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Nova dashed her way through the falling debris, while dodging every bullet in range, and made her way to the van that both Levi and Trigger had just abandoned. As she waited for the dust to settle, she tried to make out as many noticeable figures as she could, and set her sights on Trigger. The black lab was dragging one of the men away from the hail of fighting and gunfire, and Nova sprinted towards her love at lightning speed, wondering what he was doing. As Nova reached the two, she grabbed a hold of the man's sleeve and pulled alongside Trigger until they took cover underneath an office trailer.

"Nova, what are you doing?" Trigger asked

"Helping! Who is this guy?" Nova asked delivering a question of her own.

"His name is Allen. He's turning against Carson and his unit, and trying to help us."


"I don't have time to explain. I need to help Bolt." Trigger said before beginning his walk back out to the 'battlefield', but was quickly stopped by Nova.

"No, I'll go. He's MY father. This guy needs help and quick. Preston is on top of the water tower, and he can help."

"I know. I saw him."

"Can you carry Allen to the water tower?" Nova asked

"There's no way. I don't know if he has a broken back or not, and I don't want to risk hurting him even more if he doesn't." Trigger explained

"That's why we're here!" said a voice from out of the blue. When Nova looked behind her, she spotted Carmen, Nichole, Jack, and Valerie crouching down underneath the trailer.

"What are you guys doing?" Nova asked in a panic.

"We may have something that can get him to Preston." Valerie said pulling a small floor-level table with wheels towards the group of canines. Nova smiled seeing the sudden change of luck that happened to be in their favor.

"Is that a creeper?" Trigger asked

"Yeah. The four of us can wheel him to the water tower. You guys just do what you need to do." Jack said practically ordering them as he and his sisters began tugging on Allen's clothing and pulled his currently lifeless body onto the creeper, and began wheeling him away. Nova looked back at Trigger, who gave a slight nod.

"What?" Nova asked, confused by the gesture.

"Okay! Let's go save your parents. All of them!" Trigger said with a smile slowly growing on his face. Nova began to mirror his face as the two young dogs took off towards Bolt, and the mass fighting that was happening around him.

(Eli and Beverly)

Beverly clenched her teeth shut on one of the guard's legs as he let out a shrill scream of pain. Soon after, the husky pulled his leg out from underneath, and leapt onto his stomach with her growl being used primarily to scare the armed man. Her scare tactic was cut short by a punch to her side by the guard she had just toppled. As she fell to her side, coughing from having the wind knocked out of her, the assailant regained his footing and charged at Beverly with his pistol ready to fire. However, from behind, his back had been completely jolted forward, and he was immediately brought to his knees. Suddenly, he was hit once again in the exact same spot from behind, with a blow that had successfully broken his back. As his lifeless torso fell to the concrete slab, Eli stepped out from behind the man, and rushed to his mate's aid.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" Eli asked in fear.

"I'm fine, honey!" Beverly answered as she got back on her feet. When the couple looked up, they were both staring down the barrels of the guns of the last two remaining guards.

"I guess the dogs forgot who's gonna win this fight." One guard said mockingly, and finding the other laughing right next to him.

"You should have spent less time gloating." Eli said letting out a small superbark; just strong enough to blow the firearms out of their hands. As soon as he saw the opportunity, Eli lunged for one of the guards' throats and locked on tight, leaving Beverly with the last guard, and a swift head-butt to the one place you should always wear a cup at… the groin. The man dropped to the ground faster than the gun after it had flown out of his grasp, leaving Beverly with a small window of time to take him out. She set her sights on the man's neck, (and when I say 'sights', I mean laser-vision!) Her eyes shot two small red flaming lasers through the man's neck, instantly cutting off his breathing. From there, it was just a wager as to how long he had before he would completely run out of air. She then glanced over at Eli, who had shown some of his own success with blood covering some of his lips from the kill grab to the jugular.

"Nice work, baby!" Beverly said complimenting her mate, while still catching her breath.

"Thanks, you too!" Eli said, just as tired. From the other side of the yard, the pair could hear Bolt and Carson going at it with everything they had.

(Bolt and Carson)

"You bastard! How could you kill him?" Bolt asked with rage as he pinned Carson to the pavement.

"It was just business." Carson said, also angrily, before maneuvering out of Bolt's grasp, and pining him instead.

"He saw a shipment docking at the Bangkok bay, and was about to report it. Until he saw the name on the register." Carson continued. Bolt gave Carson a head butt, knocking him backwards; just enough time for the white shepherd to grab Carson by the collar and throw him against the side of one of the Tahoes.

"It was yours, wasn't it?" Bolt asked staring Carson down.

"Bingo." Carson said charging for Bolt once more, but this time, Bolt was quick to avoid the attack as he jumped over the enraged German shepherd. Once his feet hit the ground below, Bolt turned around to see that Carson had made a break for it.

"Not this time, you little prick!" Bolt mumbled to himself before taking after Carson. The two dogs chased through the winding staircases of the mill's buildings. With all of them connected to each other, it meant a better chance of Carson to just lead Bolt on a wild goose chase, in hopes that he would lose him in one of the narrow turns.

"Bolt, stop!" said a voice from his earpiece. Bolt immediately came to a screeching halt, and backed up a few feet to take in who was talking to him.

"…Simone?" Bolt asked shocked

"Yep! Don't go any further!" Simone said over the feed.

"Uh, shouldn't you let someone else be working the controls? Where's Rhino?" Bolt asked once more.

"I'm right here. She wouldn't let me do this alone, even though she's sick." Rhino explained jumping in on their chat.

"Anyway, Bolt! Carson has a booby trap set up about 20 feet down the railing. We wanted to make sure you didn't go too far." Simone said. From the railing, Bolt saw Carson traverse through the winding metal stairs, only giving him a farther lead.

