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A low moan escaped Meiji and the crimson blood spread some more. Mikan's eyes widened in horror and she rushed to Meiji.

"W-We have to stop the blood! U-Ummm…" Mikan stammered, frantically looking around for something to stop the bleeding.

"You won't be able to stop the bleeding, we know exactly where we hit Kori Meiji. Only we will be able to stop the bleeding."

Mikan felt a shiver go down her spine, she recognised that thin and sinister voice. It was the ESP.


"Well, I have to say, I was a little surprised at your actions, I thought I brainwashed you pretty well. Seems like I was wrong. Anyways, Mikan Sakura, I am willing to give you a second chance, you can come back to me. However, this is if you will steal Kori Meiji's Alice and hand it over to me." The ESP had a confident smile on his face. His men, all armed, surrounded Mikan and Meiji. Realisation dawned, they had no where to run.

Mikan considered what the ESP said.

"Will you save really Meiji?" Mikan asked. The ESP nodded with fake sincerity.

"Mi…kan…don't…I don't want to be saved…by the people who killed my grandpa…" Meiji's words were starting to slur.


Mikan was cut off by a series of images, feelings and emotions, which all of a sudden rushed up on her. Friendship, love, dislike, impatience, annoyance, all of the feelings Mikan had ever experienced overwhelmed her. Pictures of her laughing with her group of friends, Hotaru, her and Natsume chatting on their Sakura tree, Natsume's fire protecting her, Natsume, Natsume and Natsume.

Mikan gasped in shock, her hand darted out in front of her and an all of a sudden, an immense light burst out and blinded Mikan and all those around her. The images stopped abruptly. Mikan opened her clenched fist and to her horror, she saw a stone, an Alice stone in her hands. She glanced down at Meiji who was equally surprised and horrified and then at the ESP.

"You stupid woman, Kori Meiji! What did you show Mikan?" he fumed, his face stony and twisted with anger. He was malice and a monster, in the form of a human.

"Mi…kan? Why? Why…did you take…my…A…lice?" Meiji whispered painfully.

"I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, I was just scared, and I didn't know…"

"I'm sorry…Ojii-san…I didn't…get to help…someone…aft…er…all…"

"Meiji? What do you mean?"

"For…me to be a…ble to help someone with my A…lice, was O…jii-san's last wish…and I couldn't fulfil it…"

"I-I'm sorry…"

"Mikan, what…I gave you…wasn't all your memories…only half…insert….my Alice stone…into yourself…and you'll be able…to remember everything…"

Tears rolled down Meiji's cheek. Her chest heaved at every breath she took and her lungs burned.

"M-Meiji! Don't talk like that! Y-You're not going to die! The ESP will help you, I took your Alice, so-so, you won't die!" Mikan cried and grasped Meiji's small pale hand.

"Mikan, you're too naïve, you don't under…stand, the ESP isn't that kind of person…I'm his ene…my…he won't let me live…"

"That's not true! Kuonji-sama, help, help Meiji!"

Mikan was vaguely aware of the ESP laughing in the background.

"You do it," he said to one of his bodyguards.

Bang, went the gun.












Mikan let out a blood-curdling scream. Meiji had died, just like that, on the cold hard earth. Her eyes were still open, a tear still snaking its way down her bloodless cheeks, which were filled with warmth only a few hours ago. And, she died just like that, no last words, no comforts, nothing.

Mikan stretched out a trembling hand to close the dead girl's eyes.

"Mikan, hand over that Alice stone," the ESP purred and began striding to her.


The ESP stopped dead and a wave of dark fury was evident on his twisted face.

"Y-You killed her!" Mikan continued and began to back away, clutching the purple Alice stone in her hands. "I won't let you have it!" Mikan took another step backwards.

"Now, now, don't be difficult, it was a necessity, that girl was a threat."

"I took her Alice already, she wasn't a threat any more!"

The ESP sighed.

"You're still being uncooperative? Mikan, listen to me." The ESP reached out a hand to grab Mikan, however, a wall of flames stopped him.

