on brushing his teeth and cleaning out his ears. Once he finished preparing for the day he started heading downstairs. The first step towards the bottom floor was hell. It stung all the way up his spine and down his legs. His knees nearly buckled and he cringed back as he quickly made his way down. Once at the bottom he took a deep breath, his back ridged, and tried to make his way to the kitchen with what dignity he had left.

He ate breakfast slowly, making sure he used up as much of his morning as humanly possible before grabbing his coat and walking to the front door. He needed to talk to Shizuo about this. He needed to explain that this wasn't how it was supposed to turn out, that he hadn't meant to jump the beast inside a warehouse. Izaya wondered if the whole warehouse thing was also Celty's idea. He would need to talk to Shinra after he was done talking to Shizuo... if he was still alive afterward.

The walk to Ikebukuro was long. On a usual day it would only seem like a five minute walk, but Izaya dreaded having to see the man. Not only did he dread seeing him, he didn't know what to say when he saw him! He still didn't know how he got home last night. That was something that he completely blanked on. No matter how hard he tried to remember, last nights events ended with him falling asleep wrapped in Shizuo's arms. He couldn't remember anything after that. He did not want to hear what happened afterward. So when he finally stood in front of Shizuo's door he didn't think he could knock on the door let alone do what he had planned and walk right in.

He stood there for a few minutes, wondering if he should just leave before the door suddenly opened, a blonde head of hair popping through the crack. Hair was messed up, sunglasses missing, and bar outfit replaced with a white T-shirt, Shizuo slowly appeared in the doorway. Izaya couldn't help his reaction. He backed up several paces and blushed furiously.

"Sh-shizuo!" Izaya managed to squeak out in surprise. Shizuo in turn cocked an eye brow and straightened before opening the door completely.

"Flea? What are you doing here?" Shizuo asked in a voice tired but irritated as his hand tightening on the knob of his front door. Izaya was practically panicking on the inside but still gave Shizuo that annoying smirk that he loved to give.

"What, I can't come make a house call to see my favourite monster?" He asked and Shizuo's eye twitched before he shut she door with a slam that made the wall to the building shake. Izaya looked at the door with a clueless and innocent look as he stood outside of Shizuo's apartment and after a moment of silence bent down and put his hands over his head. 'Why the hell did I just call him a monster the day after we did it? I mean I love to tease him but it's not like you can't just call someone a pussy and expect them the let you into their house.' So with a curse to his pride and the balls of Satan, he knocked on Shizuo's door again.

The door nearly flew off its hinges less than a minute later and a fuming Shizuo was standing in the doorway again, his hand above him with a frying pan in hand. Izaya's eye widened and he took a step back. Shizuo swung the pan and Izaya jumped out of the way causing pain to shoot up his back. He stumbled and fell onto the very part of him that hurt the most and he cried out, rolling a bit so he wasn't sitting on his butt, but laying on his side. Everything froze for a moment before Shizuo put the pan down by his side and took a step towards the raven haired man who was scrambling to turn around. Izaya got up on his knees and turned with pained look to keep a guarded eye on the man across from him. Shizuo looked at the other man with a frustrated but apologetic look. Izaya inspected his face in the silence that surrounded them but still could not understand the meaning of that look.

'I's Shizu-chan angry at me for hurting myself? Or is he angry at himself for hurting me?' Izaya asked himself as he went to stand up. About half way into standing up Izaya's knees buckled and fell from underneath him. Yelping and falling forward he clenched his eyes shut and tumbled towards the ground. Shizuo's arm shot out against his will and caught the man, only letting his forehead skim the concrete before he was pulled back up. The whiplash that Izaya adopted from the ordeal left him with a large sense of vertigo. He could barely hear it when the pan was thrown to the side and he was hefted into the blonde's arms. When he got his bearings Izaya came face to face with that white T-shirt that Shizuo was wearing and he jerked back to look up at him. "What are you doing Shizu-" He began to speak but Shizuo cut him off by swinging him around a tad too violently and stepping into his apartment. Blinking in confusion the information broker looked around the simple apartment. His eyes scanned the normalcy of it before he realized they were in Shizuo's room and heading for his bed. "Ah, hey! Shizuo, I asked you a quest-" Before he could finish he was unceremoniously tossed onto the bed.

"Stay there." Shizuo said with an unamused tone before turning around. Shizuo gave him an incredulous look and sat up, wincing at the throb in his hips.

"What makes you think I'm going to stay here?" He asked as he shifted more on the bed. Damn it, his pride was really getting in the way of things. He came here to talk to Shizu-chan, not annoy the hell outta him. Shizuo turned around again with a serious look.

"Unless you plan to climb out of my window with your body like that," He spoke in an unamused voice while glancing down at Izaya's hips. "I don't think you're going anywhere." He finished as he turned and made his way from the room, closing the door behind him and Izaya heard a click that meant he was locked in. Why hadn't he brought his lock picking kit again? Oh right, Dotachin still had it.

Sighing, Izaya turned his head towards the window. He could exit through the window, but like Shizu-chan said, he'd probably hurt himself even more trying to get out than if he just stayed in the room. So with a huff of defeat and a groan, Izaya laid back down on the bed.

'If I wanted to leave I would've left by now, but you're the only one that knows me better than I know myself.' The thought was just a whisper in the back of his head and Izaya quickly swatted it away. Shizu-chan didn't know anything about Izaya other than his job. He didn't know anything about his personal life; like what he did when he was bored, where he ate his meals in his house, where his apartment even was... Izaya felt himself curl up and shift onto his side facing the window. Of course Shizuo didn't know anything about him. Then again, most of the time Izaya was getting chased by Shizuo. Shizuo knew more about Izaya than most people did. He knew what excited Izaya, what made him angry, and knew him on a more intimate level than he had granted less than a handful of people. Even with those people he had only let them in on a physical level, never more than that, but with Shizuo...