"So what do you want me to do?" Bolt asked Simone.

"Take the back route. The way he's going will send him back behind the yard. From there, you might be able to cut him off if you run down the scrap slide." Simone said practically giving him turn by turn directions, to which Bolt followed with ease. However, when he made it to the scrap slide, his fear brought him to a stop seeing how high off the ground he was.

"Oh, no! Simone, I don't think I can do this." Bolt said looking at the sheer drop. The slide itself was a 20-foot jump down to the slide, and another 50 feet to the mill yard at the bottom of the slide.

"Yes you can, Bolt. Just jump, don't think!" Simone said trying to coax him free of his fear.

"There has to be another way around. I don't do heights." Bolt said starting to shake. Coming around the railing were Trigger and Nova, who both tried their best to stop as soon as they saw Bolt, but had no luck. Just as Bolt turned his head towards the pair, they plowed into him at a speed that was fast enough to knock all three of them over the railing and down the scrap slide. Bolt let out a yell as his body free-fell to the steel ramp. With a thud, Bolt, Trigger and Nova landed on the slide and piled into each other as they hit the barrier at the end.

"Whoa! Sorry dad!" Nova said apologetically, climbing away from the 'dogpile'.

"You're good!" Bolt said trying to shake off the ride. As he and Trigger began their run to catch up with Nova, they saw her take a sharp turn around one of the buildings, but come to a stop. Trigger stopped Bolt abruptly to look at her, wondering why she stopped. The distance between them was about 40 feet.

"What?" Bolt whispered into Trigger's ear.

"Something's not right." Trigger whispered back. After about 5 seconds, Nova began to back up slowly, and out from the shadows came Carson, with his laser eyes ready to strike. Bolt gasped at the sight, with Trigger standing right in front of him, just as shocked.

"No!" Bolt said in a hushed tone. Trigger couldn't contain his anger, and charged at the duo. At the perfect time, Trigger jumped in front of Nova just as Carson fired his laser eyes, in an attempt to take the blow. The lasers took a direct hit to the lab's shoulder, and he fell to the ground with a skid across the pavement.

"Trigger!" Nova shouted as she ran to his side. Carson took off once again, running towards the large processing building in the center of the mill. At that point, Bolt didn't care if he got away; he was more concerned for Trigger's well-being. The shepherd ran to Trigger and his daughter to examine the wounds.

"Trigger, don't move! You're just gonna make it worse." Bolt said taking a closer look at his shoulder.

"Dad, I got this. Carson is still out there, and someone has to go after him." Nova said informing her father of their predicament.

"And someone will… Simone, Carson is heading for the huge building at the south end of the mill. Tell Eli and Beverly." Bolt said over his earwig, hoping Simone was listening.

"On it!" Simone said from the other end of the line.

"I'm gonna go find Preston. He's the only one who can help us here." Bolt said taking off to find the only dog on the premises with medical training. Nova watched as her father sprinted for the water tower, but was eventually brought back to Trigger, who was beginning to squirm.

"Trigger, take is easy! Please!" Nova said pleading with her love. Trigger looked up at Nova and sighed seeing that she was okay.

"You saved my life." Nova said starting to tear up.

"And I'd do it a hundred times again if I had to." Trigger said still looking at Nova, but this time, he was smiling. Nova leaned in, and even with tears pouring down her cheeks, she kissed him. His heart began to soar as his lips touched hers, and the pain in his shoulder seemed to be less and less the longer the kiss went on. As they broke apart, Nova looked at his shoulder to see that his would was almost gone. His genetic enhancement was healing the burns from the inside out, and her eyes widened at the sight.

"What?" Trigger asked seeing this.

"Look!" Nova said directing his attention to the used-to-be wound spot.

"Oh my god! It's gone! If only the pain had gone away after I shocked myself from the electric cage." Trigger said laughing, causing Nova to chuckle as well. However, her laugh ended quickly as she went deep into thought due to the last thing Trigger had said.

"Yeah…Yeah!" Nova mumbled to herself in realization. Trigger creased his eyebrows in confusion, wondering what made her put so much emphasis on the statement.

"Yeah, what?" Trigger asked

"That's it!... Trigger, that's it!" Nova said practically shouting, causing Trigger to flinch a little.

"What are you… Nova!" Trigger said shouting, having seen her run off without telling her what she was talking about. He called several more times, but was met with complete silence after she disappeared behind the same building that Carson was sheltering himself.

"What did I miss?" Trigger asked himself as he got to his feet.

"Trigger!" shouted a voice from right behind him. The lab turned his head to see Bolt and Preston rushing to his side.

"Your shoulder. What happened?" Bolt asked

"It disappeared! I guess it comes with the genetic enhancement." Trigger concluded

"Yeah, it does! But your DNA has only been reprogrammed for about 2 months. Normally, it takes about 6." Preston said trying to figure out how the wound could heal itself so quickly. Trigger just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head; just as confused as Bolt and Preston.

"Trigger, where's Nova?" Bolt asked, noticing that she wasn't with him.

"Honestly, I don't know. I think she found a way to defeat Carson." Trigger explained

"How?" Preston asked

"Again, I don't know! We were talking about me being electrocuted by the cage we were being held in back in the city. And then she said 'That's it! Trigger, that's it!'"

"What would… Of course!" Preston said obviously understanding what Nova was trying to do. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for Bolt and Trigger.

"Would someone please explain to me what we're talking about, here?" Bolt asked getting agitated.

