Chapter One

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Bella's POV

I stood in my room in Phoenix, deliberating. The choice I was about to make was inevitable; I had to decide now before the chance was lost. I weighed the pros and cons in my mind as I sat moodily on my bed, and my ankles kept crossing with indecision as no conclusion was formed. The final question I was presented with was by far the hardest but also the easiest in a way.

Who was owed more happiness, my mother or I?

I would miss my scatterbrained mother and her whirlwind hugs; I could see how awkward Phil was at having a sixteen year old girl watching him be affectionate with his new wife; I had walked in too many times to Phil and my mother kissing in the kitchen, only for them to break apart awkwardly and leave all three of us in embarrassed silence. I didn't want to trade the hot blue skies and bustle of Phoenix for Forks – the most freezing, wet and remote place that I'd ever had the misfortune to visit.

But my mother deserved to live her newlywed years alone with her husband and shouldn't be forced to deal with a teenage girl, even if I was pretty mature for my age. If I were in her position then I would wish for nothing at all to tie me down.

Suddenly, my heart knew the answer to my indecision and so my head knew what decision to follow through. I was moving to Forks. Now the difficult part would be convincing my mother to let me go, mind the decision wouldn't be as hard for her as it would have been before Phil. I was a legal adult in a few months and she would have to respect my decision.

I knew that my dad, Charlie, would have no problem. In fact, he'd be thrilled to have me living under his roof again. Living with him was one of the pros of moving to Forks as I'd be able to make up for the lost years that had been stolen from us from when my mother left him all of those years ago when I was just a baby. That was until I left for college next year. If I got into any, that was, but it was my goal, and goals were all that I had at the moment. The door creaked open, and my heart lurched. Renee was home and it was time to inform her of my decision. The second she walked in, she noticed that something was wrong. According to her, I was like an open book, and there was never an emotion she couldn't read.

"Why are you so tense, honey? Is something up?" she asked anxiously, sitting beside me and patting my back reassuringly for any problem that I might have had.

"No, nothing's wrong. It's just that…" I couldn't get the words out – they were stuck in my throat.

"You can tell me anything, you know that, Bella."

Her voice was so comforting, so sweet, and it made me feel a little guilty.

"I want to move to Forks to live with Charlie," I blurted out, unable to contain the tension that had been building up inside of me since I made the life-altering decision.

"What? Where has this come from? Is it…," I cut her off before she could blame herself. This was for her sake not mine, but I wouldn't let her shoulder the guilt.

"No, Mum. It's just that I want to spend my last schooling year with Charlie, to get to know him. You know, I'll never get this chance later on."

"Phil and I love having you here," she protested, but her persuasiveness was weak. A part of her wanted me to leave so she could spend more time with her husband.

"It's okay, I want to go. Trust me."

"Bella, I can tell you're lying."

"I'm not."

"Please Mum," I pleaded.

She frowned. "Well, I don't know."

"Mum, I really want to go."

"Think about it some more, and then if you're really sure, then you can go," she consented. "I'll go call your father."

"Thank you."

I hugged her, more out of relief than of happiness. I couldn't ruin the façade. She deserved happiness more than I.

So it was here that I was standing outside Charlie's house, gazing at his quaint two-story house broodingly. Now mine too. Charlie wasn't very talkative but silence suited the both of us.

It wasn't uncomfortable as it would have been with Renee.

As I walked inside, I noticed that the house appeared exactly the same as it had the last time that I had visited, four years ago on summer break, and so did my room. The only thing that appeared to be different was an absolutely huge, free-standing, golden-framed mirror situated near my bed.

"Hey, Char… Dad!" I called out.


"Where did you get the mirror from?"

"Oh, it was a gift."

"From who?" I asked, oblivious as to who could have given me such an elaborate gift, and frowning as he walked into the room. The mirror looked like an antique, expensive. It had an ordinary rectangular shape, but its edges were adorned with red hinted roses too perfect to be carved by man. I was too intrigued with it's exterior that I paid no attention to the glass. Charlie's reply brought me suddenly out of my preoccupation with the mirror.

"Just this family that lives in town. They heard you were coming and thought you might like it. I thought that you might need something more than that little mirror in the bathroom."

Right. A mirror. Did they think that I was vain? What had Charlie been saying about me to make them think that? I barely looked at myself twice before I left the house each morning.

"That was nice of them," I said carefully.

"You might meet some of them when you go to school tomorrow. Don't worry, they're good kids. Their father is a doctor and is very respected around here. I think he and his wife have four teenagers. They all go to the school that I've enrolled you in. Alice, the youngest said that she'd help you around."

"That's nice of her," I repeated, this time with more feeling. The thought of someone going out of their way to help me was nice. An expensive mirror on the other hand was just crazy. They could have just given me a pot plant or something. I hated receiving gifts from my family, let alone a bunch of strangers.

"Do you need help unpacking? I could help," he offered.

I shrugged. "I'll be okay, I only need to unpack books and clothes, anyway."

"Great. I'll be watching TV in the other room." He smiled before leaving me to my own devices.

I decided to follow his advice and unpack my stuff. But every time I tried to put something away, I felt this inexplicable draw to the mirror and it wasn't long before I was unconsciously standing in front of it.

I almost tripped over my suitcase when I shrank back with trepidation at what the mirror presented, or didn't present, I should say. My reflection wasn't showing in the mirror, and its surface was a complete and incomprehensible silvery blank. What did that mean? That I was a vampire? Grow up, I chastened myself.

Was this a prank? What mirror didn't show a reflection? A few minutes after the fear inside of me had subsided, I walked up to the mirror warily and hesitantly brushed my fingers along the cold glass. My reflection had yet to be seen. Frustrated, I leant my head against the glass and closed my eyes. When I opened them, I was met with a pair of beautiful golden ones.

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