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"Chin, it's…Danny, I'm…I'm in...trouble..."

"Danny! Are you alright? Where are you?"

"I…I don't know…I think I'm in some kind of an office…"

"Easy Danny, easy. I have a trace on the line, we are going to find you but I need you to look around and see there's anything that can tell us where you are."

McGarrett stood rigidly still as he listened to the phone call that he had hurried back to the Palace to hear and his partner's desperate words. He had never heard the ex –Jersey cop sound so frightened or confused as Danny's panicked whispers continued.

"I…I can't…no…no time…. They're…. they're looking for me. I've got to try and get out of here."

"Who's looking for you?"

"They're coming, I… I can hear them. I... I have to go."

"Who's coming?"

The loud click of the call disconnecting reverberated around the silent room before McGarrett turned towards Chin and demanded, "What about the trace?"

"The call was traced to the Ewa Forest area, Steve." Chin answered as he pulled the incomplete trace up onto the screen with a map detailing the area up on the screen beside it. "The call was from a fixed land line but was too short to run a full trace."

The Navy SEAL stared at the map, even though he knew the area well after hiking through it numerous times. The forest area was rugged and dense with several hiking trails traversing through. The reserve was federal parkland and but for a few small isolated shacks that were hidden amongst the trees there were no other buildings in the area. "Are you sure the trace was from the Ewa Forest area?" he asked again, "And not from somewhere in Wahaiwa?"

Glancing back up at the screen and the results of the failed trace, the Korean detective confirmed. "I was able to trace the call to the reserve, Steve."

McGarrett frowned as he stared at the information before he continued, "Okay, the trace comes from the general area of the Ewa Forest Reserve. What else do we have?"

"He thinks he could be in an office." Chin frowned, "His voice sounds slurred and slow - like he's been drugged… and he says 'They' are looking for him."

"That implies that we are dealing with more than one kidnapper. We already knew that. We know there were two fake ambulance attendants that responded to the courthouse." Steve reminded Chin.

"One of them or a third suspect has to have a medical background." Chin added, "Possibly a doctor - they would need it to administer the drugs that Charlie found in the ambulance."

"So one of our suspects is possibly a doctor." Steve murmured as he continued to study at the map.

"Also, just before Danny disconnects the call, I can hear what sounds like voices in the background." Chin observed.

"Voices?" Steve frowned as Chin's fingers began to move across the keyboard. "Are you sure?"

The detective nodded with certainty as Danny's frightened voice again filled the room. Hitting a few more keys, the sound of soft indistinguishable voices were barely audible beneath Danny's frightened whisper. Steve listened closely again before he glanced up at Chin and smiled, "You're right.,Is there any way we can enhance the voices, maybe hear what they are saying?'

Chin nodded, "I can try and isolate each voice and enhance it but it's going to take a little time. "

"Do it!"

The Korean's fingers danced across the keyboard, first removing Danny's frightened whispers before amplifying the sound of approaching footsteps and the soft muffled murmurs that could be heard in the background. Chin growled in frustration as he tried to enhance voices but no matter what he tried the words remained muffled and indistinguishable. With a sigh, he looked across at the Navy SEAL. "I'm sorry Steve, but that's the clearest I can get the voices."

"Play the voices again, Chin." Steve requested as he placed his hands on the table and leaned closer to the speakers, listening intently to the voices.

Uncertain of what McGarrett had heard from the muffled words, Chin also listened closely but was unable to make out any of the soft murmurs.

When the recording stopped, Steve straightened back up and looked across at Chin. "I can't hear what they are saying but one of those voices sounds extremely familiar."

"Any idea of who it could be?" Chin asked.

McGarrett shook his head, "Not yet, but let me listen to it again."


Glancing into the rear vision mirror, the doctor glanced at the blanket draped figure lying on the back seat. Williams appeared to be conscious but the detective had not spoken or moved since they had left the safe house. The damp, pale face, the glassy blue eyes and the labored breathing worried the CIA doctor. He feared that the drugs he had used to reverse the effects of the overdose were beginning to wear off. He studied the detective for a moment or two longer, his chest tightening with fear as he noticed the telltale slight bluish tinge of the other man's lips and the distinct soft wheeze. He knew that he needed to get Williams to somewhere safe and fast where he could continue with the medical care the detective desperately needed.

Uncertain just where would be safe enough to take the detective, the doctor returned his attention back to the slippery, narrow muddy road that wound through the rainforest, as he said grimly, "It's not going to take them long to realize that I have helped you to escape, especially when they discover some of the drugs are missing. I can't take you back to my place or yours because that's the first places they will check. We need to find somewhere safe… somewhere where they would least expect us to go…"


The softly gasped name made the doctor jump and he glanced back into the rear vision mirror, surprised that Williams was alert enough to be able to make the suggestion.

"McGarrett will be the first person they will expect you to turn to." He told the detective, "Donahue and Anderson will be watching his every move. They will be watching anyone whom they think you or I will go to for help, especially the Five-0 team."

Danny nodded and closed his eyes; it was hard to think through the pain and the cottony fuzziness that seemed to have invaded his thoughts. Of course Steve would be the first person they knew he would turn to. He opened his eyes as the one name person he knew they would never think of watching suddenly popped into his mind, "What…what about Bergman… Max… Bergman…"

"Bergman?" He frowned, uncertain if he had misunderstood the name. "Max Bergman? The medical examiner?"

Danny swallowed hard and blinked, exhausted by the mere act of breathing before he whispered breathlessly. "He's…he's a friend. They… they won't look… look for…us … there…"

A small smile tugged at the doctor's lips as he pondered the suggestion to hide out at the island's Chief Medical Examiner place for a moment. As crazy as the suggestion sounded, it might be the safest place in the current circumstances. He made the decision as he reached the paved road that lead out of the forest reserve that would take them to the freeway and Honolulu, nodding to himself, 'Yeah. The Medical Examiner might be the safest person to go to. Who in their right mind would ever think they would go to him for help?' Casting another quick glance in the mirror to the seriously ill man on the back seat, he laughed. "Hiding out with the Chief Medical Examiner sounds perfect, I doubt even Donahue would ever think of looking for us there."