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It was a beautiful sunny morning in Ponyvile, and there was a reason why, it was the first day of spring that was on time again thanks to Twilight's organization. Spring meant a lot of things for everypony. Fresh food could be grown with the snow gone, new flowers and grass added color to the beautiful scenery, and everything was warmer so ponies were outside playing and shopping more often. But if spring meant one thing for almost anypony it was the season of love, and if there was one pony with romance on her mind it was Rarity, aside from spring fashion that is. Ever since she met the most un-charming prince imaginable at the Grand Galloping Gala she wondered in some of her spare time if she would ever find her prince, sure she knew spike had a crush on her but she only loved him as a friend or a little brother since he was only a baby dragon. But whenever Rarity saw other mares with their stallions at times she hoped to find one of her own, since she felt that a pony like her was too pretty to not have a stallion of her own. So all she could ever do is continue her work while she dreamed of finding her real prince.

"Oh Opal, what a day to be stitching lovely dresses on the first day of spring, the season of love. The dresses I make are so beautiful, yet I wish I could share my love of fashion and beauty with a stallion who loves me as well. Just look at me, such beauty, and I'm willing to give almost anything to almost anypony, especially my friends. So why is it that I don't have a stallion of my own?"

As she continued working she heard a knock on the door and went to answer it straight away. She opened the door and said,

"Welcome to the carousel boutique,where every garment is chic, unique, and magnifique."

She looked down to see that it was Spike,

"Oh, Hello Spike, what are you doing here today?"

"Hey Rarity, I'm here because Twilight asked me to pick up one of her coats that you were repairing while was organizing her books and other things in the library."

"Oh yes, she left it with me a few days ago to repair some broken hems and clean off some dirt."

She then used her unicorn magic to levitate the coat, fold it up and gave it to Spike.

"Here you go Spike, I hope Twilight will appreciate what I did for her coat."

As she went back working on other outfits she saw that she was out of red gems so she went to Spike.

"Spike, this may be a last minute request but when Twilight is done organizing could you two please do me a favor and find some more red gems for me? I'd like to get them with you but I'm way too busy working on so many dresses today."

Spike accepted Rarity's request and went home straight away with Twilight's coat.

"He's so nice, and willing to do almost anything for me, but he's more like a little brother and he's only a baby dragon."

She kept on working as Spike ran home to Twilight as she was putting away the last few books in the library.

"Almost done, just one more section and then-"

She heard the door open causing her to drop the books she was putting away.

"Spike, how many times do I have to tell you to knock before you enter? You made me drop my books again."

"I'm sorry Twilight but I got your coat back for you just like you asked. Also, when you're done can you help look for some red gems for Rarity she needs them but is too busy?"

"Alright Spike, just as soon as you help me with this last section of books."

So they worked on the last Section and went out to hunt for red gems. As Rarity was working on her designs she heard another knock on the door and once again opened it.

"Welcome to the carousel boutique,where every garment is chic, unique, and magnifique."

"Mademoiselle, I can see that your work doesn't need any mention like that since, your own looks speak for such beautiful clothes."

Rarity was surprised to hear such an alluring accent only to see a very handsome unicorn stallion with a purple coat, a lovely thick yellow mane and tail, with a bit of a beard, and a cutie mark in the image of a fluer-de-lis. She blushed slightly as she said,

"Well, thank you, but what would you like here sir, a new tie, a new coat?"

"Please, call me Francis cherie, also I am here to present you with a sketch for a lovely dress to make."

He used his unicorn magic to levitate the sketch of a beautiful dress with jewels around the belt area.

"Francis, this is a lovely dress you're quite the designer."

"Merci, I love beautiful things, and sketching clothing designs is one of my hobbies. But tell me ma cherie why is a belle mare such as yourself all alone on the first day of spring? Surely you have a stallion to share it with."

As Rarity started making the dress she said,

"Well, Francis it's a bit of a long story, I was setting myself up to be the proper mare for Prince Blueblood at the Grand Galloping Gala, I thought he would be my real prince charming only to find out that while he was handsome he was rude, conceited, shallow, and didn't know how to treat a lady. In fact the only thing royal about that prince was that he was a royal pain, he was never a prince charming at all, more like prince charmless."

"Now why on earth would somepony treat a lady like that?"

"I'm not to sure why, but he got what he deserved in the end, I splattered him with cake after he used me as a shield to block a cake that came flying at us, afterwards I smashed my glass slipper after it fell off my hoof as my friends and I ran out of the gala so he wouldn't find me."

"Chere it's a good thing you did that, a lady doesn't deserve to be unhappy with somepony like that. If at all a belle mare such as yourself deserves to be treated like a princess."

Rarity blushed as she kept on working on the dress and they both kept on getting to know each other as the dress was being prepared

"There!" Rarity enthusiastically said, finishing the final stitch on the dress. It was a beautiful blue dress with sapphires and pearls along the belt area and even more sapphires in the front chest area.

"You have outdone yourself, mon cher." Francis added as he looked at the ensemble.

"Well, you know it wasn't ALL me." Rarity fiddled with her hair. "I couldn't have created such a masterpiece without your sketch in the first place. You are quite the fashion designer, you know. In truth, this is really your creation, haha."

"Ah, but it was you who fit it together and your small details are what made this belle robe." he affectionately argued.

Rarity giggled "Well, I suppose you're right."

"But…" Francis began "It's missing something…"

"What? More gems? More feathers?" she questioned as she watched him walk to the dress. He used his unicorn magic to gently remove the outfit from the dummy it was on and carefully began to dress Rarity.

"Oh, what are you-" France softly shushed her as he finished dressing her up.

"Magnifique." He spoke in his soft French tone. "It was missing the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria to wear it." He took her right hoof into his, holding it in a very chivalrous manner.

Rarity felt a warm blush creep up on her cheeks. "I-"

She was cut of by Francis' lips. He pressed them gently to hers in a loving kiss. Her face grew hotter in shock for a moment. She closed her eyes and welcomed this, melting into his kiss.

Francis never thought he would truly fall for someone. Most of the time, everyone he had been in love with was only for their looks. But Rarity was more than beauty. They had so much in common. She was the first to truly appreciate Francis talents and accept his character. To him, she was beautiful in every way imaginable.
For Rarity, she had finally found 'Him'. He was so courteous to her and knew exactly how to treat her like a lady. He gave her such appreciation and love she had never known. He was her true Prince Charming.

"I have found the most beautiful creation in all of the universe, You." With that they gazed into each other's eyes lovingly.

"Francis, my real prince, please be my stallion." Francis began to cry tears of joy,

"Oh Rarity mon belle mare."

They slowly went in for another kiss and this time the kiss was longer and more passionate. While outside of the boutique Twilight Sparkle dropped Spike off who was carrying a bag of red gems as she went back home. Spike couldn't wait to see how Rarity would react when he came back with so many red gems. So he opened the door and said,

"Rarity, I got those gems you asked for." Spike then saw Rarity and Francis kissing and stood there shocked, inside he was screaming "NOOOOOOOO!" he felt his heart shatter as he saw his crush kissing some other pony, he was devastated and felt like he wanted to die. On the outside a tear ran down his cheek as he saw that Rarity was in love with somepony else so he left the bag of gems behind and ran away in tears.

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