These are the Voyages… Chapter One 12

These are the Voyages…


Denise Hemmingway

Author's Notes:

This is a crossover between Stargate: Battlestar Galactica (The Reimagined Series) [BSG: 2003] and Star Trek Online.

For STO it's within the current timeline and for BSG: 2003 it's around the time of the Miniseries and the first season.

I don't own any of the television or game franchises mentioned. They are the properties of their respective producers, writers, and production/ media companies.

Chapter 1:

Bridge USS Kiowa NCC-971871-A a Dakota-Class Heavy Cruiser:

Captain's Log: Stardate: Unknown - This is the fifth entry since we transited the natural transwarp corridor we found accidentally fleeing the Terran Imperial Fleets and the Cardassian-Jem'hadar True Way Fleets near the Honod System. We fought off several ships, but were outnumbered and took the only way out offered to us. We dived into what we thought was a transwarp conduit. Now we're in uncharted space in a system of four stars not mapped by the Federation or any other star nation in Alpha and Beta Quadrants. During the battle a Klingon Norgh-Class Bird-of-Prey unexpectedly came to our aid and was forced through the transwarp corridor with us. Now we are in standard orbit around a brown-dwarf star or a huge gas giant larger than Sol's Jupiter. Commander Kolik of the House of Mogh and I have agreed to search for Earth and Qo'nos after we've figured out where in the Galaxy we currently are.

After making her first log entry since transiting what they had first thought was a transwarp corridor, but after reading the sensor logs of both the Kiowa Her ship and the Nogh'Sor Commander Kolik of the House of Mogh's ship Captain Andrea Maine had some tough decisions to make. They not only were light years away from home, but they were thousands of years from there as well. She had made Commander Kolik Mogh her task force First Officer and Commander Talah was the Kiowa's First Officer and Captain Maine's aide.

On the main view screen she saw the IKS Nogh'Sor, the USS Repulse, and the USS Reprisal. The Repulse and the Reprisal were once her commands, but now were the escorts of the Kiowa. The Nogh'Sor had by the accidental transit through the interdimensional wormhole become her third escort. Captain Maine smiled as it was nice to have that little surprise in her small fleet. An added bonus was that she and Kolik Mogh got along so well. Kolik was the youngest of Worf Mogh's children born just before he left Starfleet to take a commission in the IKDF or Imperial Klingon Defense Force. The Klingon woman had risen on her own to her rank within the IKDF and on one of her missions near to Deep Space 9 the CAPT Maine and CMDR Mogh met in Quark's and found they had a kindred spirit.

Little had Andrea known until her battle with the Romulans and the True Way Cardassians that CMDR Mogh had been shadowing her as part of her duties with the IKDF. So far CAPT Maine's only contact with the IKDF was the occasional assistance against the invading forces of the Mirror Universe's Terran Empire and the Borg or assisting against rogue elements of the IKDF. These rogue elements were behind the continuation of the war between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. The war started after the Federation failed coming to the aid of the Klingons when the Undine invaded the Galaxy. Since her commissioning Andrea learned that the war itself was orchestrated by the Undine when they infiltrated both the IKDF and Starfleet among other forces and organizations in the Galaxy.

Now watching her small fleet of ships from her bridge and her Commander's Chair CAPT Andrea Maine wondered if the Undine were behind her being forced into the interdimensional wormhole. The gas clouds in the atmosphere of the massive gas giant below swirled in the background of her ships. The tiny fleet wasn't in geosynchronous orbit and drifted along above the planet. The planet itself looked like Neptune's big brother.

The massive Jovian world below had a moon system and gave off some interesting radiation readings according to Astrometrics. CAPT Maine drank her green tea as she signed off on reports while she stood her shift on Ship's Watch. In a few after Commander Talah Yjhrob had relieved her she was meeting in her Ready Room with the captains of the other ships. They were going to plan out their next actions. One of which was to take advantage of the IKS Nogh'Sor's cloaking abilities and have it make a reconnaissance flight through the four star systems that orbited the central bray point of the cluster. After CMDR Mogh makes her follow-up report then CAPT Maine will decide to make their presence known to the locals or to order Task Force Kiowa to the next nearest Class M planet to seek assistance in getting back to their own time and possibly universe.