(Carson and Nova)

Carson made his way to the 4th floor, and even though he was out of breath, his will to stay one step ahead of his enemies pushed him forward. The only thing lighting his path was the rising moon seeping through the broken window panes; and with holes in the floor from the building's decay, he had to watch every move he made, because one false move could have meant sudden death. Suddenly, on the last step to the 5th floor, a down power line that had broken off after years of ware fell to a puddle of water and lit up the entire top floor. Carson jumped back in fear, nearly falling down the stairs. His eyes were playing tricks on him, and he knew it, which only made staying hidden that much harder.

"Carson!" called out a voice from the 1st floor of the building. The voice was familiar, and he had no other way out.

"I know you're in here." called out the same voice from below.

"I'm not leaving with you!" Carson shouted figuring that there was no sense in hiding. For about 20 seconds, the entire building stayed quiet. It almost made the feeling even more uneasy.

"How else do you expect to leave?"

"In a body bag. Any other way means disaster." Carson answered

"Carson, you have 5 minutes to come to the 1st floor and surrender, or I'll send the assault unit up FOR you." the voice warned. Carson recognized the voice. It was Eli.

"Guess what, Ridgeback? YOU have 30 SECONDS to leave the building 'cause I'll be blowing it to bits 30 seconds afterwards. Like I said, I won't leave with you. Consider this a pardon."

"I'm sorry Carson, but I refuse. You're gonna pay for the suffering you caused me and my family. AND Seth."

"And just how do you expect to do that?" Carson asked. His answer was soon revealed when a white figure walked up behind him and shot him on his shoulder with her laser eyes. The shepherd fell to the ground, screaming in pain, and looked up to see Beverly walking to his side.

"You…" Carson muttered, still in pain.

"Me!" Beverly said showing a slight smile. Carson got up and slowly crawled about 8 feet away from Beverly, until he felt water soaking the lower half of his body.

"You're done!" Beverly said casually.

"Says you!" Carson said back with a smart remark.

"And her!" Beverly said again, motioning to the other side of the room, where Nova emerged from the darkness, with an intent look to kill on her face. The rage that she'd built up was easily enough to kill him where he sat, but she stood in the same place.

"And him!" Beverly said looking to the stairwell to see Eli ascending the last of the steps to meet his family for their so-called reunion. The expression on his face was similar to that of Nova's, but he had a grim smile on his face.

"And last, but not least… him!" Beverly said once more and waved her paw towards the only moon-lit window in the room, where one more patron was waiting to make his appearance. The figure walked into the light, where his face was enough to make Carson shake.

"Kurt!" Carson whispered in fear. Kurt walked to Nova's side, where two detached power lines were sitting: one for himself, and one for Nova. Carson looked at Beverly, who had one sitting at her feet; and looked at Eli by the stairs, being accompanied by the same one that had fallen into the puddle of water when Carson had first made it to the 5th floor. Carson looked around himself to find… water. The shepherd looked up at Beverly, who was scooping up her power line with her forearm, (no thumbs!)

"This is for Seth!" she muttered. Carson then looked at Eli, who also had HIS power line scooped in his arm.

"This is for our kids!" he said. Then to Nova and Kurt.

"This is for the agency!" Kurt said holding his line.

"And this… is for you!" Nova said with hate written all over her face. Carson took one last look around before…

"Enjoy hell, you murderer!" Nova said, before throwing her line onto the puddle of water, along with Kurt, Beverly, and Eli doing the same thing all at once.

"NOOOOOO!" Carson screamed before the electricity coursed through his entire body, rendering him incapable of movement. The multiple lines of electricity lit up the entire mill, causing all of the spotlights in the yard, local office buildings, and front gate to flash brightly and uncontrollably.

(Everyone in the yard)

"What's happening?" Bolt asked, looking around in a panic, and seeing the lights going haywire.

"I don't know!" Preston answered as he and Trigger looked around. Valerie and Carmen were cowering behind Levi, while Nichole hid behind Jack: both brothers doing their best to stand their ground and protect, even if they didn't know what they were fighting.

(Back on the 5th floor)

The power had gone out, and the four of them stood in the darkness, all staring at Carson's char-grilled body. If the electric shock hadn't killed him, the external and internal burns would. Beverly and Eli looked at each other briefly before Beverly began walking towards him slowly, obviously exhausted. Eli lifted his arm and pulled her into a hug. As they released, they noticed Nova walking around Carson's body to join her parents in their 3rd hug as a reunited family.

"You did wonderful, sweetheart." Beverly whispered into her daughter's ear, causing Nova to smile beneath Eli's fur and sigh in contentment. Kurt joined the family of dogs and smiled.

"Thank you for calling me." Kurt said

"Um… it's not us you should be thanking. It's Bolt. That was his one request. The only problem is… I don't think he knows you're up here." Eli said snickering. Kurt laughed alongside his canine counterparts.

"Well, we might as well surprise him." Kurt said.

"What about him?" Nova asked looking at Carson. Kurt looked over at the lifeless dog and smiled.

"Eh! I'll take care of it!" Kurt said looking at the darkened stairs. With that, Eli led Kurt and his family down the stairwell, leaving Carson's corpse on the 5th floor. As the group reached the bottom of the building, Kurt stopped by the base of the stairs and pulled out a lighter. He then reached for a stray rag and lit it on fire just as Eli, Beverly and Nova were out of view, and tossed it towards the back door. He walked out into the open casually, where he saw Bolt holding Nova in his arms and Preston hugging Eli and Beverly.

"Well, this has been one night I know I won't forget anytime soon." Kurt said walking to the animal montage in front of him.

"No kidding. Whoa… I didn't even know you were here." Bolt said somewhat shocked.

"Yeah, I figured as much… Nova, you should be very proud of yourself. I know everyone else here is." Kurt said complimenting the young husky. She smiled hearing the praise.

"Thank you, Kurt!" Nova said

"So, how exactly did you guys pull this off?" Bolt asked his daughter.

