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Two years have passed since Pebbles has been with the decepticons and nothing has been any trouble since Brawl and Storm were destroyed. Everyone had gotten used to having the sparkling femme around and still continued with their work, rage on missions and fighting autobot's but when Pebbles was around they all acted nice and always greeted her. She wasn't much into fighting and always worried about everyone so they tried to keep it to them self's.

The Combaticons were not use to not having Brawl around anymore, that was one less of them and couldn't transform into Bruticus who Megatron needed if possible on missions. So they all came up with a idea and bult a trailer sort of thing and brought it along with them, this would fill in for Brawl and everyone seemed to agree with it. It was an effort to drag it around but it did make things easier.

The only one that had changed that everyone had noticed was Skywarp, they day he found out he was a father his whole life was different. All he cared about was his daughter. He was also more careful on missions and didn't do anything stupid like he uses to before Pebbles was here. Megatron thought it was a problem because he needed him for missions and needed him tough, strong and mean. Sure the first two were on him but not mean. He just didn't do it.

Megatron was bothered by it but tried not to let it get to him. He knew this has happened only because of Pebbles.

Pebbles was just like a normal sparkling. She still carried on like on, acted like one, spoke like one and also day dreamed like one. She was full of character she wanted to help out as much as possible but also messed it up. This would make everyone laugh and tell her it was alright, which she accepted. For the past two years Pebbles had learn so much with the earth and looked up many things she admired. It was just a normal schedule.

In the morning Skywarp would take her to get energon then he would bring her to either Hook or Soundwave who would teach her or look after her for the day while Skywarp worked. They would take her to have lunch and then she would be sent back to her room where she was given some homework so she wouldn't lose focus and after she was done she did whatever she wanted. Skywaro would return in the late afternoon and the two watched the human channels enjoying the entertainment.

It would be late then and Pebbles would go into recharge. Megatron had agreed to let Skywarp have the two earth days off a week so he could spend time with his daughter teaching her to warp properly and hang out more. Just like a normal human family. It was just a simple life and Pebbles was starting to find it boring.

Though no one knew this she wanted something new and different. She wanted to discover secret places and have wild imaginations. She would day dream of her mother right beside her and pretend to talk to her, telling her about her day or if she wanted to play a game. She was missing her mother deeply and wanted hold her again, wanted to feel her. An older femme's touch is what she needed.

She asked if she would be able to visit the autobot femmes once in a while but Megatron refused, not wanting her to get attached to them which she wasn't happy with and got all upset. Skywarp had to explain that she was with the decepticon's and she could only have one because they were both different sides. She would nod and that was all. So she would day dream of being with her mother which made her feel slightly better.

She missed her mother.



Skywarp heard his daughter's voice and went into her room to see what she wanted.

"Yeah baby?"

Pebbles smiled at her father and held up her hands with a small butterfly made out of colourful metal and string "Do you like it?"

"Wow that's really nice" He smiled kneeling down "Who did you makes that for?"

"For mummy"

Skywarp blinked a few times "Oh" He thought for a moment "Do you want to visit her so you can give it to her?"

"But mummy's right here" Pebbles looked her to right where Skywarp followed but no one was there.

"W-what do you mean?"

Pebbles giggled and looked to her right "Daddy can be silly sometimes hey mummy?" She said

"Sweetie you know no one is there right?"

Pebbles looked up at him and quickly looked away, throwing the butterfly on the floor and hoped on her berth where she covered herself with a blanket and laid there. Skywarp stared at her before hearing her soft cries and right away she sat beside her on the berth.

"Hey hey it's alright, come on sweetie talk to me" He said petting her back gently.

Pebbles sat up and hugged her father on his chest, nuzzling into him.

"I-I miss mummy" She sobbed

"I know you do so do I"

"I-I… want my m-mummy" She coughed.

Skywarp knew she was really upset, he had never seen her so upset before and he had to do something about it.

"Do you want to visit her?"

"N-no I want her here"

"Maybe you should take a nap. Dream about her it will make you feel better" He smiled.

Pebbles seemed to buy this and nodded her head, laying down and letting her father tuck her in.

Skywarp picked up the handmade butterfly and placed it on her bedside table for her.

"It's really nice work you did. I know your upset but trust me a nap will make you feel better. When you wake up I will take you out and we can do some warping alright?"

"I will really like that daddy" She said softly.

"Good" He leaned down kissing her helm "Get some rest, I love you"

"I love you too daddy" She shut her optics, feeling herself go into recharge before Skywarp left.

He let out a sigh as he walked down the hall. His daughter had been day dreaming about her mother being around them which was a small problem. If this continued it might continue for a while and he had to ask some help.

He walked to Hook's medic bay where he knew he could get some answers.

"Hey Skywarp, what brings you here?"

"I need to ask some questions"

"About what?"

"About Pebbles"

Hook looked up from his work and placed it aside, standing up and walking over to him "Alright then. Shoot"

"Well lately she has been imagining things and just before she was pretending her mother was right next to her, like she was having a conversation with her. I told her that no one was there and she just started to cry. I don't know what to do, is this normal?" He asked worried.