CMDR Yjhrob came up beside CAPT Maine and said, "Captain I relieve you." Andrea looked at the Andorian woman that was her same age smiling. The pair had once been a couple on the old USS Patriot before they had been thrust into positions of being the Commander and First Officer respectively of that ship during the Second Battle of Wolf 359. That battle had awaken the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to the horrible fact that the Borg weren't gone. The new incursion was just part of a larger invasion from their quadrant of the Galaxy. Since then it was one mission after another either fending off one of their attack fleets, the Romulans, the Cardassians and Jem'Hadar of the True Way Fleet, the invading Terran Imperials of the Mirror Universe, or the IKDF.

Oh that didn't mean there weren't the missions of exploration or humanitarian missions, but for Andrea Maine it seemed that her life after the Academy was spent on one battle front after another defending the Federation and or the entire Alpha and Beta Quadrants from invaders. That was one reason Task Force Kiowa named for its original command ship the USS Kiowa was on the rimward frontier when they were jumped in an ambush by forces usually found coreward of the Federation. For a while until that last battle her task force had been called TF Delhi. During her last battle she had to abandon the Envoy-Class Exploration Cruiser and transfer her command back to the USS Kiowa. As the now TF Kiowa retreated through the wormhole one of her last visions through the Kiowa's main view screen was the burning and exploding USS Delhi. Hundreds of people died on that ship. She managed to get as many as she and her Bridge Officers could onto the other ships of her Task Force, but still several hundred Federation officers, petty officers, and enlisted perished when the Delhi exploded.

Now in what appeared to be at first glance their Galaxy, but in the very distant past she had at her command the Dakota-Class Heavy Cruiser USS Kiowa NCC-971871-A, the Excalibur-Class Cruiser USS Repulse NCC-93115-A, the Shi'Kahr-Class Light Cruiser USS Reprisal NCC-93504-A and the Norgh-Class Bird-of-Prey the IKS Nogh'Sor. Looking from her small fleet to her Number One Andrea smiled and said, "I stand relieved. Number One, are the other commanders in my ready room yet?"

"Yes sir, they've all arrived moments ago and I personally saw to it that all of them were seated and waiting for you at the Ready Room's briefing table," CMDR Yjhrob said as she took the Command Chair from CAPT Maine.

"Good, then Number One you have the Con," Maine said as she went to the double doored hatch to her ready room. She paused and cast one more glance at the Bridge Crew and at the ships in the main viewer. "Don't let things go to hell while I'm with the Commanders Number One." She smiled as her one time lover who smiled back at her. From the purplish blush on Talah's face Andrea knew that Talah had similar thoughts of her when looking at each other.

"Aye Sir, I have the Con and don't wreck your precious ships either," Talah said smiling thinking of how after the Day Watch was over she and Andrea will relax in one of the Holodecks at their favorite Mexican resort and enjoy the comforts of each other's bodies. This was why Talah blushed looking back at Captain Maine as she walked into her Ready Room.

Colonial Fleet Battlestar Galactica BS-75 Helios Alpha System Cyrannus Cluster:

Inside the venerable ship and grand dame of the Colonial Fleet her latest and last Commander was reading a speech he prepared over the last several days. His attention seemed to be on the piece of octagonal paper in his hands toured the ship making his rounds prior to the Decommissioning Ceremony later this day. Yet he was able to engage in some banter with Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace and catch some of Chief Galen Tyrol's deck hands arguing over something then exchange opinions about the fate of the Galactica.

Minutes after those two encounters he walked into the Combat Information Center or CIC, the bridge of the Galactica and its heart, soul, and central nervous system. "Sir," began Lieutenant Felix Gaeta the Galactica's Tactical, Sensors and Navigation Officer, "We have a few pieces of business left over from the Mid-Watch. The most pressing is a dispatch from Colonial Fleet Headquarters. It seems that the shuttle to the Armistice Station is overdue in returning and HQ is checking with any FTL capable ships to go out there and investigate." Gaeta hands Commander William "Husker" Adama the transcripts from the overnight and early morning communiques before leaving the CIC.

"I believe we're a bit busy this morning, right Lieutenant?" Adama said as he took the inch thick stack of papers from Gaeta.

Gaeta nodded and replied, "Right you are sir."