"Um…well" Nova began

(20 minutes prior)

Nova chased after Carson with every intention of catching up, now that she had a plan to take him down. She just caught a glimpse of Carson's back half before he ducked inside the entrance, and stopped next to a neighboring building.

"Okay, how am I gonna do this?" Nova asked herself. Her train of thought was lost when she was pulled behind the building forcefully by the collar. As she fell to the ground and looked up, she saw a familiar face.

"Eli, err… Dad! What are you doing?" Nova asked, obviously still deciding what to call him.

"Wondering what you're doing. I was gonna follow Carson up the stairs, because your mother and Kurt are already waiting on the 5th floor." Eli explained. Nova got to her feet, thinking about how she could help.

"There has to be something I can do." Nova said

"Actually… there is! The fire escape in the back of the building is the only other possible escape route for him. Can you guard it?" Eli asked

"You got it!" Nova said taking off for the fire escape at lightning speed, with Eli watching from his spot. He smiled seeing her using her powers in his view.

"Damn! She's fast." Eli said before running towards the same entrance that Carson had just gone through. Back at the fire escape, Nova was just making it to the top step, meeting her mother at the open window.

"Nova?" Beverly asked surprised.

"Yep. I'm here to guard the escape route." Nova explained

"Honey, he won't see it from here. I have something better for you in here. I think you deserve a part in this." Beverly said before leaving the window, and Nova's line of sight.

"Mom!" Nova said not 3 seconds before the side paneling on the edge of the building was folded upwards for Nova to crawl through; which she did. Once inside, she saw Kurt standing next to the wall with two cut power lines in his hands.

"How is she not getting shocked?" Nova asked in amazement.

"Just so long as you don't touch the ends, you're good to go." Beverly informed.

"And one of them is for you." Kurt said setting one right next to her. The smile on her face let both Beverly and Kurt know that she was following their conversation. She knew what they were planning, and was glad to be a part of it.

"You ready, hun?" Beverly asked. Nova looked at the power line and smiled before looking back at her mother.

"I was born ready!"

(Back to the present)

"Carson thought he was trapped, but there WAS a 2nd escape route for him." Preston said priding Eli and Beverly for their idea.

"Well, HE didn't know that!" Beverly said smiling, accepting the gesture with a little self-pride, which Eli only laughed at.

"That was pretty awesome, Nova!" Valerie said congratulating her sister, along with Levi, Jack, Carmen and Nichole, who all had good things to say of their own. Suddenly, Trigger walked into view, causing Nova to stop stare at her love. She walked towards him slowly; her smile getting wider as she got closer.

"So… how did I do?" Nova asked him. Trigger laughed a little at the thought of her wanting his approval, because it didn't matter; she already had it!

"Get over here!" Trigger said playfully, causing Nova to laugh before falling into his chest and sighing once again. Suddenly, she looked up towards the building to see flames coming from the ground floor.

"Guys, the building!" Nova said, causing everyone else to look at the large structure and catch sight of what Nova had noticed as well. Eli looked at Kurt, and couldn't help but wonder…

"Um… Kurt!" Eli said getting the man's attention. Kurt turned around to address the group of canines.

"It doesn't matter. It's over, and this way… we can be extra sure. Plus, no one else outside the few of us and the agency needs to know what happened out here tonight anyway. People will start asking questions, and will eventually draw their own conclusions, but no one will ever know the truth. Because they don't NEED to." Kurt explained as the slow flames began to completely consume the establishment.

"It's over!" Bolt said happily. Nova and Trigger both looked at Bolt, who looked back. It was the first full moment of peace the family had gotten since the kids had been dognapped. Out of the blue, a thought came to Trigger's mind.

"Oh, God. Kurt?" Trigger asked


"Do you know where Allen is?"


"Doh… sorry! That man that Preston was tending to during all of the chaos."

"Oh, him? He's been transported to the hospital. After his injuries have healed, he'll be heading for prison."

"Wait, please! If it weren't for him, Levi and I would be dead. He came down to the basement that we were being kept in and said that he would be getting us out. When Bolt let out his superbark, Allen shielded us from the debris, and pushed us underneath the van. He saved our lives!" Trigger said pleading.

"It's true! He turned against Carson to keep us alive." Levi said jumping in on the conversation. Kurt listened to the dogs' pleads for mercy, and noticed just how much it meant to them to not see Allen sent to prison.

"If what you say is true, I will speak with the judge at his hearing. I can't guarantee a thing, but I will definitely try." Kurt decided. It wasn't the answer that Levi and Trigger were hoping for, but for the moment, it would have to do.

"Let's go home!" Eli said leading everyone back to the van. Bolt looked back one last time, seeing the entire building fall to the ground in rubble. It was finally over! Meeting back at the van, rides were given from both the van and Kurt's vehicle, which was a stretch limousine.

"Bolt! You, Nova and Trigger can ride with me. We'll meet back at your home, Beverly!" Kurt decided, to which she nodded in acceptance. As all of the animals piled into each car, Preston made his way over to Simone, who was just walking back into the van in the driver's seat. The look on her face was that of uneasiness and nausea.

"Baby, are you okay?" Preston asked in concern.

"Well, I've felt better." Simone said weakly.

"What's wrong?"

"My stomach sickness is getting worse, but at least now I know why." Simone explained. Preston changed the expression of his face from worry to confusion before looking at Rhino, who had a 'be-awesome' smile on his face. Slowly, he turned his head back to his mate.

"What's going on?" Preston asked once more.

"Preston… I'm pregnant!" Simone said smiling. Preston had absolutely no words to describe how he was feeling, only because he couldn't talk at all. Simone could only smile wider. She didn't care what he thought; she was as excited as can be.

