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"This is my room, this is my berth, these are my toys...oh and this is my drawing table and, and...and this is where I watch my movies...oh, oh and-"

Pebbles was running around her room like a hypo sparkling, showing Arcee everything she had in her room and showing what she did as well. Arcee happily watched with a smile as she listened to her. She felt her spark warm up to see her so happy again, she was so glad to be back home and knew she missed everything here.

Skywarp stood out of the room as he watched with a soft grin. He knew Pebbles was going to do this and saw Arcee didn't mind at all. He let out a smirk as he thought about this. He was glad she was back home, away from those other Decepticon's. He never expect any of this to happen, but who could see it coming? He just been with Hook as he patched up and repaired his wing so he was able to fly again, he also got the stupid chip removed from his CPU so he was able to warp again with no pain. It felt good to be back home with his team and friends.

"Hey buddy"

He turned to see Thundercracker had come in "Hey there"

"How you doing? You alright?"

"I'll be fine. Just a lot to take in about what happened. But I'll be ok"

"No one expected this but at least your back again. It's been a ruff few months"

"It has"

Thundercracker looked into Pebbles room and gave a smile to see the femme "She's pretty"

"Yeah...she is"

He could sense something from him "You care about her?"

He sighed "I do...deeply. But this is for the best"

"Does she care about you?"

"I think she does, but don't think either of us will know for sure"

"Have you asked her?" Thundercracker stood next to him as he spoke.

"We have talk about it but like I said were not sure. She says she has feeling's for me, but it wouldn't work out"

"I see" Thundercracker sighed "Pebbles seems to like her"

"She does very much but understand's Arcee won't be staying"

"How did she take it?"

"Not very good, but she will understand later"

"Sure she will. I'm sorry it couldn't work out for you"

"I knew it would happen though"

Thundercracker sighed "Sometimes thing's just don't go the way you want it"

"Yeah...I know"

"You will meet someone else one day"

Skywarp stared at Arcee as she played with Pebbles, letting out a deep sigh and looking away "None of them will be like her"

Thundercracker placed his hand on his shoulder "You'll be ok. Just glad to have you and Pebbles back"

He gave a smile "It feels good to be back"

"I'll check on you later"

He watched as his friend left and went back to watching Arcee and Pebbles. She let out a giggle as she ran around showing off anything she had.

"Your dad sure does spoil you" Arcee laughed softly.

"He does" She giggled back.

Skywarp now came into the room "How are you two going?"

"Were doing good" Arcee now stood "I can see you make sure she has everything"

He smiled at her before looking at Pebbles "Did you show her everything?"

"I think I did" She looked around to make sure of it and then looking at the adults "So what now?"

Both Skywarp and Arcee looked at each other and back at her. Right away Pebbles knew "You going to leave now?"

Arcee knelt down "Yeah. I have to go soon. I know this is not what you wanted. But you understand right?"

"Yeah" She sighed "I guess I do. Will you visit?"

"I-I...Maybe but I'm not sure"

Skywarp now spoke "The other Decepticon's might find a way to get here and then were all in trouble. It might be best if Arcee didn't"

"I know. I do understand really I do, I just wish everything would be easier"

"Everyone wishes that"

Pebbles gave a quick nod before throwing herself into Arcee's arms, hugging and nuzzling into her chest not wanting to let go.

"I'll miss you" Pebbles whispered.

Arcee held her tight as she sighed "I'll miss you too Pebbles"

Skywarp gave a soft smile as the two femmes hugged each other. He knew his daughter was going to miss her, but so was he. But this was what she wanted and he knew very well it was for the best like he has told himself for a long time now.

Pebbles let the hug end and looked up at her father and spotted his wings "Hey! You got your wing back?"

"Yeah I did" Skywarp smiled "Feels good to be one hundred percent again. Hook is done with me and would like to see you next. Why don't you see him while I take Arcee back home"

Pebbles agreed but didn't go until she gave one last hug to Arcee "Will you remember us?"

"I sure will" She smiled "I couldn't ever forget"

As Skywarp took Pebbles to Hook he took Arcee out of the base and back to the Autobot's where she could go home. He carried her in his arms as he flow over the ocean and over the land. She felt Arcee giving him a tight hold and a small nuzzle into his chest. He smiled at this.

"You ok?" He asked.

"Yeah" Arcee softly said "I'm ok. Just..."

At this Skywarp lowered to the ground and gently let go of her so she could stand.

"What's wrong?"

Arcee looked up at him confused of why they stopped "I-I...Skywarp...this doesn't feel right"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean this. Me going back and leaving Pebbles and you. I'll never see either of you again"

"I know this is not what we all want but we have talked about this and it's for the best" Skywarp told her.

