The Only God I Have Ever Known

I am not the hero because I am not selfless

I saw once your snowy white skin

and I wanted to feel it, caress it.

I am not good because I am not kind

I heard once your singing

and did not mind frightening you when

attempting to woo you.

I am not noble because I am not patient

I stood beside you but once

and searched for you

when you were not where I could find you.

I would not wait to hear to hear word of


I would have split the world in half like Hades,

if only to find you, my Persephone.

And this is why I am telling you now,

you with your skin as white as snow,

your lips like blood

and hair as dark as ebony,

That you and you alone are the only

God I have ever known.

To long have you been the maiden,

let me make you into the mother,

and when you become the crone

I promise still to worship you.

For you are the one God I have

ever known.