"Huh?" Preston asked with his mouth hanging some.

"You heard me… daddy." Simone said jokingly. Preston sat back to take in what he had just heard, and soon after, he broke out in a smile…

"Oh my God!" Preston said shaking some, his voice cracking from the tears he knew he couldn't hide. He then took Simone into his arm and kissed her passionately. It was the approval she was looking for.

"Are you sure?" Preston asked breaking the kiss.

"Positive! I used the ultrasound machine here in the van, and that thing doesn't lie."

"How many?"

"Four! You're gonna be a father, Preston." Simone said breaking out into tears. Their kiss was soon rekindled, and their love was ever stronger. Eli, Beverly and the kids looked at them as they finished their little make out session.

"So, what's going on?" Beverly asked

"I'm pregnant!" Simone said with pride. Beverly's jaw dropped to the floor, with Eli doing his best not to jump up and down in excitement. With such a small space to move around in, he would hit the roof easily.

"That's great!" Beverly said

"Now, I gotta learn how to be a dad." Preston said going deep into thought.

"Hey! You learn by doing! You're gonna make mistakes, and it'll be a pain in the ass sometimes, but the reward is definitely worth it." Eli said in a heartfelt way. Beverly looked at him and smiled, having listened to what he's said so intently.

"Eli, that was beautiful!" Beverly said melting some. Eli smiled seeing her happy with his words of encouragement.

"Once more I quote… 'Be-awesome!'" Rhino said jumping up and down momentarily, only to be met with laughter.

"Are you always like this, Rhino?" Jack asked.

"Yes!" Simone answered for Rhino.

(Back to the limo)

"Well, how are you guys feeling?" Kurt asked

"I, for one, am exhausted!" Bolt answered

"I'm in the same boat." Nova answered as well.

"And I'm just happy to be alive!" Trigger answered with a smile on his face, with Nova smiling along with him as she leaned into his side. Bolt glanced over at the couple and gave a slight smile. Kurt slid down the seating of the limousine, and pressed a button, which started raising the separation window.

"I'll give you guys a few minutes." Kurt said just as the window finished its ascent. Bolt looked over at Nova, who looked down a little.

"You don't look too happy." Bolt said

"I just wanna know your opinion of Trigger. I've heard Mom's version, but I'd rather have yours." Nova said looking up momentarily, but then looking back down. Bolt sighed at the thought of her thinking he wouldn't approve.

"Nova, after everything we've gone through these last few days, I've seen just how much you two care for each other. As much as I don't want you to grow up, I have no choice… and I don't think there's a better dog out there for you than Trigger." Bolt said with confidence. Nova looked up at her father and looked at him like she'd seen a ghost. Suddenly, she felt an arm around her shoulder, and it was one she could finally silently cry into.

"Thank you, Bolt!" Trigger said happily as he looked over at Bolt.

"It's my pleasure. However, I'd like to let you know that there are some rules I want you to follow. As long as you decide to still live with me." Bolt started.

"Like what?" Nova asked

"I want you guys to think long and hard about the possibility of starting a family. It's a responsibility that you BOTH need to take into account." Bolt said

"Well… what do you think, Trigger?" Nova asked looking up at her love.

"I think it's best if we waited. I still need to finish my training, and that'll take another 4 months. I mean, don't get me wrong; I love you, but it would be easier in the future than right now." Trigger said, explaining his view on the subject at hand.

"I agree 100%. It's just better this way." Nova said agreeing with him. Trigger pulled her into a tight hug with his arm, which lasted about 10 seconds. They never DID get tired of being wrapped in each other's arms.

"Next, you guys WILL fight! It's part of a mateship. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask either Mittens or I. Don't ask Rhino… for obvious reasons." Bolt said laughing. Nova snickered at the comment as well, while Trigger just smiled.

"Finally, Trigger!" Bolt said addressing Trigger, who looked at him with his full attention.

"My daughter is to be treated with the utmost respect and kindness she deserves… and then some. As much as she may not want to admit it sometimes, she'll always be my baby girl. So keep her happy!" Bolt said sternly. Trigger looked at Nova, who was still underneath his hold.

"I plan on it!" Trigger said lovingly. Nova leaned forward and kissed him briefly before getting more comfortable underneath his arm. By the time the groups had returned back to the Montoya house, it was already 12:30 in the morning, and after their long reunion, sleep was the only thing occupying their minds. And within 20 minutes, everyone in the house, even Kurt who was invited to stay the night, was fast asleep.

(The Next Morning)

Bolt was slowly waking up to the faint sound of talking from the 1st floor. His eyes felt heavy, and he was still low on energy from the night before, but after looking at the clock on the wall: 11:09am, he decided it best to get up. There would be plenty of time to sleep when he got back home. As he looked around, he saw Mittens lying next to him, with Seth sleeping soundly next to HER. On the other side of the room, Trigger and Nova were also out like lights, with Nova snuggled into Trigger's chest as he leaned against the wall. After seeing just how much Trigger cared for his family, Bolt was more than happy to welcome him in with open arms. With the vague voices still coming from downstairs, the shepherd walked out the bedroom door and down the stairs to join the discussion. Eli was the first of the crowd to spot Bolt.

"Hey, look who's up!" Eli said smiling, to which Bolt smiled back.

"Not completely, but I'm getting there."

"Hey, Bolt. I know you and the kids went straight to bed last night, but there's something you need to hear while you're awake." Preston said getting a little excited.

"What is it?" Bolt asked giving Preston his full attention.

"Well… Simone is pregnant." Preston said plainly. Bolt's eyes shot wide open, and he looked at Simone.

"Wh-what?" Bolt asked stuttering some.

