"Detective Williams, can you please tell the court in your own words about the arrest of Mr. Howard?" The District attorney asked as he studied the Five-O detective currently on the stand. The blond haired detective seemed pale and swayed unsteadily on his feet. The D.A shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny of the court as he waited for Danny to continue with his vital testimony, and released his anxiously held breath when Danny finally began to answer the question.

"We...we were tipped off that...that," Danny stumbled over his words as he seemed to tighten his grip on the stand, he paused to blink a few times before attempting to continue, "We were ...tipped..."

Stepping forward, prosecutor frowned as he quietly inquired, "Are you alright Detective Williams? Do you need to take a break?"

Steve McGarrett leaned forward in his chair as he studied the face of his partner. Danny had been unusually quiet before he had got on the stand but NAVY Seal had just put it down to over tiredness - the caseloads of Hawaii Five-0 had been particularly heavy in the last few days with the team working twenty hour days. Steve wondered if he had missed something more seriously wrong with his partner other than exhaustion as he studied Danny's pale and damp face. Growing more alarmed as Danny began to stutter over his words, the dark haired lead detective cast a sideward glance of concern at Chin beside him. Seeing the same level of concern mirrored Chin's eyes, Steve began to rise, intent on moving towards the obviously ill man on the stand.

"Detective Williams, are you feeling all right?"

The D.A's voice cut through the roaring in his ears. Danny blinked and slowly looked towards him unable to get his eyes to focus on the wavering figure in front of him.

"Dizzy!" He murmured softly before his legs suddenly gave way and he began to pitch forward.

Steve rushed forward, closely followed by Chin as the witness's eyes appeared to roll back in his head and the Five-0 detective collapsed silently into a shocked Prosecutor's arms, causing them to both sink to the floor.

The District Attorney carefully placed the man in his arms onto the floor and began to loosen the tie and undo the top three buttons of Dan's damp shirt. He called the detective's name softly in an attempt to rouse him from the faint, ignoring the excited and confused voices from the gallery as both spectators and media whom had gathered to witness the trial who now witnessed the unexpected collapse of the detective. His heart began to beat painfully in his own chest as he realized Williams was no longer breathing and he was unable to detect a heartbeat. He looked up relieved as both Steve and Chin pushed through the crowd of onlookers and knelt down beside him, taking instant control of the situation.

Chin only took a moment to assess his friend's condition. "He's not breathing, Steve and there's no pulse." He murmured as he quickly situated himself to Danny's side, watching as McGarrett swiftly moved to tilt Dan's head back as they began the desperate attempt to resuscitate their friend. Both men were barely aware of the shouts for an ambulance as they began to administer CPR.

"Come on Danny! Fight! Damn it! Fight!" McGarrett whispered between breaths, "Don't you dare leave Gracie… Do you hear me, Williams! Not now…"

"Excuse me. Allow me through." A strange voice ordered as a gray haired man hurried to the front of the courtroom and knelt down beside Chin. "I'm a doctor." He announced tersely as he quickly checked the motionless man on the floor before taking over the chest compressions from Chin, "And was attending another trial when told of the detective's collapse. How long has he stopped breathing?"

Glancing down at his boss, Chin swallowed hard as he looked back at the doctor, "It's been about seven minutes. We were unable to find a pulse either…"

"Where's the damn ambulance!" Steve demanded as he anxiously rubbed his hair and glanced towards the door before returning his attention to the man on the floor.

"It's been held up in traffic.' The court clerk answered quietly, "They said it could be another five to ten minutes before they can get here."

The doctor sighed and shook his head slowly after he carried out several more chest compression cycles, aware of how much precious time had passed as he felt for a pulse. Sitting back onto his heels, he stopped as he looked across the limp body on the floor to the man on the other side before he announced softly. "I'm sorry, he's gone. There is nothing more I can do!"

The doc's soft words burned deeply into McGarrett's soul. "No!" The choked whispered slipped from McGarrett's lips as he stared at the physician before looking back down at Danny. He wanted to yell at the doctor that there had been a horribly tragic mistake. Danno couldn't die! Not now! He would not allow it! He desperately felt for a pulse but as hard as he palpated the side of Danno's neck, he could not find the soft reassuring beat that proved this was just a mistake. He was aware of both The doc's and Chin's worried eyes watching him silently as he shook his head and began to lean back down, determined to continue the resuscitation.

"Enough Steve, Danny's gone! There is nothing more we can do!" Chin commanded firmly, gently pushing Steve away as the sounds of the ambulance stretcher rattled on the tiled floor as the two attendants pushed roughly past McGarrett. Steve remained crouched, unable to draw his eyes away from the motionless body of his closest friend and lover as the doctor sadly shook his head silently and indicated to the attendants that there was no need to rush.

"Come on Steve. There's nothing more we can do. Let the doc take care of Danny!" Chin whispered softly as he gently but firmly pulled McGarrett to his feet and maneuvered the shocked man away, trying to block any sight that McGarrett may get of the physician nodding at the two attendants waiting silently with a stretcher. He was vaguely aware of Danny being lifted from the floor and a white sheet was draped over his body before the stretcher was wheeled away. He tried to ignore his own heart shattering; there would be time enough later for his own grief. Now he had to focus on getting Steve away. The courtroom erupted in turmoil as the media began to push forward, demanding for a comment on the sudden, unexpected death of McGarrett's detective.