Arcee sighed and turned her back to him, walking over to the cliff as she looked over the view "I'm staying"

It took Skywarp a short moment to think over what she just said "W-what? Your staying?"

"Yes" Arcee turned back to face him with a smile "I-I will get use to it. I know it won't be easy at first but like I said, I'll get use to it"

Skywarp tried to speak but she kept cutting in "Arcee-"

"I know I'm an Autobot but other's have told me love always comes first. I never believed it until I started to have feels for you"

"Arcee I-"

"I'm no Decepticon and I would never be one, I'm not sure how it would work out but I'm sure we can sort thing's out"

"Arcee please stop-"

"Do you think your leader will mind? Will the other's be ok with it? I-I'm not sure myself but-"

Skywarp then jumped in "Arcee!" He grabbed both her arms and pinned them to her side, making her face him and he still. He gave a sigh "You have to go back"

Arcee swallowed a little as he said that "Is that what you want?"

"It's not, but it's the best choice. I'm not going to let you throw your life away"

"I-I'm not throwing my life away"

"You are if you stay. You have to go back to your world, back to your friends and back to your father" Skywarp cupped her face softly in his hands as he stared at her "I like you very much, I want to be with you, I want you to stay I really do. But were both completely different. I'm a Decepticon your an Autobot and were both from different universes. I've seen your loyalty for the Autobot's and your need to carry that on"

"Skywarp I-I-" Arcee whispered but was silenced by a kiss on the lips.

At the begining of all this, she hated him. She wanted him gone and back to where ever he came from. She grew to like Pebbles though, a sweet sparkling that was raised by Deceptiocn's was something she didn't expect. In time she grew closer to him, wanting him closer and closer until they would be holding each other.

She softly leaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close to her so he wouldn't break apart. Skywarp let a soft moan escape as she felt her press more closer. Skywarp wanted this to continue, to never end and to hold her for as long as he lives. But a sudden interuption came as he saw he was getting a com link from an Autobot, it was Optimus.

"Skywarp. I hate to rush you but Arcee will need to be back soon, her friends are worried about her"

"I understand. We will be there shortly"

Skywarp sighed as he ended it and looked at Arcee who gave a soft smile.

"I guess I should be getting back then"


"You ok?"

"Not really, but it has to happen. I'm sorry"

"Don't be" She smiled cupping his cheek his her hand "Your care about me, like I care about you. We won't forget about any of this at all"

"I know" He smiled.

Arcee walked by and held his hand "You coming?"

Back at the Autobot base everyone was waiting for the two to arrive while the ground bridge was still turned on. They didn't want to risk anything or turning it off in case there was no way for Arcee to get back.

"How long will they be?" Ironhide asked.

"They shouldn't be too long" Optimus replied.

"Let them take there time" Chromia said as she walked forward "Everyone has been through a lot over the last few months but nothing like what Skywarp and Pebbles have gone through"

"She's right" Jazz sighed "Love is something beautiful but not all the time it works out. Let them say there goodbyes, we shouldn't rush them"

"I guess your right" Ironhide sighed.

Just as he said that Skywarp came to the entrance of the base with Arcee, both looking at Optimus.

"You ready to head back?" He asked.

"Yeah...sure" She said softly coming forward and towards the ground bridge.

"Arcee wait" Skywarp said coming forward to her.

She turned around to see what he wanted to say.

"I want you to have this" He held her hand out and placed a small metal butterfly in her hand, the one Pebbles had made "She would want you to have it"

"Thank you" She smiled holding it close to her chest "I won't loose it"

"Take care of yourself Arcee" Skywarp told her "Don't get yourself killed"

"The same with you" She gave a smirk "Take care of Pebbles, don't screw up" She joked as she headed for the ground bridge.

"Be good" He stood back as Arcee went into the ground bridge and watched as she disappeared into it before she was gone. She sighed as he knew that was going to be the last time he ever saw her.

"You alright Skywarp?" Optimus asked coming to him, placing his hand on his shoulder but Skywarp quickly shook it off.

"No I'm not ok" He firmly siad before leaving the base and back to his own.

All Optimus could do was watch as he gave the order to Ratchet to shut down the ground bridge for good.

Meanwhile back in the Prime world Arcee made it through the ground bridge in time to just see it disappear behind her for good, knowing there was no way to head back again.

"Arcee you ok?" Jack asked as he came over.

"No not really" She sighed.

"It will be alright Arcee" Optimus came over trying to comfort her "Were all here for you"

But she only looked away and ran out the base, transforming and driving off. Jack was about to follow her, but Optimus stopped him.

"Give her time"

He sighed going back up stairs where Miko and Raf both watched. Nothing was going to be the same again.