"I'm pregnant, Bolt!" Simone answered again.

"Whoa!" Bolt said happily, congratulating the pair.

"I know right? I'm gonna be a father." Preston said still smiling. All of a sudden, Mittens, Nova, and Trigger walked down the last step, all seeming somewhat shocked.

"Did I hear that right?" Mittens asked

"Yeah, you heard it right! We just did a 2nd ultrasound this morning, and I miscounted the 1st time. There are actually 5 of them." Simone explained.

"I didn't even know you had a 1st ultrasound." Mittens said a little confused.

"It was last night in the van while they were taking care of Carson. I got tired of the vomiting, so I grabbed what I thought was our portable x-ray machine, but I was so dizzy from being sick, I grabbed the ultrasound scanner instead. But either way… I got the answer I needed. At least now we know why I was feeling so sick." Simone said continuing with her story. Bolt smiled widely as he listened in, and looked at Mittens with the same expression on his face, happy to be sharing the same feelings of a child's love with her. He then looked up at Trigger and Nova and thought about the day they go to him with the big news. But he noticed that someone was still missing.

"Baby, where's Seth?" Bolt asked

"Oh, he's still sleeping. I tried to wake him up, but he just rolled over and groaned. So, we'll just let him rest." Mittens answered laughing.

"Works for me." Bolt said

"Um, now that you guys are all awake, we need to talk to you." Beverly said addressing Bolt and his family.

"Okay! What's up?" Bolt asked

"Well, this mostly has to do with you, Nova." Beverly said again, now addressing her daughter.

"What about me?" Nova asked curiously.

"You gave it your all last night when it came to taking down Carson, and you're not even an agent of GGE. But you could be if you wanted." Beverly started.


"Kurt would like to offer you free training classes when it comes to controlling your abilities, and if you wanted to go further, he would instate you as an approved agent as soon as you finished your courses. Not even I got that offer." Beverly explained in more detail.

"Um… I don't know what to say." Nova said

"Well, there's more. Depending on the courses you choose, and how long they last; after you complete your training, Eli and I want to know if you would like to live here with us. It would only be a 2-hour drive from here to Bolt's home, so you would get to see him regularly if you wanted. We've already talked this over with Bolt, and he's leaving the decision up to you, and so are we. But if you would like to stay in Callahan with Bolt and Mittens, that's perfectly fine." Beverly said finishing her offer. Nova looked over at Bolt, who just smiled at her. The choice was entirely hers, and that made it especially hard for her. And then she looked at Trigger, and got an idea.

"How long do the courses last?" Nova asked

"Again, it depends on which field you go into. Psychology takes about a year, and so does infantry. Behavioral Analysis will take about 4 months. There's a whole list of options, and they would have you live at the training facility, which is right here in Bakersfield." Beverly answered her daughter.

"Behavioral Analysis? As in like the TV show 'Criminal Minds'?" Nova asked

"Exactly!" Beverly answered once more. Along with 'Smallville', 'Criminal Minds' was one of her favorite shows back home in Callahan. They studied a criminal's behavior, what he did and why he did it. What made him tick? She could see herself doing that line of work. However, along with the interest, she liked the idea of it because it was a 4-month course, which meant she would get done the same time Trigger did with infantry.

"I like it!" Nova said happily.

"I know why you're choosing this course. You'll get done when he does!" Preston said jumping in, looking at Trigger. Nova looked at Preston momentarily before… reading minds. It was one of his powers.

"At least this way, we can be around each other. You said it yourself that you can manage a relationship working here. It won't be easy, but it IS possible." Nova said explaining her reasoning. Preston was happy to see that she was including Trigger in her future plans.

"I thought you said that you didn't want to be a part of GGE." Preston said coming back at her with a statement she'd made earlier.

"I didn't, but back at the mill, I felt like I was making a difference when we fought against Carson. And I already have the reprogrammed DNA, I just need to learn how to control it a little more. It felt… right!" Nova said in realization.

"Well, welcome to the team!" Preston said happily.

"However, as for you Trigger…." Preston said turning his attention to the black lab recruit. Trigger lowered his head a little, figuring he was going to be discharged for not completing his training in time.

"Kurt is gonna need to print out a new badge for you." Preston said simply. Trigger looked at his C.O. trying to comprehend what he was hearing. The only way you would receive a badge was if you…

"You've done it, kid! You're at the top of the heap now. You gave so much to help a cause that you had no right getting into, but you did it anyway. And if you hadn't done all of that, Carson might still be out there. You've shown courage, strength, determination, and heart; all of which you need as an agent. So, I say this and nothing else… Welcome aboard, Agent Trigger!" Preston said with pride. And indeed, he WAS proud. His youngest recruit showed tremendous courage in the face of adversity, and handled it like an experienced agent. Trigger was left completely speechless. He was now an agent! Nova looked at her mate with just as much, if not more, pride than Preston had and smiled.

"You still have to finish your preliminaries, but you'll have the badge. And 4 months from now, you might just have your own team." Preston added on.

"Wow… Thank you!" Trigger said breathily. He was still excited, but he needed some time to take it all in.

"So, Nova! You still haven't answered my question yet. What would you think about living here with us?" Beverly asked her daughter once more. Nova looked at Bolt again, and thought about her options. On one hand, she would get to know her real family more if she stayed with them, but she also already had a life back in Callahan. So, after taking a deep breath, she gave her answer…

"I've been waiting to know who you guys are for so long, and now I finally get the chance." Nova said with everyone thinking she had made up her mind. However, she wasn't finished.

"But, I'll be training here in Bakersfield, and I'll get to see you all as often as I want. Home is where the heart is… and my home is in Callahan. With Dad, Mom, Rhino and Seth!" Nova said having made up her mind to go back home. She smiled as she saw the expression on Bolt's face. As she looked back at her real mom, Nova noticed a smile on Beverly and Eli's faces as well.