"Lieutenant, I believe that you're relieved. You may go and get ready for the Decommissioning later," Adama said.

"Yes sir, thank you sir," Gaeta said then he salutes his Commanding Officer and walks out the starboard hatch of the CIC nearly running into the Galactica's Executive Officer, Colonel Saul Tigh. "Excuse me sir, Colonel," Gaeta says saluting the Colonel who's less than fully dress for duty with the front of his jacket undone and a stainless steel cup in his hands that smells something like ambrosia. Tigh returns Gaeta's salute and heads onto the Pilot's Ward Room for today's Triad game.

As Gaeta goes to his quarters to grab some sleep before getting ready for the ceremony later in the day, CMDR Adama while making his rounds around the ship visits the hangar deck of the Port Flight Pod. There Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol, the Galactica's Senior NCO and Chief of the Port Flight Pod's Deck Gang presents Adama with a plague with a photo of him and his sons standing in front of the very Viper Mark II that the Chief and his crew painstakingly restored to full combat readiness. Adama in a rare show of emotions ranging from gratitude to happiness so intense that he's nearly brought to tears thanks Tyrol and the crew before resuming his rounds.

At the Triad game Colonel Tigh, Major Jackson "Dipper" Spencer Galactica's Commander Air Group or CAG, Lieutenant Karl "Helo" Agathon, and Junior Lieutenant Sharon "Boomer" Valerii exchange in some seemingly friendly banter between bets. As another round of bets goes around the table Col. Tigh begins to mock Starbuck about her callsign. "Starbuck," He begins, "did you get that handle before or after they through you in the Brig for drunk and disorderly at the Academy?"

Starbuck glares at the Colonel replying, "After." Then she shifts some of her cards to look better at her hand while still glaring daggers at Tigh, "How's the wife." She asked him in a tone that made it obvious that she was making a dig at his marital problems and the tone of the game goes to unfriendly.

Tigh returns Starbuck's glare and says, "Everything's fine." He shift's his cards around in his hand.

Maj. Spencer looks from the XO to his top pilot and back again looking like he knew this will get ugly soon. Before he can say anything to defuse the situation Helo says, "Did anyone catch the Pyramid Game on Gemenon?"

Then in jest JRLT Valerii digs Helo about some girl he mentioned he knew on Gemenon. As she tries to laugh at her joke Starbuck gets in her two cubits, "Helo, Helo when are you going to learn? First you're flying with Rooks." Helo makes a sound of protest, but Kara continues, "And you're betting against Starbuck! Now I hate to bring this lovely little game to its end, but read them and weep." She lays down her hand spreading it across the table. "Full Colors, I believe that means I win!" Then she begins a little victory dance in her chair.

Just as Starbuck's feeling the thrill of beating Tigh, the XO jumps up tossing the table aside. Cubits and Triad cards go flying as the other three players jump out of the way. Then before Tigh can press his attack Starbuck rushes in landing a punch on his cheek under his left eye. Before he can respond, Ripper pushes him out of the way and Helo and Boomer grab Starbuck struggling to keep her from Tigh. Tigh used his provocation as an excuse to send Starbuck to the Brig.

Later after he and Adama have talked over the fight he sits next to the Commander during the ceremony watching the Old Man's son leading the fly over in Husker's old Viper. Afterwards Adama gets up and delivers his retirement speech, "The Cylon War is long over, yet we must not forget the reasons why so many sacrificed so much in the cause of freedom. The cost of wearing the uniform can be high, but...sometimes it's too high. You know, when we fought the Cylons, we did it to save ourselves from extinction. But we never answered the question, why? Why are we as a people worth saving? We still commit murder because of greed, spite, jealousy. And we still visit all of our sins upon our children. We refuse to accept the responsibility for anything that we've done, like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play God, create life. When that life turned against us, we comforted ourselves in the knowledge that it really wasn't our fault, not really. You cannot play God then wash your hands of the things that you've created. Sooner or later, the day comes when you can't hide from the things that you've done anymore."

The speech stuns the audience both military and civilian. Then as they recover from their shock at Adama's words they applaud him for his candor. Tigh looks up at his friend and Commander acknowledging the strength of Adama's words.