Later the night...

Arcee sat at the top of the base and looked over the night land, staring at the mountains around her and feeling the cool breeze on her face. She hugged her legs to her chest as she felt lonely and wanted nothing more then to feel Skywarp along with Pebbles right next to her.


She turned her helm to see Jack had come up to the roof. He wore his jacket as the weather was a little cold for the humans.

"I thought you could use some company" He said putting his hands in his pockets.

"I'm fine"

"Arcee your not fine" Jack said coming closer "You miss him"

She hung her helm as she knew he was right, she missed him very much and it had only been one night.

"Look on the bright side. Everything is back the way it should be. Skywarp and Pebbles are back in there world. What had happened was very crazy, no one would think it's possible"

"I know"

"Were all here for you Arcee" He placed his hand on her knee giving her a smile "I'm here as well"

She gave a smile at him "Thank you Jack"

Jack sat next to her as they both talked for a bit, trying to make everything better but it was going to take time. All Arcee could do was be strong and move on. She knew that is what Skywarp would have wanted.

G1 universe...

Skywarp walked down the hall of the base, looking at the ground as he headed back to his room where Pebbles was with Blizzard and Ravage, being looked after by Thundercracker. He needed some fresh air as the humans would say. He had a lot on his mind.


As he heard his name he turned around to see Megatron.

"I need a work with you, follow me"

He didn't answer but did as he was told. Maybe he was going to be updated on what he has missed over the past few months. Whatever it was heknew it was important becasue his leader never wanted to speak in private with any of his men. Even if it was something personal about them Megatron still spoke freely.

He entered Megatron's quarters which no one has ever entered. It looked the same to his own, only bigger since he was the leader.

"I wanted to speak to you in private about what has happened" He turned to face him and Skywarp couldn't help but study his face for a moment.

He saw the fresh wounds and cuts he had got from the other Megatron. But it showed he risked his life for him and Pebbles, something Megatron would probably never show or do again.

"How is Pebbles?"

He looked at his leader again "She's ok. Will take time for everything to settle for her, but she's be alright"

"How's yourself?"

"I'll be ok"

Megatron walked past him as he continued "A lot has happened. Your strong Skywarp and you have shown that since Pebbles arrived. She has changed you which I do like"

Skywarp could sense something else he was trying to say "But?"

"How long as it been now since Pebbles has been here?"

Skywarp quickly thought for a moment "A-almost a year now"

"And in that year a lot has happened around here. Pebbles has touched most of the Decepticon's sparks. It took time for a few and one even offline because of her"

"You mean Brawl? Sir he hurt her and turned his back on the Decepticon's. He chose his path"

"I agree. He was trouble and I do care about Pebbles"

"Sir" He sighed "Is there something you trying to say, because I'm not following why you wanted me here"

"Very well. I'll only ask one more question. How long until Pebbles get's her final upgrade?"

"Not for another thousand years, if not a little less"

"That is a long time"

"I know" He sighed "It is but she is going to be perfect when the time comes"

"She will be" Megatron now stood in front of him "How do you feel if she get's her upgrade a little earlier?"

"Eariler? How eariler?"

Megatron stared at him for a moment, like he was waiting for the right moment before speaking "In a few years, if not less"

"What?" Skywarp couldn't understand what he meant really.

"It should be enough time for Pebbles to get her training and education done. But it will be a fast progress,. What do you think about that?"

Skywarp stared at him leader with shock "I-I don't know what to say. Megatron you have to understand she is far too young. You know the risk everyone does. If she gets it too early it could kill her"

"Not if we are prepared. She should be ok"

"It's too much of a gamble. I'm sorry but I'm saying no"

He saw the neutral look from his leader, he didn't know what to expect from him but to his surprise all he did was speak more.

"I know Pebbles was responsible for getting you into that universe"

He was about to protest but he was right, Pebbles was the one who caused it "It wasn't her fault. She was only playing"

"What if it happens again? What if she runs off on one of her adventures? What if she get's lost or worse? She causes trouble Skywarp you have to understand why I'm saying this"

"I-I...Megtron please she's only a sparkling and-"

"That's why I want her to get the upgrade soon"

"It's too risky" Skywarp finally said "I can't do that to her"

"At least think about it"

With that said Megatron showed him the exit and watched as Skywarp left, leaving a lot on his mind.

Pebbles getting an upgrade? Was it too soon? Of cause it was she is way too young for it. She was no where near as ready for it and even if she was she was still just a sparkling. But what his leader told him was true. Pebbles was a curious sparkling and when she ever went on her own trouble would be around the corner. But it wasn't for fault she was just a sparkling. That was just going to be the answer for everything, just a sparkling.