"Well, courses for B.A. start next week. I guess I'll be seeing you soon." Kurt said happily. To have a direct bloodline from 'The Phantom Five' as a new recruit in the agency would mean a new generation of superdogs.

"Oh, by the way; there's someone who wants to talk to you as soon as possible, Bolt!" Kurt said completely changing the subject and person he was talking to.

"Let me guess: Penny?" Bolt asked in an obvious tone.

"Yes. I told her that you're still alive, but I think she'd feel better seeing her 'good boy' instead." Kurt said once more.

"I can do that!"

"Excellent! Well, before I go, I have one more piece of business to take care of, and that is talking with the rest of your kids." Kurt said to Eli and Beverly. Levi, Valerie, Nichole, Carmen, and Jack all looked towards Kurt, and waited to hear what he had to say.

"I was told that YOU five also played a part in last night's battle, when it came to saving Allen. The same goes for you, Levi, when you stayed behind at the safe house back in town to fend off Carson and his guards. I honestly believe that I'm looking at the next 'Phantom Five'!" Kurt said giving the siblings their props. All five of them looked at each other in amazement, while the rest of the animals and Kelly gave looks of shock as well.

"Is this like… an offer?" Levi asked

"Not quite, but it could be if you guys wanted to join the agency. You'd have to work your tails off to get there, but it can happen." Kurt said clarifying his statement.

"I think this is something we would have to think about." Jack said speaking for everyone else, which didn't seem to bother them that much, having nodded in response. Giving it some thought was on their minds too.

"I agree!" Nichole said

"Yeah, me too!" Valerie added

"Same here!" Carmen added as well.

"Yeah, if you could give us some time to go over it as a group; we'd get back to you when we have an answer. Would that work?" Levi asked

"Absolutely! I didn't expect you to decide right now anyway. Talk it over as a family, and let me know how you feel." Kurt answered

"Thanks man!" Levi said. For the next 3 hours, everyone in the room had something to talk about, and was wrapped up in conversation. Preston and Simone had calculated that her due date would be approximately 4 months from that day: about mid-October! It meant that she would give birth right around the time Nova and Trigger both finished their courses. Seth eventually woke up and joined the crowd, getting filled in on who was going where, and what offers were made to whom. He was a little disappointed to hear that Nova would be leaving for 4 months, but at least he would get to see her sometimes. Also in that time frame, Kurt had managed to set up a cam feed for Bolt and Penny, so that she could see him moving around and still walking for herself. He let her know that he would be home that night, along with Nova and Seth. Trigger would be heading back to the city with Kurt, where he would continue his training and wait for Nova to arrive one week from then. Preston would be going back to Frazier Park, where he still had recruits to take care of, and brag to about what had happened back in Bakersfield. Simone would work back at the warehouse for about another 2 months, when she would take a leave of absence due to her pregnancy. As for how she and Preston would work around the job and the kids, only time would answer THAT question. It was now about 3:00 and Bolt was walking to the back porch, where he saw Beverly sitting at the back steps, looking up at the sky. She turned around to see who was watching her, and smiles when she got her answer.

"What are you looking at up there?" Bolt asked

"Oh, just trying to figure out why it had to be Seth." Beverly said, somewhat jokingly and heartbroken at the same time. Bolt slowly walked up beside her and looked up at the sky with her.

"What would you change?" Bolt asked again.

"I would have made sure Carson wouldn't have been hired in the first place." Beverly said trying to laugh, but her pain was starting to take over. Bolt draped his arms around her waist as best he could.

"If I were you, I wouldn't have changed a thing." Bolt said blatantly.


"Well, think about it; if Seth was still alive, you wouldn't have Eli." Bolt said to begin with. Beverly smiled, knowing that she was blessed to have Eli as her new mate. She loved him with all of her heart, and so did the kids.

"And maybe, none of this would have happened! Carson would still be out there, Preston and Simone might not have each other, or a family on the way, and you wouldn't be as happy as you are right now… Everything happens for a reason, Beverly. Just like the story you told me about how you lived in an airport in Canada for so long before Kurt found you. It was meant to be!" Bolt explained more before continuing.

"I know you miss him so much, but he's livin' it up in the big dog park in the sky." Bolt said trying to be funny, and he DID get a good laugh out of her.

"And he would want you to be happy. And he knows you are with Eli. He knows that you look at your kids every day and think of him. And I know he's proud of you… because I am too!" Bolt finished. Beverly's eyes then started pouring streams of tears, causing Bolt to pull her into his chest and let her cry freely.

"Thank you for everything, Bolt!"

"You're welcome!"

(The good-byes)

Preston, Simone and Kurt were giving their final hugs to everyone in the group before the dogs jumped into the van, and Kurt got into his limousine.

"Call us when she goes into labor!" Beverly shouted

"Will do!" Preston shouted back before the door closed, and they were off to Preston's drop-off and then Simone's. Final good-byes were harder for Nova and her siblings, but they would see each other soon enough. Bolt was giving out good-bye hugs left and right before he came to Eli and Beverly and stopped.

"Well guys. At least now we can chat daily and not have to hide it from anyone." Bolt said jokingly.

"No kidding. The picture frames were fun and all, but I miss the phone." Eli said walking up to Bolt for his hug. After releasing, Beverly walked up for hers, along with one more way of her saying 'good-bye'. The same gesture she gave at the warehouse after the mission 9 months prior: a kiss. Mittens rolled her eyes and smiled, knowing how much Beverly loved giving them to Bolt. To her, it was kinda funny.

"You never get tired of doing that, do you?" Bolt asked with a smile.

