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Olivia walked into the precinct and threw her coat over her chair and headed to the coffee pot. She looked to the brown liquid and smiled, remembering the days of Munch's horrible brew and then her tea. Olivia had long since stopped drinking the tea, she realized she needed something stronger in her line of work.

"Good morning," Nick said, coming up behind her and grabbing a cup.

"Morning," she replied.

Nick stared at Olivia a moment, trying to figure out how to approach her. He wanted to ask her if she was alright, if everything with her brother was okay. She had been so distracted during their case that he wondered why no one talked to her about it. Back in Narcotics there was a lecture for almost every mishap.

Nick opened his mouth, but Olivia walked away at the same time. Nick sighed and grabbed a cup of coffee. He wished his partner would open up to him. He had read your jacket. She was a good detective, someone he could learn from. He had admired how many of her arrests were sent to prison. When he found out he was going to be her partner, he was more than excited.

Then he showed up and all she gave him was attitude. She commented on his facial hair and was generally cold towards him. He had asked Fin about her old partner, Stabler. Fin didn't seem to like him and Nick could see why. If Stabler's sudden departure could change the woman that the papers claimed was filled with compassion into a cold woman, he must not have been a good guy.

Nick had never met him, but he didn't like him.

If Stabler hadn't been such an ass to his partner, maybe she'd be more willing to be his.

"How was your night?" He asked casually, sipping his coffee.

"Fine, and yours?"

Fine. Everything was always 'fine' with Olivia Benson. Never good, never bad, never different, just 'fine.' All Nick wanted was a real response from her. If he was supposed to trust Olivia with his life, why the hell couldn't she trust him with hers?

"Fine," he mimicked. She didn't catch on to his joke.

The day passed slowly as the detectives finished filing the paperwork for their latest case. Nick noticed Olivia still seemed distracted and kept checking her phone. He also noticed that Munch had squeezed her shoulder briefly in passing and Fin had brought her a cup of coffee. At some point during the day he had looked to Amanda, she looked to be just as clueless.

Her phone chimed quietly and she read her text message, then smiled.

"Good news?" Nick asked, trying to spark the conversation.

Olivia looked to him, her smile brighter than he'd ever seen, "Yeah." Nick raised an eyebrow, coaxing Olivia into giving him more. The brunette continued smiling and put her phone down, "My brother's girlfriend wants me over for dinner on Sunday."

Nick smiled back, "That's great."

Olivia nodded and Nick saw her smile fade before she returned to her paperwork. Nick frowned. Had Olivia noticed that he was trying to get her to open up? Had she been suddenly aware that she was about to talk about her personal life in front of him? Whatever caused her to close up again, it was enough to make Nick mad.

He was distracted from his thoughts when his phone rang. "Amaro," he answered briskly. He sighed when he heard the tiny voice on the other end, "Zara, you know you aren't supposed to call me at work."

"But, Daddy… Grandma won't let me eat candy corn."

Nick smiled softly, "That's because you aren't supposed to eat candy corn for dinner."

"Daddy, Mommy let's me eat it whenever I want," Zara said smartly.

This was always a problem. Zara liked to use her own mother against her father. He was going to have to talk to Maria about that, again. "Well, I'm not Mommy so no candy corn." The little girl huffed for a moment then hung up. Nick left the phone to his ear, momentarily stunned that his four-year old was able to have an attitude already.

"Candy corn, huh?"

Nick looked up to his partner. She was smiling again. "Yeah, her mother told her it was vegetable a few months ago. She won't let it go."

Olivia laughed slightly, "I told my mom that jelly beans were a vegetable because they were green."

Nick smiled too, happy to see the humanity in her, "Don't tell Zara, she'll just use that against me."

Olivia turned her head back to her paperwork, still smiling, "She's a smart girl then."

When Olivia came in the next day Nick knew she'd had a bad night. She was ten minutes late, had dark bags under her eyes, and her hair was pulled back. She went straight to the coffee pot, not even throwing her coat on the chair. When she sat down she just shrugged her coat off and sighed.

"Rough night?"

Olivia looked up and smiled sadly, "You could say that."

Olivia's stomach growled quietly and she just sighed again. "Why don't we go interview that waitress from Bill's Café?"

Olivia looked to him, confused. There was no waitress, but she also realized there was hardly any paperwork and no new cases. Breakfast wasn't going to hurt anyone. She shrugged her coat back on and Nick smiled. "Let's go."

The two detectives arrived to Bill's Café and took a booth. Olivia ordered toast and eggs while Amaro decided on pancakes and coffee. The partners sat and ate quietly at first, both enjoying the innocent buzz of the diner.

"So, how was your night?" Nick asked casually, avoiding Olivia's eye contact.

Olivia stopped mid-bite and couldn't help but smile at him, he sure was slick. She finished chewing her food and leaned back against the booth's plush seat, "What do you want to know?"

Nick looked up and frowned, "What do you mean?"

"What do you want to know about my brother?"

The edges of Nick's lips curled slightly, "I didn't say anything about your brother."

Olivia's eyes narrowed, but a smirk still played on her lips. All Nick could think of was what a mystery Olivia Benson was. Not only had she been in SVU for thirteen years and seen all the horrors of the job, but there was something in her eyes. They were dark, excessively dark, and he wondered what else they had seen.

"My brother got into some trouble. Last night he called me and told me it was my fault, all while apologizing."

Nick raised a brow, "Why would he blame you?"

Olivia shrugged, "Because I didn't get him the best lawyer."

"Were you close growing up?"

Olivia's smile faltered, but it didn't leave her face, "I only found him five years ago." Nick's face must have shown signs of surprise because Olivia turned back to her food and pushed it around, "It's complicated."

Nick nodded and turned back to his food as well, "All families are."

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