"Don't touch her."

The ESP looked amused as he snapped his scalded hand back.

"What did you just say?" he casually taunted.


Mikan recognised that voice, it was Natsume's. The flames roared upwards and increased in their temperature. The ESP's men were starting to become uneasy and looked at the ESP for orders. Even the ESP looked slightly worried.

"Natsume, stop. I've got it, put out the flames, and we'll negotiate," the ESP said warily.

The flames slowly subsided and soon, they disappeared.

"Good boy." The ESP tightened his tie in a business-like manner and the smile was back on his face.

"Well?" Natsume growled. Mikan realised, with a shock that Natsume had been behind her all the time.

"Hmmm, how about Mikan giving me that stone, and me forgiving her for not obeying me."


"And, her school life proceeding normally, under careful surveillance."

Natsume sighed and rubbed his temples.

"When are you going to get to that part?" he said.

"Ahahaha, Natsume, you really are a funny boy. What do you want to do about the punishment then?"

"I'll take it for her."

"Hmmm….so brave, so brave. However that won't do."

"You bastard!"

"I'll let you two off this time, because I'm a nice person. Mikan, you'll understand my actions one day, and you'll realise that I'm not actually the bad guy you seem to think I am now."

Saying that, the ESP walked away and disappeared into the grass with his men rushing after him.

"Natsume, come back the way you came," were the ESP's last words before vanishing, with the help of the teleportation Alice.

Mikan looked up at Natsume.

"What?" he asked.

"How did you come here?"

Natsume snorted and pointed up. Mikan looked to where he was pointing and saw a girl with short black hair riding on a flying duck. She stared emotionlessly at them.


All of a sudden, the sound of running feet could be heard nearing them. Natsume took his position in front of Mikan. She vaguely could see the black-haired girl lower the flying duck to get a better view of the situation over here.

"Who's there?" Natsume yelled with a flame in his hand, ready to set the newcomers alight at any moment. Without warning, a two people burst out of the grass.

"Meiji!" one of them gasped and immediately made her way to the girl lying on the dusty ground.

"What have you done with her?" another of them, a man, growled.

"Who are you?" Natsume asked roughly.

"None of your business, tell me. What have you done with this girl?" the man continued.

"Toki-kun, she's gone, she's gone," the woman kneeling over Meiji whispered before breaking down into a series of sobs. The man who had questioned Mikan and Natsume strode over to Meiji and checked for her pulse. Black fury was evident on his face.

"WHO DID THIS TO MEIJI?" he fumed and took out a gun. Natsume, in return, increased the size of his flames and got into a defensive position.

"Wait!" Mikan shouted desperately. "Please, we mean you no harm, we-I, was friends with Meiji, and I know who killed her."

The man lowered his gun and warily eyed them.

"Speak," he said.

Mikan explained all that happened, and as she informed the newcomers about the death of her friend, tears began to spill out of her eyes.

"So that's what happened," Mikan finished, wiping her eyes free of the salty tears that ran down her dirty cheeks.

"I see, we have to give Meiji a proper burial," the woman said. "By the way, my name's Take and that old man over there his Toki."

"You rascal, now they know the whereabouts of our hideout, coz of you," the man, also known as Toki, grunted.


"What do you want to do, Take?"

Toki glanced over at Take, who was kneeling over Meiji and brushing her porcelain cheeks.

"Well, the thing that's certain is that, we need to get out of this place at once, teleport our base to somewhere else. I bet that that damn ESP is planning a battle and is going to send an army in any minute. Toki, you go back to the base and gather everyone, inform them on our situation and I will bury Meiji."

Toki nodded and walked to Meiji.

"Goodbye, Meiji." Without another word, Toki ran off, probably to the base.

"By the way, what are your names?" Take asked.

"I-I'm Mikan," Mikan said.

"Natsume," Natsume grunted.

Take gasped quietly before regaining her composure again.

"Natsume, as in Hyuuga Natsume and Mikan Sakura?"

Natsume nodded.