"Only when you deserve them." Beverly answered

"Hey! No mixing parents here!" Nova said watching from about 10 feet away as she stood right next to Trigger. Bolt and Beverly just laughed at the irony of the situation. Mittens, Rhino, Bolt and Seth were all strapped into the GGE company car that Kurt had sent for them earlier that morning. The only one left to go was Nova, who was about to say 'good-bye' to Trigger.

"I'll see you in a week, okay?" Trigger said softly.

"Okay. I love you so much!" Nova said shedding a few tears. Trigger walked up and pulled her in for a tight hug, which she definitely needed. Nova cried silently for a moment before looking back at the car, knowing that it was time to leave.

"I'll see you soon, baby!" Trigger said happily.

"That you will!" Nova said back. As she turned around to go for the car, Trigger suddenly pulled her back for a long kiss. It would be the last one they would share for a week, so he wanted to make it last. As they broke apart, Nova gasped a little before smiling widely.

"Save some of that for next week!" Nova said getting a little excited, to which Trigger just laughed at.

"I love you!" Trigger said one last time.

"I love you too!" Nova said before going for the car. As she jumped into the back seat, she looked at her family, who were all smiling coyly.

"What?" Nova asked like she'd done something wrong.

"Nothing! You guys are just so cute together." Mittens said still smiling.

"Thanks mom!" Nova said sarcastically.

"Hey, I'm not kidding! You have no idea how happy I am for you two." Mittens said with some more honesty in her voice this time.

"Let's go home, guys!" Bolt said happily, lying down in seat, where Seth and Mittens curled up right next to him, and Nova chose a seat near the window. The husky stared up at the sky, knowing her father would be proud of her. It gave her a sense of comfort knowing, even though she couldn't hear him say it. She rested her head down on the seat and fell asleep, awaiting the new life she was about to start: with GGE, with Trigger, with her siblings, and with whatever else she wanted. The possibilities were endless for her. The sky was the limit. And she was in control.

(6 months later)

Nova took right to GGE'S classes for Behavioral Analysis, and studied her heart out. She earned her certification in what seemed like no time at all, and went straight to work. As for Trigger, his promotion to agent spread quickly and gained attention from Nova's department, and soon, he was invited to join the B.A. unit. It meant that he and Nova could work together, doing something they both loved so much: making a difference. They haven't decided on a family just yet, but for the future, the chance is still there. Nova kept in contact with Eli and Beverly constantly and always made sure to keep in touch with her siblings as well.

Levi, Valerie, Jack, Nichole and Carmen decided to accept the offer that Kurt had made for them to train at GGE, and soon after, they started their own training in Los Angeles. One year from now, the five of them plan on starting the NEW 'Phantom Five' and taking after their parents. However, they decided to change the name of their troop to something a little catchier… 'The California Canines!'

Preston proved himself to being a wonderful troop leader, and was offered a position to run a new canine branch in San Diego. However, he declined the offer and filed for retirement to focus on being a father to his 5 new pups. Simone gave birth on October 18th, bearing 3 boys and 2 girls. Their names are Hayden, Abby, Gage, Ivan, and Preston Jr.: the oldest of the pups. Simone retired from GGE as well, finding a new home with Preston in northern California. The family that took the 7 of them in had recently lost their 3 animals in a flood, and felt like a part of their memory could still be with them with the adoption of Preston, Simone and their pups.

Eli and Beverly are still living happily in Bakersfield with Kelly, but decided to council newer members of GGE as a 'part-time job', due to their kids not being around as often. They are also secretly trying for a 2nd litter of pups, unbeknownst to their children. (SHHHH!)

Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino are still living with Penny, who has only one more year to go before she goes off to college. Her boyfriend, Michael will be joining her at The University of California in Berkeley, where he will be studying to become a veterinary technician, and she will study photography. Bolt and Mittens are happy to have each other, and to have the hectic days of the agency behind them. They visit Nova and Trigger on a regular basis. As for Rhino, well… the arm of the couch just wouldn't be the same if he wasn't there.

Allen was released from the hospital after two weeks of treatment, receiving a broken pelvis and 4 broken ribs. At his hearing, Kurt made the mention of his heroic acts of saving two soon-to-be agents, therefore reducing his conviction. His charges for smuggling were completely dropped, but still received 60 days in federal prison for 'accessory to commit murder', and will be on probation for the next 3 years, due to the charges for kidnapping and distribution. He now currently works for GGE in the surveillance department, as well as being the proud owner of two extraordinary canines: Trigger and Nova.

All's well that ends well! And everyone has found a place in this world in which we call 'BOLT'. Wait a minute! We're forgetting someone…Seth! The young feline decided to move in with Penny's best friend, Hannah to finally learn more about HIS mother. Hannah was more than happy to welcome him in, and is happy to say that his new life includes chasing after birds, getting into a little trouble here and there, and one thing that every guy eventually deals with… a girl! But he'll save that for when he hits puberty!

***End of Story***

Oh my God! I can't believe this story is over! I promised a little surprise, and I think you figured out that one. Simone's pregnancy! Eventually, it was bound to happen, especially with me as your author. I hope I continue to rock the 'Bolt' page, and can't wait to see everyone's new stories, including the sequel to 'Love and Friendship' by WordNerb93. Dude, there's quite a few of us out there that are begging for it. No pressure; I just like to remind people. I'm always curious to see what Mike101 is able to pull out of his bag of tricks. This site has given me an incredible opportunity to show that I'm more than just a singer. I'm accepted by people here, and it's fun to write for others. Thanks to everyone who's been reading and reviewing my stories, and watching my YouTube videos. I hope to be back with a new story soon. Whatever it's about will have to wait, because I don't even know. Until next time, my friends…