When Arthur agreed to dig up dirt on Francis Spike was filled with joy and couldn't wait.

"Now remember Spike, this isn't going to happen overnight, but it won't take forever as well. However, I assume this will meet your expectations and humiliate Francis out of his relationship. I'll contact you when I'm done Spike, good bye my friend."

Spike then left Arthur's house and started to wait until he got what he needed. As the days passed Spike grew impatient waiting for Arthur to get the dirt he was waiting for, then one night he had a dream where he was cuddling next to Rarity.

"Oh Spike, I how could I not see that Francis wasn't meant for me?"

"We all make mistakes my dear, and I would do anything to help you, especially when it comes to protecting your happiness."

"Oh Spike." She cooed as they leaned in for a kiss. However, Twilight's walking woke him up.

"Twilight, why do you have to wake me up so early all the time? I was having this great dream." He grouchily said.

"Spike it's 9 AM you slept later than usual. Also, let me guess what your dream was about, Rarity breaking up with Francis?"

"How'd you figure that out?"

Twilight sighed in frustration,

"Spike, I know you're jealous but I still think that Rarity's happy having Francis as her boyfriend. I've seen her walking by with Francis and I never saw her happier in all my days living here in Ponyvile."

"But that still doesn't stop my feelings for her."

Twilight face hoofed again and went outside to meet with her friends while Spike stayed home still waiting for the dirt he sent Arthur to look for. The hours passed and Spike kept on waiting until he eventually got the mail. He started to sort the mail and found one addressed to him. He opened it up and started to read,

"Dear Spike,

I have found the dirt that you have been looking for. Come to my house to pick it up, and I promise that this dirt will humiliate Francis so bad that even his foals will be born embarrassed by their father.

Your friend,


Spike was happy to see the note and ran to Arthur's house as fast as he could. When he got there he knocked on the door, and waited for Arthur. He answered the door and let Spike inside.

"Okay Spike, prepare to be amazed at who the real Francis is."

Using his unicorn magic he got a book out and opened it. Inside were pictures of Francis with different mares in each photo.

"You see Spike, this is what will humiliate that cheesy monkey for good, he's been with so many other mares that no doubt he's going to treat Rarity the same way. He'll love them and when he finds another mare, he'll dump her for somepony else."

Spike ket on looking at the pictures and said,

"Thank you Arthur there's no doubt that Rarity will break up with him after she finds out that she'll be put aside by this guy. By the way, how'd you find this?"

"Simple, one day I did Twilight a favor while she was busy by going to his house in order to pick up an overdue book he borrowed form her library, saw this album in his collection, and took it when he wasn't looking. Still, do not mention my name, just reveal that book to both of them when you have the chance."

Spike agreed to the plan and carried the book as he went out to find Rarity and Francis.

Later, he found them on a hill gazing at the view huddled close to each other.

"Francis, this time I've spent with you has been amazing. Even though you're not royalty you're still the perfect prince anypony could ask for."

"I feel like the luckiest Stallion alive spending time with you ma cherie, I feel even Celesita herself would be envious of such a belle mare. Oh I have this drink that you'll just love, I saved it for tonight."

As Francis went to get the drink, Spike then took his chance and threw the book next to Rarity.

"Huh? What's this?A book?"

Rarity began to read it and she was in shock at what she saw. When Francis came back with the drinks she angrily asked him.

"Francis, please explain this."

She shoved the book in his face wanting answers.

"Rarity, I can explain. They meant nothing to me."

"So does that mean I mean nothing to you like those other mares?"

"Non, Rarity let me explain s'il vous plaƮt."

"I'm sorry Francis, but French won't work this time. I just can't believe that I thought I found my prince, only to find out that he'll leave me behind for somepony else later."

Francis soon got angry and said,

"Well, if you can't let me explain then maybe I'll leave you right now, adieu cherie."

He then galloped away form her, and she started to cry. Rarity soon galloped home in tears and went inside of her room locking the door. Over the next few days Rarity was dressed in her pink robe, with messed up mane, and didn't come out of her home so her friends went over to comfort her.

"Rarity, it's me Twilight, you haven't come out for days are you okay?"

She then heard Rarity crying in her sentences.

"Leave me alo-o-one! I thought I found my prince, I thought he was the perfect stallion for me, but now I'm just lonely, rejected, and pathetically left behind."

Pinkie pie then approached with a container of ice cream hoping that comfort food might help.

"Rarity, I brought over some ice cream, maybe some comfort food may help you forget."

She put the ice cream down by Rarity's door, but Rarity quickly took it in and slammed the door shut.

"Feeling better Rarity? I hope that ice cream will make you forget about Francis."

After Pinkie said his name Rarity cried loudly again.

"Pinkie pie, don't mention that."

Twilight said,

"What did I say?"

Rainbow dash then answered,

"You know, don't mention Francis it will only make her more upset."

Rarity's crying got louder.

"Oh nice going sugar cube, but what are we gonna do now?"

Said AppleJack.

"Umm, panic."

"Oh good gravy, Fluttershy that's your answer to everything."

Twilight then thought of an idea,

"Girls, I think I might know who was behind the wrecked relationship."

They all followed Twilight and soon found Spike. Soon Twilight confronted him.

"Spike, we need to talk."

He tried to run away but Twilight kept on using her magic to teleport him back, and kept on talking to him.

"Spike I know it was you who broke up Francis and Rarity."

"But isn't Rarity better off without that guy?"

"Actually no Spike, we heard her wailing louder than a pig frightened. Come to think of it, you did order some apples from me a few days ago, then I saw those same apples on the ground near a hill where Francis and Rarity fell."

Said Applejack,

"When I was guiding those bunnies, I saw those two near the shallow end of the river before something scared my bunnies that made them sprint across."

Commented Fluttershy,

"Yeah, you had me do a prank with a storm cloud and I saw them at the restaurant I put it over."

Rainbowdash stated,

"And you told me to do a surprise prank in sugar cube corner when they came around as well."

Said Pinkie Pie. Spike soon gave up running and finally confessed,

"Alright, I did it, I broke them up because I was jealous. I've had a crush on Rarity ever since I met her and I wanted her to be mine. So I did all I could in order to split them up and take Rarity for myself."

"Spike, I'm glad that you finally told the truth, but I'm disappointed in you that Rarity's happiness has been destroyed by your actions. This means that you're going to tell Rarity the truth, and get her and Francis back together if you want to redeem yourself."

He nodded in agreement and went to Rarity's to set things right. He knocked on the door of her room and said,

"Rarity, it's me Spike, I know you want to be left alone right now but please listen to me. About your break up Rarity, it's all my fault."

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