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I watched as the base came into view from the helicopter. There were a couple of short structures, and one tower, that was most probably for sniping. A few men were doing pushups on the ground, wearing grey, blue or green shirts, with respective pants. Two men were walking around them, and I assumed they were their superiors. About 100 feet away from them, was a helipad.

The chopper slowly touched down over it. I grabbed my duffel bag (which wasn't that heavy; I didn't bring that many stuff – my clothes, laptop, phone, journal (it's not a diary!) and a few books), thanked the pilot, and exited the heli.

One of the superiors nodded at the other to stay with the men while he jogged over to me. He had a mohawk, and a long scar running down his right eye. He extended his hand, and I shook it.

"Sergeant First Class Katherine Hawkins, right?"

"Just Kate will do."

"Alright. I'm Captain MacTavish, and I run the 141 under General Shepherd. Just a few quick questions, and then I can show you around the base."

I nodded.

"You have a callsign?"

"Shadow, sir."

Captain MacTavish grinned. "Nice. You picked it?"

"No, my squad mates back in America gave it to me. I'm quite stealthy, so according to them, finding me is like trying a catch a shadow – near impossible." I smiled, remembering how they'd explained the whole idea of trying to catch a shadow to me, because I hadn't gotten it at first.

"Stealthy…yep, your report said that too…be prepared for stealth missions, I'll be bringing you along for a few since it's your area of expertise."

I nodded once again.

"So Sergeant, do you want to share a room, or have your own?"

"Anything's okay, sir. I'll manage."

"Well, I'll give you your own room since, you know, you're a woman and all." Captain MacTavish waved his hand in the air. I chuckled.

"Well, I have nothing else for you, so I'll show you around the base." He turned to the men doing pushups. I realized they were all staring at us as they did their pushups, and once the captain faced them, they immediately looked away. "Roach!"

One of the men got up to his feet and ran to us. "Yes sir?" "Get her bag and put it in the free room. Shadow, this is Roach – Roach, this is Sergeant First Class Hawkins, callsign Shadow."

Roach smiled at me. He looked like a little boy; innocent and adorable. His brown hair was sticking up in different directions, and his hazel eyes were marble sized. I felt like a ten year old who'd seen a cute teddy bear. All I wanted to do was hug him and kiss his cheek or something.

He shook my hand too. "Great to meet you, ma'am." I almost forgot that I was a higher ranked officer than him. Shaking my head, I said "You've got permission to speak freely all the time, unless I say otherwise, Roach." He beamed, and took my bag from me. "See you later then, Hawkins." Roach walked off towards one of the structures.

"C'mon, let's go." The captain beckoned me to follow him, as he showed me around the base.

I was lying on my stomach resting on my bed, my shoes off, and all my stuff unpacked, using my laptop. I scanned through the news, reading about pretty much everything, ranging from politics to pop culture.

Captain MacTavish had showed me around the base and then finally brought me to my room. Apparently I was being given a free day, and I had to join in the training and stuff the next day.

A knock on the door made me look up. I got off my bed and opened the door.

It was Roach.

He smiled that adorable smile again. "We're done with our training for today, so I thought I'd check on you. How are you? Like the place?" He asked.

I grinned. "Love it."

Laughing, Roach led the way to the main room. The men who I'd seen doing pushups were sprawled all across the room talking, watching TV, or laughing.

"Hey guys – recruit's here." Roach pointed at me, and then he jumped over the back of a couch, landing before the front of it and sitting down. All of the men turned to look at me.

It's like 'first days in the army' all over again I thought.

"Hey! Holwins, right?" One of them asked. He had a dark skin tone and equally dark hair. I was about to reply when Roach spoke.

"It's Hawkins, not Holwins, idiot. And her callsign's Shadow."

The guy who had called me Holwins rolled his eyes. "Yeah just cause you were the first person to talk to her after Tavish doesn't mean you need to show off the fact that you know everything about her."

"I don't know everything! Just her name…and her callsign…and her rank…and where she stays –" Roach defended.