Hook smirked, leaning on the table behind him "It's alright Skywarp. She's still young and she just misses her mother. All sparklings picture things that we can't see, it's normal. Also she is missing the touch of a femme which is normal as well so she is just using her mind to picture what she can't have. There is nothing to worry about she will grow out of it one day. All you can do is just let it flow"

"Well what can I do for now?"

"Well" Hook thought for a second "Maybe find another femme as a mate"

"You kidding right?"

"No I'm not. This might be good for the both of you"

"I-I don't think so Hook. I don't want another mate I just want Pebbles to be happy"

"Well think about it at least. I don't know what else to tell you Skywarp, just see what happens"

Skywarp smiled "Thanks Hook"

"No worries. Where is she now?"

"She's taking a nap before I take her out again for some warping"

"That's a good idea. Be careful though I heard there was a storm coming but it might not be that bad"

"Thanks for the heads up" With the Skywarp left. He had a lot on his mind.

Later that day

"Come on daddy hurry!" Pebbles was bouncing off the walls now after her nap, she was super excited about going outside.

"Alright I'm coming" Skywarp laughed trying to catch up to his daughter.

"Can we try and warp out of here instead of using the exit?" She jumped up and down excitedly.

"Alright but we have to be careful. You ready?"

"Ah ha" She smiled.

"Alright ready, steady…go!"

They cracked and disappeared in think air warping outside the base and to land where they would meet. Skywarp was the first to appear and looked around to find his daughter. She appeared right in front of him and right away she squealed happily running away from him. Skywarp went after her and laughed as she ran ahead.

"To big bad monster is gonna eat you up" He puto n his monster voice and running.

"N-no you can't catch me!" She looked back trying to get away. But saw her father wasn't behind her. She stopped and looked around trying to find him but suddenly she was lifted into the air and her father pretented to eat her.

"Oh yum yum. Sparkling taste good" He gave her raspberries on her stomach making her giggle and struggle.

"I don't taste good" She giggled.

"Time to put you in my cooking bot" She laid her over his shoulders as he walked through the bush carrying her. She giggled more and struggled to get away but it was no good. Skywarp thought he had her before she cracked and disappeared. He smirked she was cleaver.

"Try and catch me" He looked to his left and there she was running away from him again. He went after her and knew he was going to get her again.

As he came over the hill he stopped dead in his tracks as he looked over the land and the skies. The skies were mad and he felt the wind pick up a little blowing on him. He looked down and saw his daughter still running away from him but knew they had to head back to base.

"Pebbles we should go back this storm could get worse" He shouted so she could hear.

"Awww please daddy just a little longer"

"I'll take you out next time when there is no storm. I just didn't think this storm would be this bad"

"But daddy-"

"I'm sorry princess"

Pebbles sighed and looked at the ground which Skywarp saw. He let out a sigh feeling bad now.

"Alright ten more minutes but then we have to head back"

Pebbles jumped up with joy before bolting off.

"Don't go too far"

"I won't" She called back.

Skywarp didn't run after her but only followed. He was thinking about what Hook had told him. Another femme? He wasn't sure about that. He thought it might make Pebbles feel better and have a femmes touch around her but what about him. He didn't really want another mate all he wanted was his daughter but he also wanted her to be happy. Also if he would find another mate it would have to be a femme that would willing to join the decepticon's, loves sparklings and care about him. But with the low amount of femmes at the moment most of them were autobot's it just didn't look like it would happen. But he had to do something about it.

He looked up and saw the clouds were getting darker and the thunder echoed on the land. He looked around trying to find Pebbles but she was nowhere in sight.

"Pebbles?" He called out,

"Oh here daddy" He heard her voice and knew she was a little far away from him. As he made his way through the trees and bushes he got into the open and saw his daughter. She was inside of a space bridge they had here and she was giggling and running around inside of it.

"This is so cool" She said.

"Come on Pebbles it's not safe in there" He said.

"Come on daddy try and catch me?" She started to run around in circles in the space bridge.

"Pebbles this is no time for games" She shouted "We have to head back now"

But she wasn't listening and continued to dance and run.

"Pebbles I mean it" He said and went into the space bridge to get her but she wouldn't obey and just giggled like this was a game.

"The storm is going to hit soon we have to go back to base or we will-"

He was cut off and the two froze as a large lightning bolt hit the space bridge with power and started to go crazy. Pebbles screamed and stopped so her father could pick her up and hold her. He tried to find a way out but was distracted as he was electrocuted on his left wing. Burning a hole in him and let out a painful scream before falling to his knees.

"Daddy!" Pebbles screamed in fright.

She held onto him as the space bridge started to whirl around and come to life. She whimpered as she held onto her father.

"I-I'm sorry daddy I should have listened!" She cried out.

Before the two knew it they were spinning and then gone. The last thing Skywarp heard of the thunder from the storms and Pebbles screams.

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