He loved his daughter with all his spark and wants the best for her no matter what, but was it the right thing to do? Was she ready for an upgrade?

Before he knew it he arrived at his door and entered it. He saw Thundercracker just sitting right next to Pebbles berth as she was now put into bed with Blizzard and Ravage at the end of the berth.

TC looked up to see Skywarp "Hey you ok? Took a bit longer then I thought"

"Yeah I'm ok. Megatron just needed a word with me"

"About what?"

Was he going to tell his friend? No. He couldn't, not yet "Just wondering how I was and this and that"

"Alright then" He smiled "I put Pebbles to bed, she seems really tiered"

"Thanks" He smiled back "Thanks for watching her"

"Any time" He walked past him as he placed a hand on his shoulder "Glad to have you back"

"Feels good to be back"

With that said he left leaving Skywarp with Pebbles. He sat down next to her on the berth and rubbed her helm softly.

Pebbles let out a soft moan at the feel and online both her optic's "Daddy?"

"Hey princess" He smiled "You ok?"

"Y-yeah I'm ok" She softly said looking up at him "Is Arcee gone?"

He gave a sigh "Yeah. She's gone home"

She didn't answer him after that but only laid her helm back on the pillow. Skywarp knew she was not happy how thing's turned out, but he wanted to make her feel better.

"At least were back home, with your friends and everything will go back to the way they were" He smiled before remembering something "I gave Arcee your butterfly"

He saw her optic's brighten up "Really? Did she like it?"

"She did very much. She said she will keep it close to her all the time, so she now has a way to remember you and me"

"Thank's daddy" Pebbles smiled as she sat up on the berth and gave reached her arms out for a hug.

Skywarp hugged her tightly, feeling like he hasn't hugged her for a long time. Something he has wanted to do for so long, now they were back home he could hug her for as long as he wanted.


"Yeah princess?"

"I'm sorry"

He looked down at her "For what?"

"If I haven't run off and got us stuck in that space bridge, everything would be the same still"

"It's not your fault. Besides if you haven't ever done that we wouldn't have had the wildest adventure of our life's. We have a hell of a story to tell in the future"

This made her smile "Yeah. We went through something no one else is ever going to go through"

"That's right"

Pebbles gave another hug to her dad and was slowly laid back down on the berth. Skywarp made sure she was comfortable before pulling the blanket over her and giving a kiss on her helm "I love you beautiful"

"I love you too daddy"

"Recharge well, I'll wake you in the morning"

"Alright" She gave a softly yarn as she got more comfortable in the berth before going into recharge.

Skywarp watched for a while, scared something else was going to happen or she was going to disappear He was afraid this was all a dream and if he woke up he would be back in that ship with the other Decepticon's and chained up. He feared for Pebbles.

He gave a sigh and rubbed his forehead, running his finger's over his optic's as he felt he really needed to get some recharge. But he couldn't leave Pebbles. So he thought maybe spending the night in her room would make him feel better. So he did so.

He sat down next to her and just laid his helm right next to her own, watching her for a moment before letting recharge take over. With this he felt much as he felt much closer to Pebbles and would wake up to find her right there.

Later that night the base was silent, no one was awake and everyone was in recharge.

But the sound of a door opening broke the silence. Small foot steps echoed the halls as small blue legs walked down the hall. Pebbles hugged her teddy close as she tried to find the exit the the base. She had to be quick if she didn't want her dad to wake up. As she found the exit she managed to get it open and walked into the elevator and heading to the top of the base. She knew she shouldn't be leaving without telling anyone but this was something she wanted to do.

She wanted her daddy to be happy, she wanted everything to be ok for everyone. She blamed herself for getting her dad into this mess but then again what he told her made her feel better. But it still wasn't enough for her.

She got to the top of the base and the first thing she felt was a really cool breeze on her making her shiver at the feeling. It was a cold night, but the sky was clear and she thanked Primus for that. there were a lot of star's out which made it more beautiful. But she kept her optics on the first star she saw, knowing she needed it.

She came to the edge of the platform and sat down with her legs over the edge and hugging her teddy close. Still keeping her optics on the first star she saw she sighed softly before speaking.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, I have this wish I make tonight"

Not wanting to be away for too long she headed back into the base and back to her room where her dad was still in recharge along with Blizzard and Ravage. She slowly went back into her berth where she wrapped her arms around Skywarp's hand making her feel a lot warmer and safe now.

She would never speak of the wish she made, she knew telling it won't make it come true. What she wished for no one will never knew, but she hoped it will happen in the future. She wanted everyone to be happy, including her dad.

Finally letting recharge take over, she slept in silent until the morning would come. There everything will be back the way it was, there her future would just begin.

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