"Which is about everything." The dude responded, smirking.

"No it's not. My life isn't that boring until that's all there is to know." I said to him, leaning against a nearby table.

"Alright then, girlie." He grinned. "Let's play a little game I like to call, 'One for One'. It's a homophone actually. One Four One, One for One."

The other guys shook their heads at his lameness. I chuckled. "How do I play it?"

"Easy. You answer a question I ask about you, and I'll give you a name. My name. The game goes on until you've got the names of everyone here. Simple?" I nod. "Then let's start."

"Why did you join the army?"

"Cause I wanted to." I shrug, grinning.

"Na ah-ah." He put up his index finger and shook it. "No shit like that. I want a proper answer. Or else no name."

"Fine." I frowned. It had been nearly 6 years since I'd enlisted, and honestly, I didn't really know what pushed me to do it.

"I wanted to save peoples' lives? No…I guess I wanted to fire guns and stuff… wait – no that's not it…why the fuck did I join?" I asked myself as a few guys snickered.

After a while, I answered. "I guess warfare just looked and sounded cool and my parents came back with stories all the time – Dad was in the Special Forces and Mum was in the Coast Guards – and I wanted to become like them, you know?"

"I get it. I mainly came for the guns and the girls, though." Everyone in the room laughed. "Name's Meat. Next!" Meat turned to the guy next to him. This guy had dirty blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. He thought for a while, and then asked.

"American, right?"

"Yeah, but I was born in Russia. Mum was on a meeting with delegates or something." I shook my head, muttering "Crazy woman."

The guy laughed, and spoke. "Royce's the name."

The game went on just like that. Questions kept coming, and I kept answering.

"Good with languages?"

"I know Arabic and a couple of Slavic languages fluently, and a little bit of Portuguese. Suck at French, though. Only thing I know is 'Je m'appelle Kate.' and that doesn't really help much at all."

"Haha. The name's Neon."

"Hand to hand combat?"

"Pretty good. I can hold my own." I replied, and then I added as an afterthought. "But hand to hand is out of the question when your dear tangoes are carrying rifles, isn't it?"

"Then knife 'em!"

"Yeah, that's the problem. I'm horrible with knives! Any kind of knives. Swiss army, Spetsnaz ballistic, heck, even fucking kitchen knives! Anyone here who's good with knives, HELP ME!"

The brunette chuckled as he said "Chemo."

"Which part of the US Army were you from?"

"Joint Special Operations Command."

"Well that's a first. I'm Worm." The man gave me a thin superficial smile.

"Close combat or Sniping?" Asked another dude, who more or less looked like another version of Roach.

"Kinda okay at both, but if I had to pick, I'd do sniping. There's just that peacefulness that you don't get when you're doing a CQB, you know? No grenades blowing up, no stray bullets, no RPGs…it's the closest you can get to nirvana in the middle of a battlefield."

He turned and grinned at another guy, who I knew was Archer from a previous question he'd asked me. "Finally someone who understands us!" Then he turned to me. "Toad."

"Toad…let me guess, you're a sniper?" I predicted.

"Yup, me and Archer." He winked.

"Haha…well, I guess I'm done then. Got all of your names." I beamed.

"Question is, do you remember them?" Meat asked.

"Yes I do! Meat, Toad, Neon, Roach…Scarecrow!" said man nodded when I finally got his name, "Archer, Royce, Chemo, Worm…Ozone, Jayhawk…?" another nod, "and Rocket!"

"Well done!" Chemo praised me. I bowed.

The door opens and two men walked in. One was Captain MacTavish, and the other was the other authoritative figure I had seen when the guys were doing pushups in the morning.

He was wearing a balaclava with the design of a grinning skull, that covered his whole face, albeit his eyes. But that didn't mean his eyes were visible. He was wearing a pair of dark red tinted sunglasses over them. He looked dangerous, which he most probably was.

Captain MacTavish saw me. "You look like you're having fun, Shadow." He winked. "I sure as hell am. You've got a bunch of good men here, Captain."

The balaclava clad man scoffed.