Ready Room USS Kiowa:

CAPT Maine was concluding her conference with the commanders of the three other ships in her little group. "As you see we're not in our own time, but we are in our universe. The trouble is we're around one hundred fifty thousand years in our past. Somehow that wormhole we passed through deposited us this far back. Going to Earth or even Qo'nos is out of the question. Commanders Thales Ysiri and Loreno Zizi my Chief Engineer and Chief Science Officer each agree that we don't even know if we can time warp that far back into the future." She looked over the other three senior officers of the Task Force. Commander Kolik Mogh of the IKDF and commanding officer of the IKS Nogh'Sor, Commander Khalid Bashir commander of the USS Repulse, and Lieutenant Commander Silke Geissler commander of the USS Reprisal looked at her nodding then she said, "I want the IKS Nogh'Sor to warp into the primary system," she called up a holographic picture of the Helios Alpha system into view over the briefing table, "Do so under cloak. I want you to do a reconnaissance scan of all four of the habitable worlds and report back to me what you find. Commander, don't engage the local space forces unless your ship and mission are compromised."

Before she could give similar orders to the other two CMDR Talah Yjhrob's voice came over the ship's public address system, "Red Alert all hands Action Stations, I repeat Red Alert all hands to Action Stations!" Then the lighting in the Ready Room went from normal to tactical red lighting.

CAPT Maine looked at her Task Force's ships' commanders and said, "Get to your ships prepare them for battle. We're under attack and we have to survive if we're to find a way home someday, move!" The other three ships' Captains moved and teleported to their respective ships as Maine walked out onto her Bridge, "Number One report!"

Bridge USS Kiowa, flagship of the Task Force Kiowa:

"Number One, report!" CAPT Maine said as she walked out onto the Bridge from her Ready Room in a stern matter of fact voice edged in her legendary steely edged tone she got when engaged in combat or potential battle. There are two things Maine was known for in Starfleet. One was her cold calm continence in battle and the other was her pit-bull like tenaciousness in a fight. CAPT Maine was one of the rare Starfleet officers that showed her true abilities in battle rather than in exploration. In her lifetime she was spoken of in the same breaths as Captain James T. Kirk, Captain Jonathan Archer, and other famous human warriors from Earth like Rommel, Patton, Grant, Alexander, Julius Caesar, etc.

"Sir as you were finishing up your briefing with the other Commanders of this Task Force these five ships appeared after bright flashes of light appeared on the main viewer. The flashes were the terminal openings of some sort of Wormhole Drive usage. The ships are shaped like to capital Earth letter Ys connected by a centrally located column. As yet they're out of range, but will be closing shortly. Their sublight engines according to sensor scans are as good as our impulse drives," said the female Andorian with her whitish-blond hair done up in dreadlocks that were tied back behind her ears at the nape of her neck.

"Take your station Number One," CAPT Maine told CMDR Yjhrob. Talah then moved to the XO's chair and called up her console so she could direct the combat of the Kiowa. "Comms put me on Fleet Wide," Maine yelled out.

"Yes sir," replied the Lieutenant at the Communications Station. Then the Betazoid male worked the controls of the Comms Station, "You're on Fleet Wide now sir."

Maine nodded and spoke in her most steady and calm voice, "This is Captain Andrea Maine to all hands of Task Force Kiowa. We've seemed to have warped through a wormhole in time and space and right into a war zone. Prepare to defend yourselves. Crews mind your officers and stand to with your shipmates, trust in your training and skills and we'll all live to see our way home someday. And if things go pear shaped remember the words of our Klingon comrades in arms. Today is a good day to die. On that note remember also the words of the Ancient American General George S. Patton. You don't win wars by dying for your country; you win them by making the other dumb son of a bitch die for his. That being said power up phasers, load the torpedo tubes, and raise shields!"

Then Maine's own bridge became a beehive of activity as her Bridge Crew and Officers went about preparing for battle. Elsewhere on the Kiowa, Division Officers and Department Heads from the Chief Engineer to the Chief Medical Officer prepared their divisions for action. On the Bridge, Maine looked to her Helmsman and her Navigator, "Plot a course at full impulse that will bring us into weapons range of the lead ship. Weapons ready the Quantum Mine dispenser and load photon and quantum torpedoes!"