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The sun was fairly kind that day. For once, it wasn't blazing hot or burning us to crisps. The weather was quiet windy, and the sky was a clear blue.

"Earth to Kate?" I turned and saw Roach sitting opposite me on the ground. We were having hand to hand combat sessions, and while a couple of the guys were off getting the safety mats and other stuff, the rest of us were just stretching and chatting on the ground. "You're the only one who calls me that, you know." I said to him. He smiled, shrugging. "I dunno…I just like your name. Kate. It's a beautiful name." I cringed inside. That's not my real name, Roach.

"Thank you, Gary. Gary is also a beautiful name." I replied smoothly, and we both started laughing softly. "I swear, there's something in the water here." Roach said, shaking his head. He turned his whole body so that his feet were stretched out and pointing at my side. "C'mon, let's stretch it!"

Chuckling, I turned so that my feet were parallel to his, and stretched my hands towards Roach, while he did the same vice versa and we held each other's hands. "Ready?" I asked Roach. He was frowning and gritting his teeth slightly. "Yeah. I'll go first. Pull!" I did as he asked me to, and he groaned as he was forced to bend his back. "Ow ow shit!" Roach's hands snapped back. "Ouchie. That hurt. Alright, your turn." Roach said, extending his hands once again. I took them in mine and gave him a firm nod.

Roach began to pull slowly and gently, but when it became obvious I was easily giving in to his pulls, be started going a little faster. The pain in my legs felt good. I closed my eyes and let Roach pull me down until my hands were touching the tip of his toes. I was nearly kissing my own legs when all of a sudden a British accent tore through the silence.

"Your report didn't tell me you were from the circus, Shadow." I immediately straightened and looked up to where Ghost was looming over me. "No sir. I just used to do professional ballet."

"Seriously?" Roach asked. I nodded. "No wonder! You just kept going…I thought you'd fallen asleep or something." I rolled my eyes. "Well well, ballerina. Let's see how well you and your boyfriend here can do fighting each other." Ghost said out loudly. "Let's go." Roach said, and we both got up.

"You can stop holding hands now, lovebirds." Ghost announced, and everyone started laughing. I blushed and Roach just quietly said something to Ghost, after which Ghost smacked the back of Roach's head with his clipboard. Wincing, Roach and I made our way to the mats.

"What did you say to him?" I asked Roach as we walked around the rest of the taskforce. "That I will tell you…if you win me." He grinned. "You're gonna get your ass kicked." I said to him, smiling smugly. "You may be good in JSOC, but 141 is a whole new kind of good." He winked. "We'll see." I said, shoving him backwards onto the mat.

"Go!" Ghost signaled. I held my fists above my eyes and in front of my face, as did Roach. He lashed out with a quick cross punch but I put my hands over my ears and let my elbows cover my face, effectively blocking the punch. However, before I knew it, I felt his arm go around the back off my neck, and in a few quick seconds, in which I could barely comprehend what he was doing, he had me in a tight chokehold. I was wriggling, and shoving and moving but nuh-uh, nothing was helping. My vision began to darken and I quickly tapped out. The moment he released me, I fell back and landed roughly on the mat, coughing.

"Can't say I didn't warn you." Roach grinned from over me. I growled at him. "Though don't worry FNG, I'll give you another chance. Best of three?" He suggested. I got up. "Best of five."

"You sure you can last that long?" Roach smirked. I gave him a slick right hand, which he totally didn't see coming. "Ow!" He groaned, as a few of the guys laughed. He briefly massaged his cheekbones, while turning back to me. "Alright then. Let's go for it."

We started fighting again. It soon became very obvious to me that he was not kidding when he said 141 was on a completely different league than the Marines. Roach was clearly trained in a lot of different varieties of fighting styles. I basically ran through Krav Maga, Systema, and loads of CQC, but I could barely recognize half the moves Roach was pulling. I decided to stick to what I knew, though, and it did help me win the second round.

We pulled back, and went at each other again for the third time. Roach got the upper hand of me, and managed to get me in a quick throw, and I almost brought him down with me but he twisted my arm and I slammed down onto the mat. The both of us got up, and thus began round four. Round four ended pretty quickly with Roach winning. He did a sweep move that ended with me on the ground and him straddling me.

When we pulled back, we were panting like exhausted dogs. We were both too incoherent to string together even a phrase. And on top of the exhaustion, Roach's nose was bleeding slightly, and I was sure that I had hurt my head quiet badly after the throw. Thankfully for the both of us, Captain MacTavish called it quits, saying something along the lines of 'I don't need two dead bodies on my hand'. Roach and I hugged briefly, and he whispered in my ear. "I told him he was just being jealous." We pulled away, and Roach winked. I shook my head.

"Roach, go to the bathroom and wash up. Shadow, you alright?" Captain MacTavish asked me as Roach walked away and the next pair went up to the mat. "Yeah I'm fine." I said. "My head's hurting a little, obviously, but other than that I feel alright." Captain MacTavish nodded. "If it hurts too much come look for me, Ghost or Archer. The nurse isn't in the infirmary right now." I nodded slightly. Captain MacTavish started to walk away, but the inner low self-esteem-ness of myself jumped out. "How did I do?" He opened his mouth to answer but I interrupted him. "No sir, be honest with me, please. Was that really bad?"

Captain MacTavish smiled. "It wasn't that bad, Shadow. Roach is one of the better fighters in 141, I honestly was a little worried when Ghost paired you with him, but yeah, you did fine. We'll definitely have to polish you up on different styles and choke hold escaping though." I agreed, and thanked him. "You wouldn't be here if Shepherd didn't think you were good, lass. I wouldn't worry about it." He said, and with a smile, he walked away.