"What?" Meat asked him, defensive. "We're good men! Something wrong with that, Lieutenant?"

"I just don't get how she sees a bunch of assholes as a bunch of good men." He replied. The lieutenant seemed to be smiling, but I wasn't sure.

The guys started accusing him of being evil, and some chuckled, while others, like Meat and Chemo, feigned a heart attack and tears respectively.

The two men at the door laughed. Roach turned to me and spoke as the laughter and antics died down.

"That's Lieutenant Ghost for you. Second–in–command in the 141, Captain MacTavish's right hand man. But yeah, if you have any problems or anything, don't go to him – he's not really the motherly type; he'll bite your head off. Usually turns into a crazy monster during drills. Basically, just stay away from him. But if something happens and it becomes absolutely necessary, I repeat, absolutely necessary, for you to need him for any reason, don't go to him; come to me. I'll ask him for you. He likes me, you see. I'm the only one who can get away with all those kinds of stuff." Roach gleamed at the lieutenant.

"My fucking foot I like you." Lieutenant Ghost responded. "You like me and you know it." Roach sang, to the tune of 'I'm Sexy and I Know It'. "Should we be expecting a happy announcement?" Captain MacTavish asked, the whole room exploding into laughter. He shook his head. "I'm out." The captain walked towards the area where the rooms were, muttering "See you tomorrow, Shadow." to me as he passed, and went into his room, which I realized was next to mine.

I turned back to the main room as Chemo yawned.

"Well, we should be hitting the hay stack. Night-night, people." Chemo stood up, and walked past me. Soon, the other men were streaming into their rooms too. A few of them bid me things like "Goodnight." and "Sleep well, cause from tomorrow, you're world's turning into hell." Chuckling, I went back to my room and changed into clothes that were a bit more comfortable. I turned to face the clock in my room. 22:00

The call should've been coming in…now. I thought, just as my phone started ringing. I quickly picked it up and answered.


"Golf." I heard a smoky voice on the other side. "How did it go? Hit any roadblocks? Anyone tipping any red flags?"

"No, Roy. I talked to nearly everyone on the taskforce. None of them are screaming 'potential traitor'." I thought for a while. "Well there is this guy with a balaclava covering his entire face though. Don't really know what to make of it."

"Do you have a name?"

"Uh..." I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to remember if Roach said anything. "No. I do have a callsign and a rank though. Lieutenant Ghost."

I heard Roy relay the information over to someone, and then there was furiously fast typing. "Anything?" I asked my handler.

After a while, I got a reply. "No, just another soldier with a bad past. Nothing big."

"Fine then."

"Just keep an eye out. You're bound to notice something. Did you meet the General?"


There was a pause on the other end. "Are you alright, Eve?"

"Yeah I'm fine, just…nervous, I guess. There's training and all tomorrow. What if I really suck and then they kick me off? I mean the mission would be scrapped if I got sent off."

"Evie, there's nothing to worry about. You've been training for the last 8 months for this mission."

"Roy the last time I was a soldier was 2 years ago, before you picked me to join the CIA."

"And it wasn't the last time you've seen battle. How many times have things gone south while you were undercover?"

I sighed. He had a point. "Just think of this as another routine undercover op. Blend in, poke around, and when you have what we need, we'll pull you out. You hear me?"

"Yeah, Roy. Goodnight."

"It's afternoon here, Hawkins." I could practically hear him smirk. "Fine then good afternoon!" I retorted. "Call me when you get something. If you don't get anything, then call me same day, same time next week."

"Yes sir."

"Take care, Evie."

"You too, Roy." I hung up. Tossing my phone into my bag, I set my alarm and fell into bed. I couldn't explain why, but I had a weird feeling about this op. I've been on many undercover ops before, but infiltrating an international taskforce was something totally new. Gaining their trust wasn't going to be that easy. And if they ever found out I was, to put it bluntly, a spy, I didn't know what they'd do.

Stop freaking out, Gen. You'll be fine. Just another op.

I shut my eyes, and willed myself to go to sleep.

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