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Ziva coughs and almost chokes on her morning tea as she re-reads the ad, certain that she's seeing things. McGee what is he thinking? Then she remembers their last case. The one where Abby had been threatened by Landon and Tim had been threatened by both herself and Tony. Surely he hadn't taken them seriously? Had he? She quickly dresses and tearing the ad out of the newspaper drives over to Tim's apartment.

She knocks on the door and then when she doesn't get an immediate answer, starts to pull out her lock picks only to have Tim finally open up and stare bleary eyed at her.


"We must talk, McGee! You cannot do this! I will not allow you to throw yourself away."

Tim blinks and opens the door, motioning for her to enter. She does so and then darts around the apartment looking for the item from the ad.

"You did not do it already? You could not have sold it this soon?" She asks and Tim blinks at her in confusion.

"Umm...what are you talking about?"

"This McGee! You cannot do this! If you sell it, you would be selling your soul."

Tim reads the ad through and then looks at the name and phone number, noting that it is similar to his own with two small exceptions those being the name of the man and the phone's area code. He then watches as she paces the floor. He has to admit, the last case almost made him do what the ad is suggesting, but not for the reasons she thinks.

"Ziva. Ziva! It's not mine. I'm not selling it. I took mine into a professional to be cleaned. But, if it means protecting the woman that I love, I would sell it in a heartbeat."

Ziva lets out a sigh of relief only to look up at him in confusion. "You said that you would sell it if it means protecting the woman that you do love."

Tim looks her in the eye he says, "I would do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means giving up writing or even the MCRT. I could never endanger her more than I already have."

Ziva stares up at him, unable to believe what she's hearing. And yet, there's a look in his eyes, one she thought was associated with Abby, but as she thinks about the times she's been in the same room as the other woman it dawns on her, "You love me?"

Tim nods as he watches her reaction.

"But, you have never said anything to me!"

"I couldn't, there was usually another man involved or rule 12 to think about."

"You...would you break rule 12 for me?"

He nods as he admits, "I...I don't want to go against Gibbs but if it meant I could finally tell you how much you, I would."

She steps closer and he closes his eyes, certain he's going to get punched or something. What prompts him to open his eyes is a hand lightly tracing his mouth.

"You never said anything, yet you have been saying it almost every day, haven't you? The smiles and little gestures of friendship, they've been covering your true feelings."

She runs a fingertip over his eyes, making him close them again. "I forgot something my mother once told me, 'that a man's heart and soul is not always worn on his sleeve but rather reflected in his eyes if one only chooses to look inside.'"

A soft kiss has him opening his eyes and the love he sees in her eyes makes him smile as he swings her up into his arms and she snuggles closer still. He heads into the bedroom holding her close to his chest. As the door closes, soft murmurs are heard and then silence as the ad flutters to the floor lying unnoticed behind them.

For Sale: Old Fashioned Typewriter with carrying case, cleaning oil and cloth. Includes new ribbons and one ream of typing paper. For more information or to see call Tom...