Every Day Quotes: March

Mar 1
Even though work stops, expenses run on.
Cato the Elder (234 BC - 149 BC), On Agriculture

Jennifer Shepard glared at Agent Gibbs.

She knew it was useless; the man was immune to her glares. But she needed to glare at someone and he was the only one in the room. And he was also the cause of her ire.

He was the most difficult agent to oversee, partly because of his aggravating nature and partly because he refused to allow his old probie to win any battles against him. He was right, he was always right, and she was not supposed to say any different. He was not above reminding her of mistakes she had made 'back in the day', and she was not above reminding him he had taught her all his tricks and she knew how to play him.

"These expenses." She tapped the folder in front of her. "Explain."

"You sent me undercover," he reminded her.

"And I did not tell you to spend this amount of money," she countered sharply.

"You told me to 'get the job done'," he quoted. "That's what it cost."

She pointed to the figure on the sheet she had circled in red ink. "Want to explain this to SecNav?"

He smirked. "That's your job," he pointed out.

She resisted the urge to throw something at him. "Where am I supposed to find this money?"

"You're the politician, you figure it out."

She watched as he walked out of her office, a grin still on his face. Oh he was going to pay for this…