During his brooding thought process Shizuo returned, closing the door with a soft click that Izaya seemed not to have heard. Shizuo made note that the man was not only curled up on his bed, but didn't hear him come in. With quiet foot falls on soft carpeting Shizuo made his way over to the raven haired flea on his bed and placed the things he had retrieved on his bedside table. The noise from the objects hitting the soft wood did nothing the break the smaller man's train of thought. Shizuo let a small grin fall on his lips as he bent down next to the young man's ear.

"Izaya." He whispered as if calling out to him. Izaya jerked at the warm breath on his ear and quickly turned over, nearly hitting his nose on Shizuo's chin before the blonde pulled his head back. Shizuo looked at him with an amused look before straightening.

"Sh-Shizuo." Izaya stuttered as he sat up. Said blonde crossed his arms, the smug smirk still on his lips.

"When did you decide to call me Shizuo instead of using that ridiculous nickname?" He asked to which Izaya's face deepened in color.

The younger hadn't noticed that he had been using the blonde's real name. Had he just switched because of last night? It seemed logical. He had read once on the internet that a girl had trained his husband to become aroused at the scent of bananas by just using it in a sexual event. Shizuo had made it clear during their bonding that he wanted to be called Shizuo and not Shizu-chan. Clearing his throat Izaya looked to the side, his eyes drawn to the things on the table. Lotion and 'Icy Hot' patches?

'So Shizuo thinks he's responsible for the pain I'm in...' Izaya thought to himself as he watched Shizuo pick up the lotion.

"Take off your shoulders pull down your pants a bit." He said and Izaya's eyes flew up to meet the blondes. He couldn't be serious?

"That's sexual harrassment Shizu-chan." Izaya said and Shizuo's eyes narrowed at the nickname that fell from the others lips. As Izaya realized his mistake and clenched his eyes shut when he saw Shizuo reach for him he felt his heart beat quicken. Then a hand was on his head. It was stiff and it felt like Shizuo was trying to keep his anger in, but he didn't hit Izaya. As Iaya opened his eyes he looked up at Shizuo and saw the crease between two blonde eye brows.

"Izaya." He spoke low and dark which sent a shiver going down Izaya's spine. Slowly the red eyed man took off his black skin tight t-shirt and shimmied his pants down a bit so half of his rear end showed. Shizuo helped him shift onto his stomach and calmly spread some of the lotion onto his palm before rubbing it between both of his hands.

"We do need to talk Shizuo." Izaya muttered into the pillow he was lying on. Shizuo hummed in acknowledgment as he ran two lotion covered hands down Izaya's sides, pressing down on the short males back with his thumbs. Izaya gave a light grown into the pillow as his sore muscles were massaged.

"What is there to talk about?" Izaya heard Shizuo ask as he sighed into the pillow. Lifting his head he tired his best to look back at Shizuo, but the man was too focused on relieving Izaya of the muscle ache to meet his gaze. Looking down, Izaya turned his head back to lean his chin on his arms.

"Well, for one thing..." Izaya fumbled with his words as Shizuo pressed on a particularly sensitive spot and he tried again. "I jumped you in a warehouse against your will." He explained quietly. Shizuo stayed silent and he went on. "You're supposed to hate me." He mumbled and Shizuo's hands paused only a moment, seemingly shocked by his words, before continuing.

"Do you hate me?" Shizuo's deep voice came from behind him. Izaya looked at a particularly interesting fold in the sheets and worried his lower lip.

"I love humans." He explained and winced as a muscle was worked into submission. Shizuo hummed in understanding and when his hands began to drag along the skin he distributed more lotion onto his hands before rubbing them together again. Izaya took a moment to breathe as Shizuo warmed the lotion with his hands.

"Right. I'm still a monster." Shizuo stated coldly and when he continued to massage Izaya's back it wasn't the soothing kneeding it had been before. "That's how I treated you and I know that I sometimes lose my temper." He muttered and his hands changed to the soothing pressure once again. Izaya felt a small pain in his chest that ran through his stomach and up to his throat. Swallowing, he shoved his face into the pillow and fought to sort his thoughts out.

'If I wanted to go I would've gone by now, but I need you near me to keep my mind off the edge.' He concluded and felt Shizuo's hand's disappear. "Shizuo..." He called quietly before he felt more lotion being worked into his skin along his spine. If he kept doing this he was going to turn into a puddle on the bed. "I crossed the line a lot... I'm..." He explained as Shizuo ran his thumbs down the crevice at the back of his spine leading to more intimate areas. It wasn't low enough to cause a reaction but Shizuo still shivered. Shizuo's fingers slid up his back again, tracing his shoulder blades before kneading his shoulders. Izaya groaned.

"I know." Was all Shizuo said, as if he knew that Izaya wanted to apologies. They were silent for a while, only the sound on skin sliding on skin could be heard among their breathing before Shizuo pulled back, wiped his hands on a towel and reached for the IcyHot patch. Izaya tensed in anticipation of the heat. When the patch was placed on his lower back the warmth made its way into his muscles and he sighed.

"Thank you Shizuo." Izaya mumbled into the pillow. There was a sudden small pressure in his back between his shoulder blades and he smiled a bit as he realized that Shizuo had left a kiss on his skin as his way of saying 'you're welcome'.

"Stay there." Shizuo said and Izaya only rubbed his face into the pillow and held it closer to him.

"It's hard sometimes, but I couldn't ever leave your side no matter what I say." Izaya whispered and Shizuo let out an amused breath as he got up from the bed to leave the room.

"I know." Was the only thing he said before the door closed and Izaya closed his eyes.

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