Psh. I'm here to spy on you, Scotland.

That was a stupid thought. I begged my inner monologue-ness to shut up.

The rest of the session went by in a breeze. Soon, we were released to tidy up and get lunch. I walked back to my room, gathered my showering stuff and went to the bathroom. I entered an empty cubicle at the end of the row and locked the door behind me. Undressing quickly, I turned the shower on. The chilly water rained over me and I gasped at the temperature, but my body soon got used to it. I was going to grab my soap, but instead I tipped it and it fell off the counter. Sighing, I bent over to pick it up.

The moment I tilted my head over, it felt like an explosion just went off in my head. I groaned and immediately straightened up, pressing my palms against the shower wall. My head was throbbing all of a sudden. I bit my lip. It had been a long time since I'd hurt my head that bad. Hissing to myself, I grabbed my soap bottle with my toes and brought it up to my hands. I quickly bathed, and when I was done, I turned the shower off, wrapped the towel around myself and exited the cubicle.

When I got out, I realized that there was no one else left in the bathroom. I figured I probably took a long time thanks to my little fiasco, which was still hurting quite badly. Now and then I saw a few black spots in my vision. I decided to grab a nutri bar and sleep through lunchtime instead. I got to my room and changed into a set of clean clothes. My head still hurt rather horribly. I laid it against the headboard and winced.

I don't know how long I sat there like that. The position felt good; my head was aching a little less when I was sitting like that. My door suddenly opened. I looked up.


"You alright?"

"Concussion. I think. "

"Stay put. I'll get the med kit." Ghost said, but by then my head had started spinning again and my vision was blurred.


I came back into her room in a minute, with a first aid kit with me. "Talk to me, Shadow. Stay. Awake. That's an order Sergeant." I said. She mumbled something as I lay her down flat. I readied an ice-pack and started applying it to her head. "What's your name?" At first she didn't answer. I repeated the question.


"Full name?"

"Katherine Lillian Hawkins." She managed to get out. I continued checking her pulse and administering other checks. "Lillian. That's a nice name. I had a friend in school called Lillian." Of course I didn't, but anything to keep her talking could do. "You had…friends?" She whispered. "Yeah. I wasn't antisocial or anything. What's today's date?"

"I don't know."

My eyes flickered back to her. Shit…not memory loss…

"I didn't forget when I hit my head or something, Ghost, I really don't know. Like I didn't check this morning when I woke up." She reassured me. I wasn't too sure. When I didn't say anything for a while, she spoke. "Do you remember the date today?"

I sighed. "No but—"

"I don't have memory loss. I can remember things just fine. I was fighting with Roach, it was a tie. Chemo took Rocket down, Neon and Ozone fought, it was a tie again, then it was Worm and Scarecrow, Worm dislocated his shoulder, and then Toad and Archer took it out. Neither one was winning really so Cap cut it short. And then of course you and Captain MacTavish roughed up a little in the corner, nothing big. You were behind us, so you thought no one was watching you."

I raised an eyebrow. "You were watching us?" "Yeah Roach told me to see. It was funny, the captain nailed you in the groin." Shadow chuckled softly and I rolled my eyes. "Yeah yeah we both knew if it was a real fight I'd take him down in no time."

"Really? I mean he's quite big. Broad, muscular. You are too, but he's bigger." I gritted my teeth together. "Size doesn't define everything."

I heard the door opening. I turned. MacTavish walked in. "You said you were going to check on - cripes is she alright? What happened?" MacTavish started worrying. "She's fine. Grade 2 concussion."

"Can you two stop talking like as if I'm not right here?" Shadow groaned. "I thought I told you to come to me if the headaches didn't stop?" MacTavish glared at her. "A grade 2 concussion! It's quite serious, lassie! Nothing to play around with!"

"Yes sir!" Shadow attempted a weak salute. "I would've called someone, but there was no one, and I was too lazy to get up and get someone. Besides, ain't it better I didn't decide to start walking around?"

"She's got a point, Cap." I admitted. "See? I'm not that dumb." MacTavish and I glanced at each other.

I heard the door creaking again. "And who's gonna huddle around my sickbed now?" Shadow mumbled. "Did I hit you too hard?" Roach asked, smiling slightly as he walked up to her. "You idiot! You're the reason I'm stuck here!"

"Don't get so iffy! You gave me a nearly broken nose."

"Whatever…hey isn't iffy the name of that little white Japanese rabbit?" I turned to MacTavish and we both chuckled. Inappropriate outbursts were fairly common after a concussion, and we'd heard worse from the other 141 guys.

"No it's Miffy and she's not Japanese, she was originally Dutch." Roach replied. There was an awkward pause.

"Why do you know that?" Shadow asked.

"I have a sister, okay?" Roach shrugged. MacTavish turned back to Shadow. "Alright you keep sleeping, I'll send Archer to come and check on you every once in a while." She nodded, and we left her room.

"I wasn't aware you were capable of being nice." Roach said. MacTavish just rolled his eyes. "I was just making sure she was going to be alright, after what you did to her." I responded. "I didn't mean to!" Roach said, shoving my arm playfully.

"Yeah yeah whatever."

"No but seriously, I've never seen you be that kind to anyone." He turned to the captain. "I mean, don't you agree?"

MacTavish nodded. "I have to agree, Ghost. You seemed awfully nice to her."

"I'm in a good mood, and if you two fuckers don't shut up I'll hang your arses from the flagpoles."

"That does not sound like you're in a good mood." Roach said cheekily. I growled.

Did you guys like it? I hoped you did! I didn't want it to sound like all of a sudden she is getting preferential treatment from Ghost and BAM! they're in love and all so yeah...and was it Mary Sue-ish?