The Time Which Stopped That Day

The endless darkness caressed her as she drifted through the abyss of darkness. Empty echoes of laughter and talking filled her ears. She reached out, to grasp the fleeting sounds of happiness, but her small hand caught nothing but darkness. A single tear slid down her cheek as she continued to drift through the never-ending darkness.

"Mikan-sama, how are you feeling today?" an attendant asked courteously. Mikan gave a curt nod and resumed drawing the scenery outside her window. "M-Mikan-sama, the Gakuen Alice uniform is on the chair, please get dressed as soon as possible and meet the ESP downstairs," the attendant stammered before stumbling out of the room.

As soon as the door closed, Mikan stopped drawing.

"Elementary school principal, huh," she murmured emotionlessly. Mikan changed out of her white one-piece dress and slipped on the uniform. After changing, she examined herself in the full-length mirror. Her large brown eyes scanned herself critically.

"The black blazer doesn't look nice on me, it's too big. The checked skirt looks okay, but not great. My hair looks too plain and long. I should fix myself a bit," she thought. Taking a brush, she untangled the knots and brushed it until there were no messy strands sticking up any more. She then picked up some scissors and chopped her long hair to shoulder-length.

"There, done," she said before making her way downstairs to greet ESP.

"How's the girl?" Persona asked.

"Good, that memory loss has really aided us, she's practically emotionless, perfect to use," ESP said with a smile on his face.

"And you're saying that, I'm to keep an eye on her while you're going away on a task?"

"Yes, I am sure that you are the one most suited for this role, don't disappoint me."

Persona looked down, letting his dark hair hide his face.

"Elementary School Principal?" Mikan said. The ESP turned and found Mikan in the Gakuen Alice uniform.

"Are you ready? I hope you aren't too nervous about re-entering Alice Academy." ESP said before patting Mikan on the head. "Persona will take you to the Academy," ESP continued.

Mikan followed Persona to the car. "Mikan! Remember, the students may act strange around you. They also may try to manipulate you into hating us, your guardians. You must ignore those evil students who try to do so, okay?" ESP shouted.

"I understand," Mikan sighed.

Persona strode to the car and opened the door for Mikan. She got in without a second thought and her makeshift home soon disappeared into the distance. That place had been the place where Mikan had woken up in, the white room. She was there for around half a month.

"We will be arriving at the school in around 30 mins. Please follow the Gakuen Alice attendants' instructions," Persona instructed. Mikan ignored him and stared out of the window. It was raining.

After around 40mins, a large school came into view. Soon, the car stopped and Persona got out from the car and opened Mikan's door. "We have arrived, your attendants are waiting outside, do as ESP told you, don't be influenced by their words, the students that is," Persona coldly said.

"This way, Mikan-sama," several attendants chorused.

"Then, I'll see you in the Dangerous Abilities class then," Persona said before getting back into the car and driving off.

"Mikan-sama, we are heading to the dorms firstly, you can unload your luggage there," an attendant stated. Mikan nodded and followed them.

"We'll be leaving you here, in the special star dorm Mikan-sama, goodbye," the attendants chimed before walking away. The clip-clops of their shoes left an echo in the empty hallway. Mikan looked around, there didn't seem to be a lot of people in this dorm. Dragging her small suitcase with her, she walked down the hallway, looking for her room number.

"Um….Hm…..Room number, 6…" she mumbled. At last, a door with a big '6' star on it appeared. Mikan pushed the door open and a spacious room was revealed to her.

There was a large window on one side of the room with soft pink curtains draping it. Everything in the room looked and was high quality and luxurious. However, Mikan was indifferent to the special treatment. She opened her suitcase and took out a velvet pouch. She tipped the object in it out and examined it. It was an Alice stone, ruby red. It was the only object in ESP's locked drawer and she had stolen it before she left. Mikan traced her finger along the edges of it, admiring the cerise colour.

"Mikan-sama, it is time to eat dinner, please proceed to the dining hall in 15 mins maximum," a robotic voice chirped outside her door

"What should I wear?" Mikan enquired.

"Anything is fine."

"Ok, you can leave now."

Mikan heard the soft thudding footstep fade away. She changed into a soft purple one-piece dress and put a silver headband on. Softly closing the door behind her, Mikan stepped out into the hallway and looked around for the exit. The soft thud of a door closing beside her resounded in the hallway. Mikan whipped her head around and there, dressed in a baggy black shirt and jeans, was someone who she recognised, yet couldn't name. He had crimson eyes that seemed to penetrate through her and messy black hair that flopped over his eyes.

"Mikan, you've come back."

Story currenty under revision, later chapters shall come later.