"How do you kno-"

"And you are?" Take cut off, gazing at Hotaru who was now hovering around 5m above the ground.


Take smiled at Hotaru before facing Mikan.

"Thank you Mikan, for being friends with Meiji. I must now go, I fear that the ESP is going to come after us with an army soon."

Saying that, Take stood up with Meiji in her arms.

"W-Wait! Could you tell me where you're going to bury Meiji?" Mikan asked. Take looked at Mikan and wearily smiled.

"Next to her grandfather, near her mother's house."

"Thanks, but how can we contact you? I mean, like, I-I want to know more, I don't trust the ESP as m ugh now...if I ever, like want to..." Mikan said.

Natsume and Take looked at each other.


"Why can you say yes so easily? We might betray you, but we won't, but like, there was a possibility…" Mikan rambled. Take flashed them a knowing smile.

"Natsume, shouldn't you explain to Mikan? I heard that Mikan did lose her memories."

Mikan glanced at Natsume, confused.

"We, as in Ruka, Hotaru, you, me and some others, were members of the Internal Anti-Gakuen Alice Movement. We operated inside Gakuen Alice, while these people over here, were the External Anti-Gakuen Alice Movement, so we have a way of contacting them. By the way, this was before you lost your memory."

"I don't get-"

Mikan as cut off by a glare from Natsume. She gulped and decided to not pursue it any further.

"I'll be going now, Natsume, take care of Mikan," Take said and disappeared, probably with the help of the Teleportation Alice, which seemed to be very common nowadays.

Mikan nervously looked down. They were around 50 metres above ground, and that was not a height that Mikan was comfortable in. The flying duck, one of Hotaru's inventions, suddenly lurched a bit causing Mikan to grab onto the nearest thing, which happened to be Natsume who was operating the duck. Mikan felt her face go a bright red and she looked away, embarrassed. Why couldn't she have ridden with that other girl, what was her name again? Oh, that's it, Hotaru. Why couldn't she have ridden with Hotaru?

"I don't want to ride with you, you'll get your idiotic germs onto me," the girl, also known as Hotaru said and hopped onto her own duck.

Mikan closed her eyes and lost her self in the portion of her memories which Meiji had returned to her. Her life with her Grandpa bringing her up, meeting Hotaru, going to the Alice Academy, meeting Natsume. Natsume. Natsume. Mikan winced, every time Natsume appeared in her memories, she felt a stab of sadness and pain. What exactly happened with Natsume? Why was it that every time she thought of him, her heart would pound and ache at the same time?

While thinking of these questions, Mikan lost track of time, and when she snapped back to reality, they were in front of the Gakuen Alice gates, with the ESP standing in front of it.

"I have explained your absences," he said curtly, before his phone rang. Quickly, the ESP answered the call. It seemed that the Anti-Gakuen Alice movement had escaped. He cussed quietly before regaining his composure. "Mikan Sakura and Natsume Hyuuga, I shall forgive you this time for your, well, rash actions which led to this unfavourable result." After saying that, he trotted off with his bodyguards trailing nervously behind him.

There was an awkward silence, Natsume and Hotaru totally unaffected by it, whereas Mikan was madly sweating and tried to say something.

"So, um, how did you know where I was?" Mikan asked, genuinely curious.

"Kokoro Yome," Hotaru said before flying off.

"I knew it!" Mikan thought angrily and started stomping back to the dormitories. "Wait," Natsume said coolly in his velvet voice. Mikan sighed and turned around.

"What do you want?" she asked impatiently.

"How much did you remember?"

Mikan pondered for a moment before shrugging.

"I think it's around…..hmm…well, Meiji said it was a half, she said that if I wanted to remember everything, I would need to insert that Alice stone into myself."

"Oh, I see..."

Mikan wasn't sure if it was just her imagination, but Natsume looked a bit disappointed.

Just when Mikan was going to ask why, Natsume turned around to face Mikan and gave her a small cocky grin. "Never mind, I can always start our relationship again," Saying that, he sauntered with his hands deep in his pockets.

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